Terps Suffer ANOTHER Collapse; Lose 76-67 to Boston College

January 27, 2009 | Glenn Clark

There’s a lot of blame to go around after Maryland suffered another 15+ point collapse in a 76-67 loss to Boston College tonight. Eric Hayes struggled, Landon Milbourne and Adrian Bowie seemed to disappear in the 2nd half; and Gary Williams just didn’t have an answer. Fingers will undoubtedly be pointed mostly at the Head Coach; so let’s get this out of the way. Gary Williams will not be fired after another bad loss; no matter how many people send “Fire Gary” emails or call the station with “Fire Gary” phone calls.

It IS time to start thinking about what Gary can do to try to get his team’s attention more than he has. Gary has been a VERY even keel coach throughout his career when it comes to dealing with players; with the only psychological maneuver I can remember being his decision to take the players’ names off their lockers a couple seasons back. If he was considering doing something like that again; he probably wouldn’t tell anyone, but maybe it’s time.

The shouting and barking don’t work anymore. The sweating and screaming aren’t getting through to anyone. I’m not saying Gary needs to pull a Randy Monroe and lock his team out of the locker room; but he has to do SOMETHING. This team just seems willing to roll their eyes and act like sad puppies after multiple bad losses.

Maybe Gary needs to go on a tirade. I’m not talking about answering one question with a snappy tone (like he did with me after the Morgan State loss); but an outright Mike Gundy-like tirade. Maybe he needs to get himself ejected from a game. Maybe he needs to throw something. Maybe he needs to force the team to stay on the floor at halftime.

He needs to do something. It’s clear that the message isn’t getting across. This ISN’T a terrible basketball team. They’ve played terrible at times; but they’ve had a legitimate chance to win 17 of the 20 games they’ve played this season; and could be 17-3 instead of 13-7 very easily. They’re not a GREAT team, but they could be a very good team.

And if Gary IS going to do something; he really needs to do it before Miami on Saturday night. With a road trip to North Carolina following; and a brutal group of games in February; this team could be in danger of no postseason at all if they don’t turn things around soon.

I don’t think a lineup change is enough. I think a midnight run through the quad-in honor of Lefty Driesell-might be in order.

If not; rock bottom might not be that far away.

Talk to you in the morning. Be careful on the roads.


10:05-Ralph Friedgen said throughout football season that he didn’t know if he was “getting to” his kids. While Gary Williams wouldn’t say anything similar; he didn’t appear to have a good judgment of why his team is struggling so much out of intermission.

Gary tole me he “couldn’t tell” the team’s attitude or emotion level at halftime; and said it was pretty similar to every other game. He said the “defense wasn’t as good” in the 2nd half; and admitted that the team plays “pretty good defense” when they’re in front of their own bench (first 20 minutes); but they lose that in the 2nd half defending the other side of the floor. He admitted that defensive communication is “easier” in front of the bench; but also said the team gets “a little tentative and loses confidence” as well.

Gary refused to really look any deeper than this game tonight; saying that he felt as though the team will do “the same thing” to get ready to play against Miami; including looking at tape. He said preparations for the next game would be the same win or lose. When asked if he worries about where he is big picture; Gary responded defiantly by saying “I don’t worry about where I am……when you start to worry about things like that, (you) waste time.” Gary mentioned multiple times that the team would just go about preparing for Miami.

In what might be the most telling statement of the entire press conference, Gary admitted he “really wish(ed) (he) had the answer” for the team’s struggles. So do the many fans who continue to come out in droves….

Walking off the floor to the area’s exit; Greivis Vasquez chimed back to the assembled media “we’ll get it together….”

9:57-Greivis Vasquez lead the Terps with a game high 18 points and 6 assists; he also added 5 boards. Landon Milbourne tallied 14 points and a team high 7 boards. Adrian Bowie had 12 points and 5 boards, Sean Mosley had 10 points and 4 boards. The Terps put up ABYSMAL shooting numbers in the 2nd half; 11-37 from the field (29.7%), 1-9 from outside (11.1%), and 4-7 from the free throw line (57.1%). For the game they finished 29-71 from the floor (40.8%), 3-17 from long distance (17.6%), and 6-10 from the line (60%). They out-rebounded BC 41-34, and finished with a 13:9 assist-to-turnover ratio. Cliff Tucker played less than 1 minute in the game.

Boston College was lead by 16 points from Rakim Sanders, 12 from Josh Southern. Joe Trapani had 10 points and a team high 9 rebounds; Tyrese Rice had 10 points and a team high 6 assists; Reggie Jackson had 10 points. The Eagles finished with a 7:5 assist-to-turnover ratio. They shot 26-54 from the field (48.1%); 6-12 from long distance (50%); and 18-24 from the free throw line (75%).

9:24-Gary says “we’re not there in the 2nd half”; and think the Terps “should have been up 20” at the half instead of 11. He seems a bit despondent in his postgame interview with Johnny Holliday and Chris Knoche. He can’t shrug these off anymore.

9:23-Rice hits both again; and Mosley gets a layup. Mosley reaches double digits with 10; Terps will let BC dribble this one out. 76-67 Eagles is the final. Maryland falls to 13-7 (2-4); BC improves to 16-6 (4-3). I’ll have to go talk to Gary; delaying my venture into the storm.

9:22-Bowie puts back a missed 3; he has 12. Vasquez fouls out as Rice heads to the line with 23 seconds to play. Moderate applause for the exiting Vasquez.

9:21-Rice hits both, BC by 11. Gary’s detractors will be out in full force….

9:20-Trapani makes both; Greivis misses a wild 3 on the other end. 46.5 seconds to play; BC by 9, and Bowie misses a layup attempt. More boo birds. Vasquez fouls Rice.

9:19-Rice makes 1 of 2 again; BC by 7. Neal misses a 3; and the Terps are forced to foul Trapani on the rebound. Mass exodus and boo birds now.

9:16-Vasquez gets to the lane and finds the cutting Bowie; but the ball goes out of bounds off his hands. Rice breaks Maryland’s press; and they foul with 1:15 to play. Rice hits 1 of 2 at the line; then comes up with a steal as Maryland moves the ball ahead. Neal fouls Sanders; that puts BC in the double bonus; fans head to the exits and the weather with 1:07 to play.

9:15-Trapani slips underneath to the hoop for 2; he has 8. BC by 5. Terps call timeout with 1:33 to play and a CRUCIAL possession upcoming.

9:13-Great cut by Bowie; and he gets a hoop underneath. He has 10; Terps trail by 1. Sanders with the MASSIVE offensive rebound and putback; he leads the Eagles with 16. Hayes misses a 3 on the other end; BC with the ball and a 3 point lead; under 2 minutes.

9:12-Eagles do a GREAT job of getting it to Soutern at the hoop. Gregory fouls him; and he fortunately misses a VERY short jumper. Southern makes 1 of 2 at the line; 64-61 BC.

9:10-You almost saw it coming. Bowie misses both free throws (I would have guessed he misses one). Mosley grabs a HUGE offensive rebound though; and is fouled by Southern, hitting the floor. Mosley stayed down for a minute before getting up; and shook it off to make both free throws. He has 8; BC by 2. Southern has 4 fouls.

9:09-Can’t really fault Vasquez for anything tonight. Like Drew Forrester often says; he appeared to be the only person who wanted to do anything in the 2nd half. He’ll still need to make big shots for Maryland to steal a victory back in this one.

9:07-Sanders with the STRONG inside finish; and Maryland now trails by 4; 63-59. Sanders has 14. Bowie is fouled by Rice going to the hoop; that’s Rice’s 4th personal and the team’s 8th. He will go to the free throw line for two HUGE shots after the final official timeout of regulaion. 63-59 BC.

9:05-Sanders to the hoop; draws the fould from Vasquez, makes both free throws. 59-56 BC. Greivis gets the hoop and will get a PLUS ONE attempt as he draws the foul from Reggie Jackson. Sanders has 12; Vasquez makes the free throw and has 18. We’re tied at 59 with 4:41 to play. BC breaks Maryland’s press for a transition hoop from Jackson; who has 10. Vasquez can’t find the handle on an outside jumper.

9:04-Dave Neal drives the lane; misses the layup. I wish I was keeping track of missed layups tonight…..

9:02-This game turned when BC starting getting more physical with Adrian Bowie; limiting his ability to drive the lane. The Terps stayed alive with some big shots from Vasquez and by forcing BC turnovers; but they need to have Bowie getting to the lane to make things happen. Bowie will be faced with that type of defense until teams feel the need to respect his shooting ability.

9:00-Vasquez with the ball fake; he finds Gregory inside for the dunk. Gregory has 6, Terps back up by 1. Rice with the teardrop in traffic; and BC is back up by 1. Rice has 9. 3rd official timeout of the half; 57-56 BC with 5:46 to play.

8:58-Hayes is too strong on the layup attempt; but Maryland forces a turnover on the other end. Vasquez takes on 3 defenders and can’t finish; a lot of sloppy, selfish play offensively; and another turnover leads to a jumper by Raji. Raji has 8; BC now leads 55-54. That’s BC’s first lead of the game; and Maryland has blown another 15+ point lead this month.

8:55-Mosley with the strong move; and switches hands for the layup. Raji gets the basket inside; and Gary will have to go back to Milbourne with 3 fouls. He goes to the scorer’s table.

Vasquez with the VERY nifty behind the back pass as the shot clock expired; but Dupree was blocked inside. Roche misses a 3; then Mosley turns the ball over after deciding against a jumper in the lane. Raji with another hoop; and he’ll go to the free throw line for the PLUS ONE attempt after being fouled by Mosley. He makes the attempt; and Maryland’s once 16 point lead is down to 1.

8:53-Terps are CLEARLY uncomfortable in the half-court game; preferring to be in transition mode. Mosley is fouled by Jackson attacking the basket; BC now has 5 team fouls as well.

Make it 6 as Vasquez is tripped by Jackson going to the hoop. Gregory back in for Neal.

8:51-Vasquez stripped inside; but Bowie with the big block on Rice as he attempted to drive to the hoop. Neal hits a jumper to extend Maryland’s lead to 6; but Dupree fouls Sanders inside, he’ll shoot 2. 5 team fouls with over 10 minutes to play; Sanders makes both. 52-48 Maryland.

8:49-Thanks to Rich for linking me to THIS story from The Sun’s Jeff Barker. Associate AD Katherine Worthington chimed in on Gary’s declaration yesterday that it ‘wasn’t (his) fault’ certain recruits were no longer part of the Maryland basketball program (like Gus Gilchrist and Tyree Evans). Check the story out when you get the chance.

8:48-Great defense by Mosley; but Southern puts a move on Dupree to get to the hoop. BC has Maryland’s lead whittled down to 4 at 50-46; but Maryland is bailed out as Mosley draws an offensive foul from Southern after a rebound. 2nd official timeout; 11:52 to play in the game.

8:47-Hayes’ shooting struggles continue; as he uncharacteristically misses his first free throw attempt. He makes the 2nd; and the lead is 50-44. Bowie back in for Hayes.

8:45-Eagles get another hoop from Jackon; and he makes the PLUS ONE attempt after being fouled by Mosley. That’s Maryland’s 4th team foul of the half early on; and their lead is down to 5. Braxton Dupree with a BIG rebound on the defensive end after Sanders misses a 3; and he’s fouled by Southern.

Terps struggling to find a 2nd option behind Vasquez with Milbourne and Bowie both on the bench. Mosley needs to step up. Hayes fouled in the lane; but he’s too strong on his shot attempt. He’ll shoot 2.

8:43-Southern makes 1 of 2 at the free throw line; cutting Maryland’s lead to 7. Vasquez responds with a BIG 3 on the other end; he now leads all scorers with 15. Jackson gets the friendly roll to cut Maryland’s lead back down to 49-41. Bowie called for his 2nd personal away from the ball.

8:41-Mike T in the house……..and I have NO IDEA if Maryland will hang on. Rich-checking my email now.

8:39-Milbourne missed a chip shot; but tough D eventually leads to a hoop from Vasquez. 46-38 as we hit the first official timeout of the half; but Milbourne now has 3 personal fouls.

8:37-Hoop by Southern; but a hoop from Vasquez finally stops the run. Sanders is called for an offensive foul. Maryland gets it back leading by 8; but Corey Raji gets a dunk off a turnover. The 16 point lead before the half is down to 6….

8:34-A 2 by Sanders and a hoop from Southern get the Eagles within 8; Gary calls a timeout to try to stop BC’s mini run. 42-34 with 17:40 to play.

8:32-Greivis can’t get the three to start the 2nd half; and Milbourne draws the over the top foul; his 2nd. Unselfish play around the hoop the next time down leads to a thunderous putback dunk by Milbourne; he has 14. Terps by 13.

8:23-The most troubling number from the first half is BC’s 5-8 shooting from outside. The Terps have 2 longballs from Greivis; but everyone who doesn’t wear #21 is 0-5 from outside. The Eagles have four different shooters who have connected from outside as part of that 5-8 number.

The Terps are out-rebounding the Eagles 23-13; and have an assist-to-turnover ration of 2:1; compared to BC’s 5:6. The Terps have a 26-12 advantage in the paint; 11-4 off turnovers, 6-0 2nd chance, and 8-0 fast break. BC’s bench has outscored Maryland 12-8 however. The Eagles are 2-4 from the free throw line; the Terps are 2-3.

Milbourne leads the Terps with 12 points; Vasquez and Bowie have 8 each. No BC scorer has more than Joe Trapani’s 6.

8:13-Neal misses the front end of the 1 and 1; 5 second differential between shot clock and game clock.

Paris gives the Eagles a HUGE lift; as he hits an ugly desperation 3 as the shot clock expires. He has 5; and the Eagles will face a 40-29 deficit as we hit the half.

I’ll be back shortly with analysis.

8:12-Milbourne pops another jumper; he has 14. Eagles try to get an alley-oop the other way; but they throw the ball off the backboard. 40-27 Maryland as Dave Neal heads to the free throw line battling for a rebound. Cliff Tucker finally enters.

8:10-Dave Neal can do little against Josh Southern; and he gets a hoop to cut the lead to 38-26. Gary calls his first timeout of the game.

Rich-the roads weren’t particularly bad; but traffic was definitely slow getting down here.

Thyrl-Gregory and Milbourne have been a good combination down low on both ends.

8:09-Good ball movement by BC gets Sanders a hoop. He has 5 for the game. Terps turn it over next time down.

8:07-Interesting receptions for Vasquez and Gary before the game. Vasquez’s reception started slowly; then it appeared as though a group of fans wanted to start an ovation to show support of the junior from Venezuela. That didn’t gain much steam; and there were a few boos mixed in. Gary’s reception was awesome as always.

Great 5-0 run for the Terps here. Vasquez knocks down a 3 from the corner; he has 8, and does a little hot-dogging afterwards. Then, Mosley gets the ball in transition; and takes it to the hoop for the easy 2. Al Skinner takes a timeout with Maryland’s lead ballooning to 38-22.

8:05-Eagles turn the ball over once more; and we hit the final official timeout of the half with Maryland maintaining their 11 point lead; 33-22. 3:47 to play.

No sign of Braxton Dupree or Cliff Tucker thus yet; clearly this staff has no faith in Tucker particularly, as his minutes have constantly been in decline.

8:03-Tyler Roche into the game; he knocks down a 3. Vasquez misses a floater completely; but a Milbourne block gets Maryland going in transition; and Mosley comes up with the layup. 33-22 Terps. Bowie draws his first foul; team’s 6th.

8:02-Paris draws the player controlled foul; that’s BC’s 7th; Terps will enter the single bonus going forward. Vasquez with the underhanded floater from the lane; he has 5 and Maryland leads 31-19. Gregory exits for Neal to a NICE reception from the fans after Hayes picks up Maryland’s 5th team foul of the half.

7:59-The last BC foul was on Rice; his 2nd personal. Gregory tries to go up against 3 defenders; but his shot sails wide. Gregory draws his first foul the next time down on an entering Courtney Dunn; who sinks one of 2 at the line. 27-19 Maryland.

Bowie with the VERY difficult drive and kick; but again Hayes can’t find the handle on a 3. Milbourne gets 2 rebounds with no luck before Rice eventually fouls Bowie in the battle for the rebound. That’s Rice’s 3rd personal foul; he has to sit.

A GREAT ball fake by Gregory gets him to the hoop; and he scores on his second chance. 29-19 Maryland.

7:57-Rich, I actually think Gregory has done a nice job of battling thus far. Someone clearly got in his ear and said “if you get the ball inside, you get to the basket no matter what.” He has been active defensively as well. I like what I’ve seen.

7:55-Reggie Jackson slips outside uncovered and knocks down a 3. BC gets a bit more physical with Bowie as he tries to drive; and Hayes eventually gets the layup after he is able to penetrate. BC gets called for an offensive foul as we hit the 3rd official timeout of the half. 27-18 Maryland, 7:16 to play.

7:53-Greivis back into the game for Mosley; he makes a nice drive and pitch to Hayes; but Hayes misses the look from 3. Dino Gregory giving solid minutes thus far; and may have come up with a piece of the last drive from the Eagles. Hayes with another nice drive and pitch; but Neal misses from outside this time. An animated voice from the crowd yells “follow your shot Dave!”

Vasquez fould Sanders the next time down as Sanders attacks the hoop; Sanders makes the first, misses the 2nd. Milbourne back in for Neal.

7:52-Hayes with a block; then nifty footwork from Mosley to get out of trouble. Neal feeds Gregory inside; who goes under the hoop to reverse his layup for 2. 25-14 Terps.

7:49-Terps have a strange inside-outside game going right now. Instead of dumping inside and letting a big man find the open shooter on rotation; the Terps are effectively using dribble penetration by Bowie to get to the basket OR find their power forward (Landon Milbourne) when he slips out for jumpers. I’ve said before that this team MUST attack the basket for a possession to be successful; and they’re doing it with great success thus far. 10 for Milbourne, 8 for Bowie.

7:47-Reggie Jackson into the game for the Eagles, no relation (that I know of). Paris and Bowie trade baskets; then Trapani knocks down another 3 before Milbourne knocks down another mid-range jumper. Milbourne called for the blocking foul; and we hit the 2nd official timeout with Maryland leading 23-14. 10:49 to play.

7:44-Trapani’s shot could be a difference maker; but his 3 is matched by a 3 from Greivis (Vasquez’s first hoop of the game); and Maryland’s lead is 15-9. Hayes back into the game for Bowie; Mosley passed up an open look from outside on the previous possession.

BC is struggling to hold on to rebounds on the offensive end; which can ONLY help the Terps.

Landon Milbourne knocks down a mid-range jumper; then Paris fouls Mosley after a steal; BC’s 4th team foul. Bowie again to the lane for a layup; he has 6 (Milbourne has 8); Terps 19-9.

7:42-Terps go to their press to force a turnover on the inbounds; and Milbourne goes to his left for the scoop reverse layup. 10-6 Maryland; Biko Paris checks in after BC loses the ball out of bounds going for a rebound. Raji fouls Milbourne; who is true on both attempts from the line. 12-6 Terps. Dino Gregory checks in.

7:38-A pull-up jumper from Rice at the top of the key gets the Eagles within 2; then Sanders drives for a shot in the lane to tie things up.

Bowie missed a 3 in there; again his shot came off his hands flat. He has to get better arch on his shots; as Maryland needs him to be a threat from outside to improve his ability to drive and reach the free throw line.

Milbourne with a muscular rebound and putback to make things 8-6; then Vasquez comes up with the nice block on Southern. Vasquez draws a travel; Sean Mosley will check in, and we’ll hit our first official timeout. 8-6 Maryland; 14:42 to play.

7:36-A pretty pass from Rice to Southern gets BC on the scoreboard; 6-2 Terps.

Rakim Sanders is wearing number 33 tonight instead of his usual number 15; can anyone watching the game at home explain this to me?

Tonight’s game is on ESPN2; Mike Patrick and Len Elmore have the call.

7:34-It took two tries, but the Eagles won the opening tip; they tried to go inside early; but the Terps forced Josh Southern under the basket with nice interior defense.

A flurry of misses finally came to an end when Bowie put back a Vasquez miss off a soft jumper; he drew a foul from Rice on what would have been a breakaway. Vasquez found Neal for another hoop; then Bowie drove the floor for a layup; and Maryland has a 6-0 lead.

7:29-Al Skinner’s Eagles start 4 sophomores and 1 senior. The senior is 2 guard Tyrese Rice; with Rakim Sanders handling the point. The forwards are Corey Raji and Joe Trapani; Josh Southern starts in the middle. The Eagles are 15-6 (3-3 in conference play); and are coming off back to back wins over Georgia Tech and NC State.

Gary Williams makes no changes in his lineup; starting Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne, Greivis Vasquez, Adrian Bowie, and Eric Hayes. The Terps are 13-6 (2-3) ACC; and are coming off a 41 point loss to Duke.

If you missed the earlier news; Jin Soo Kim will miss tonight’s game as he appeals a ruling that he is academically ineligible for the semester.

7:26-A less than capacity crowd so far tonight at Comcast Center in College Park; however it wouldn’t be fair to say it is due to Saturday’s 41 point loss; as clearly the weather has kept a few people from making the trek. With students back on campus; I do expect the wall in the the student section to ultimately fill up; a nice change from the past few weeks while the school has been on Break.