Duke Hits Big Shots Late in Physical 78-67 Win Over Terps

February 25, 2009 | Glenn Clark

The theme I kept coming back to after the game was Gary’s comments about it being a “shame” the Terps had to play without Greivis Vasquez for most of the 2nd half in their 78-67 loss to Duke tonight. I try to avoid commenting on officiating as much as possible; as I’m not one to believe that officiating can REALLY be the difference in a game of this magnitude. But for the game that had the elements of a classic anyway; there was a prevailing feeling of “what if” had Vasquez been able to stay on the floor.

Would Henderson have been as effective offensively if the Terps had Vasquez available to check him?
Would the Terps have been stymied as much on the offensive end, or would they have had more lanes to the hoop?
Would the Devils have gotten as many key rebounds? Would the defense have broken down they way it did on those two late 3’s?

It really is a “shame” we weren’t able to see this game played with the best players on the floor.

But credit Duke.

They hit the big shots when they needed to. Gerald Henderson played his heart out in the 2nd half. They forced late turnovers; and never let the Terps get into much of a shooting rhythm. There were very good when they needed to be, and earned an important road win to keep their ACC title hopes alive. They did what they had to do to get a road win in the ACC in a VERY difficult environment. They deserve the credit.

With the loss, Maryland has lost 2 of 3. As well as they’ve played in the last 2 games, they are in bouble jeopardy. They IMMEDIATELY re-enter “must win” territory this Sunday with their trip to NC State. A loss to the Wolfpack in Raleigh might put them in bubble pergitory, where they have to hope for other bubble teams to lose. They can’t allow their Tournament fate to be decided by other teams. They have to win.

They could have been playing for seeding had they finished this one tonight. There is no doubt that there are 17,000 people walking out of this building tonight asking “What if” and thinking “what a shame.”



Gary was in a fairly defiant mood to open his post-game press conference, saying loudly “We have a DAMN good basketball team.” He added “we played our hearts out”, “I’m really proud of our players and the team for what they did to get ready”, and “we’re going to be tough the rest of the way I guarantee you.” Before taking questions Gary added “This is a good basketball team, I’m proud to be the coach of this team.”

Gary clearly wanted to comment about the officiating, but didn’t want to be fined by the ACC. Gary quipped that there was a “very physical game out there tonight” but “as you know I can’t say anything.” Not being able to comment on Greivis Vasquez fouling out, Gary called the 5th foul (in front of the bench) “interesting”, and said “it’s a shame we couldn’t have played those ten minutes with Greivis.”

Gary was pleased with the play of the defense in the game, saying “our defense has been good lately, hopefully we can continue to improve that.” He added “our defense kept us in there”, but noted that the Devils “hit two big 3’s there to stretch it to 6.”

Maryland officials did not make Greivis Vasquez available for comment after the game. When approached by a reporter as he was leaving the arena; Vasquez declined comment.


Gerald Henderson lead the Devils with 19 points (tied for game high); and chipped in 8 rebounds and 4 blocks. Elliot Williams had 15, Kyle Singler 13 with a game high 10 rebounds. Jon Scheyer had 12 points and a team high (tied for game high) 5 assists. Greg Paulus chipped in 8 off the bench. The Devils out-rebounded the Terps 37-25, and had 11 assists to 9 turnovers. They shot 25-57 (43.9%) from the field, 8-19 (42.1%) from outside; and 20-28 (71.4%) from the free throw line.

Landon Milbourne lead the Terps with 19 points, he contributed 5 boards before fouling out. Adrian Bowie added 14 points, Eric Hayes 10 off the bench. Greivis Vasquez had 10 points with a team high 6 boards and 5 assists (the 5 assists tied him for the game high). despite playing just 22 minutes before fouling out. The Terps had 8 assists to 11 turnovers. They shot 24-50 (48%) from the field; 3-8 (37.5%) from outside; and 16-25 (64%) from the free throw line.


11:16-In his post-game radio interview with Johnny and Chris, Gary says he’s ‘proud’ of the Terps effort, and felt like they were in it until the final 2 minutes. He’s right about that; but being close doesn’t improve your NCAA Tournament resume unfortunately. I’m going to stay down here and watch Gary’s press conference on the big screen; as our show starts in about 6 and half hours; and I still have driving and minimal sleeping to do.

11:13-Hayes blocked going to the hoop, and that WILL do it. Duke wins 78-67; and there will be plenty of talk from Maryland fans about the officiating. The Devils didn’t win the game because of the officiating, they won it because they hit the big shots when it counted. It would have been nice to see how the game would have went with Greivis on the floor in the 2nd half; but hopefully we’ll get to see that one more time in the ACC Tournament. Terps fall to 17-10 (6-7); Duke improves to 23-5 (9-5). Terps will re-enter “must win” territory on Sunday in Raleigh.

11:11-Terps will foul one more time, and Milbourne will be disqualified. He leaves to a hearty ovation from the Terrapin faithful still in the building. Elliot Williams makes one of 2; and Jin Soo Kim enters. 15 for Williams, Duke by 9. Bowie blocked going to the hoop, and Kim will foul Paulus. 29.7 seconds to play. PLEASE tell me that’s the last foul. Paulus makes both, he has 8. Devils lead 78-67.

11:09-Bowie makes both, he has 14. Milbourne called for his 4th on Singler with 51.1 seconds to play. He makes one of two. 13 for him, Devils by 8. Tucker misses a 3 with 39.6 seconds to play; that will HOPEFULLY signal the end of this one.

11:08-Scheyer makes 1 of 2, he has 12. Hayes called for stepping out of bounds; and Gary will have to call off the dogs fairly soon.

Devils turn the ball over, Bowie fouled going to the hoop with 56.4 seconds left. Foul is the 4th on Singler.

11:05-Devils get the ball across midcourt, and Bowie fouls Williams. 1:20 to play. Williams misses the first, giving Maryland fans a smidgen of hope I guess. Williams makes the 2nd, he has 14. Bowie tries to drive; and is fouled by McClure. 1:10 to play, Bowie makes just 1. Tucker fouls Scheyer with 1:06 to play. 73-65 Devils and they’re back at the line. This one will take at least 10 minutes to play out, meaning I’ll get even less sleep tonight.

11:03-Hayes tries to drive; Elliot Williams called for his 4th personal. Clearly nervous, Hayes misses his first. He makes the 2nd, he has 10. Terps trail 72-64. Devils break the press, the Terps might be forced to foul with 1:30 to play. Devils call timeout with 1:29 left.

11:02-There’s the dagger. Scheyer for 3; he has 13. Duke 72-63. 1:51 to play, timeout. The Terps will be forced to take 3 point shots now; and fans will start to make their way to the exits to beat the crowd on an already late night.

11:01-Singler makes one of two; and Henderson called for the foul fighting for the rebound. Milbourne makes 1 of 2; 69-63 Devils. 19 for Milbourne.

10:59-Duke gets a huge offensive rebound this time down; and Mosley called for the block as Singler drives; that’s his 5th. 2:25 to play, Singler will go to the line with the chance to put the first nail in the coffin.

10:58-That could be the dagger. Vasquez called for the offensive foul this time down; he’s done. Terps lose their best offensive weapon trailing by 6 with 3:24 to play. Devils will look to work the clock and finish with good shots.

10:56-If Duke stays 2-3 possessions in front, they will have to win this one at the free throw line. The Terps cannot just start chucking 3 point shots either. Greivis is back in with the foul; and might be forced to stay in on both sides with the Devils executing successful drive and kicks the last two possessions.

Henderson makes both. He has 19. 68-62 Duke. Terps need an answer.

10:53-That one stings. Singler with the 3 off the nice penetration by Henderson. Singler has 11 after starting slowly. Bowie answers with a layup, and Mosley picks up his 4th foul as Henderson drives again. 66-62 Duke as we hit the final official timeout of regulation. 9 team fouls on both sides; and Henderson will be at the line after the official timeout. Bad stretch for Maryland here; who will need quick answers with just 3:39 to play.

10:52-Hayes tries to drive, but turns the ball over. Duke gets the ball back with the chance to make this a 2 possession game. Mosley back in for Vasquez, that will continue the rest of the way.

10:51-A very good screen frees Henderson for a BIG 3. 63-60 Duke; Henderson has 17. Gary will call a timeout (good way to get Vasquez back on the floor); needing an answer. Henderson tonight has been the player Duke has missed all season. He’s been the guy to carry a team when they are struggling to hit shots.

10:50-Milbourne makes both, he has 18. Terps able to get Vasquez right back in after Duke throws away the inbounds pass. Milbourne called for the walk in the lane; and Vasquez checks right back out. Game tied at 60.

10:48-Bowie misses the front end of the 1 and 1; the 2nd time a Terrapin has done that tonight. Elliot Williams gets another 2nd chance hoop after Mosley is called for goaltending. 13 for Williams, Duke by 2. Milbourne with the VERY tough board on the Vasquez miss. He’s fouled by Singler but can’t finish. 9 team fouls on Duke, 8 on Maryland. Vasquez living dangerously with his drives there; he’ll check out defensively.

10:46-Terps waste no time going in to Milbourne, a goaltending call gives him 16. Duke ties it back up after Elliot Williams gets an offensive board and stick back. Terps CAN’T lose this on the glass. Lance Thomas gets his 4th personal, Bowie to the line for a 1 and 1.

10:44-Drew Forrester continues with his fearless prognostications. The Terps will need to try to get a “+4” over the next two and a half minutes before Greivis checks out again. The Devils will absolutely have Greivis’ mark attempt to penetrate; so Dave Neal (0 fouls) will have to be the man to slide. Vasquez will need to be more of a true point here; he can’t take on two defenders and hope to get calls.

10:42-Henderson misses the pull-up; and the Terps will continue to work the clock. Bowie with the nice move to the hoop, but the reverse won’t fall. Vasquez to the scorer’s table; he’ll check in after the official timeout as Singler is called for the walk. Tied at 56, 7:33 to play. Vasquez will be on a quick hook I imagine.

10:41-Bowie goes wide with the shot clock expiring, and draws the foul on Henderson. That’s Henderson’s 1st personal foul on the game. 7 team fouls now for Duke. Bowie makes both free throws; he has 9. Tied at 56.

10:39-Milbourne grabs a loose ball for a jumper; he has 14. Williams drives for 2 more; Duke goes back up 56-54. Williams has 9; and the Terps take another timeout. They’ve managed to stay in it here; but I just can’t see how Gary doesn’t try to get a few minutes from Greivis here. He can’t wait for the Terps to be down 6 and in a position where Greivis feels the need to force.

10:35-Some emotion from Hayes after Williams is hit with his 3rd personal. The Devils have 6 team fouls. Mosley with the airball as the shot clock expired; and Mosley and Milbourne pick up fouls next time down. 3 for Mosley. Tucker and Neal re-enter. Singler makes 1 of 2 at the line; we’re tied at 52. Milbourne called for a VERY questionable foul on Scheyer; that’s his 3rd. 8 team fouls for Maryland now. Scheyer makes both free throws; 54-52 Duke.

10:33-Gerald Henderson has been the guy this season when Duke has desperately needed someone, and he gets another hoop here. He has 14, and the Terps’ lead is 52-51. The Devils will get the ball back after they tie the Terps up; and Gary has to think about trying to steal a few minutes from Greivis.

10:31-Everyone wants to be a hero tonight. With the shot clock expiring, Bowie tosses up a 3 and connects. With 11:40 to play, we’ll hit an official timeout. 52-49 Terps. Dino Gregory picks up his 3rd personal foul.

Remember in the Miami game; when Vasquez was saddled with foul trouble, Gary Williams said it was his senior Neal who really put the team on his shoulders and said “we’re not going to lose.” He certainly has the statement play of the 2nd half since Vasquez’s departure. It will be interesting to see if and when Gary brings Greivis back in; as they will need to try to get him in offensively and bench him defensively.

10:29-Eric Hayes is absolutely showing leadership here; as he hits the tough shot to tie things up at 49 again. 9 for Hayes. Milbourne called for his first personal as Singler tried to drive. He then strips Singler the next time down. This one could get chippy the rest of the way.

10:27-This one is turning into another Maryland-Duke classic. Hope my internet can match it. Henderson with the answer; then Hayes drills a 3 as the shot clock expired to tie things up. Henderson with another hoop (he has 12); then Milbourne with the jumper (he also has 12). Game tied at 47. Sean Mosley re-enters to a loud ovation. Singler with the tough hoop inside; 49-47 Duke. Scheyer called for a foul away from the ball.

10:21-Bowie drives, is met by 3 Duke defenders; and misses. Next time down, Milbourne goes to the hoop on Singler and draws the foul. Milbourne might have to be the guy to put this team on his back in the 2nd half. He gets both free throws and has 10. Devils break the press and get two from Smith. Dave Neal FLATTENS Nolan Smith setting a pick to break the press; he isn’t getting up any time soon. Playing 5-4, Neal hits the 3, he has 6. Devils lead 43-42. They’ll take a timeout; and this does not look good. Smith remains on the ground for almost 5 minutes before getting up.

10:19-The Terps HAVE to find a way to get to the hoop. The danger here is that with Vasquez in the bench, the Terps will settle for outside shots. They were VERY effective going to the hoop in the first half; and can’t get away from that. Some of the air is out of the building with the first 3 minutes of the half absolutely going the wrong way.

10:16-We have reached a critical point in this game. Greivis will have to be used SPARINGLY the rest of the way due to the 4 personals. The Devils went right inside to Zoubek for an easy 2. Neal was fouled by Zoubek on the other end and made one of two at the line. Tucker called for his 3rd personal; and after Singler gets a steal and dunk; Gary is forced to use his first timeout. 41-37 Devils; their largest lead of the game. 16:45 to play.

10:14-Vasquez fouled by Thomas, that’s his 3rd personal. Vasquez misses both free throws; which is VERY uncharacteristic. The Terps CANNOT afford to waste opportunities here; allowing Duke to make a run. Vasquez called for the foul on Zoubek on a play where he appeared to get ball. That’s the 4th personal on Vasquez; who will exit.

10:12-Disaster strikes here. Sean Mosley hits the floor with an apparently serious injury to his left leg. Elliot Williams goes to the hoop for 2; giving the Devils a 37-36 advantage. Ugly chant from the Maryland student section towards Kyle Singler. That will not help the reputation.

10:10-2nd half opens with some sloppy possessions (turnover, block, missed jumper by Mosley); Vasquez gets his 2nd personal foul on Thomas; who gives Duke their first lead in almost 20 minutes; 35-34. Williams fouls Vasquez in the backcourt; and he gets his own miss for 2 to give the Terps the lead back 36-35. 10 for Vasquez now.

10:09-The shame of the first half is that the Terps played well enough to have a bigger lead. Two bad misses from Mosley; Tucker’s slip up in transition, and some free throw struggles from Tucker as well. For a team that hasn’t even tried to shoot outside; they could have had a halfitme advantage.

10:04-No scorers in double digits in the first half. Greivis and Landon Milbourne lead the Terps with 8 points each in the first half. Vasquez added a team high 4 rebounds and 5 assists. The Terps shot 15-28 from the field (53.6%); 0-3 from outside (0% for the math majors) and 4-6 from the free throw line (66.7%). They were out-rebounded 19-16, and have a 3:2 assist-to-turnover ratio (6 assists, 4 turnovers).

The Devils were lead by Gerald Henderson with 8, he and Kyle Singler are tied for the team high with 4 rebounds each. No Devil has more than 2 assists. They have a 3:2 assist-to-turnover ratio (6 assists, 4 turnovers). They shot 11-32 from the field (34.4%), 5-12 from outside (41.7%), and 7-8 from the charity stripe (87.5%).

10:02-Drew Forrester with the “you guys can all go to bed” kiss of death. The Zoubek thing is EASILY the most puzzling storyline of the night. Did Coach K wake up this morning and say “What can I do to help play directly to Maryland’s strengths?”

9:51-Milbourne stuffs Zoubek inside; and the Devils can’t get the tip at the buzzer, so we’ll go to the half tied at 34. I’ll be back shortly with more. Hey look, Michael Wlibon (ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption”/Washington Post columnist) is here. I’ll be back shortly with more.

9:49-Tucker’s struggles continue; as he hauls down a rebound but tosses up an airball in transition. Paulus connects from long distance on the other end (he has 6); and Vasquez misses a fallaway jumper. Game tied at 34 with 31.7 seconds to play. Shot clock off; Duke takes a timeout and will set up for the last shot.

9:48-Hayes muscles a shot up in the lane and hits, but Zoubek gets an offensive rebound and is hammered by Gregory. That’s Dino’s 2nd personal, and the 10th team foul. I don’t know why Brian Zoubek would see the bench at all the rest of the game. The Terps just don’t have an answer for his frame. He makes both free throws; and Dave Neal gets a short hoop on a feed from Vasquez. 34-31 Terps.

9:47-Singler with the miss from the lane; he has yet to score tonight. Zoubek blocks Gregory inside; and I of course jinx things as Singler knocks down the 3. 30-29 Terps.

9:45-No Jerome Burney yet tonight; it looked like he was playing his way into a more significant role in the rotation. Of course, the Terps haven’t needed the inside help either; and have no bigs in foul trouble. Looks like Jin Soo Kim may have played his way out of the rotation with some sloppy minutes this season.

9:43-Tucker misses the front end of the 1 and 1. He’s got two free throw misses tonight; and really needs to improve their to become the all-around player he’s shown signs of being. Scheyer misses a 3 and the Terps turn the ball over; and we hit the final official timeout of the half with the Terps leading 30-26 and 3:22 to play.

9:41-Vasquez drives, but Henderson with the nice strip. A botched alley-oop attempt by Henderson leads to a layup for Tucker. But Henderson puls up for the answer, he has 8. Vasquez will get a hoop for his 8th point; as Miles Plumlee is called for a goalten on a shot that would have missed anyway. Plumlee’s struggles continue as he fouls Tucker after Tucker pulled down a rebound. 1 and 1 for Tucker.

9:39-Henderson drives, Mosley called for his 2nd foul. Unlike the Carolina game; it’s the guards getting in foul trouble. The big men are in pretty good shape. Gregory has 1. Henderson makes both at the line; 26-24 Terps.

9:38-Plumlee makes 1 of 2 at the line. Bowie stripped inside; which leads to a transition hoop for Scheyer. Vasquez with the tough floater to put the Terps back up 24-22, then Paulus called for his 2nd on a player controlled foul. 8 team fouls on each side. Hayes with the drive and bucket, 26-22 Terps.

9:35-Vasquez into the lane for a floater; 20-16 Maryland. Duke is meeting Maryland’s shooters at the 3 point line; which has allowed for dribble-drives. Paulus makes space and knocks down a 3 point try; his first points. He and Bowie are called for a double-foul on the other end. Bowie’s 2nd. 7 team fouls apiece. Bowie gets the hoop underneath. Vasquez fouls Miles Plumlee next time down; he’ll shoot 2. Vasquez’s 2nd foul.

9:34-Rich, I still can’t figure out why Duke would so readily stay with the small lineup. Maryland goes small because they HAVE to, Duke is going small because its been working for them. If Maryland has a hot shooting streak; Duke’s strategy will seriously backfire.

9:32-The Terps CAN’T afford to give points away at the rim. That doomed them for the first 30 minutes of the Carolina game. Paulus is stripped by Hayes, and Vasquez is fouled by Thomas on the other end. That’s Thomas’ 2nd personal foul; 6 team fouls per side. We’ll hit the 3rd official timeout with Maryland maintaining their 2 point lead and 7:42 to play in the half.

9:31-Hayes finds a cutting Mosley; but Mosley can’t finish. Both teams have gone a bit cold since the frenetic start. Williams with the runner to make things 18-16; then Mosley misses at the rim again after a very pretty spin move.

9:30-If Henderson is going to defend Milbourne all game; Milbourne should be able to score. He has 8; Terps 18-14. Tucker with the block defensively; but then called for a questionable offensive foul. That’s his 2nd personal; he’ll sit.

9:28-Tucker misses again from outside. Vasquez hit with his first foul as Henderson tries to drive. Henderson with the baseline jumper to cut Maryland’s lead to 16-14.

9:26-Hayes still running the offense; and Tucker blows right past Lance Thomas. Thomas fouls him going by as Tucker would have had a clear path to the hoop. 5th team foul on Duke.

9:23-Tucker called for his first foul as the Devils break the press. 4 team fouls apiece. We’ll hit the 2nd official timeout with 11:23 to play in the half; and Maryland maintaining a 4 point lead.

9:22-Zoubek goes back to the bench. Did Coach K see the first game??? Why wouldn’t he try to shove Zoubek right down an undersized team’s throat? Very puzzling. Tucker makes 2 of 3; 16-12 Terps. Terps go to the press.

9:21-McClure misses an open jumper; and Tucker goes the distance before being fouled by Smith. Zoubek enters for Duke; I imagine the Devils will look to go into him early and often. Dave Neal misses the jumper from 3; Gregory called for the foul fighting for the rebound. Tucker can’t knock down his first three point attempt; but he draws a foul from Smith. That’s Smith’s 2nd personal.

9:20-Greg Paulus into the game for Duke, the Devils turn the ball over. Vasquez gets his first points off a drive to the hoop; 12-10 Maryland.

9:19-Hayes running the offense right now; and it looked like the Terps were functioning much better with Greivis running things. Cliff Tucker with the early entrance after Gregory missed a jumper from outside his range.

9:18-Nolan Smith and David McClure into the game for Duke. Scheyer misses a 3 from the top of the key; Vasquez misses a 3 from the wing. That was the first bad possession of the game for Maryland; and it lead to a 3 from Smith on the other end. 10-10.

9:16-Scheyer connects on both free throws; cutting Maryland’s lead to 10-9. Hayes and Gregory are the first off the bench; and Mosley hits a turnaround. 12-9.

9:14-I can’t stress how different this team looks tonight than every game all season. That does NOT mean they’re a Top 20 team, but it is a serious signal that the Carolina win has changed their mentality. They have gone to the basket on every possession; which will hopefully open things for good looks from outside as the offense progresses. Duke should try to bring in some bigs early and take Maryland out of their offense.

9:12-Scheyer tries to drive but can’t score over Milbourne. Bowie in transition drives for 2. 10-7 Terps. This is a MUCH more confident team than we’ve seen all season. No attempted 3’s yet; they’ve executed the offense exactly right every time. Bowie fouls Scheyer in the lane and we’ll hit the first official timeout. Terps by 3 with 15:47 to play in the half.

9:11-Milbourne connects on both free throws, 6-5 Terps. Milbourne offered little against Carolina due to foul trouble; so a contribution tonight would be key. Scheyer gets a bucket to put Duke ahead; Williams called for a foul in the backcourt. 7-6 Devils. Milbourne with the nice move for the hoop inside, 8-7 Terps.

9:10-If Duke shoots well from outside; there is little the Terps can do. Williams with a 3; 5-4 Duke. Milbourne draws the first foul of the game inside from Singler.

9:08-The glass will certainly be a major factor tonight. Why Duke would stick with the small lineup and play to Maryland’s strengths is beyond me. Milbourne’s hoop inside makes it 2-0; Henderson drives the lane to tie things at 2, Mosley makes it 4-2 going to the hoop.

9:07-Why does Gerald Henderson jump for Duke? And how can Maryland lose a tip to someone who is 6’4”?

9:05-Thunderous ovations for Gary Williams during his entrance and during introductions. I thought John Feinstein was particularly interesting this morning when he commented that despite everything, a win tonight could put Gary in the mix for ACC Coach of the Year.

9:03-Mike Krzyzewski goes with a starting lineup of Jon Scheyer, Elliot Williams, Gerald Henderson, Kyle Singler, and Lance Thomas. Gary Williams counters with the same Sean Mosley/Greivis Vasquez/Adrian Bowie/Landon Milbourne/Dave Neal lineup he has been using recently. I get the feeling Cliff Tucker could work his way into the starting lineup before the season ends; and I imagine Coach K will use Brian Zoubek a good deal tonight; after his performance at Cameron lead The Sun’s David Steele to call him “Kareem Abdul-Zoubek”. Loudest ovation of the season for Greivis during introductions.

8:50-Derrick Lewis is tonight’s honorary captain; Derrick had the most recent triple-double in Maryland history……..until last weekend.

Pre-game: There’s good news here all-around. I’m at Comcast Center here in College Park; instead of being at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham. No matter what happens tonight; I won’t have to stew over it on a 5 and a half hour drive home. Of course, I also won’t be able to enjoy any Bojangles.

Anyway, the Terps bring their 17-9 (6-6 ACC) record into tonight’s game against the Blue Devils (22-5, 8-4). The Terps are coming off their biggest win of the year, an 88-85 overtime victory over North Carolina Saturday. The Devils have won 2 straight; last week over St. John’s and Sunday night over Wake Forest. The Devils won their previous contest with the Terps this season; 85-44 at Cameron. The loss was the worst of the Gary Williams era at Maryland.

Tonight’s game can be seen on ESPN; with Mike Patrick and former Blue Devil Jay Bilas on the call. Heather Cox will patrol the sideline. The athletic department has handed out state flag signs to everyone in attendance tonight; but that hasn’t stopped the students in attendance from breaking out their “Scheyer Faces”; unflattering posters of Duke’s Jon Scheyer with his mouth gaping open. This sparked a craze about two years ago, and has to be one of the most creative fan campaigns in recent sports history.

Staying on the topic of fan behavior; the Terps-Duke series has had a history of poor behavior from the fans in College Park; dating back to some unfortunate chants toward former Duke star J.J. Reddick that were heard audibly on national TV. The athletic department banned the pep band from playing Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Pt. 2” (the “Hey!” song) based mostly on incidents during Maryland-Duke games; although the student section still makes sure to sing the song before games. The Maryland students were up to their antics again; calling the rooms of Duke players last night in a semi-humorous story that was been picked up across the country.

For those who are superstitious; Maryland will go with the gold jerseys again tonight; looking for their third straight win in the Under Armour duds.