Princeton Punks Hopkins in the First Game of the Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic

February 28, 2009 |

Princeton beat Hopkins up and down the field all day, and the final score of 14-8 is a little misleading. The game was not that close.

I thought that Princeton would win this game, but not in the manner in which they did.

Hopkins played very undisciplined all day on defense and got an inconsistent effort between the pipes from goalie Mike Gvozden. Pietramala made a goalie change halfway through the 4th quarter, but the change was probably made too late.

The story in this game was the incredible offensive effort from the young Princeton squad. Sophomore Jack McBride led the charge with four goals, beating a veteran Hopkins close defense. Many of Princeton’s goals were generated from X, which put Princeton’s speed on display.

Hopkins was extremely undisciplined on defense, garnering eight penalties which gave Princeton tons of EMO chances.

Princeton had the edge in shots and ground balls, which almost always leads to a win in lacrosse.

It’s time for a sandwich, then check back for the Duke-Maryland live blog.

Check out the minutes from this game’s live blog below.

12:14 – Hopkins looks shell shocked as Princeton goes up 2-0 early.

12:16 – Princeton fails to capitalize on an EMO opportunity that would have given them a 3 goal lead early in the 1st.

12:17 – I spoke too soon, as Jack McBride puts Princeton up 3-0 on a sweet pick and roll play at goal line extended. The Tigers have 3 goals on the first 4 shots of this game.

12:19 – Michael Kimmel gets the Blue Jays on the board following a Princeton offside penalty. 3-1 Tigers.

12:21 – Princeton capitalizes on their second EMO opportunity, as Greg Seaman hits a one-timer as he tip-toed on the crease. 4-1 Princeton.

12:25 – Charlie Wiggins gets an unnecessary roughness penalty. his second trip to the penalty area in the first quarter. It was a bad hit, but it looked like the Princeton middie hit the deck a little early to avoid the hit, and on the way down Wiggins cross-checked him in the head. Coaches Dave Pietramala and Bill Tierney were barking at each other following the penalty.

12:28 – Mark Kovler scores his second goal of the game to put Princeton up 5-1 on the EMO opportunity.

12:29 – Paul Barnes wins the face-off and drives through the Hopkins defense to score a diving goal. Another quick one for the Tigers and bad footwork from the Blue Jays goalie Mike Gvozden. Hopkins is checking too much with their sticks and not enough with their bodies. 6-1 Tigers.

12:34 – End of the 1st quarter – Johns Hopkins 1, Princeton 6. It’s all Princeton early in this one. The Johns Hopkins defense is playing flat and the Tiger attack is rolling on all cylinders, firing off 13 shots in the first quarter. Bad combination for Dave Pietramala and the Blue Jays.

12:41 – The Princeton defense looks stout early, forcing Hopkins to take outside shots and allowing nothing inside. Hopkins is having trouble changing the eye level of the goalie, as most of their shots early in this game are released high and stay high.

12:43 – Chris McBride was left all alone on the doorstep and puts the Tigers up 7-1. Hopkins close defenseman Michael Evans was caught out of position and Sam Devour slid adjacent to pick up the man behind the goal. You learn to never slide adjacent in rec league! Bad start for Hopkins. 9-2 Princeton.

12:45 – The goals keep coming as Jack McBride puts the Tigers up 8-1. Evans played good defense on that play, but Gvozden was lazy with his footwork again. Princeton can’t miss right now and sub-par Hopkins goal tending is helping their cause.

12:47 – Halfway through the second quarter, Princeton is absolutely dominating time of possession. Another penalty upcoming for Hopkins with a slash on Sam Devour. Hopkins is having trouble staying out of the penalty area. Thankfully for Hopkins, Princeton has not capitalized on their EMO opportunities, converting 1-3.

12:49 – Greg Seaman capitalizes on the EMO opportunity as Princeton continues to blow Hopkins out of the water. 9-1 Princeton.

12:52 – ANOTHER Hopkins penalty gives Princeton ANOTHER man-up possession. The Blue Jays are melting down.

12:55 – Stephen Boyle scores a pretty goal for Hopkins, coming from behind the goal, diving across the crease and beating the Princeton goalie to the lower right corner. Still plenty of time left for Hopkins, but they need to change around this time of possession problem.

12:57 – Chris Boland scores for the Blue Jays on a great feed from Kimmel. 9-3 Princeton.

1:03 – HALFTIME – Johns Hopkins 3, Princeton 9. I expected Princeton to win, but not dominate Hopkins like they have in the first half. There’s a lot of lacrosse left to play, but if Hopkins wants to win they will need to be more physical defensively and need a better effort in the goal from Gvozden. If they’re patient, they will get there chances, but they need to create turnovers to get their attack the ball and give their defensive middies a breather. A six goal deficit is not insurmountable in lacrosse.

1:23 – A gorgeous weak-handed goal by Tommy Davis is negated by a crease violation. The Princeton ride creates a turnover as Hopkins tries to clear. Hopkins still looks undisciplined and is playing sloppy.

1:25- John Cunningham scores for Princeton in transition. Hopkins defenseman Austin Walker was caught flat-footed. 10-3 Princeton.

1:27 – Kimmel scores for Hopkins in an unsettled situation. Great shot placement off the turnover. 10-4 Tigers.

1:29 – Jack McBride beats Gvozden high to the inside post for another Princeton goal, the 3rd goal for him on the day. Pietramala needs to make a goalie change. 11-4 Princeton.

1:33 – Tyler Fiorito has been solid all day in goal for the Tigers.

1:37 – Jack McBride scores his fourth goal on the day, coming from behind the goal and beating Gvozden on his weak-side hip. 12-4 Tigers.

1:40 – Another upcoming EMO opportunity for Princeton, the fifth Hopkins penalty on the day. Princeton has yet to be penalized.

1:42 – End of the 3rd Quarter – Johns Hopkins 4, Princeton 12 – Princeton will start the 4th with their EMO. Gvozden is getting worked by the Princeton attack and he’s getting zero help from his close defensemen.

1:48 – Brian Christopher scores for the Blue Jays off of an inside roll dodge. Still time for Hop to come back but they’ll need to create chances off of the face-off. 12-5 Princeton.

1:49 – Whenever Hopkins scores, Princeton answers quickly. Josh Lesko scores for Princeton, placing a great bounce-shot (shooting high to low) to the weak-side of Gvozden. 13-5 Hopkins.

1:51 – Another penalty for Hopkins that occurred on the goal. Hopkins man down defense creates a turnover and Princeton gets called for a slash on the ride. Hopkins will get their first EMO opportunity.

1:53 – Christopher fires a rocket past Fiorito on the EMO, giving Hopkins a goal. Now it’s crunch time for the Blue Jays. They need to win some face-offs and not allow Princeton to answer.

1:54 – As has been the case all day, Paul Barnes answers quickly for the Tigers, scoring his second goal on the day off the the face-off. Hopkins is playing terrible defense. They aren’t allowing the Jays to get back into this game.

1:54 – Hopkins makes a goalie change, going with Steven Burke between the pipes. A freshman from Potomac, Burke was highly recruited coming out of the Bullis School. Could be too little to late for Pietramala’s squad.

1:55 – Kyle Wharton scores for Hopkins with a blistering left-handed high shot right over the head of Fiorito. That ball was traveling at least 85 mph. 14-7 Princeton.

2:02 – Hopkins gets another man-up chance for :30 seconds. Kimmel buries a shot in the lower left corner of the goal to inch Hopkins closer to Princeton. With 6 minutes left, they really need to buckle down defensively and win face-offs. 14-8 Princeton.

2:04 – Princeton wins the ensuing face-off…bad news for Hopkins. They need to get a turnover and a quick score. 6 goals in 4:30 is a tough mountain to climb, but stranger things have happened. They don’t call lacrosse the fastest game on two feet for nothin’.

2:08 – Fiorito makes a great save on an important Hopkins possession. With 3:00 left to play, it looks like Hopkins will take this one on the chin.

2:10 – Princeton will likely try to hold the ball here, which gives me an opportunity to explain the “stall rule” in lacrosse for those who are unfamiliar. You will hear the refs yell “keep it in!” once the Princeton offense crosses the restraining line. The Tigers will try to work the ball around the horn, but they will turn the ball over if they step outside of the 35 yard box, which extends from the end line to 20 yards from midfield. The box boundaries will also restrict the Tigers a few yards on each side from sideline to sideline.

2:14 – With :55 seconds left, frustration boils over for Hopkins as DeVore takes down Jack McBride after the whistle. The initial whistle was due to a slash penalty on Kimmel. Pietramala is chewing out DeVore on the sideline.

2:18 – FINAL – Johns Hopkins 8, Princeton 14