Terps Fall Apart in 2nd Half; Fall 93-64 to Clemson

February 17, 2009 | Glenn Clark

The Terps DIDN’T lose this one in the 2nd half.

They lost it in the first half; when they didn’t take advantage of their opportunities to put Clemson behind the 8 ball.

As Gary has told us a few times in the past; the difference between a 13 point blowout and a 29 point blowout isn’t much. Once the game gets a bit silly; there’s not much you can do. Clemson turned this one into a blowout because of 3 consecutive momentum plays; and there wasn’t anything Maryland could to to stop them after that.

But in the first half; the Terps had their chances. The Tigers were tentative to take outside shots, they were in serious foul trouble, and they were allowing the Terps to get out in transition. But Maryland couldn’t establish a halftime advantage; and it killed them. They’re not a very good team. Clemson is MUCH better. But they are capable of beating teams better than they are (Miami, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, and Michigan are all better); they just have to play perfectly.

They get two more chances in the next week; and both chances come in College Park. Beating Carolina and Duke seems impossible; and might very well be. But getting just one of them is enough to make the rest of the season interesting if nothing else.

Let the “Fire Gary” comments commense…..


9:24-For those scoring at home; “Bobo” got on the board. Will be interesting to see what Gary says after this one. Terps were absolutely DESTORYED in the 2nd half. Tigers win 93-64. They improve to 21-4 (7-4); Terps fall to 16-9 (5-6). I’ll offer a few more thoughts; but only because I have to.

9:23-Clemson again by 27 with 1 minute to play. So much for making it LOOK respectable.

9:21-Catalin “Bobo” Baciu into the game……for what it’s worth. Hayes with a pair of 3’s; Burney with a dunk. What else is there in the world to talk about???

9:13-Bryan Narcisse into the game; they’ll continue to empty their bench. Jin Soo Kim hits a 3; but I’m not sure and Maryland students are still watching to explode. Oglesby and Vasquez trade 3’s. 79-56. Getting this down to 15 would make it look respectable…….but Tanner Smith just hit another 3.

9:10-Can I just write my post-game wrap now? At least I didn’t drive to Clemson…..

9:08-Maryland had the chance to cut the lead back to 20 (I know it doesn’t REALLY matter); but instead Potter will hit another 3 to extend the lead to 26.

9:07-Milbourne with a transition jam; and now Oliver Purnell calls a timeout to make sure the Tigers don’t sleepwalk TOO much. Fine line between not running up the score and falling completely asleep.

9:05-Milbourne takes a LITTLE frustration out with a dunk; but the Tigers are just outclassing them. This game SERIOUSLY turned a while ago; and Maryland just didn’t have the capability to answer with a jump shot. Clemson isn’t doing anything wrong now; and the “Fire Gary” crew will be back in force this week…..

9:02-Mosley misses another 3. I know Gary says he doesn’t expect freshman to contribute offensively; but Mosley is a downright liability on the offensive end. Tigers add 5 more to make the lead 24. Gary has to take another timeout; he has 1 left with 10:38 to play.

8:59-Four passes lead to an open look from outside for Tanner Smith. We’ll hit the next official timeout with Clemson leading 62-43. Ugh.

8:58-Missed free throws are contagious. Gregory misses both, but Hayes comes up with the loose ball rebound. Bowie drives for the layup with his left hand; Clemson by 14.

8:57-Finally Tucker with the layup; but Young blows past a lazy Maryland defense for a layup of his own. Vasquez finds Gregory inside; and he’s hammered going for a dunk.

8:56-Tigers with a steal, which turns into an Oglesby layup. They’re up 18 now…..and this is getting out of control. A miserable stretch here might well doom this Maryland team.

8:53-Milbourne with a tough 2nd effort to get a hoop here; but Clemson is just killing Maryland right now. Young knocks down the 3 (I told you these would start falling for Clemson); and the Terps miss ANOTHER layup inside. 55-39 Clemson here, as the Tigers are on a 19-6 run. Gary HAS to take a timeout here.

8:52-Hayes comes up with a big block with Tigers in transition; after Maryland turned the ball over again in transition. Potter knocks down a 3; extending Clemson’s lead to 13. Booker blocks Tucker in transition; 50-37 Clemson.

8:50-It is ONE thing to have a momentum play go your way. It is another thing to have THREE momentum plays go your way. Clemson just got 3…..and that can be killer. The Terps didn’t mope after any of them; but someone has to really take personal responsibility here to get things going again.

8:47-Inbounds play again works to Neal for an easy jumper; but Booker gives Clemson ANOTHER big response with a 3 from the top of the key. Bowie misses a layup; but Neal is fouled going for the rebound. Clemson takes their first double digit lead of the game; 47-37 at the official timeout. This is not looking good….

8:46-Another defensive breakdown, and Booker feeds Grant for another thunderous dunk. Too many easy inside hoops for the Tigers in this one; they have their biggest lead of the game at 44-35.

8:45-Neal with the bucket inside; but Littlejohn EXPLODES as Booker stuffs back a missed 3. Wow. Clemson starting to pull away here; leading 42-35. Maryland calls timeout; they’re in desperate need of making a jump shot right now.

8:43-Lots of touch foul calls early on; as Vasquez is called for one here. Clemson gets a big hoop from Stitt and is fouled. He misses the PLUS ONE attempt; but Grant rebounds and gets the put-back. Bad series for Maryland. 40-33 Clemson. Neal fouled on the floor by Grant. Lots of whistles in this one.

8:42-In transition; Milbourne gets the dunk and is fouled. He hits the PLUS ONE attempt; and the Terps trail just 36-33.

8:39-Rivers called for a walk early on; and Bowie gets a dunk in transition coming back. Nice move by Oglesby gets him a layup; he has 9. Mosley with a strong move, but he can’t finish. 36-30 Clemson. Mosley misses ANOTHER layup; this one where he was WIDE OPEN and all alone. That’s unfathomable. He’s called for the foul after.

8:37-Great defense from Maryland on the inbounds play to open the 2nd half; as the Tigers are forced to call timeout.

Stitt lead the Tigers with 10 points in the first half; Oglesby 7, Booker 6 with a game high 6 rebounds. The Terps got 7 points from Neal; 6 from Vasquez, 5 from Mosley, who also had a team high 4 boards.

8:19-Like I expected, Oglesby hit both. Clemson is now allowing Maryland to run their set play; and instead Rivers gets a steal and finishes on the other end. Clemson gets some VERY good momentum to take to the locker room; leading 34-28. Gary is OBVIOUSLY not happy.

8:17-Good screens by Clemson lead to a drive by Oglesby; who is fouled. Gary calls a :30 timeout here to set up a play after the free throw attempts by Oglesby. (We can pretty much assume Oglesby will hit these)

8:15-Vasquez is fouled and knocks down both free throws. 28-26 Tigers shortly-but Tigers and Terps trade hoops and it’s 30-28. Dave Neal doing a nice job. Vasquez called for a walk.

8:13-Good curl leads to a hoop for Tucker; Terps within 4. Neal steps through for ANOTHER steal. Great pass from Hayes to Tucker inside; but Tucker’s shot is partially blocked. Terps playing a little more inspired basketball here before the half…..

8:12-Vasquez gets both at the line, cutting the lead to 6 for the Tigers. They can’t afford to let this get to double digits before the half.

8:10-To be fair, the Terps are fortunate for this to even be a reasonably close game right now. They have NOT run an effective offense, and have been brutalized inside. These things have a tendency to happen you are an outsized team; but they have to force some turnovers and get a run.

8:08-Stitt with the ball fake and the hoop; then Milbourne misses on the other end. Vasquez with a hoop in transition next time down; getting him on the scoreboard. Stitt knocks down a 3; 28-20 Clemson as Vasquez is fouled. We’ll hit the final official timeout of the first half with the Terps in a bit of a danger zone.

8:07-Neal with a steal; then sloppy shots finally lead to him being fouled. He hits both; 23-18 Clemson. With 4:51 still to play in the half; the Terps want to get to the line a few more times.

8:05-Tigers get THREE chances and eventually cash in. Bowie AGAIN does the right thing and goes right to the hoop and is fouled by Grant. Bowie HAS to hit free throws though; he misses both here. 23-16 Clemson.

8:04-Oglesby DOES hit both freebies; and Milbourne responds with a mid-range jumper. 21-16 Clemson.

8:02-Finally the right decision by Adrian Bowie; as he drives and is fouled by Young. That’s already Young’s 3rd personal foul. Bowie knocks down both at the line; 19-14 Clemson. Oglesby fouled in transition; you might as well go ahead and count these two free throws…..

8:01-Another breakdown on the interior; and Grant gets another dunk. Terps JUST don’t have an inside answer for that. 19-12 Clemson.

8:00-Rich, this is why sometimes their good shooting games are a bit of a curse (like Saturday). This team is NOT a jump shooting team; they’re a team that needs to penetrate and draw fouls. They forget that, and it REALLY hurts them.

7:57-Clemson’s passing continues to baffle Maryland; they’re gonna start knocking down outside shots pretty soon. Jin Soo Kim into the game; he’s dunked on by Grant; then turns the ball over. Gary has to find effective inside minutes; and hasn’t gotten them yet. Steve Goins maybe? 17-12 at the 3rd official timeout; and Maryland HAS to find their offense.

7:55-A Jerome Burney sighting! What do you know??? Terps CONTINUE to struggle from outside; but they’re in the bonus now; which should benefit them for sure. Unless Adrian Bowie misses the front end of a 1 and 1……

7:53-Terps REALLY struggling with their jump shots, and haven’t shown the discipline to drive towards the hoop yet. Oglesby finds a cutting Sykes for another dunk, but Mosley answers with a layup off a good feed from Tucker. Terps have done a good job vs. Clemson’s press so far. 15-12 Clemson as Sykes blocks a driving Hayes.

7:52-Milbourne called for the offensive foul; his first, team’s 4th. Terps have actually done a nice job on the boards, at least defensively; and Milbourne gets a big block in transition. Terps have to get some points here.

7:50-Dino Gregory and Cliff Tucker have also checked in as Gary has gone to the bench early to try to match the number of players Oliver Purnell will use. Gregory unfortunately already has 2 fouls. The Terps might be forced to resorting to using other interior defenders just for their fouls to give at some point in this one.

7:48-Sykes fouled inside, he hits 1 of 2 at the line. Tigers really bringing their defense up to meet the Terps across midcourt. Mosley misses a jumper; but the Terps will get the ball back trailing 13-10 after the 2nd official timeout of the half.

7:46-Terps and Tigers each called for offensive fouls; then Milbourne slips underneath for a layup. 12-10 Tigers after Maryland’s first hoop in 5 minutes.

7:44-Mosley makes both; but Stitt responds with a 3. A defensive breakdown inside leads to a dunk by Booker. Jerai Grant, Andre Young, and Tanner Smith into the game for the Tigers. Clemson 12-8; but they already have 5 team fouls with over 13 minutes to play. Eric Hayes into the game for Maryland.

7:42-If you’re looking for a positive sign; the Terps aren’t being run out of the gym at the first timeout like they were in trips to North Carolina and Duke. The Tigers are getting things done inside; and that will continue to hurt the Terps throughout the night.

7:39-Turnovers on both ends; but a Milbourne rebound gets the Terps going in transition and Mosley is fouled. He’ll go to the free throw line after the first official timeout.

7:37-Mosley gets 1 of 2 at the line; but Oglesby drills a 3 from the corner to make things 7-6 Clemson. Vasquez penetrates and draws a foul from Rivers.

7:36-5-2 Terps after a transition hoop by Bowie. Tigers answer with Sykes’ 2nd inside hoop; then Sykes fouls Mosley going to the hoop in transition. 5-4 Terps with Mosley at the line.

7:35-Dave Neal gets Maryland on the board early with a 3. 3-2 Terps. They lead 3-2 at Duke after a Neal 3 earlier this season. That was their only lead……

7:33-While I will admit that I’m a sucker for Raftery’s “man to man”; I wish someone would let him know that the the Q in Vasquez sounds more like a K. Tigers get easy bucket inside, 2-0.

7:32-Tigers’ starting lineup: Demontez Stitt, Terrence Oglesby, K.C. Rivers, Trevor Booker, Raymond Sykes. Terps stick with Sean Mosley, Adrian Bowie, Greivis Vasquez, Landon Milbourne, Dave Neal.

7:30-The Terps bring a 16-8 (5-5 ACC) record into tonight’s game; the Tigers 20-4 (6-4). ESPN2 is doing “Interactive Tuesday” during tonight’s game. Interestingly enough; I host “Interactive Everyday.”

7:25-I don’t THINK I need to remind anyone of what happened the last time the Terps and Tigers tangled, do I? I’m not sure how I left it out of “Ten Worst Losses in Garyland History” blog; but on March 2, 2008; the Terps blew a 20 point lead at Comcast Center and were done in by a last second 3 pointer by Terrence Oglesby to give the Tigers a 73-70 victory. I still haven’t accepted it.

7:20-I’m not at Littlejohn Coliseum tonight; instead joining you from the comfort of my own sofa in Rosedale. But I’ll be with you tonight; as the Terps battle the 13th ranked Tigers. The game can be seen on ESPN2; with Mike Patrick (save your excitement) and Coach Bill Raftery on the call.