Terps Survive Early Onslaught, Rally for 85-75 win over Charlotte

January 03, 2009 | Glenn Clark

Maryland’s 85-75 win over Charlotte was very good for this team. They responded to a team playing lights out early by matching the effort and intensity to methodically chip away and eventually pull even with solid competition. They then lifted their effort even more in the 2nd half to put the 49ers away for good with still ten minutes to play in the game. They did not dwell on their early misfortune and certainly did not feel sorry for themselves, and they did not wait until things were too late to put together a rally.

Gary Williams knows that his Terps cannot afford to suffer major deficits early against ACC competition; but good teams often have to win games like this even in conference play. Clemson didn’t waiver from a double digit hole in College Park last season; and no good team should get scared when they face adversity. The Terps really showed emotion; and even Sean Mosley admitted he had a bit of a “chip on his shoulder” after today’s game. It was good to see this team play with that emotion today; as they will need it in 7 days when ACC play opens.

It was especially nice to see the performance of Mosley today; as we can only hope that we will look back on this game as the berth of another Baltimore superstar in a Maryland jersey. Contributions from Mosley and Tucker this season might be the difference in a team that “goes as far as Greivis can carry them” and a team that is a well-rounded team still playing in March.

Talk to you Monday.


6:33-Gary thought the bench was “tremendous” today; including “strong inside play” defensively from Braxton Dupree and really good minutes from Cliff Tucker and Sean Mosley. He spoke particularly highly of the former St. Frances star; saying he’s “really proud of the way (Mosley’s) worked since he set foot on campus.” He also added that “guys on the first team don’t like to play against” Mosley; which he knows is a good sign of how hard someone is playing.

Gary thought it was “good for (Maryland) to be down early” because they “had to work hard to dig out of a hole.” He thought the team was “bothered” by Charlotte’s “Box and 1” and “Triangle and 2” defenses; but saw they were able to use the defenses to get advantage on the offensive boards.

Early on, Gary didn’t think the Terps “were playing with the necessary emotion” to beat a good team (he reminded us twice in the press conference that this Charlotte team only lost to Clemson by 1 point). But he thought the “middle 25 minutes” were the exact type of effort the Terps would need to use moving forward.

In closing, Gary hoped the Terps “At 11-2 will get some national recognition”; believing their body of work is as good as many teams ranked nationally.

6:28-Greivis lead the way for the Terps with 27 points and 4 boards. Milbourne added 13 points and 5 boards, Mosley had 11 points and 5 boards, Bowie tallied 10 points and 5 boards, Hayes added 10 points, and Tucker scored 8 with 3 boards. As a team, The Terps shot 30-66 (45.5%) from the field; 9-22 from beyond the arc (40.9%), and 16-19 from the free throw line (84.2%).

The 49ers got 21 points from Coleman, 15 from Harris, 9 from Mack, and 8 from Coley. They shot 28-61 from the field (45.9%); 11-23 from beyond the arc (47.8%), and 8-9 from the free throw line (88.9%).

5:57-In his radio postgame; Gary says Tucker and Mosley “stepped up big” and “brought some energy to the game.” Those would be understatements. He definitely appears to be a bit emotional in saying “these guys have worked really hard” to get to 11-2.

5:55-A 3 from Barnett and a layup from Coley will close out today’s scoring; and Maryland will win 85-75 in one of their most impressive performances of the season. Great 2nd half effort from the Terps; and Gary will undoubtedly speak highly of his players after today’s game. Maryland improves to 11-2, Charlotte falls to 5-7. The question will be how much Charlotte can bounce back during A-10 play. They showed the capability of being a good team at times today.

5:53-A rough day for the ACC appears to be turning around. Virginia and Georgia Tech were double digit losers to Xavier and Alabama respectively; but Maryland has erased their early double digit deficit and NC State has a 2nd half lead at Florida. Clemson and Florida State each have double digit leads over lesser competition as well.

5:51-Anderson and Barnett nails 3’s with 4 points from Bowie mixed in the middle. Dupree misses an easy turnaround in the lane; Maryland’s lead is 85-70 with 1:30 to play. Jin Soo Kim enters and Vasquez goes to the bench. Kyle Church enters for Charlotte. Gaby Ngoundjo has also received minutes for the 49ers.

5:47-Dupree tries to take one to the hoop; but he’s blocked by Javarris Barnett. He needs to use more muscle if he’s going to make that move to the basket-or he’s going to continue to be a liability on the offensive end. Final official timeout of the half; Maryland leads 81-64 with 3:38 to play and many fans deciding to hit the roads early.

Tough day thus far for the ACC could be turning around. Virginia and Georgia Tech were double digit losers to Xavier and Alabama respectively; but Maryland has turned around an easy

5:45-Mack and Harris get hoops for the 49ers; who cut the Maryland lead to 17 with under 5 minutes to play. Not a whole lot of defense here down the stretch; as Tucker gets another easy 2; then Mack gets two more on a put back.

5:44-Tucker blocks Anderson; comes down with a rebound, and outlets to Vasquez for a layup. Vasquez might be looking to hit 30. It’s 79-58; and Tucker has played a very good game.

5:42-Gregory sticks back a Dave Neal miss and Maryland’s lead is 19. Vasquez is going to re-enter shortly; probably because he bugged Gary about sitting on the bench. (That’s HALF a joke). Mosley exits to a very nice ovation from the Maryland faithful.

5:38-Dave Neal with a hoop; then Greivis adds a pair from the free throw line to make things 75-58; Vasquez exits to a hearty applause from a crowd that has been excellent considering the number of students not in attendance due to the Winter break. We hit the 3rd official timeout with 7:50 to play and Charlotte turning the ball over again.

5:36-Charlotte assistant Rob Moxley served under Gary Williams for one season; then went back to the 49ers with many thinking he was told he’d be the “Head Coach in Waiting” under Bobby Lutz. With the Niners struggling a bit over recent seasons; you have to wonder if he’s still part of their future plans.

5:33-Coleman with another hoop in the lane to make things 69-55. He has 21 for the 49ers despite a pair of airballs. The Niners have calmed down a bit since Maryland’s 22-4 run; but have dug themselves a hole likely insurmountable on the road. Mosley has played absolutely outstanding today; and this will be huge for his confidence going forward.

Vasquez slides in for another hoop; he has 23. Mack knocks down a 3 for the Niners; he has 5 and Maryland’s lead is 71-58. Gary calls timeout as he doesn’t want Maryland to lose discipline down the stretch.

5:29-Vasquez has 21, Mosley has 11 at this point; and the scoreboard over the floor is working again. Bowie hits one of two at the line to make things 65-49; and the scoreboard is out again. Harris knocks down two free throws to give the 49ers a tourniquet; but Milbourne stuffs home a jam to continue the bludgeoning here in the 2nd half. A Coley dunk will make things 67-53; but Milbourne finishes a nice feed from Mosley to open a 16 point lead again.

5:27-Absolute bedlam in College Park. Mosley knocks down a 3; then feeds Vasquez for a PRETTY layup on a fastbreak to make things 64-49. We hit an official timeout with 11:27 to play; and the 49ers look like the walking dead right now. What a start to the 2nd half for this Maryland team; who might be playing their best game to date.

5:24-Nice offensive progression leads to an open jumper for Milbourne; who now has 7.

Bush-league move by Charlie Coley; who faked a significant knee injury after missing a put-back dunk attempt to draw an official timeout while Maryland was on a fast break. When timeout was called Coley jogged back up the floor before being pulled. Milbourne made the possession count anyway; hitting another jumper. He has 9; Maryland leads 59-49; and the scoreboard above the floor is malfunctioning. 18-4 run for the Terps.

5:22-Vasquez drills the 3 after the break-he has 19 and Maryland leads 52-49. Charlotte’s offensive sets have been longer in the 2nd half; and they haven’t been able to find their shooters as much. Bowie gets a coast to coast layup and is fouled by Harris. He knocks down the PLUS ONE; has 5, and Maryland leads 55-49; their largest advantage of the game.

5:20-Very scary moment here; as Charles Dewhurst lay motionless on the floor for a couple minutes. The stretcher was brought out; but his teammates were able to carry the sophomore off the floor to a nice ovation.

5:15-Hayes knocks down another 3; he has 10, and Maryland leads 49-47. Charlotte calls timeout with 15:21 to play. Maryland has set up just one press in the 2nd half; but they have done a nice job of being active defensively.


How was Lunardi on color? He’s an intelligent guy; but comes across so processed when ESPN uses him on SportsCenter. John Feinstein is an outstanding color analyst; but he doesn’t actively write about the sports he does analyst work for. He writes about golf; and does color work for college hoops.

5:12-Active hands defensively for Maryland; as they continue to disrupt Charlotte’s passing lanes. Coleman air mails another 3; then Bowie badly misses a 3 of his own. Vasquez came away with the board and attempted to call timeout; but stepped on the endline. Coley sends home a dunk and it’s 47-46 Charlotte. Lots of tired legs on the floor; even after the halftime break.

5:08-Frenetic pace continues as we open the 2nd half; as Vasquez rushes toward the hoop and then misses a stick-back. Coleman gets a jumper; he has 19; then Vasquez knocks down a 3; he has 16. LaMont Mack absolutely BLOWS past Dave Neal next trip down; and Charlotte extends the lead to 45-41. Milbourne then pulls down a rebound on the Terps’ ensuing possession; and Hayes hits a HUGE 3. Charlie Coley misses a dunk on the 49ers’ end; and Milbourne is fouled attempting a dunk in transition; he hits both free throws and Maryland FINALLY has a lead at 46-45.

4:52-Vasquez tries again from 3 and misses; and Anderson answers with a 3 on the other end. Hayes nails a jumper before the buzzer; and Charlotte will take a 41-38 advantage to the locker room.

I will say this much-these teams have played this game like a NCAA Tournament game. Neither has backed off the other team’s challenges; and this game has been absolutely frenetic. Gary can’t be happy that the Terps haven’t been able to set their press; I imagine they’ll work hard to set that early in the 2nd half. I’d like to say that I don’t think Charlotte can continue to shoot at this level; but I wouldn’t be surprised if they could. Back with more shortly….

4:49-VERY sloppy possession ends for the Terps with a player control foul called on Tucker after he passed the ball. He’ll head back to the bench. Coleman quiets the “Air-Ball” chants by drilling another 3; he had 17. Vasquez answers on the other end-he has 13; and Charlotte leads 38-36. Hayes blocks Harris’s shot on the other end and Maryland has the ball with under a minute to play in the half.

4:45-I don’t think I can explain enough how big that basket was for Sean Mosley. He has had nothing but heartbreak from the field early in his career; and can certainly use the confidence he’s building with his early play. Gary has SERIOUSLY defended Mosley; noting how well Sean sees the floor; but the Baltimore high school legend needs to be able to contribute more offensively given the minutes he’s getting.

Dewhurst hits both at the line; then Coleman fouls Tucker on the other end. Tucker hits one of two; and it’s 34-33 49ers. Ian Anderson misses a 3 for the Niners; but Mosley can’t hold on to the rebound. Milbourne is then called for the foul; and Coleman hits 1-2 (the 2nd was an airball) to make things 35-33. 14 points now for Coleman.

4:43-This place reached FEVER PITCH after Mosley’s 3. He now has 8, Tucker has 5. Charlotte will head back to the free throw line after the official timeout; but Maryland has done a very nice job of keeping things together while Vasquez is on the bench.

4:41-Tucker makes the move to the hoop on the next possession; and draws the foul. Maryland continues to be at their best offensively when they’re going toward the hoop; as they shoot well from the line. Tucker hits both to cut Charlotte’s lead to 6; then hits a 3 the next time down to cut the lead to 3. Very solid minutes for Tucker, especially with Vasquez on the bench. Mosley then adds ANOTHER 3 and we’re TIED UP! HUGE shot for the freshman, who has badly struggled shooting the ball.

4:40-Harris gets a coast to coast layup to fall and is fouled by Hayes. Harris adds the free throw; he has 11; and Charlotte’s lead is again 8 at 32-24.

4:38-Vasquez goes to the hoop and draws the foul from Harris; then hits both at the line. He has 10 and Maryland trails 29-24. Mosley returns, Tucker enters; and the Terps force a turnover on the inbounds pass; but Neal turns the ball right back over after trying to pass to a player that had cut to the hoop.

4:35-Rich; I certainly think Gary would like to see Braxton go to the hoop more; but even the more muscular Dupree isn’t nimble enough to make those moves. That’s why Gary was limiting his minutes. Landon needs to have control of the ball inside; he’s the player that can do damage.

Dewhurst hits a pair of freebies after a questionable foul call on Vasquez that draws the ire of the fans at Comcast Center. Bowie is then called for a player control foul that wipes away a basket offensively for the Terps; and the fans remain irate. Charlotte calls a :30 timeout leading 29-22.

4:32-Steve Buckhantz and Glenn Consor have the call of today’s game if you’re watching at home on Comcast SportsNet; and the remainder of Maryland’s games this season will all be televised. Johnny Holliday is back on the radio side after missing Tuesday night’s game to call the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise.

4:30-The beefy 6-10 Jones has a decided advantage over Neal; and uses it there for an easy hoop. Maryland calls another timeout with Charlotte running off 6 unanswered points to extend the lead to 27-20. Hayes uses the backboard for a runner to make things 27-22. The Terps will need to keep Dupree or Gregory on the sizeable Jones. Official timeout with 7:15 to play in the half; the Niners are still 5 points ahead.

4:28-Coley slips inside for his first points, then Coleman gets a teardrop layup to make things 25-20. Coleman had 13. The last Maryland possession ended when Braxton Dupree received no help when cornered. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the athleticism to work out of those plays; and Gary had he and Dino Gregory on the floor together. Bowie missed another 3 on the possession; but blocked a shot to end Charlotte’s next possession; only to be blocked himself the next time down.

4:27-The one question we’ve answered so far is how the Terps would respond when challenged early. They often backed down in recent years; but have IMMEDIATELY answered the call today. Mosley’s free throw makes things 21-20 again with 10 minutes to play; and Charlotte has to feel as though they should have a bigger lead.

4:23-Mosley passed on a look from the outside; might be a confidence issue. Instead Bowie missed his 3; and Coleman is in the wing for another outside answer for the 49ers; who extend the lead to 21-17. A lot of emotion from Greivis early; and there’s nothing particularly surprising about that. Mosley is AGAIN in the right place for a putback after Vasquez gets a steal then misses a 3; he’ll have a PLUS ONE attempt after the official timeout; Maryland trails 21-19.

4:21-Mosley is in the right place at the right time to clean up a bad airball runner from Vasquez. After Charlotte misses on the other end; Vasquez drills a 3 to make things 18-17. 10-0 run for the Terps right now; and Dupree had a big offensive rebound on the last possession.

4:20-After two fouls and an offensive rebound; all Charlotte can muster on the possession is a missed jumper from Jones. Vasquez goes coast to coast for a lay-up, and adds the PLUS ONE thanks to a foul by LaMont Mack. 18-12 Charlotte; and Maryland gets a backcourt violation to get the ball back.

4:18-Dewhurst goes hard to the hoop; drawing a foul from Mosley. Neal then gets called for the reach-around after the re-set; he goes to the bench for Braxton Dupree.

4:17-Greivis gets on the board by making 2 free throws out of the timeout; Charlotte’s lead is 18-9. Coleman FINALLY misses one from outside; but the Terps can’t answer on the other end.

4:14-Maryland’s perimeter defenders are going to have to trust their post players; as Charlotte is making single moves to bait the Terps and open up outside shots. Maryland can’t take those moves; and will probably have to get minutes from Cliff Tucker to shift inside if the Niners start taking the ball inside. They can’t just keep letting Charlotte have open shots from outside; because this team is going to knock them down. Official timeout comes with the game still 18-7.

4:12-Milbourne is fouled shooting a jumper; he hits one of 2 from the line to get the Terps within 3. Coleman hits ANOTHER 3 on the other end; then an entering Sean Mosley can’t hold on to an outlet pass; and Charlotte gets a bucket from Jones after the turnover. 15-7 49ers; who are taking advantage of transition hoops early and not allowing Maryland to set their press. Harris hits ANOTHER 3; he and Coleman both have 8-Maryland trails 18-7 and is in DESPERATE need of a timeout; which they take.

4:10-Phil Jones off the bench early for Charlotte; as Milbourne gets his first foul. Charlotte would clearly like to continue to make this a shooting contest; knowing they’re a better outside shooting team. Harris hits a long 2-he and Coleman both have 5-and the Niners lead 10-6.

4:08-Auspicious start for the Terps, as Greivis airballs a 3; and RaShad Coleman wrinkles into the lane for a put-back third chance lay-up on the other end. Bowie responds with his own second chance layup; but Coleman answers with a 3. Milbourne adds a field goal; but Harris drills another 3; and it’s 8-4 Charlotte VERY QUICKLY. Dave Neal makes a nice move for a layup to cut things to 8-6.

4:03-In College Park as Maryland takes on the Charlotte 49ers out of the Atlantic 10. The Niners line up with Charlie Coley, Charles Dewhurst, and LaMont Mack up front; DiJuan Harris and RaShad Coleman in the backcourt. They’re had big road wins over Mississippi St. and Southern Illinois and have been a tough to figure 5-6 team this season; as their early losses to teams like Clemson, Providence, and Old Dominion were particularly close. Only Arizona State has blown them out thus far this season. Bobby Lutz’s team has one 4 straight overall.

Gary WIlliams’ Terps finish their non-conference stretch today and Wednesday with Morgan State. They’re 10-2 overall; and he sticks with the Dave Neal/Landon Milbourne/Greivis Vasquez/Adrian Bowie/Eric Hayes lineup that’s been working recently.