Terps Cruise to Easy Win Over MEAC Opponent Delaware State

December 12, 2008 | Glenn Clark

10:38-Gary wouldn’t bite when I asked him about the play of Baltimore’s own Sean Mosley. Gary said he doesn’t “put much pressure on freshman to score”, and that Mosley “gives (Maryland) toughness and intangibles.” He went on to say that Mosley’s “offense will come”, and summed up Mosley’s offensive struggles by saying “he’ll be fine.” Mosley had 4 points (1-5 from the field, 2-2 at the line), 2 boards, 1 assist, and 1 turnover tonight in 16 minutes.

While I don’t think Maryland can push the panic button with the freshman phenom; I do think Sean needs some more positive minutes during this non-conference stretch in order to be able to contribute during ACC season. He could REALLY use some sort of breakout 22 point game-maybe against a team like Bryant-to feel like the scorer he knows he is capable of being. It is not easy to transition from go-to scorer to being a role player who is expected to contribute in multiple ways. Mosley is dynamic; but that can’t end on the offensive end.

Gary had some other thoughts:

-Cliff Tucker was “very active”
-Greivis Vasquez “is playing really well”
-Landon Milbourne “can play 40 minutes if he had to”
-Greivis, Eric Hayes, and Adrian Bowie on the floor help the Terps “get off to pretty good starts”

He also said that the Terps will have two days off before starting exams Monday; and that the 10 day break between now and the American game on Dec. 22 will be “no harder for (them) than any other team.” He then humorously chuckled “except that we have to take exams.” Apparently Gary hasn’t heard; but they actually take exams at Navy, too. (If you have to explain the joke, it isn’t funny. So I’ll refrain and hope that someone, somewhere got it.)

I talked with former MSJ star Dino Gregory for a few minutes after the game as well. While he didn’t add any thoughts about Mark Teixeira’s future; he did say that he is using the added playing time he has gotten with Dupree’s struggles and now Burney’s injury to get better defensively. He also said that he recognizes ACC big men will likely be better than the bigs he is facing right now; but said he approaches them all the same defensively; trying to continue to “front” the bigs he defends.

That’s it for me tonight, you’ve been great. Rich in Westminster wins the “Commenter of the Night” award. I’ll try to check in with Thyrl tomorrow; and I’ll definitely be back Sunday night-after a Ravens win-for a weekend 15-7-0. Still debating a trip to the EagleBank Bowl; but I’ll definitely be blogging Maryland-American on the 22nd. Have a great weekend, go Ravens!


10:39-Maryland WILL advance to Sunday’s championship game. Graham Zusi put the goal home in the 105th minute; and Maryland beats St. John’s 1-nil. As you’re preparing for the Ravens-Steelers game Sunday, try to poke your head in on Maryland-North Carolina for a few minutes; they’ll be playing for the 2nd national championship of the Sasho Cirovski era.

10:36-One of the more humorous locker room moments came when Greivis Vasquez returned from a clearly delayed shower to see the assembled media gathered around the locker of his teammate Landon Milbourne. Vasquez-who clearly craves attention-blurted “they all love you when you score 23.” Greivis isn’t particularly used to being the 2nd player the media gathers around in the locker room.

Greivis continued to praise himself walking out of the arena; walking my the media work area and exclaiming “I was the MVP of the game tonight, make sure you write about that.” He went on to point out the homemade shirts members of his family and friends were wearing; which had a screen-printed picture of him on the front, and his name and number on the back. Hopefully he will put the same effort into finals that he puts into humor; as he is a colorful guy.

They’re still scoreless through 100 minutes in the College Cup.

10:29-They’ve gone to OT in Texas, Maryland and St. John’s still scoreless. I’ll let you know if something changes.

Looking at the final numbers here; Landon Milbourne and Greivis Vasquez lead the way for the Terps-Milbourne with 23 points and 7 borads; Vasquez with 16 points, 8 boards, and 7 assists. Hayes and Bowie each added 12 for the Terps in the win; although Hayes also had 4 turnovers. Cliff Tucker also had 7 points, 6 assists, and 5 boards. As a team, the Terps were 31-60 from the field (51.7%), 6-20 from beyond the arc (30%), and 18-23 (78.3%) from the free throw line.

For Delaware State; Kris Douse had 14 points and 4 boards, Arturo Dubois had 12 points and 4 boards, and Donald Johnson added 10 points. As a team, the Hornets were 21-59 from the field (35.6%), 4-16 from beyond the arc (25%), and 12-14 (85.7%) from the free throw line-all 14 attempts came in the 2nd half.

9:57-Gary does his postgame TV interview before talking to Johnny and Chris on the radio side. Gary praises Landon Milbourne’s conditioning, saying “I don’t think there’s a better conditioned player in all of college basketball than Landon Milbourne.”

I’ll be back shortly with more after Gary talks to us. Still scoreless in Dallas in the 66th minute. The Terps are letting the Storm off the hook right now; we’ll see if they can put one in the net while I’m gone. They hold a 9-2 shooting advantage.

9:55-The Terps now have 10 days off to take exams before playing American on Monday, December 22. That will be a revenge game for the Terps; who lost to the Eagles last season. American is a good team; and not necessarily the type of team you want to face in your first game after finals. They will need to stay sharp during the break; as Jeff Jones will have that team ready to go. Terps improve to 7-2 with the win; Hornets fall to 2-11.

9:52-Douse hits 1 of 2 at the line; he has 14 and Maryland’s lead is 82-58. Dupree is still not on the board yet for the Terps; and Kim is called for the player controlled foul attacking the hoop.

I will go up for Gary’s postgame; as I want to ask him about how to handle Mosley. Tucker dunks the ball home off a steal; he has 7 and Maryland leads 84-58 with less than a minute. David Pearman is hoping to check in if the clock stops before the end of the game. Mosley gets two inside off a nice feed from Tucker. Maryland will run out the clock and win 85-58.

9:49-Donald Johnson with the hoop PLUS ONE; he has 10 and Maryland’s lead is 78-55. Mosley is blocked trying to hit a short jumper on the other end; but after Maryland gets the ball back; he misses a layup but is fouled. He hits both of his shots at the line; getting him on the scoreboard; and Maryland’s lead is 80-55. Douse responds with a hoop in the lane to cut things to 80-57; he has 13. Kim misses another from outside; but gets on the scoreboard with a cutting layup. 82-57 Maryland with 2 minutes to play.

9:45-Neal with the short hoop for his first points; he extends Maryland’s lead to 78-52. We hit the final official timeout of the game with 3:38 to play and Maryland ready to remove all starters likely for the remainder of this one. Greivis will finish 2 rebounds shy of his 3rd straight double-double if his night is done.

In the 58th minute; Maryland and St. John’s are still scoreless in the College Cup.

9:43-Vasquez adds 2 at the free throw line after the timeout; he has 16 and Maryland’s lead is 74-50. Kim rushed a 3 on Maryland’s next possession; he missed it badly as the crowd was ready to explode. Johnson with a hoop on the other end; he has 7. Tucker puts back a short miss from Kim coming back; and Maryland’s lead is 76-52.

9:41-Even the pep band isn’t particularly enthused tonight; as it looks like a few members decided to spend their evening studying instead of pumping up the crowd. They sounded TERRIBLE on a version of “Seven Nation Army.” Luckily a dancing youngster on the center screen got some reaction from the fans who have stuck around.

9:39-Douse adds another 3; Maryland’s lead is down to 22 with 6:21 to play; and Delaware State takes another timeout as Coach Greg Jackson hopes his team can maybe shave the lead to under 15 before the end of the game. He can now use this game in a less than intimidating atmosphere as a chance to do some real coaching. Jin Soo Kim re-enters for Maryland as we reach the 3rd official timeout.

9:38-Tucker with the nice poke; but again can’t finish on the other end. Milbourne is there to clean things up; he has 23. Douse responds with a bucket for Delaware State; it’s 72-47 Maryland.

9:35-Milbourne finishes a TOUGH hoop at the rim; then Marcus Neal gets a hoop on the other end. Milbourne hits a jumper coming back; and Maryland’s lead is 70-45 as DSU calls a timeout with 7:44 to play. Milbourne now has 21. He should be using his athleticism this well against EVERYONE-not just lesser opponents.

9:34-With Ralph taking the floor; I would imagine there are a number of football recruits in attendance tonight. Ralph has sat just beyond the baseline for the first ten minutes of the 2nd half; but I haven’t seen him talk to any potential student-athletes. Maryland is hosting 22 prospects-some of whom have already committed-this weekend. This isn’t exactly the atmosphere that would overwhelm someone to commit; but hopefully their host students are showing them a good time.

9:29-Milbourne can’t finish a layup; but hits two at the line to make Maryland’s lead 64-39. He has 17.


If Dubois was the best player on the floor; he would be getting to the free throw line. He’s not one of the best 7; but he’s hit some nice short range shots. Also, Mosley doesn’t look slow; he just looks like he’s uncomfortable with not being able to control the pace of the game. He’s never been a role player before; and it is tough for him. He’s supposed to be playing a Byron Mouton-like role for this team right now. I think he likes the idea of playing that role; but he hasn’t adjusted to it just yet.

Vasquez gets to 14 with a layup following 2 free throws from Neal. Douse adds two more at the line (Maryland has 9 team fouls); and Gary calls a timeout with his team leading 66-43 and 8:59 remaining.

9:27-Gregory adds 1 of 2 from the free throw line; he has 8 and Maryland leads 60-36. Mosley then makes a nice feed inside to Tucker; who losses the ball, but gathers it to put home his first field goal. On the other end; Frisco Sandidge hits his first hoop; and draws Gregory’s 3rd foul. Gregory shouldn’t be getting in this type of foul trouble against an undermanned opponent. Sandidge adds the plus one; Maryland’s lead is 62-39.

9:22-Fred Bouie on the board for DSU with a 3; making Maryland’s lead 57-36. Greivis adds another two-he has 12 and we hit the 2nd official timeout with Maryland leading 59-36. Mosley missed another WIDE OPEN jumper from inside the free throw line; his confidence is clearly rattled.

9:20-Milbourne with another hoop; he has 15 and Maryland’s lead is 57-33.

They’re at the half in the College Cup; and Maryland and St. John’s are scoreless. Maryland appears to be dominating play; and you’d hate to see them put a game to chance in the late stages; where a fluke goal or penalty kicks could decide things. They’ll need to get a tally in the early stages of the 2nd 45 minutes.

9:19-Some laziness here in the 2nd half; as Douse drives for a short hoop to cut Maryland’s lead to 55-33. Mosley continues to struggle on the offensive end; he REALLY needs to step up his game given the number of minutes he is receiving.

9:16-Two very nice plays by Maryland, but both have unfortunate results. Mosley dives into the scorer’s table to save a ball inbounds; but it goes right back to the Hornets. On the other end; Bowie goes 1-3 with a nice move to get to the rim, but can’t finish the layup; and the ball goes back to Delaware State. Marcus Neal hits a pair at the free throw line; then Bowie goes coast to coast again for a layup; and Maryland leads 55-31. 12 for Bowie.

9:15-Had a short network issue there; but it’s cleared up now. Johnson hit a jumper for DSU; then Milbourne responded with a layup, plus one. Hayes added a jumper, then Smith hit one of two from the line after the official timeout. Smith has 7, Milbourne has 13, Hayes has 12, Maryland leads 53-29.

9:08-Maryland cannot continue to count on so many minutes from Dave Neal inside. While he might create a “matchup problem” given his ability to shoot outside; he does not have the physical ability to tough it out with the better big men in the ACC and across the country. Greg Smith hits 2 freebies, then Hayes hits 1 of 2. He now joins Greivis, Milbourne, and Bowie; all who have 10 points tonight. Maryland leads 48-26. Smith has 6 for the Hornets.

9:06-Eric Hayes opens the 2nd half with his 2nd 3 pointer of the game; then Bowie hits 1-2 from the free throw line. He has 10; and Maryland’s lead is 44-21. Hayes adds another 3 after another Hornet turnover; he has 9 and Maryland’s lead is 47-21. Trevor Welcher responds with a 3 for Delaware State to cut the lead back to 47-24.

9:00-I expect the 2nd half will go similarly to the first half; and just want to see discipline from the Terps on both ends of the floor. No need to take silly shots. Show intensity, and walk away with an easy victory.

8:54-Checking the halftime statistics; a few things jump out. Maryland is 14-29 from the floor (48.3%) and 4/13 from long distance (30.8%). On the other side, DSU is 10-30 from the field (33.3%); but all players NOT named Arturo Dubois are just 4-22 (less than 20%); as he is 6-8 from the floor and has 12 points so far. Another obvious number that glares is free throws; where Maryland is 8-10 (80%), but Delaware State has yet to take a shot. Only 4 Delaware State recorded FG’s in the first 20 minutes.

Greivis and Bowie have combined for 7 assists and 1 turnover, but Eric Hayes has no assists and 2 turnovers. Greivis is again your leading rebounder-he has 6. Maryland has a 21-14 rebounding advantage over the Hornets.

8:49-Ralph Friedgen took the court at halftime to make what even he knew was an unlikely sales pitch for Humanitarian Bowl ticket sales. I think Ralph is realistic that Maryland fans probably won’t be headed to Boise. The crowd wasn’t exactly raucous in their reception; but gave him a nice response as he left the floor.

8:47-Greg Smith gets a hoop to make the lead 40-19. Jin Soo Kim enters for the first time as Gary calls timeout. A Maryland turnover leads to a Kris Douse layup right before the halftime buzzer; and we hit the intermission with Maryland leading 40-21.

Rich-Luckily DSU has Dubois; or they might not be able to hit 40 points in a game. Also, ALL of Maryland’s bigs need to improve when it comes to finishing-layups instead of short jumpers; dunks instead of awkward finger rolls.

8:44-Cliff Tucker with the questionable decision to pick up a ball that would have clearly been a backcourt violation; but he’s fouled going to the hoop. At the line, he badly misses his first shot but calmly sinks his 2nd for his first point of the night. 40-17 now; Maryland’s biggest lead of the night.

8:43-Gregory gets 1 of 2 at the free throw line; and Maryland’s lead is 39-17. He now has 7 points on the night.

8:41-Terps eventually work the ball inside to Gregory for the hoop. He comes up with a block on the other end; but Dubois gets it back for another inside basket. Milbourne and Greg Smith then trade baskets; and it’s 38-17 Terps. Milbourne has 10; Dubois has 12.

8:38-21 point lead remains as we hit the final official timeout of the half. Nothing spectacular from Maryland in this one so far; they are just out-manning a lesser opponent. You would like to see some more discipline on the offensive end; especially after seeing some lazy basketball in the 2nd half of the George Washington game.

8:36-Milbourne to the free throw line; he hits both. 8 points now for Landon; and Maryland’s lead is 32-13. Dino Gregory with the layup in transition, it’s 34-13 Maryland. Cliff Tucker enters the game.

8:33-Milbourne misses a baseline jumper; but makes up for it by coming up with a decent block on the defensive end. The Terps lost the ball out of bounds though; and the Hornets’ possession ended in an inside basket for Dubois.

Play that again. Milbourne misses a jumper, DSU gets the board, Dubois gets a hoop on the other end. The next possession is better for Milbourne; as he gets a hoop inside. He has 6, Dubois has 10; Maryland’s lead is 30-13 as Dave Neal misses his first attempt from outside.

8:31-Gary Williams says Eric Hayes is a shooter; and he wants him to keep shooting. Those results were good early against GW, but not so much tonight. Hayes is just 1/3 from beyond the arc, and 1/4 from the field overall. However, Gary will be happy if Eric keeps taking shots; just as long as they’re smart. His first 3 point attempt came from about 4 feet beyond the line.

8:29-Braxton Dupree into the game; significantly earlier than we saw him enter vs. George Washington Sunday. Gregory and Dubois exchange hoops; then Bowie nails his first 3. He has 9, Maryland leads 28-9 as we hit the next official timeout.

8:26-Bowie with the nice steal, then coast to coast layup gives Maryland a 20-7 lead, and gives him 6 points. Greivis then drills another 3; he has 10 and Maryland’s lead is 23-7 as Delaware State turns the ball over again. Vasquez heads to the bench; he might not see his normal output of roughly 33 minutes a game.

8:25-Well, half of my championship game is out. I had Maryland and Wake Forest battling for the NCAA Soccer title Sunday in Texas; but North Carolina was a 1-nil winner over the Deacs tonight. Maryland and St. John’s will now play for the chance to play the Heels Sunday.

8:23-Vasquez hits a 3, giving Maryland an 18-7 lead. He has 7 on the night; and we hit the 2nd official timeout of the first half.

8:20-A sloppy lay-up attempt by Gregory goes awry; but Milbourne is there to clean it up and put it home; extending Maryland’s lead to 15-7. Hornets take a timeout with 12:29 to play in the 1st half.

8:18-A pair of freebies from Bowie make things 10-5; Terps force a turnover on the other end after Milbourne draws his first foul. A nice fake by Greivis leads to an open 3 by Hayes. DSU responds in transition with a layup by Dubois; making things 13-7. Dino Gregory and Sean Mosley into the game for the Terps.

8:14-Tonight’s game can be seen on Comcast SportsNet; Steve Buckhantz and Ron Thompson have the call. Only one other ACC team in action tonight; Miami leads Florida International 35-24 in the first half. We’ll keep tabs on Maryland’s soccer team tonight as well; they play St. John’s in the College Cup. That game is on ESPNU.

8:12-Hornets work it inside to Arturo Dubois for a hoop. An ugly sequence for the Terps on the offensive end; and we hit the first official timeout with Maryland leading 8-5.

8:10-Vasquez’s first turnover leads to a 3 on the other end from Donald Johnson, cutting the lead to 4-3.

Sparse crowd tonight; both students and ticket holders. Understandable given finals and an underwhelming opponent; but for a team coming off two good wins on a Friday night, the program was likely hoping for something more.

A DSU turnover turns into a layup for Vasquez on the other end; Bowie also adds a hoop, and it’s 8-3.

8:08-Vasquez gets a pair at the free throw line; then the Terps force a turnover with the trap. Exactly the type of start Gary was probably hoping for. Hayes and Milbourne settle for long 3 point shots on Maryland’s next possession; but the Terps rebound each; and a baseline jumper by Milbourne gives Maryland a 4-0 lead.

8:04-Maryland’s starting lineup: Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne, Adrian Bowie, Eric Hayes, Greivis Vasquez. Gary Williams continues to go with his senior in Dave Neal; but I imagine Dino Gregory will finish the game with more minutes.

7:50-Little bit more than 10 minutes from tip-off; I’m live at Comcast Center in College Park as the Terps prepare to face the Delaware State Hornets from the MEAC. The Hornets have players a RIDICULOUSLY tough non-conerence schedule this season; which has lead to their current 2-10 overall record. Teams they have lost to include Kentucky, West Virginia, Dayton, Ohio State, Richmond, and UConn. And it was only two days ago that the MEAC’s Morgan State went to Chicago and knocked off major Big East program DePaul.

Maryland brings a 6-2 record and a #16 RPI into tonight’s game. Jerome Burney is out with a stress fracture in his right foot; he is walking around in a suit and walking boot.