Does Anyone Not Want Greivis Vasquez to Return?

March 23, 2009 | Glenn Clark

This is a fairly simple question. After John Gilchrist’s junior year (04-05; when Maryland’s streak of 11 straight NCAA Tournament appearances ended with their first of back to back trips to the NIT), it seemed as though many Maryland fans were all too happy to see him depart for the NBA Draft; where he would ultimately go undrafted.

With Greivis’ comments regarding Memphis and Conference USA last week before the Terps’ blowout loss to end their season; it appears as though the fanbase is again frustrated with an emotional star. But Greivis’ relationship with Gary Williams appears to be MUCH closer than Gilchrist’s; as Yahoo! Sports’ Jason King recently wrote that teammate Dino Gregory said Vasquez is like Gary’s “son.”

But emotional players can often be a detriment; and often their off-the-court antics are viewed as highly as their tremendous on-court abilities. With many Terrapins fans hopeful that Lance Stephenson commits and becomes the team’s #1 offensive option next season, I wonder if there are fans who believe Maryland might be just as well off without a polarizing figure like Greivis.

Mock draft site has Vasquez listed as one of their final picks in the 2010 NBA Draft; not this season’s. There has actually been some debate as to whether Vasquez intends to test the Draft waters at all. But, I think it is safe to assume Vasquez will at least attend the camps and get the chance to match up with guards like Jeff Teague.

Do you want Greivis back? Does your opinion change based on whether or not Lance Stephenson commits?

I think fans are more accepting of Vasquez’s negatives than they were Gilchrist’s; but that might have more to do with the current state of the program than the actual players.

I’m interested to find out.