Terps Grounded in Regular Season Finale; Finish 7-5 after Loss to BC

November 29, 2008 | Glenn Clark

7:15-Unfortunately; Ralph cannot sit back at the end of the season and say that he thinks this Maryland team is close to being ACC competitive as-is. He will need to make a significant move at the end of the season; and that move will likely be to fire Defensive Coordinator Chris Cosh. I don’t blame Cosh for the Terps’ inability to run the ball today, and I know he’s playing with an undersized D-Line; but a 7-5 season and a trip to Boise has to be considered a disappointment; and something has to be done to change things. With Ralph hiring James Franklin last season; the pressure now turns to Chris Cosh.

You have to be impressed by Chris Turner today; as he was forced to put up major numbers playing without his top wide receiver. He threw for over 350 yards; but his two interceptions both turned almost immediately into TD’s for the Eagles. However, both interceptions were a product of Boston College’s unrelentless pressure; which Maryland had no answer for. The offensive line SHOULD have been a tried and true veteran unit that showed what it was made of in the final 2 weeks of the season; but instead failed this Maryland team when it was most necessary.

The Terps will say the right things about the impending trip to the blue turf; but can’t be excited about the prospects. With any luck, the Terps will be passed over for NC State by the crew in Boise; then turn down the EagleBank Bowl due to their finals schedule. If that happens; maybe another Bowl possibility will open up that is slightly more appealing than Boise. But it’s unlikely.

That’s it for me. I’ll talk to you tomorrow for the hoops game with Georgetown. And don’t forget to come watch the Ravens-Bengals with me at Mother’s in Federal Hill tomorrow. I’ll be giving out some Yuengling goodies; and having an all around good time.

Talk to you tomorrow.


7:06-Senior Edwin Williams said at Tuesday’s media luncheon that there was ‘no such thing as a bad Bowl’, even going on to say that he had ‘never played on a blue field.’ He’s gonna get the chance; as with Clemson winning today to get Bowl eligible; and with the Meineke Car Care Bowl having the option of taking a local North Carolina OR NC State; Maryland will almost certainly be headed to the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl. I hear Boise is a lovely town; but I think I’m going to pass on the chance to join them there.

I picked Virginia Tech to beat Boston College in the ACC Championship game last week; but after watching both teams this week; I now believe the Eagles’ defense might be too much for the Hokies. Here’s how I now see the ACC’s Bowl picture shaping up.

Orange Bowl: Boston College
Chick-Fil-A Bowl: Virginia Tech
Gator Bowl: Florida State
Champs Sports Bowl: Georgia Tech
Music City Bowl: Clemson
Meineke Car Care Bowl: North Carolina
Emerald Bowl: Miami
Humanitarian Bowl: Maryland
EagleBank Bowl: NC State

Wake Forest likely won’t have a problem finding a Bowl destination; as the Pac-10 is amongst the leagues who probably won’t be able to get enough teams eligible.

7:05-Baltz’s kick bounces out of bounds; and this one will end here. Maryland falls to 7-5, 4-4 in the ACC. BC improves to 9-3, 5-3 in the ACC.

7:04-Even if the Terps are able to recover this; they’d have time for little more than a hail mary.

7:01-It will be Boston College and Virginia Tech playing for the ACC title for the 2nd consecutive season. I actually think the Eagles have a better chance this season than they did a year ago with Matt Ryan; if for no other reason than because I’ve watched their defense play lights out football for three straight weeks.

Torrey Smith catches a TD on 4th and goal with :14 seconds left. If nothing else; they’ll get the chance to try an onsides kick; trailing 28-21.

6:57-Both Torrey Smith and Danny Oquendo will finish the game with more than 100 yards receiving; but it will be hard to get excited about that in a loss.

Turner plunges for a first down inside the 5, Pam mentions that it is Maryland’s first rushing first down of the game. That’s awful. 28 seconds left.

6:54-In the end, it was Maryland’s inability to run the ball that did them in, much like what happened to them in Charlottesville. They can throw the ball on every down to make a game look close; but they’re a running team, and if they can’t run; they can’t win. It’s that simple. Boston College played like a team that wanted it more for the 3rd consecutive week; and their defense is championship caliber.

6:52-Well, no answer at WNST; so I won’t bother. Terps are throwing the ball again here; but it won’t matter; as they’d need an absolute miracle. BC WON this game, Maryland did have the chance to STEAL it, but couldn’t.

Cory Jackson makes a first down catch on this desperation drive; as the Eagles aren’t bothering to pressure this time around.

6:48-Late pressure forces Turner to make a quick throw; and it’s picked off by Robert Francois; who returns it for a touchdown. That will do it. BC goes up 28-14 with 1:42 to play; and Maryland will likely be banished to the blue turf in Boise. Ralph will face some pretty serious pressure following the 2 losses to end the season. I’m gonna call Thyrl Nelson now; I’ll be back to wrap this one up shortly.

6:47-Tough night for Dan Gronkowski; who can’t haul in another one over the middle. He’s been thrown to 3 times tonight; no catches. 2nd down.

6:46-Herzlich pressured Turner, who was forced to throw it into the ground. 3rd and 20. Turner AGAIN comes up with a big 3rd down pass; connecting with Oquendo for 24 up to the 35.

6:45-Turner had a wide open Gronkowski downfield; but Gronkowski dropped it. It wouldn’t have mattered; as Burley was called for a hold; and the Terps will be backed up again to about the 10. Burley heads to the sidelines with the Terps again pinned back. Turner tried to go up top to Lee-Odai; but overthrew him. Wes Davis couldn’t catch up to make the pick. Dane Randolph is in for Burley, Terps face 2nd and 20.

6:44-Turner gets about 13 on his passes to Lee-Odai and Oquendo; they’re up past the 20.

6:43-Oquendo decides not to field the punt; and it’s a costly decision, as the punt rolls inside the 9 to almost the 8. This whole drive will be 4 down territory.

6:42-The Eagles do indeed go to the draw; and the Terps stop Harris after a gain of 5. Maryland will get the ball back with just about 3 minutes to play; and they will try to block the punt.

6:39-Terps again gobble up Harris in the backfield on 2nd down; and the Terps take their 2nd timeout with BC facing 3rd and long with just about 4 minutes to play. BC might go to a draw here; as they don’t want to risk an imcompletion giving Maryland more time.

6:36-After stopping Harris in the backfield on the next 1st down; the Terps take their first timeout with about 4:07 to play. I don’t imagine the Eagles would attempt a playaction run until 3rd down; and they’re two first downs away from finishing this one. Chris Cosh really needs to keep his defenders aware of everything going on right now.

6:34-Eagles’ O-Line is REALLY waring down the Maryland D-Line here; as Harris gets another 8 yards on the ensuing first down run. They go back to Harris on 2nd down, he appears to be stopped right at the first down marker.

Ray Bentley makes a great point; as the Terps are now bringing 8 or 9 defenders into the box to try to stop the run. If the Eagles go to a playaction pass; they might score.

6:33-Jared Harrell makes a 2nd down stop; and BC faces 3rd and 3. Maryland REALLY needs to get the Eagles off the field here. Instead, Harris picks up about 6 before being brought down by Derek Drummond. Harris goes over 100 yards for the game.

6:30-Florida State still trails Florida, 38-15 in the 4th. Duke is trying to mount a late comeback with less than 5 minutes to play; they trail UNC 28-20.

Ivey had to be helped off the field; and Harris gets a BIG first down run for the Eagles on the next play; busting one up to the 22. The Eagles will try to keep the ball on the ground and run this clock.

6:28-BC helps Maryland with a false start before the 1st down snap; they’re back at the 5; and Harris is stopped after about a 1 yard gain on first down. Travis Ivey is hurt on the play.

6:24-Egekeze’s 36 yard field goal try never moves right; and misses wide left. After the play; BC takes a personal foul; and they will start with the ball at their own 10. Terps moved too far on that drive to not come away with points. Ralph is CLEARLY upset with the miss; as the Terps will again have no margin for error defensively; needing a stop to get the ball back and try again for a tying score. Time will become a factor here; as there is just 8:21 left.

6:23-Turner looks for a short pass to Watson on 2nd down; but can’t come up with it. 3rd and 10; and Turner tries to thread the needle to Lee-Odai inside the 10; but can’t come up with it. That was a dangerous pass; and could have been picked off with Turner throwing on the run.

6:22-Terps AGAIN try to get tricky on a 1st down run, and it fails AGAIN. Torrey Smith comes in for the handoff; and he gets no gain.

6:21-Turner hits Oquendo for 9 on 3rd down; and James Franklin is doing a GREAT job of calling short, controlled passes. Terps inside the redzone at the 19.

6:20-Terps have rushed 23 times for -7 yards following a double reverse by Lee-Odai that got just one more. Turner flips it to Lee-Odai on 3rd down, and he gets 6 more to set up 3rd and 3.

6:17-Terps go back to the ground on first down; and get just one yard with Da’Rel Scott. They try again on 2nd down; and Scott gets only one more; meaning the Terps will be forced into another 3rd and long situation. Turner rolls out and finds Lee-Odai for 7; then the Terps go for it on 4th and 1, and Turner finds Oquendo for 8.

6:14-Davis is forced to throw the ball away on 3rd and long; and the defense forces another 3 and out before the Eagles have to punt again. Oquendo fields the punt at about the 40; and will start near midfield with a chance to get back in this one.

6:13-Fokou tackles Harris in the backfield on 1st down; the defense could really get some momentum for this team with a stop. Josh Haden is back in the game for BC; but his 2nd down catch gets just one yard and the Eagles now face 3rd and long.

6:12-Adrian Moten was trying to force Montel Harris to fumble the ball on the kickoff, but Harris instead took Moten with him to about the 24, where Davis and the Eagles take over.

6:09-Well that was big! Turner finds a wide open Danny Oquendo in the back corner of the endzone; floating the ball over freshman corner Donnie Fletcher; who Turner has continued to pick on throughout the game. Maryland’s defense got plenty of time to rest; and needs to come up with another answer. Obi Egekeze adds the extra point, and the Terps now trail 21-14 with 14:54 to play.

6:08-Florida’s lead over FSU has grown to 38-15 in the 3rd; maybe the Noles are too busy cheering for the Terps to beat BC. Carolina leads Duke 28-20 in the 4th.

6:06-The Terps had apparently set up a screen on 2nd down; but it wasn’t there, and Raji moved right past Jaimie Thomas to sack Turner. This will set up another 3rd and long; but the 3rd quarter will end here with the Terps trailing 21-7. I actually think they’ll kick a field goal if they can’t convert on 3rd down.

6:05-Terps DO go to the air on first down this time; and would have had a big gainer, but Torrey Smith’s knee was down when he made the 11 yard grab. Terps in the redzone at the 16. Meggett gets the ball on first down; and gets 6 yards. That’s something different.

6:04-What a play by Chris Turner to SOMEHOW avoid an unblocked Brad Newman, then find Oquendo along the sidelines for a first down catch.

6:03-Turner’s third down pass is knocked down by B.J. Raji. They will go for it on 4th down.

6:01-Turner actually has plenty of time on his 3rd down pass; and finds a big gainer to Lee-Odai down to the BC 40. Lee-Odai has had a nice game. On the ensuing 1st down; Meggett is again taken down in the backfield. Like I said; they need to throw to set up the run; as running to set up the pass has been a miserable failure. Torrey Smith gets 9 on 2nd down; and the Terps will face 3rd and 4. This has to be 4 down territory.

5:59-Davin Meggett back into the game; he stutters before picking up just 1 on first down; then exits again. You hate to completely abandon the run and become one dimensional; but going pass then run might be a better idea. Lee-Odai gets 7 on a 2nd down catch; and in 3rd and short; I imagine Ralph will almost have to throw again.

5:58-Wiseman makes a HUGE hit on Brandon Robinson to force an incompletion on 3rd down; and the Eagles will have to punt. The Terps really need to make this a 1 possession game BEFORE the 4th quarter; if only so that they feel like they’re still in this. Oquendo receives the ball at the 25; and he has nowhere to go from there.

5:57-Even Travis Baltz has been struggling today; he’s trying to compete for All-ACC honors. Davis incomplete on 2nd down; and BC will face a 3rd and 7.

5:55-They’re gonna be forced to give it back; as Turner is swallowed by BC defenders back at the 41. Herzlich was in on the sack; and Pam points out that Turner has now been sacked 10 times in the last 2 weeks. These are the numbers that make you go from a legitimate championship contender to a team who plays in a bowl game before Christmas.

5:54-4 yard runs are not normally anything to celebrate; but given what the Terps have done on the ground otherwise; Scott’s scamper here is a positive. However, he gives 2 right back on 2nd down; and the Terps will face another 3rd and long right around midfield. Giving the ball back here would be very bad.

5:53-With under 9 minutes to play in the 3rd quarter, and no ground success thus far; the Terps are basically forced to go to the air trailing by 14. Lee-Odai and Isaiah Williams haul in catches to get the Terps up to about their own 46.

5:47-What’s the weather like in Boise this time of year? Eagles go with the fake field goal; as Billy Flutie throws to Jordon McMichael; who scampers in for the TD. Eagles now lead 21-7. As I’ve said all year; this Maryland team is particularly emotional; and bad news tends to spread like wildfire. I find it hard to believe they will suddenly be able to get up off the canvas after failing to do so the rest of the season.

5:46-Davis goes to the endzone on 2nd and 7; the ball is overthrown. Wujciak and tight end Ryan Purvis made contact; and Wujciak never looked back at the ball; but no pass interference called. Davis throws it away on 3rd down; so BC will be forced to try a short field goal.

5:43-Of course I am wrong again. The officials determine that a number 36 on the kicking team touched the ball first………..however no number 36 was in kick coverage. Weird. Anyway, BC takes over from the Maryland 34. Harris fumbles on first down; and was ruled to be down before the fumble. Replays show Harris was not down; but the whistle was blown, so this is probably a mute point. Things go downhill from there; as Harris gets the first down on a screen pass; and Dean Muhtadi is whistled for a roughing the passer that will get BC to the 11. This is spiraling the wrong way.

5:42-Play is under review…..I’m not sure that it definitely hit a BC player first; but I don’t see how they could overturn this.

5:38-On their 6th 3rd and long of the game; Turner had little choice but to throw the ball at the feet of Da’Rel Scott in pressure. Baltz will punt from the endzone; and BC will start with good field position. BC muffs the recovery; and Maryland comes away with the football up near the 35. Torrey Smith was the one who came away with the ball; and Maryland gets the chance again to do something.

5:34-Scott gets back to just the line of scrimmage on a first down run. The Terps are using the same long-developing run plays they’ve used throughout the season; they really need to mix it up with quicker handoffs. Instead, Scott takes the ball on a 2nd down draw and get just a yard. They are basically just hoping that one of these will break of; instead of setting the tone with more bruising rushes. They’ll face a 3rd and 9 from their own 5; a very dangerous spot to be in.

5:30-Billy Flutie comes in for the short yardage punt; which bounces into the endzone. It will end up being very bad field position for the Terps though; as Danny Oquendo called for a fair catch; but then blocked a defender trying to down the ball. That’s illegal; and will be penalized half the distance to the goal from where Oquendo made the block. Terps will start from their 4. Need to get something going here to AT LEAST win back the position battle.

5:29-Wujciak tackles Davis after a 3 yard scramble on 2nd down; and then Davis’ 3rd down pass hits Wiseman’s back; then Brandon Robinson’s feet, and BC will have to punt.

5:27-An illegal shift negates what would have been a nice 16 yard pickup from Davis to Jarvis, and Harris gets just a yard on 1st and 15; but does shake off an Alex Wujciak tackle to get what is now being marked as a 2 yard gain.

5:25-BC goes with Montel Harris to start the half; and he uses some fancy footwork on 3 consecutive carries to get the Eagles across midfield and down to the Maryland 36. Not good for the Maryland defense; which continues to be outmanned. Pam and Ray tell us Josh Haden is being evaluated for a shoulder injury.

5:22-Unfortunately; the Terps will once again start the 2nd half on defense. BC will have the chance to open a 2 possession lead; which could be a nail in the coffin of a fragile Maryland team. They will need to keep the Eagles off the scoreboard here; and could REALLY use a turnover; but I’ve been saying that for the last few weeks.

5:14-I picked Morgan State to pull off the stunner over Ole Miss today in hoops; but I was wrong. Not by much; they led the Rebels at halftime; but ended up falling 78-70. Loyola kept it close; but lost 64-62 at Vermont in a battle of former Gary Williams assistants. You can read Drew Forrester’s account of UMBC’s win at the RAC today right here on WNST.net; the Retrievers held on for a 61-56 victory over Toledo. Maryland plays Michigan Wednesday night in hoops as part of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge; the same Michigan that beat UCLA about a week ago. Today; Michigan needed overtime to overcome a 20 point halftime deficit and beat Savannah State in Ann Arbor. Maybe the Wolverines aren’t quite the NCAA Tournament contender we thought they might be.

5:03-Florida State likely won’t get the ACC’s 3rd win over an SEC team today; as Florida has gone ahead 28-9 with about a minute to play in the first half in the Sunshine State. In Raleigh, the Blue Devils got a field goal as the half expired; and they trail the Tar Heels 21-17.

4:59-Turner finds Gronkowski; but Scott Burley is called for the hold; and that will negate the play. Terps get just a couple on a dump to Scott, call timeout; let Scott run the ball; and that will take us to the half. Terps are in negative rushing yards; which is the biggest difference in a game they trail 14-7. Reminds me of the Virginia Tech game; as they’ve stayed close despite not really being in the game. Unless a new offensive line shows up in the 2nd half and/or Da’Rel Scott suddenly finds his “burst”, this probably won’t get any better.

4:57-The replay shows that Jeff Allen bit on a fake move by Gunnell; allowing him to be so open. Torrey Smith can’t field the kickoff cleanly; and the Terps will start from their 18. Turner flips to Scott for 9 on first down; but Maryland appears to be in no rush to snap the ball on 2nd down. 41 seconds remain as the officials measure; Maryland did get a first down on that play. Terps have all 3 timeouts; but I doubt they take any chances.

4:54-They didn’t need plenty of time; and the air is out of the balloon for Maryland. Davis goes up top to Gunnell on 1st down; and he hauls in a WIDE OPEN catch in the endzone; and BC leads 14-7 with 1:05 to play in the half. Gunnell could have called for a fair catch on that one. Pam points out that the INT Turner threw was the first he’s thrown against a ranked team in his career. It is immediately the costliest INT he’s thrown against a ranked team in his career.

4:52-Dan Gronkowski drops an open pass on 2nd and 8; but Turner hunkers down to find an open Torrey Smith for 20 on 3rd and long. But on 1st down; Turner is hit as he’s thrown; and Herzlich dives for an interception at the Maryland 45. Herzlich has been pretty big all season; that’s his 6th INT this season, BC’s 24th. BC has plenty of time here.

4:47-Davis goes underneath to Brad Newman; but he gets just 4 on 3rd and 12. Eagles will be forced to punt with less than 2 minutes to play; and the Terps will be pinned down near their 12. I imagine Ralph will keep it on the ground here; hoping to gain a first down or 2 before he considers throwing. Getting points on this drive could really help momentum for Maryland going into the half however.

4:45-Antwine Perez records Maryland’s 1st sack of the game on 1st down; but the Eagles only lose about 2 yards on the play. Wiseman COULD have been called for a pass interference on 2nd down; but the ball was ruled to be thrown too high and uncatchable. Eagles face 3rd and 12.

4:44-Davis dumps in underneath to Haden on 3rd and 3; and he finds about 5 yards in scampering before Terrell Skinner brings him down. 1st down BC at the 34; clock moves under 4 minutes to play.

On 1st down; Davis rolls out and finds Brandon Robinson for 18; moving the Eagles past midfield.

4:39-Ray Bentley points out that Maryland has run 10 plays on 1st down in this game; and has gained just 2 net yards on those plays. 2nd and 3rd down weren’t much better here; as Scott got just 3 yards on 2nd down, and then Turner was incomplete on 3rd; almost intercepted. Baltz is forced to punt again; and BC will take over with the first half winding down.

4:36-Some connection issues here; and I’ve missed updating this BC drive. The Eagles got some good runs from Davis; a pass interference call on Anthony Wiseman; and crossed into Maryland territory; but came up short on 3rd and 2; and then got in incompletion on 4th and 1; and Maryland takes over from their own 34.

4:26-Turner and the Terps get bailed out here; as he is forced to throw the ball away after being flushed out. The Eagles hit him late; giving the Terps a free 15 yards. Scott finally gets some positive yardage on the ground, plunging across midfield on a 9 yard carry. Francois and Herzlich come up with sacks on 2nd and 3rd down; and the Terps are forced to punt.

4:22-Brian Kelly was the hotter name; but Lane Kiffin ended up taking the Tennessee job. What it means for the ACC is that Butch Davis will likely stay at North Carolina. With Dabo Sweeney likely to be given the Clemson job now; there will probably not be any firings in the ACC; and with the Tennessee job gone; my guess is that there will be NO coaching turnover in the league between now and Week 1 in 2009. Of course; as soon as I say this, Jim Grobe will probably end up replacing Sylvester Croom at Mississippi State. But I feel pretty confident about this.

4:21-Davis throws underneath to Jarvis, but Philistin tackles him about 1 yard short. Terps get a 2nd consecutive 3 and out; and the Eagles will have to punt.

4:20-Eagles go back to the ground to start this drive; and Haden finds about 8 yards on the first two carries. BC faces a 3rd and short here; I imagine it will be a pass play with a run option.

4:19-Turner is flushed out on 3rd and 16; and is forced to lob a pass towards the sidelines that is almost intercepted. Travis Baltz will punt; it’s a short one that Gunnell returns to about the 26.

4:17-Quick scoring updates from the other 3:30 ACC games; as Duke and North Carolina are tied at 14 late in the first quarter in Raleigh. In Tallahassee, the Noles trail the Gators 14-3 at the end of the 1st quarter.

4:14-BC LB Mike McLaughlin makes an INCREDIBLE play; hurdling over Meggett to collect the sack of Chris Turner. That’s how the first quarter will end; Terps facing 2nd and long in a 7-7 game.

4:12-Turner goes to Watson on 2nd down after a hurried incompletion on 1st down; Terps now face 3rd and 3; Davin Meggett is in the game on this drive. Turner finds Oquendo on the inside cut; and the Terps get a first down near midfield.

4:10-Davis with a nice tuck, then brings the ball down to get some positive yardage on 2nd down; eluding Jeremy Navarre in the process. He flings the ball wildly on 3rd down; which will force BC to punt; and give the Terps an important 3 and out.

4:06-Congratulations to Sasho Cirovski’s soccer Terps, who got 1st half goals from Jeremy Hall and Omar Gonzalez, then hung on to beat Cal 2-1 in the 3rd round of the NCAA Tournament. They’ll face the UConn-Creighton winner next.

4:04-Terps go with the option keeper; and Turner takes it in for the TD. This will again be the case of the Terps “scoring too soon”, as it’s 7-7 with 3:32 to play. Defense could have used a longer drive to rest; but they’ll certainly be happy with the TD.

4:03-Turner overthrows a wide open Lansford Watson on 1st down. He really needs to work on his accuracy this Spring and Summer; especially knowing the job will be his in the fall. He’s REMARKABLY accurate on his next pass; a 43 yard bomb down the right sideline to Torrey Smith, and the Terps are inside the 1.

4:01-Torrey Smith with the nice return to about the 40 yard line. They try to go back to Scott on first down; and there’s nothing there again. You wonder about his health; as well as BC’s defense forcing the line of scrimmage back. Turner goes to Lee-Odai on 2nd down; he gets 16 and the Terps are in BC territory.

3:56-Davis with the floater to Justin Jarvis, who hauls in the TD to put the Eagles on top early. Jamari McCullough had the coverage; and lost his helmet trying to break up the lob. 7-0 BC with 5:08 to play; and Maryland showed nothing defensively on that drive to make me think Chris Cosh has a solution for BC today. I know he’s better in the 2nd half; but you’d at least like to see some positive signs defensively on the first drive. 14 plays, 82 yards, about 6 minutes on that drive. You can’t let a freshman QB making his first start do that to you.

3:55-Knowing the Terps were expecting the pass; the Eagles go to the draw with Haden; who gets down to the 10 for a BC first down. The Eagles are waring down Maryland’s defense early on the ground; nice play calling from Jeff Jagodzinski and BC offensive coordinator Steve Logan.

3:54-Terps get some pressure on Davis from Dave Philistin; which forces an overthrow from Davis. Eagles face 3rd and 10.

3:52-Eagles get 9 from Montel Harris; their O-Line is overwhelming the Maryland front thus far; but there’s nothing new about that. Harris gets a first down run inside the Maryland 30. Eagles have brought Billy Flutie on the field this drive; the WR is Doug Flutie’s nephew; and is also Davis’ backup with Crane hurt.

3:51-Davis goes to Rich Gunnell for a first down in the air; then Haden gets one on the ground and the Eagles are in Maryland territory.

3:49-Davis goes to Josh Haden for the first down pass. Eagles look comfortable thus far with the freshman under center.

3:48-Paul Johnson’s Yellow Jackets just put the finishing touches on a 45-42 win over the Bulldogs. They snap a streak of 7 consecutive losses to their rival; and make the ACC 2-0 vs. the ACC thus far today; with Florida-Florida State and Wake-Vanderbilt still to come. Johnson seems like the easy choice for ACC Coach of the Year

3:44-Torrey Smith with the drop, then Turner can’t connect with Oquendo; and the drive stalls at the 40. This is the type of drive that hurt the Terps last week early vs. the Seminoles. Patrick Stevens calls it the “maroon zone”, as the Terps get the drive going early, but then “bog down” as Ralph says before they approach the 30. They had two drives like this at the beginning of last week’s game; and no points. Before they put together another drive; they trailed 21-0.

3:42-Ralph likes to establish the run early; and he and OC James Franklin probably thought it was especially important given the unknown status of DHB coming into today’s game. Scott just ran the ball for the 3rd time; he’s yet to get past the line of scrimmage. BC also knew the Terps would want to run. Before the 3rd run; Danny Oquendo made a nice move to get a first down in BC territory after a short pass from Turner.

3:41-Turner goes to Smith for a first down after the teams trade penalties. Good pass protection early on for Maryland against a strong BC defense. Pam needs to learn how to pronounce the name of the receiver who Turner just overthrew there-it’s spelled “Oquendo” but pronounced “Okendo”.

3:40-It’s Emani Lee-Odai who gets the start in place of DHB. Da’Rel Scott loses a yard on his first carry; he needs 60 today to collect his first 1,000 yard season.

3:37-BC won the toss, deferred; and Torrey Smith returns the ball to the 30; where the Terps take over. As Pam said, “staggering” stat: Chris Turner has never thrown an interception vs. a ranked opponent (and he’s 6-0).

3:34-Just another bizarre day in the ACC; as the league will have 10 of 12 teams bowl eligible. Clemson gets bowl eligible with a 31-14 pasting of South Carolina. It will be tough for the Tigers not to remove the interim title from Coach Dabo Sweeney; as they will likely end up in a pretty good postseason destination given their 7-5 record. NC State moves to 6-6 with a 38-28 win over Miami. They’ve won 4 in a row since losing in College Park. Virginia Tech clinches the Coastal Division title thanks to their 17-14 win over Virginia. Georgia Tech doesn’t appear to be affected by the bad news; as they lead 45-35 in Athens over rival Georgia in the 4th quarter.

3:33-Ward says “there might not be a more mystifying team in the country” than Maryland. She’s right.

3:31-A reminder that BC’s starting QB Chris Crane broke his collarbone last week in the Eagles’ win over Wake Forest last week; Dominique Davis gets the start. Davis looked AWFUL for most of the game against the Demon Deacons; but was incredible on the final drive; which won the game for BC.

3:30-Maryland grad Pam Ward and former Buffalo Bill Ray Bentley on the call today as this one airs on ABC-or “ESPN on ABC”. Why don’t they just call it “Disney Sports” or something?

3:28-Patrick Stevens is also reporting that Trey Covington is dressed; but his availability is not certain. Stevens says Jeff Clement did not travel; so if Covington can’t go, Derek Drummond would get the bulk of the responsibility at LEO.

3:25-I am NOT in Chestnut Hill as the circumstances surrounding today’s game did not warrant the trip. Maryland is playing for Bowl posturing; the Eagles are playing for the ACC Atlantic title and a trip to Tampa to play in the ACC Championship Game. I picked Boston College in a close one; but with DHB out; it might not be as close as I originally thought. Torrey Smith will have the chance to step up; and with DHB likely headed to the NFL Draft; Ronnie Tyler and Smith could be your two top receivers next season.

3:20-According to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times; Darrius Heyward-Bey will NOT play today with the leg injury he suffered last week in the Terps’ loss to Florida State.