lance stephenson

April 09, 2009 |

I’m very curious to see what happens now in the Lance Stephenson saga. Since Xavier Henry looks like he is going to opt out of his commitment to Memphis and go to Kansas, this has to open the door for Stephenson to take a hard look at the Terps again. And, as of 4/3, Stephenson confirmed that MD and St. Johns were the only other schools he was considering aside from Kansas. With all of the hype and fanfare surrounding Stephenson, there is no way his ego can handle knowing he was “second” choice to Henry. So Kansas is out even if Henry plays somewhere other than Kansas next year. Also, Kansas is over the scholarship limit and Sheron Collins may return to Kansas for another year. So, there is NO chance of Stephenson and Henry both going to Kansas. Terp fans must pray that another school doesn’t enter the mix at the 11th hour (like Kentucky) to steal Stephenson away when it looks like luck is on the Terps side. They might just land the “sexy” recruit local fans have been clamoring for. With Jordan Williams and James Padgett already signed for next year and Vazquez saying he may come back for his senior season (if Stephenson signs) all of the sudden the Terps will go from rags to riches. From a beleaguered coach who can’t recruit and has jumped the shark and a team in 2008-2009 that had no chance of making the NCAA tournament to a team that won 2 ACC tourny games, made the ncaa tourny and won a game, could load up a monster recruiting class and be pre-season top 20 if everything falls the right way. There are definitely a number of variables here, but hopefully Greivis plays poorly at the NBA combine and Stephenson comes on board. The other piece here is the recruitment of Terrell Vinson who would be “second” choice to Stephenson and may not like that. I know some who want him over Stephenson because he will probably be a 4-year player and he does have some skills. Hopefully, we don’t lose Stephenson, Vinson, and Vazquez. That would be an absolute debacle. We can paint that scenario when it unfolds, but no sense being negative right now. I’m trying to be an optimist.