Given a choice why would someone want to play for Gary Williams?

January 08, 2009 |

I ask myself this question all the time. If I was a HS basketball player being recruited by multiple top universities why would I want to play for Gary Williams and Maryland?


For starters, Gary tends to limit playing time of most freshmen which may have been a good idea at one time, but in today’s game I have to wonder if that deters top talent.


Then I look at Gary and his coach style/demeanor. Once again, his in your face style of coaching was something more suited for yesterday’s generation. I often feel his constant verbal tirades and sideline antics are more counterproductive than anything else. I would think that it may even make players play in a mode where they are scared to make a mistake which is never good.


I frequently make this comparison to Mike Krzyzewski. With the game on the line and down a point would you rather see coach K on the sideline remaining calm as if he knows you will pull out a win or would you rather see Gary sweating through his jacket and freaking out uncontrollably? It amazes me that a coach can sweat more than a person playing the game.


Maybe it’s just me but I am starting to think it’s time for Gary to move on and I am starting to understand why so many of the areas top recruits are going elsewhere. Sorry Gary, you did a lot for this UMD and brought it back from troubled times, but after failing to put a decent team on the floor for a number of years I think it may be time to move on.