Terps Not Perfect in Easy Win over Bryant

December 27, 2008 | Glenn Clark

In the end; it is hard to truly fault a team who wins a game by 21 points. But this afternoon’s effort for Maryland in their 72-51 victory over Bryant was clearly lacking in many areas.

Intensity is the easiest thing to point out. The Terps don’t always need to be pushing and fighting; but even a level of excitement would be acceptable. It might not look cool to be excited for a game against Bryant; but it is absolutely necessary.

Execution is clearly another area where the Terps need to improve. Settling for outside shots or wild tosses inside the free throw line are lazy examples of trying to salvage poorly executed sets. The team can’t afford to think that getting off a shot attempt is enough on an offensive trip. They should be frustrated with bad attempts; and be dedicated to taking better shots and running their offense.

And mental toughness is the biggest area where they can stand to improve. Even if they’re not excited; this team has to have a “swagger”, or “cocky edge” that makes another team think there really is no hope before a game even starts. The Terps talk about a desire to be a Top 25 team; but they don’t act like a team who thinks they’re at that level; despite having the qualifications of one. If they want people to believe they’re a great team; they need to think like a great team. There’s no reason this team SHOULDN’T be playing with an “us against the world” attitude, or at least a healthy chip on their shoulder.

That’s about it for me. I’ll talk to you on AM1570 Monday morning; then I’ll be back Tuesday with TWO live blogs: the Humanitarian Bowl and the hoops game against Elon.

Talk to you tomorrow with a 15-7-0. Let’s go Ravens.


4:19-Gary was quick to point out his rebounding frustrations after the game; saying “the bothersome part” of the Terps’ effort was on the glass; and that the team “(has) to rebound better than” they did tonight. Gary said “too many guys are rebounding with one hand”, and that the team needs “some people to step up and dominate on the glass.” He noted that the team was again lead in rebounding by players with 5-6 boards instead of players reaching double digits on the glass. Gary said Jin Soo Kim’s early entrance in the game had to do with two good practices; as well as the fact he “rebounds with two hands.” Gary thinks the Terps “aren’t going after the ball hard enough”, which Gary thinks ought to be an issue of “personal pride.”

Gary clearly didn’t like the lack of strong effort for 40 minutes; saying the “early part” of the game was similar to what the Terps did Monday night against American. They got out to an early advantage; and then let up. He said that he wants to see the Terps “methodically put away” lesser teams; and that the obvious defensive advantages Maryland has against teams like Bryant “won’t always be there.” He said he wants to see the Terps “win with execution”, but instead he’s seen the team just “be good enough” to win the games they should win.

Greivis thought the Terps “got sloppy big time” in the win; adding that the team needs to “play hard for 40 minutes.” He went on to say that if his teammates are “asking for minutes” then they “should be playing hard” for any minutes they’re on the court.

4:14-The final numbers show Greivis leading the way with 19 points, 6 boards, and 5 assists. Landon Milbourne added 15 points and 5 boards; Eric Hayes had 14 points and 5 assists; Dave Neal had 9 points and 5 assists; and Adrian Bowie had 7 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds. The Terps had 14 steals as a team (Milbourne and Bowie had 3 each); and forced 19 Bryant turnovers (the Bulldogs had only 8 assists). The Terps shot 29-60 from the field (48.3%); 7-21 from 3 point range (33.3%); and 7-11 from the free throw line (63.6%).

Bryant was lead by Cecil Gresham; who had 14 points and 4 rebounds. Sam LeClerc added 12 points, Jerrann Wright added 7 rebounds. The Bulldogs shot 18-54 from the field (33.3%); 9-27 from outside (33.3%), and 6-8 from the free throw line (75%). The worst number on the game is rebounding; where the teams finished tied at 35 rebounds apiece.

3:42-Tucker knocks down a pair of free throws to make things 72-51 with just over a minute to play. David Pearman is into the game; but can’t knock down an open three. The Terps will dribble this one out and improve to 9-2. I’ll sit in on Gary’s post-game; although I don’t REALLY have much to ask him. Back in a few.

3:37-We hit the final official timeout with 3:15 to play; and Maryland maintaining their 70-49 lead. Jin Soo Kim and Mosley back into the game; as both Milbourne and Vasquez head to the bench-where I imagine Gary would prefer they stay. Pontes makes 2 free throws to cut Maryland’s lead to 70-51.

Dupree had the chance to stick back a thunderous jam; but the ball bounced off the rim.

3:33-LeClerc knocks down his 4th 3; he has 12 to lead the Bulldogs. Milbourne taps one in on the other end; he has 13 and Maryland leads 66-46. Make it 15 for Milbourne and a 68-46 lead as Vasquez makes a beautiful behind the back dish to Milbourne for another 2.

Gresham drills another 3-he now leads the way for Bryant with 14. Hayes gets a hoop on the other end-he has 14 and Maryland’s lead is 70-49 as Bryant calls their final 30 second timeout. 3:27 left in this one.

3:32-Great hustle from Dupree in making an effort play to hold on to a defensive rebound for the Terps. Dupree can throw his body around here knowing he has a size advantage on just about everyone.

3:30-Vasquez is making it difficult for anyone else to lead the Terps in scoring; as he knocks down his 5th three. He has 19. McLean hits a jumper on the other end; and Maryland’s lead is 64-43 with about 7 minutes to play in the game.

3:27-Not an overwheling crowd in College Park today; as the student section remains mostly empty due to the school being out of session for Winter Break. This will be the case for the next few games; although today’s crowd might be slightly better due to the tip-off coming at a friendly-for-everyone time of 2pm.

3:26-Milbourne hits another from the top of the key; but this one is worth just two. Maryland’s lead is 61-41; and Milbourne is in double digits with 11. Vasquez continues to lead the way for the Terps with 16; but Milbourne has a chance to head the Terps in scoring for the 4th consecutive game. Timeout Bryant here; followed by the 3rd official timeout.

3:24-Bowie works right through the foul this time; getting the lay-up to make things 59-41. Bowie has 7; but misses a 3 the next time down.

3:23-Leclerc misses a 3; and Bowie is fouled going to the hoop. Bowie also misses both at the free throw line; and the lead remains 16 for the Terps. Bowie should REALLY be a better free throw shooter.

3:20-Neal gets a hoop-he has 9; but Lyell gets two on the other end after Milbourne is called for goaltending. Lyell then misses a pair at the free throw line after he’s fouled by Bowie. Lyell has 7 on the game.

Bowie can’t find the handle from outside; but Milbourne is there to stick it back. He now has 9; and adds an excellent block on the defensive end. 57-41 Maryland.

3:18-While West Virginia and North Carolina are amongst the teams I absolutely despise most; anything is better than watching a team give little effort in the 2nd half against a lesser team thinking a blowout will just sort of happen. The Terps cannot just let off the throttle. They might not be in danger of losing the game; but if Bryant could get the game down to single digits; that might not represent well for the Terps.

3:16-Greivis appears to be showing tired legs; as his LONG outside shot wasn’t particularly good. Latham gets a hoop for the Bulldogs; and the Terps will make mass substitutions following the 2nd official timeout. Maryland’s lead is just 14 at 53-39 with 11:51 to play in the half.

3:13-A slow developing possession ends when Braxton Dupree is called for his first foul away from the ball. One of the Terps’ struggles is their indecisiveness. When a post player finds a guard outside for an open shot; that shot must come quickly. The guards are already set, and need to make the quick decision.

LeClerc drills a 3 for Bryant; he has 9 and the Bulldogs trail 53-37 as Gary takes another timeout.

3:11-The Bulldogs do a nice job of breaking Maryland’s press out of the timeout; and Gresham drills a 3 to cut Maryland’s lead to 53-32. Gresham now has 9 for the game. Gregory called for a foul; and Gresham heads back to the free throw line-where he hits both to get the Bulldogs within 19. Gresham is the first Bulldog in double digits; he has 11.

3:09-Hayes with another hoop off a steal; he now has 16 for the game and Maryland extends their biggest lead of the game to 53-29 with 15:05 to play as we hit the first official timeout.

3:07-If you’re wondering where you recognize Bryant’s Head Coach Tim O’Shea; he was the head coach of the Ohio Bobcats team that beat Maryland 61-55 last season. During his tenure at Ohio; O’Shea also won games over teams like North Carolina, Virginia, and DePaul.

3:05-Latham gets a hoop; then Vasquez is partially blocked after a nice ball fake. Dave Neal is offering nothing inside; and Braxton Dupree and Dino Gregory have both gone to the scorer’s table to check in. Funny to see Vasquez’s emotion; as even in a 20 point game against Bryant he was yelling at Neal after a bad possession. Hayes with a hoop-he has 10-Maryland leads 51-29.

3:02-Milbourne starts the 2nd half with a hoop; then Vasquez adds a lay-in off a steal to give Maryland their largest lead of the game at 46-25. Wright gets another offensive rebound inside for Bryant and puts it back for an off-balance 2. Giving up those points is inexcusable.

Milbourne gets an open look from the top of the key and knocks it down for 3. He has 7 and Maryland’s lead is 49-27.

3:00-Greivis leads the way for Maryland with 14 points; Hayes has 8, Neal has 7. LeClerc and Gresham each have 6 for Bryant. The most appalling stat from the first half is certainly team rebounds; as Bryant holds a 20-15 advantage on the glass.

2:46-I will check in with Mark Suchy in just a minute or two to recap the first half. Click “Listen Live” at the top of the page.

2:44-Chris Tucker hits a jumper off a loose ball-that’s his first hoop and Maryland leads 42-22. Before that; Jin Soo was again unfortunately just a bit out of place when Bowie tried to find him inside. LeClerc hits another 3; but Bowie misses before the buzzer; and Maryland’s halftime lead will be 42-25.

2:41-With what I’m sure Gary would call “nervous energy”; Jin Soo Kim was caught badly out of position on Bryant’s next possession. But his size alone made up for it as he was able to block a 3 point attempt. On the other end; a pass to Kim underneath sailed wide.

Vasquez picks up his 2nd personal foul; he’ll exit. Dave Neal with a good play to knock the ball out of bounds; then he gets fouled underneath the hoop. He makes 1-2 at the line and now has 6 for the game.

2:38-Lyell hits a 3; but Vasquez answers with ANOTHER 3. He now has 14; Maryland leads 39-22; and Jin Soo Kim will make a particularly early entrance in this one as we hit the final official timeout of the half.

Thanks to Rich for reminding us that today’s game is available on internet broadcast at ACC Select. I believe there’s a small fee; but you can watch the game and hear the radio call of Johnny Holliday and Chris Knoche.

2:36-Another steal by Hayes; another 3 by Vasquez. Maryland with the SUPER fast 8-0 run; and they lead 36-19 again. Vasquez now has a game high 11; but he exits in favor of Cliff Tucker as Bulldogs Coach Tim O’Shea takes a timeout.

2:33-Another poor offensive possession results in a bad outside jumper by Neal. Bowie gets the ball off a Hayes steal and will go to the free throw line for 2 as Lyell is called for a questionable intentional foul. Never like those calls. You know breakaway attempts are intentional fouls; and they are never called the same way. Bowie makes both free throws; and Vasquez drills a 3 after Maryland gets the ball back. That 5 point possession makes the lead 33-19. Bowie has 5; Vasquez has 8.

2:31-Neal finds a hoop inside; but Gresham matches it with a tip-in on the other end. 28-17 Terps; but Lyell slips inside on Bryant’s next possession for an easy hoop. Neal has 6; but Maryland’s lead is again in single digits.

As a note; I’m not totally sure Bryant would be able to beat Dundalk by more than single digits.

2:30-Rich; Gary WILL be forced to expand Dupree’s role as the season goes on; as he cannot avoid the pure muscle advantage Dupree gives him on the interior.

Also, does ACC Select have play by play?

2:28-Latham air balls a 3; and Vasquez finally breaks the lengthy drought with a little hook near the hoop. 26-15 Terps at the 3rd official timeout of the half; Vasquez has 5.

2:26-Gary gets all of his starters back on the floor; but the Terps come up with their 5th consecutive poor offensive possession. Lots of tip attempts instead of bringing down rebounds; and the tips are going wildly. This team should be looking for rebounds and the chance to draw fouls. The next possession has good ball movement; but ends with a flat shot attempt outside from Bowie.

2:23-Sam Leclerc into the game and nails a 3 to cut Maryland’s lead to 24-10. A bad defensive sequence for Maryland on Bryant’s next possession as well; as Pontes corrals an offensive rebound and gets a stick back inside of three white jerseys. Things continue to go against the Terps as Bryant gets the ball back; gets ANOTHER offensive rebound; and Birrell buries a 3. A 17 point lead has been cut to 9 with the current 8-0 run the Bulldogs are on; and Gary takes a 30 second timeout.

2:21-Before the most recent hoop; Sean Mosley tried to make a move to the hoop starting from the 3 point line; but it resulted in a wild shot when he got into the paint. This is all part of an offensive learning process for Mosley. For his entire life; simple moves would work against lesser opponents; but such moves don’t even work against low level D1 opponents. Freshman routinely struggle to figure this game out offensively unless they are blessed with ungodly natural abilities like a Carmelo Anthony or even a John Gilchrist a few years ago. It is difficult particularly for Mosley; as defenders don’t really have to guard against him taking outside jumpers.

2:20-Ryan McLean back into the game; just in time to see Dupree put back a Bowie miss. 24-7 Maryland. Gregory then blocks a McLean shot attempt on the other end; and we hit the 2nd official timeout with Maryland maintaining their 17 point advantage.

2:18-Vasquez picks up his first foul and Gresham makes a pair at the line. Vasquez and Milbourne exit in favor of Hayes and Braxton Dupree. The switch immediately pays of; as Hayes drills a wide open 3. 22-7 Maryland; and Hayes has 8 early on.

2:16-After Gregory fumbles the ball away; the Terps come right back up with it and manage to get a layup from Mosley; who misses the PLUS ONE attempt. Nick Pontes into the game for Bryant; as well as Adam Parzych. 19-5 Maryland with just over 13 to play in the first half.

2:14-There is a chance that Maryland’s strategy of shooting early may have something to do with the fact that they had to expect to have an advantage on the boards. Hayes misses another 3; but gets a layup on Maryland’s next possession to make things 17-5. The Terps have had active hands defensively; knocking balls out of bounds even when they weren’t coming up with clean steals. Sean Mosley and Dino Gregory enter for Hayes and Neal.

2:12-Vasquez adds the free throw; extending the lead to 13-5. Maryland has gone to the trap early in this one; and has already had quite a bit of success; as Dave Neal forces another turnover after the Bulldogs appeared to have dribbled through the press.

Milbourne with a clean steal; he takes it all the way to the rim for a big stuff; and Maryland leads 15-5.

2:10-Barry Latham into the game for Bryant; Gresham and Neal trade hoops. Vasquez then goes to the basket for two; he’ll get a PLUS ONE attempt after our first official timeout. Maryland leads 12-5 with 15:42 to play in the half.

2:07-Both teams are settling for shots outside early on. Makes sense for Bryant; as it is likely the only way they can stay in the game. But Maryland should be working inside more. Neal puts back a Bowie miss for 2; but Lambert responds with a 3 on the other end. Bowie then goes to the hoop and gets a two PLUS ONE and it’s 8-3 Maryland early on.

2:06-Maryland loses the tip for the 2nd straight game; but forces a turnover; on their own first possession; Dave Neal is called for a travel. Greivis misses a 3 on their 2nd possession; but Hayes connects from outside after Neal got the offensive rebound. 3-0 Maryland.

2:03-Bryant’s lineup has Chris Birrell and Peter Lambert in the backcourt; with Cecil Gresham, Andrew Lyell, and Jerrann Wright up front. It’s a small team; as only Wright is taller than 6’5″; and he’s just 6’7″. Gary Williams’ team counters with their usual lineup-Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne, Greivis Vasquez, Eric Hayes, and Adrian Bowie.

2:02-Washington Times star beat writer Patrick Stevens has just informed me that Maryland’s Steve Goins is out with a boot on his leg. It is being described only as a “lower leg injury.” He had a MRI yesterday and is awaiting the results.

1:55-Couple minutes from tipoff here at Comcast Center; where the 8-2 Terps are hosting the 1-9 Bryant Bulldogs. No TV for this one; so stick with me and I’ll let you know what it looks like.