Live from College Park, It’s Tuesday Night!

November 18, 2008 | Glenn Clark

10:13-Gary said the Terps are “working hard in practice every day” and thinks they can be “pretty good” because “the effort’s there.” He said he hasn’t seen anything in the first 2 games that makes him think otherwise.

He also said tonight was “very positive” for Greivis Vasquez, and that the Terps’ strength is “the ability to play a lot of people.” He said Eric and Greivis “take care of each other.”

Gary got particularly defensive when asked about the slow offensive start, saying he saw a bunch of teams on TV last night who also got off to slow starts or who didn’t score many points at all.

Gary said Jin Soo is “going for the steal too much” and hurting the Terps a bit with his aggressiveness. He said he’d rather have a guy he has “to pull back a little bit” though.

Gary said he is concerned about the fact that the Terps were out-rebounded by the Penguins, but he thinks the Terps “can rebound better than that.” He also said he preferred winning a basketball game to winning a rebounding battle, comparing it to a football team that loses time of possession but wins the game. (The Terps were out-rebounded 45-34).

Gary said “it’s okay to be nervous” this time of year, but the offense still needs to get going a bit.

I think that’s about it for me here. I’ll be back Friday night for Vermont.

Talk to you in the morning.


10:07-Waiting on Gary’s post-game press conference; which I am watching from the media section at Comcast Center instead of going to the gymnasium. Mostly doing this because I need to get out of here as quickly as possible with a long drive ahead of me tonight; and an early morning wake up call tomorrow. It was snowing most of the day in College Park; which I had to admit was weird. Being in Arizona for the last 2 years, it has been a while since I’ve seen snow.

10:05-Terps finish 24-59 from the field, including 4-12 from beyond the arc. They connected on 21 of 28 attempts from the free throw line. Penguins finish 19-57 from the field; 0-13 from 3 point land. They hit 11 of their 19 free throw attempts. Terps improve to 2-0, Youngstown State falls to 0-2. Vermont is 1-1, they’re next on Friday night back here at Comcast Center.

10:03-Jack Liles lead the way for the Penguins with 12. Just 4 players overall in tonight’s game hit double digits; including Vasquez, Hayes, and the Penguins’ Mays; who added 11. Vasquez, Sulskis, and Liles all had 8 boards. Vasquez had a game-high 4 assists.

9:59-Gary tells Johnny and Chris that the offense needs to “get up to speed”, and he says that the Terps are missing shots in games that they make during practice; so they need to transfer practice to the game. He also praises Greivis for playing well at the 1, 2, and 3. He thinks the Terps are ‘close’, but they need to ‘get better offensively.’ He said Braxton Dupree ‘was very active’ for a stretch of minutes in the 2nd half; and he needs to believe he’s a good basketball player. Gary also asked that fans who hold tickets for games and don’t use them to pass them along to someone who might instead attend.

9:56-I don’t think i’m going to bother to do much after tonight’s game. Gary will say that the Terps won by a big number but have plenty to improve on. I’ll listen to his presser before taking off; but don’t need to ask him much. Bright gets a short jumper to make the final 73-49. Not an overwhelming performance, but the Terps ARE 2-0; and they’ll be happy with that.

9:54-Carolina will take a big lead to the half, they hold a 41-23 advantage over Kentucky with 9 seconds before intermission.

Greivis has gone to the bench and I presume he won’t return. He’ll finish with 28 points, 8 boards, 4 assists, and 7-7 at the free throw line. He’ll be an easy choice as player of the game. Dupree gets a stick back inside, making the score 73-47 with 1:25 to play.

9:51-In their 2nd game of the season last year; the Terps needed a big shot from Greivis down the stretch to get to overtime with Northeastern before improving to 2-0. It will be nice to not have to sweat Game 2 out as much this year, but the Terps will certainly not silence their doubters (or their coaches) with their lackluster performance tonight. Final official timeout comes with 2:22 to play and the Terps still ahead by 24.

9:49-I wonder if Maryland students put their arms in the air when they see Jin Soo Kim walking down the hall. They certainly are ready for him to take a shot every time he touches the ball; and he rewards them with his 2nd 3-pointer. Martin answers with 2, and the Terps lead 71-45. Dupree is blocked pretty badly on the Terps’ next possession; and then Liles throws home a pretty putback to get the Penguins withing 24 at 71-47. They call timeout with 3 minutes to play.

9:47-Hayes finally connects from outside. He has 13 and the Terps lead 68-42. Landon Milbourne fouls out; he finishes with 6 points and 4 boards.

9:46-Eric Hayes adds a pair from the line; making it 65-40. Vasquez remains on the floor; and while it would be easy to say that he’s just looking to hit 30; the Terps might be trying to create some cohesion as well. A Sulskis jumper makes things 65-42 with about 5:35 to play.

9:45-Gary calls timeout after the Penguins get a free throw and another basket off a 2 on 1 fast break. It’s 63-40 Maryland; but it looks like dreck.

9:43-Vasquez tries to find Hayes on an acrobatic pass; but Hayes wasn’t quite ready. Goins settles for an outside jumper; not a particularly high percentage shot-and he airballs it from the wing. Terps are playing lazy basketball right now. They really need to learn how to create their own energy as we head toward their trip to Orlando next week. The Thanksgiving crowd for the Michigan State game is unlikely to be loud, and the Terps will have to get themselves going in an awkward building for college hoops.

9:41-Sulskis hits 2 from the stripe, then Kim throws an errant pass. 63-37 Terps.

9:40-Boston College finished off St. John’s 82-70; Carolina leads Kentucky 34-19 with about 5 minutes to play in the first half. The Terps’ dance squad is about the most exciting thing to happen here in the 2nd half. But then again, I have a soft spot for women in College Park.

9:37-Mays gets an easy field goal to make things 59-35. I still think the Terps are struggling with the way Gary is moving players in and out, but Gary might be doing nothing more than trying to mask the Terps’ deficiencies. Hayes gets in for a close 2, and the Terps lead 61-35 with 8 minutes to play. Vasquez gets a layup on a 1 man fast break to make things 63-35. 3rd official timeout with 7:42 to play.

9:35 -Adrian Bowie hits 3 of 4 free throws, but Mays and Bright add field goals for Youngstown, and the Terps lead is cut to 57-33. Mosley works in towards the hoop and draws a foul. The Terps have done a nice job of getting to the line (they have 26 free throw attempts after Mosley shot 2 here), but they have to improve from the field. It’s 59-33 with 9:12 remaining, and Vasquez re-enters-he likely wants to go for 30.

9:30-25 point lead remains at official timeout with 11:09 to play-Bowie will be headed to the line. Make sure you’re tuned into WNST tomorrow-as Drew has a great guest list:

  • CAA Champion James Madison Head Coach Mickey Matthews at 7:15
  • Towson Coach Gordy Combs at 7:30
  • ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio at 8
  • NBA Superstar Dwight Howard at 8:15
  • Casey Willett (he’s not bad) at 8:35
  • Former Caps first round pick and stud prospect Karl Alzner at 8:45
  • PLUS, a replay of the “Purple and Black Attack” with Nestor Aparicio, Brad Jackson, Michael McCrary, and Bart Scott at 9
  • AND your 2 minute drives, Orioles free agent updates, and a Wednesday text topic. All tomorrow morning on WNST

9:29-Steve Goins checks in for his first action of the night, while the Penguins get a free throw to make it 52-29. Mosley makes a nice decision for a freshman by laying the ball in off a fast break instead of going for a high-flyer. The Terps lead 54-29 with about 11:40 to play.

9:28-Vasquez might be trying to do a bit too much as he AGAIN takes it to the hoop. He’s had a very good game however, and exits to take a breath.

9:26-Blocker adds a short FG for the Penguins, but Vasquez responds with what I BELIEVE is the first “And 1” basket of the game, he has 26 now and the Terps lead by 24; once again their largest lead of the game, at 52-28. Dupree comes away with a VERY nice block on the defensive end.

9:25-Sulskis hits a pair of freebies to get the lead under 20 again, but Vasquez hits from outside to make things 47-26. Fans appear to be leaving early on a work night, likely uninspired by the sloppy hoops we’ve seen. Vasquez puts back a Bowie miss, he has 23, the Terps lead by 23.

9:22-BC has extended their lead over St. John’s to 71-61 with under 3 minutes to play; looks like they’ll advance to MSG.

Martin hits a jumper to make things 42-24. Braxton Dupree gets a bit physical inside trying to create space, and Martin is called for a foul. Nice to see Dupree do something near the hoop. Hayes with a nice move for the lay-in, it’s 44-24 again with just under 15 remaining.

9:18-Vasquez appears to be continuing to run the offense, with Hayes looming as a shooter outside. Vasquez has played a nice game, but the Terps are not served well by having their PG also trying to be the offense. About a minute and a half has gone by since either team has scored; but Vasquez is fouled here after a steal.

9:15-Tucker hits 1 of 2, he has 9, and the Terps have their biggest lead at 42-20. They get a steal off the ensuing inbounds play, but Vasquez misses from outside. Sirlester Martin hits a jumper, and the Penguins are within 20 with 17 and a half to play.

9:14-The Terps are hoping for another “Blackout” Saturday night at Byrd Stadium, as they are encouraging students and fans to wear black (and presumably they will wear black uniforms as well; and enter to “Back in Black”, etc.) to the big game against Florida State. Ralph was pretty emphatic about this game being about the biggest game the Terps have played at Byrd in the last few years.

9:12-Tucker gets a hoop; and is fouled off a steal thanks to a nice behind the back move and look from Milbourne following a YSU turnover. The Penguins call a timeout with 18 minutes to play facing a 41-20 deficit with Tucker headed to the line.

9:11-Liles gets a hoop for the Penguins to make things 39-20. Crowd is pretty dead coming back from the half.

9:09-Vasquez knifes his way through to open scoring in the 2nd half; Maryland extends their biggest lead of the game at 39-18.

9:08-Milbourne and Vasquez are your leading rebounders at the half; each has 4. No Terp has more than 1 assist or block; while Bowie has 2 steals. Mays leads Youngstown State scorers with 7; the Penguins have a 25-22 rebounding advantage, but also have 13 turnovers to Maryland’s 5.

9:06-Put Navy in the win column, 75-63 over St. Francis. Florida State rallied for a 65-61 win over La Salle. And BC leads St. John’s 58-57 with 7:42 to play. Carolina and Kentucky have just tipped off.

9:00-Vermont will certainly be coming into Friday night’s game off a high. They were 89-58 winners over Yale tonight. The Terps have gotten away with slow starts in their first 2 games thus far this season, but falling behind against Coach Lonergan’s team will give them the type of confidence they’d need to pull off a stunner. The Terps have to get going sooner; part of the problem might come from not having a cohesive starting unit.

8:54-Vasquez is the ball handler again, and he takes a jumper that connects to give the Terps a 37-18 advantage. The Terps finished the half on a 23-4 run to create the 19 point advantage. Vasquez has 16 points at the half.

8:51-Vasquez looks more like the ball controller right now, he found Hayes for an open look from outside, but Hayes couldn’t connect. He found Tucker on the next possession for 2; then Tucker added another 2 on a fast break. Tucker now has 6, the Terps lead 35-18, and they have the ball with 20 seconds left and will look for the final shot of the half.

8:49-Vasquez adds two more from the line-he has 14 for the game-coming out of the last official timeout. It’s 31-16 Terps. Kim gets a nice stuff on the defensive end, but the Terps can’t convert, and a Bright jumper makes things 31-18 with 2 minutes to play.

8:45-Hayes with GREAT defense on Cooksey, and he comes away with the block as Cooksey goes to the hoop. Maryland forces another turnover, and they are starting to force their will here as we head towards the half.

8:43-Terps are starting to heat up from the line; as Hayes adds another 2 and the Terps have their first double digit lead of the night; it’s 27-16. Nice move from Vasquez in the open floor gets him to the hoop for another easy basket, and it’s 29-16 with 4:27 left in the half. The Penguins call timeout.

8:40-Vasquez adds another couple of free throws to make things 23-16 Maryland with 6:20 to play in the 1st. The Terps are able to force another turnover, and then Greivis makes a nice move along the line to get in for a layup. He now has 10, and the Terps lead 25-16. They force ANOTHER turnover, but Eric Hayes misses from long range.

8:39-With the shot clock dwindling, Vasquez threw up a long 2; which went down to give the Terps a 21-16 advantage. On the other end, Blocker missed the front end of a 1 and 1. The Penguins are now 4-7 from the free throw line; and they’re just 6-18 from the field as well.

8:38-Cliff Tucker gets a pair of free throws to make things 19-16. Terps just 6-19 from the field so far; 6-11 from the charity stripe.

8:36-I can’t figure out why Jimmy Patsos would voluntarily let his Greyhounds play 3 games in 3 days, but maybe it was so he could get a win before the NIT Tournament. The Hounds fell to Cornell 82-72 in consolation action tonight. Navy currently leads St. Francis 52-46 with about ten minutes to play.

8:34-Mays to the hoop for a lay-in, and its 14-14. The roof nearly comes off the building after Jin Soo Kim hits the first 3 of his college career. His next shot comes off flat; in between Dallas Blocker is able to get an easy hoop when Dave Neal couldn’t corral a defensive rebound. We hit the 3rd official timeout with the Terps leading 17-16 and 7:46 remaining in the first half.

8:32-Maybe there’s a lid on the baskets tonight, as Mays goes just 1-2 at the line as well. We’re again tied, this time at 12. But Landon Milbourne gets a soft lay-in to fall, making it 14-12 with 9 and a half to play.

8:31-Every time Kim touches the ball, this crowd wants to explode. Kim made a nice move to the hoop, but his soft put-in bounced out. Adrian Bowie was then charged with an offensive foul on his next attack of the hoop.

8:30-Plenty of available seats throughout Comcast Center tonight, if you’re in the area, stop by. Vytas Sulskis helps the Terps out by going just 1 of 2 at the line; its 12-11 with just over 10 minutes to play.

8:28-We all knew Sean Mosley’s shot would be an issue in his development. He adds a pair of misses at the line to his earlier missed 3. Jin Soo Kim is fouled off a steal; and receives serious recognition from the students. Unfortunately he also missed the front end of a 1 and 1.

8:27-Vasquez gives Maryland their first lead at 12-10 with free throws, then leaves in favor of Kim. Maryland gets a jump ball thanks to the press.

8:26-Syracuse was ALMOST upset by Richmond AGAIN tonight, but they rallied in the 2nd half for a 76-71 win. BC leads St. John’s 43-40 at the half in the preseason NIT.

8:24-Vasquez is fouled leading to the 2nd official timeout; things tied at 10 with 11:42 to play. Looks like Jin Soo Kim will enter here.

8:23-Milbourne finds himself alone on the baseline, and he takes a jumper to make things 10-10 again with about 12 and a half to play in the first. Milbourne really is the X factor for this team, and likely the reason why 4 guard sets won’t be as common as it originally seemed like they would be.

8:21-Liles gets free inside for an easy lay-in. Adrian Bowie enters for Eric Hayes with about 14 to play. Milbourne hits two freebies and its a 2 point game again, 10-8.

8:20-Greivis with the nice move to the hoop for a lay-in, and the Terps are within 2. Gary said they’ll be a pressing team again this season, and that will sometimes cost you fouls. Dino Gregory just picked up his 2nd.

8:17-Mosley with a nice turnaround jumper to make things 8-4. Greivis missed a 3, and Mosley now joins him in that category. Neither were particularly good shots. Terps trail by 4 at the first official timeout-14:40 to play.

8:16-A pair of Liles free throws makes things 8-2 Penguins. Dave Neal in the game with both Dupree and Milbourne on the bench.

8:14-No timeout after a Vasquez foul, but Gary does make his first substitution, bringing in Sean Mosley and Dino Gregory. Off a steal, Eric Hayes puts home a dunk for the Terps’ first field goal of the game. 6-2 Youngstown.

8:13-And Milbourne missed both. Gary might need a TO if the Penguins get a basket here.

8:12-Milbourne and Tucker each missed gimmes, while the Penguins already have 4 from guard DeAndre Mays. They have a 6-0 advantage with 17:02 to play in the first half; but Milbourne is headed to the free throw line for 2.

8:10-Almost a ten minute delay in getting this one started, as they was an electrical problem with the scoreboard and clocks. Maryland is again delayed in getting their offense going, as they have failed to score on their first three possessions and now trail 4-0.

7:43 Wanted to pass along some thoughts from Ralph Friedgen’s press conference in preparation for Saturday’s big game against Florida State. Also, if you’d like to chime in with a score prediction for Maryland-FSU during tonight’s blog, feel free. Mine will be in Friday morning’s Crabs and Beer.

  • Ralph really thought the Terps played “as good as (they) have all season” against North Carolina, even going on to say they played their “best game” of the season considering all three facets of the game-offense, defense, and special teams. When asked about the Terps winning back to back home games in less than ideal weather conditions, Ralph said “Maybe we play better in the rain.”
  • Ralph doesn’t think either team will need extra motivation for Saturday night, saying “when two teams are vying for a division championship, they’re both going to be ready to play.”
  • When asked about the Terps returning to the Top 25 national rankings this week, Ralph said “I don’t really get that involved in rankings. The final ranking is the one that’s important to me. If you continue to win, those things (rankings) are gonna happen.” However, with the season coming to a close soon, Ralph admitted “I think it’s important we get into the Top 25 at this time.”
  • When asked about the potential to go undefeated at home this season, Ralph was pretty plain-stated when he said “Boy would that be great.”
  • Ralph said he had a feeling the Terps would be in a position like this given the veterans on the team. Concerning the seniors woh will be playing their final game at home Saturday night, Ralph said “I’m sure they’ll want to win this game very badly.”
  • Speaking specifically about a couple of the seniors on the team who will be playing their final home game, Ralph appeared to be a bit emotional about OL Edwin Williams, saying “I’m gonna miss him”, and admitting that Williams’ happy-go-lucky attitude “helps” the coach during practice. Regarding senior DL Jeremy Navarre, Ralph took the time to point out that Navarre “started every game he’s played at Maryland”, which Ralph thought was a pretty impressive accomplishment.
  • Ralph has explained the division title scenarios to his team, saying “I think we all know what’s at stake going in.”
  • Regarding the big picture of trying to win the ACC Championship, Ralph said “to accomplish what we want to accomplish, we gotta win three more games. But you can’t win three until you win one.”
  • Ralph had admitted that after the disappointment of the loss at Virginia Tech 2 weeks ago, he considered having his team practice when they arrived in College Park at 5am. He convinced himself otherwise, and the Terps responded by beating North Carolina a week later. Ralph said “sometimes I battle myself and my reaction to things. I’ve learned to step back and rely on the experience of the team. Sometimes I see kids after the game, and they get over things faster than coaches do.”
  • Ralph went on to tell a story regarding losing as the son of a coach himself. Ralph said “when we lost a game we didn’t eat dinner, the lights got shut off and we didn’t say a thing.” Ralph went on to mention that he once went out on a date with a girl a bit older than he was; and when his father expected him home at 10, he didn’t show up until 1am. With a football game the next day; his father responded by saying “you will never date an older woman again in your life.” Ralph admitted that he never did.
  • Ralph admits that he has been forced to take losing better at this stage in his life. When he was going 2-9 at the Citadel, he thought he needed to react like his father did. But since his wife enjoys entertaining company on the weekends, Ralph is forced to get over losses much quicker so he can enjoy the company.
  • Discussing coaching opponent Bobby Bowden, Ralph said “You’re going to have to be at your best to beat him.” Ralph remembered the Terps’ trip to Tallahassee in his first season-2001. Maryland was undefeated at the time, and played the Seminoles tough, but ultimately were beaten due to a number of 2nd half turnovers. After the game, Bowden was gracious in victory, and said to Ralph “son, you just can’t turn the ball over.” Ralph said he wanted to respond with “Thanks for the news flash.”
  • And regarding this Florida State team in particular, Ralph said they lead the ACC in sacks because they bring great “speed” on defense. He said that during Saturday night’s game, there will be times when their Tackles will have to block defensive backs. Ralph took the time to knock on his wooden podium when he said “right now, we lead the conference in protecting the pass.”

7:39 Terps are 1-0 coming into tonight’s matchup with Youngstown State. No TV for this one, so feel free to follow along, chime in, ask questions, and have fun with me here tonight. Youngstown State probably isn’t quite as good as the down Bucknell team Maryland trounced last Friday; so this should be another good measuring stick for the Terps.