Early Terps Hoops – Still Missing Center

November 19, 2009 | Tom Federline

The University of Maryland Mens Basketball team comes out of the gates in the first poll with a #25 ranking in the country. Yeah, right. They could be #10, #20, #35, #60….some people are getting paid good money to assign numbers to college basketball programs, not necessarily teams. It’s all about early pub, TV ratings, and of course the almighty dollar. Why not? It works. Heck, #1 Kansas almost went down and should have, against a Memphis team with a 32 year old coach. I heard that guy, Josh McDaniel and their moms carpool. Kansas looks tough though, out there in Dorothy Land.

Terps – three games in, I’ve listened, I’ve watched, I’ve witnessed and they are middle of the pack. I know it’s early. I know I am supposed to be M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D, Maryland will win. And they will, just not enough…………Unless Jordan Williams transforms into Buck Williams, real fast.

Positives: Three (3) seniors, two of them running the show, Vasquez – voistrous leader, Hayes – steady Eddie and Milbourne – quiet leader. Sean Mosely reminds me of Byron Mouton (but smaller). All of them have put on some bulk. They have matured. Now that’s either credit to the off-season work outs or they’ve discovered how to mask the orange “juice”. And there’s always – Garys Passion.

Negatives: No big boy. No experienced large presence. No Center. Vasquez – is way to unpredictable. Jordan Williams needs to grow up quickly. He could surprise, just doesn’t look like it at the moment. He’s no Joe Smith, either. This Padgett guy has some hops and is aggressive, just not big enough. Bowie still thinks he’s in high school or on the playground. Dino Gregory – what the heck is with that? Bad enough to be suspended from the team with no explanation, but not bad enough to be reportedly back on the team in three weeks. And there’s always – Garys Passion.

It’s early. Let’s stay positive. Just Beat Duke! It’s Terp basketball, it’s Red & White, it’s Garys tantrums, it’s Aiiiiirball, Aiiiiirball, it’s Hayes breaking a Maryland record for free throw percentage, It’s M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D, Maryland will win……..the majority of them.

Quick Ravens hit: Positives – How-shank-a gone, Lardarious Webb, Paul Krueger. Negatives – coaching (all of ’em), Stover coming back as a Dolt, What Ravens team is going to show up? And man, Indy Horseshoes in town – always reminds me of one ugly moment – Mayflower trucks in a March snow. “Truckin” – (Grateful Dead).

WNSTV: Props to Nestor. Check out his video on inducting Art Modell into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, when he was out in Canton. Nice background setting. That Bronze Bust Gallery is a cool room.