Fire Debbie Yow?

June 04, 2008 | Glenn Clark

Crabs & Beer will be back.

In the meantime, I was directed here….

I have actually made some of those points before, including DY’s desire to make a splashy hire.

It is hard to argue about the overall health of the program, but it is not difficult to argue about the direction the school’s revenue sports have been in recently. And this year’s basketball recruiting debacles have left Maryland fans absolutely desperate for someone to blame. (That being said, no one should be blamed for the Gus Gilchrist issue……Gus needed to go, and the University couldn’t do anything to help him.)

As far as I am concerned, the position of Athletic Director at a school like Maryland has to be a job where the established, legendary coach is allowed to make the most important decisions, while the athletic director sits back and works with the rest of the sports in the program……..understanding that the established coach still gets final say on those programs as well.

In this situation, I DO feel as though Debbie is at fault.

Do you?