Terps Run Out of Gas; Will Await Selection Sunday Fate After 67-61 Loss to Duke

March 14, 2009 | Glenn Clark

Maryland’s resume is complete.

They deserve to be dancing come Sunday night.

That being said; they had the chance to feel much more comfortable about themselves; but couldn’t beat Duke in the ACC Semifinals Saturday night; losing 67-61 in Atlanta.

But that being said; this team has a resume that the rest of the teams on the NCAA Tournament bubble just can’t claim.

20 win ACC teams with 3 victories over legitimate Top 10 teams belong IN. And in a year where the mid-majors weren’t quite as good as they were in recent years, they shouldn’t have to sweat as much as they will Sunday.

If for some wacky reason the Terps are left OUT of the NCAA Tournament; they will obviously have themselves to blame. In the final 3 weeks of the season; they lost 2 close games to Duke, one to Wake Forest, and one to Virginia. Winning any of those would end this argument.

But if the Terps are left OUT of the NCAA Tournament; they will also have a legitimate gripe with the NCAA Selection Committee.

They have the resume. The other bubble teams don’t.

St. Mary’s had a nice year. So did Creighton. So did San Diego State. Penn State, Arizona, Auburn and Florida all have arguments too.

But NONE of those teams have the resume Maryland has; even if Maryland’s season wasn’t always pleasing to the eyes.

It will be an interesting Sunday in College Park.



Final stats: Eric Hayes finished with a flurry to lead the Terps in scoring with 20. Greivis Vasquez added 14 with team highs in rebounds (6) and assists (4). Adrian Bowie finished with 10 points; Sean Mosley 8 with 5 rebounds. 6 points and 4 boards for Dave Neal; Dino Gregory scored just 1 point but added 5 boards. Landon Milbourne finished with just 2 points and 4 rebounds. The Terps and Devils each pulled down 28 rebounds. Maryland collected 7 assists and 4 blocks. They shot 25-63 from the floor (39.7%), 4-15 from beyond the arc (26.7%), and 7-9 from the free throw line (77.8%).

Jon Scheyer lead the Devils with a game high 22 points; Kyle Singer chipped in 14 with a game high 11 rebounds. Nolan Smith added 10 points; Gerald Henderson 8 with 5 boards, and tied for game high with 4 assists (Vasquez). David McClure chipped in 6 points off the bench. The Devils tallied 11 assists and 4 blocked shots. They shot 20-55 from the field (36.4%), 9-22 from beyond the arc (40.9%), and 18-21 from the free throw line (85.7%).


6:15-Drew, I don’t think that either team really showed much in the way of desire today. I think Duke was just a bit better; which we all kinda knew coming in. The Terps didn’t have that next level to ramp up to when challenged; and that did them in. They were tired; and when a mediocre team gets tired, they look like a bad team. I think Duke did JUST enough to win; but didn’t show much to me when it comes to desire. They just hit a few shots and then hung on. Good teams do that and win.

6:12-That will be the end of this one. Maryland’s regular season will come to an end with a 20-13 record; and they’ll await their Selection Sunday fate tomorrow night. Duke will improve to 27-6 and will face Florida State for the ACC Championship tomorrow. The Terps didn’t seal their fate either way tonight; and it will be a tough 24 hours in College Park. 67-61 Duke win.

6:11-Smith makes both; Duke by 6. Terps probably don’t have this miracle left in them.

6:10-1 of 2 for Scheyer; then Hayes with another hoop. Smith fouled with 15.4 seconds to play. Duke 65-61.

6:09-1 of 2 for Smith, followed by a Hayes layup. He fouls Scheyer with 24.8 seconds to play; Duke 64-59.

Chris-Mosley was a spark plug; but clearly lost his legs. When your role is energy; and you have none left, it’s hard to do anything.

6:08-Scheyer indeed makes both; 21 for him. Hayes gets another hoop in the lane; 63-57 Duke and Smith is fouled with 34.9 seconds to play.

6:06-6 second half points for David McClure. Hayes finally fouls Scheyer with 47.1 seconds to play. He’ll head to the line; you can just about count both of these.

6:05-Duke breaks the press for a dunk by David McClure. Hayes cans a 3 to answer with 56.3 seconds to play; he has 14 now. Terps trail by 6, they have to get a foul here.

6:03-Singler makes both, he has 14. 59-50 Devils with less than 90 seconds to play. Hayes with the quick hoop; 59-52; Hayes has 11 on the game. Terps call timeout; they’re going to have to start fouling. 1:17 to play.

6:02-Bowie blocks Henderson; but Hayes misses the 3 that would have made this a game again. Under 2 to go; Duke back to work on the clock. Smith misses; but Singler with the BIG offensive board. 1:26 to play; and Singler to the line for 1 and 1. That might well do it.

6:01-Under 3 minutes to play, Terps work the give and go with Vasquez again; and he’s fouled by Singler-6th team foul. Tough hoop from Neal; 57-50 Duke. 2:40 to play, they’ll work the clock again.

6:00-Henderson fouled by Mosley with 8 seconds left on the shot clock. Tough call. Henderson to the line for 1 and 1 with 3:07 to play. He’ll make 1 of 2; Devils by 9 again.

5:58-Give and go to Vasquez; and he’s fouled by Nolan Smith. 3rd personal on Smith; Vasquez to the line for 2. He’ll hit 1 of 2; 56-48 Duke. 14 for Greivis.

5:55-Terps get the ball back with the Devils unable to get the dagger. 3:36 to play as we reach the final official timeout of regulation. The Terps aren’t dead yet; but they have to get a score here.

5:53-Terps get the ball back with under 5 to play; and Hayes puts another hoop off the glass to cut Duke’s lead to 56-47. Do they have a run left in them? Bowie called for the foul; 6th team foul.

5:50-Chris; Gary certainly isn’t getting out-coached. He clearly went to the zone because Maryland had no legs left. With Mosley not being able to finish at the rim; his legs are amongst the most tired. Gary had been doing a remarkable coaching job for a team that couldn’t get things going; but Duke just started canning outside shots.

Another turnover; and McClure finishes. He misses the free throw; and Singler called for interference. 56-43 Duke with 5 and a half to play. Hayes gets a quick hoop; 56-45.

5:48-After a turnover; Neal misses a runner, and Scheyer gets a layup in transition. That’s 19 for Scheyer; Devils by 9 with 6 and a half to play. Bowie settles for a long 3 point jumper; and Duke gets the ball back. McClure drives and finishes; Devils by 11; Gary needs another timeout. 54-43 Duke; and Maryland appears to be out of answers-or out of energy.

5:44-Vasquez with the tough pull up jumper; but Scheyer DRILLS a 3 on the other end. Duke by 7 again; 50-43. Vasquez will have to have every answer on the offensive end; but can’t finish this time down. 50-43 Duke at the 3rd official timeout. I just don’t know if Maryland can keep responding to Duke’s shooters.

5:42-Big momentum changing 3 from Henderson; who had been struggling. 47-41 Duke with 8:44 to play; and Gary calls a timeout.

5:40-Maryland does go to the zone; I don’t think Duke will be afraid to shoot over it. Foul on Cliff Tucker fighting for a board; then Maryland gets the ball back thanks to a Hayes rebound. Hayes’ 3 pointer is blocked; 1 second on the shot clock. Neal heaves an airball up with 9:08 to play.

5:37-Jon Scheyer with a hoop; followed by buckets for Vasquez and Neal. Coach K takes a timeout with 10:16 left and Maryland responding well following Duke opening their biggest lead of the game 44-41 Devils now. 14 for Scheyer; 11 for Vasquez.

5:35-This is a SERIOUS trouble spot for Maryland. They can’t keep giving away points on the offensive end; as Duke almost certainly has another hot streak in them.

5:32-Gregory gets the ball in the lane and can’t finish in close. Terps have given away some 12-14 points in near the hoop already in the 2nd half. Duke will maintain their 42-37 lead as Dino Gregory is hit with the foul. We’ll go to the 2nd official timeout of the half.

5:31-Bowie switches hands to finish a transition layup; he has 10. 40-37 Terps. Nolan Smith then flips in a reverse layup to extend Duke’s lead back to 5. Terps continue to have troubles inside.

5:30-Gregory makes 1 of 2; his first point of the game. 40-35 Duke, Terps trap early, then back off. Scheyer drives and is blocked by Gregory/Milbourne. Steve Martin seems confused that Maryland hasn’t gone to the zone. Has he seen how Duke has been shooting???

5:29-Scheyer makes all 3; he has 12 and the Devils take their biggest lead of the game at 40-34. Lance Thomas called for his 3rd personal on Gregory inside; he’ll shoot 2.

5:28-Vasquez settles for a decent look at a 3 but misses; and Hayes fouls Scheyer shooting a 3 the other way. He’ll head to the line for 3 shots; and the Terps are going to have to dig deep.

5:27-Nolan Smith fires up a 3 at the end of the shot clock; and Williams is their for the board and putback. Devils by 3. Williams called for his 2nd personal the next time down. Mosley with another inside miss; Maryland really struggling inside

5:24-Rich, I was afraid they were going to call a foul on that Williams play; but I also don’t quite understand how you can fall down and not move your pivot foot. I’ll refrain from comment; I don’t want to get fined.

5:21-Elliot Williams fouls Vasquez; we haven’t called Williams’ name much. Mosley drives for 2 but wave it off for a travel. Singler drives, loses it; and is stripped by Gregory. Terps miss THREE chances at the rim before Vasquez eventually turns the ball over. Duke by 1 with 15:09 to play in the game, and we reach the first official timeout of the 2nd half. Mike Gminski thinks the Terps are losing their legs playing their 3rd game in 3 days. I might well concur.

5:19-There’s the great equalizer for Duke; as Scheyer cans a 3. That’s 9 for Scheyer, and Duke goes back ahead 35-34. Mosley and Henderson then trade 3’s before the Terps get the ball back on the alternating possession.

5:18-Sean Mosley opens 2nd half scoring with a putback to tie things at 32. Another putback by Mosley gives the Terps a 34-32 lead. Another solid effort from the freshman out of St. Frances. He’ll foul Henderson this time as Henderson goes to drive.

5:14-The winner of today’s game will play Florida State at 1pm tomorrow for the ACC title and an automatic berth in the NCAA Tournament. Also, if you do not have TV access but you’re following along with the blog; the game is being streamed live on RaycomSports.com.

And when the ad for Chick-Fil-A appeared on the screen; credit to my roommate; who jumped right up off the couch and said “i’ll be back in a minute; i’m going to get dinner for us.” And he’s paying. Winner winner chicken dinner.

5:09-Rob, I’m certainly not unhappy to be trailing by 2 at the break; but I would definitely be wary of which team comes out of the break firing. Duke can turn a 2 point lead into a 10 point lead in 120-150 seconds; and the Terps CAN’T let them go on that kind of run. If this is still a one possession game at the 15 minute mark; that’s a win for the Terps, who will feel a little more like “we’re supposed to be here” the rest of the way.

Halftime stats:

Greivis Vasquez lead the Terps with 9 points and a game high 3 assists. Adrian Bowie had 8 points; Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne contributed 5 apiece. 4 points for Sean Mosley, 2 for Dave Neal with a team high 3 rebounds. The Terps out-rebounded the Devils 12-11; adding 5 assists and 1 block. The Terps shot 11-27 from the field (40.7%), 3-6 from beyond the arc (50%), and 5-5 from the free throw line (100%).

Kyle Singer lead the Devils with 12 points and 6 boards; also tying for a team high with 2 assists (Gerald Henderson). Jon Scheyer added 6 points, Nolan Smith 5. The Devils collected 6 assists and 1 block. They shot 10-27 from the field (37%), 6-12 from beyond the arc (50%), and 6-6 from the free throw line (100%).

4:59-Mosley makes both, 32-30 Duke. His free throw shooting is vastly improved. Devils can hold fo the last shot; which Henderson leaves off the front iron. 32-30 Duke at the break; I’ll be back shortly.

4:58-Foul away from the ball on Greg Paulus; that’s their 7th team foul, and Mosley will go to the line for 1 and 1 with 21.4 seconds to play.

4:55-More good ball movement by Duke; but Scheyer misses the 3. Singler called for the foul away from the ball. That’s the first personal on Singler. Hayes turns the ball over; and Henderson lays it in. Under a minute to play in the half, Devils 29-28. Vasquez travels with a wide open path to the basket; Mike Gminski isn’t sure that was a good call. 52 seconds to play, Duke ball. Scheyer DRILLS a long 3; putting the Devils up 32-28 and getting them an extra possession before the end of the half. Gary Williams takes a timeout; as these last 42 seconds can be HUGE.

4:53-Hayes toe was apparently “this far” behind the line; so it’s a 3. Paulus EXPLODES to the hoop but can’t finish. Singler put it back, but was waved off for basket interference. Dave Neal called for the illegal screen; 6th team foul on Maryland, 1st personal on Neal.

4:51-Sean Mosley pulls up for the airball; but Milbourne gets his first field goal the next time down with a mid-range jumper. Paulus drills a 3 after Singler finally missed one; but the Devils have made 3 of their last 4 from outside. Hayes with the great ball fake and a 3 of his own; 28-27 Terps with 2:13 to play in the half. They’ll look at that again to see if Hayes’ foot might have been on the line.

4:49-Rich, I don’t know about you; but Duke’s ability to shoot lights out over long stretches REALLY concerns me. I just get a bad feeling that at some point (maybe right now); they’ll can about 5 or 6 mid-to-outside shots in a row; leaving the Terps flat-footed. Building momentum will not be easy for a Maryland team that doesn’t shoot well; as the atmosphere in the Georgia Dome is nothing like the typical atmosphere in College Park.

4:48-This could be that stretch. Singler buries another 3; he has 12 and the Devils go up 24-23. We’ll hit the last official timeout of the first half. 3:37 to play before the break, Devils by 1.

4:46-Vasquez with the bucket to tie things at 18, but he rushes the jumper next time down. Bowie drives and is fouled; making the PLUS ONE attempt to give him 8. Singler ties things at 21 with a 3; then Neal hits a floater after hitting Smith hard again on a screen and the Terps go up 23-21. Timeout on the floor with Smith banged up a bit.

4:41-The Terps have stayed focused defensively; which has kept Duke from jumping out to a big lead here before the half. They need to take advantage of that on the offensive end; as at some point, Duke will almost certainly go on a 5 minute pace where they make EVERYTHING.

4:38-Vasquez pulls up for the VERY deep 3 and cans it. 7 for the junior from Venezuela. 18-16 Devils. Dave Neal turns the ball over the next time down. We’ll hit the 3rd official timeout of the half with the Devils up by 2 following a Scheyer turnover. 7:06 to play in the first 20 minutes.

4:37-Vasquez goes toward the hoop; he’s fouled by Lance Thomas. Terps have to keep doing that exact same thing. They’ve gone cold from the field; and could use some extra trips to the line. It worked last night.

4:36-Nothing surprising about a 6-0 advantage for Duke in 2nd chance points. Vasquez goes to the bench for a breather; but checks right back in. Terps can’t afford to let Duke extend this past a 2 possession advantage here.

4:34-Hayes does the right thing by driving there; and is called for a late offensive foul; his first personal. I don’t know how the call could have been after the shot; as the shot appeared to come after contact.

Nolan Smith finds himself open from the corner, and he cans the 3. 18-13 Duke. Hayes is too strong on the 3 when he gets the look on the other end.

4:32-The Terps started the game well, attacking the basket. They can’t afford to go away from that; and it can’t just be Greivis. Bowie needs to continue moving towards the hoop; trying to get fouls even he is met with the type of defense that doesn’t let him finish. And if the Devils are going to meet Eric Hayes at the 3 point line; he needs to slash before he even sets.

4:29-Hayes loses control, gets it back; then turns the ball over again. Paulus called for traveling as he slips. Terps can’t afford to be tentative offensively, they need to attack the basket. Hayes pulls up for 2; 13-12 Terps. Great ball fake by Scheyer gets Vasquez off his feet; he drills the 3; 15-13 Devils. Vasquez turns the next one over; and we’ll hit the 2nd official timeout with 11:04 to play in the half, Duke by 2.

4:28-Rich, he might be more confident; but it hasn’t paid off yet. Bowie with a good looking 3 ball that won’t fall; then he can’t finish at the rim after the Terps held on to the ball. Greg Paulus into the game for Duke; and Singler is fouled underneath. If the Terps let the Blue Devils get offensive rebounds; the Devils will make them pay. First personal on Vasquez, Singler makes both. Duke with their first lead at 12-11.

4:27-Singler with the drive; he’s fouled by an entering Gregory. That’s the first on the sophomore. Braxton Dupree into the game early for the Terps. Singler makes both, 11-10 Terps. David McClure checks in for the Devils.

4:25-Terps to the press; Devils pass through it and Smith hits an open jumper. Vasquez with the runner on the other end; then Zoubek flattens Vasquez on the illegal screen. 11-8 Terps; 1st personal on Zoubek, who killed the Terps at Cameron; then was inexplicably left on the bench for much of the game at Comcast Center.

4:23-Henderson nails the pull-up jumper; then Kyle Singer gets a putback hoop off a Maryland turnover. 7-6 Devils; and their half-court defense is taking away Maryland’s driving lanes. Duke with a couple ugly looking/partially blocked shots; and Sean Mosley is fouled in transition. Nolan Smith in the game; probably still thinking about that screen Dave Neal leveled him with. Mosley makes both; 9-6 Terps.

4:20-Ohio State appears to have punched their ticket to the NCAA Tournament for sure; they beat Michigan State to advance to the Big Ten Championship Game. LSU falls to Mississippi State; the Bulldogs will play for an automatic berth tomorrow and might be getting off the bubble themselves.

4:19-Vasquez with the spin move; he’s called for a travel. We’ll hit our first official timeout with the Terps ahead 7-2. Nice first few minutes, but they have to get more in sync with their halfcourt offense.

4:18-With the shot clock winding down; Vasquez goes from side to side for the penetration and his first hoop. Great screen by Neal. Bowie’s next drive is blocked; but Rich you are absolutely right about what that could do for his confidence. Neal misses a long 2; Terps get the ball on the alternating possession. Eric Hayes in. 7-2 Terps.

4:16-Lance Thomas fouled by Landon Milbourne underneath; he’ll shoot two. Thomas makes both; 5-2 Terps. Devils to the press, Vasquez dribbles out of it in dangerous territory.

4:14-Greivis is content to let Elliot Williams take shots, but doesn’t want him using his athleticism to get to the basket. Two inside misses for Maryland before losing the ball on the alternating possession. I’m not going to have to start counting inside misses again, am I? Devils cold from outside to start; that’s a good sign. On the other end; Bowie drills a 3 (No Really! It was a good looking arc and everything). He has the first 5 points of the game, and Coach K needs a timeout.

4:12-Terps win the tip; Mosley with the bad miss to start. He improved as the game wore on last night; but can’t afford to miss chippies. Bowie in transition for the first bucket of the game; 2-0. Terps could really use a nice slashing game from Bowie.

4:10-Rich and I were debating blocking Drew from the live blogs. Of course, it might end up just being the two of us if we did. You’ll stay for now Drew.

Carolina ran out of miracles without Ty Lawson, falling to Florida State in the final minute. Terps lost their only contest with the Seminoles this season, an overtime loss in Tallahassee back in January.

Terps stick with Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne, Greivis Vasquez, Adrian Bowie, Sean Mosley
Duke goes with Kyle Singler, Lance Thomas, Gerald Henderson, Elliot Williams, Jon Scheyer to start

4:08-Drew Forrester poking his head in to offer up the early kiss of death this time. Thanks for that, Drew. I didn’t make a pick on this game; but if I had, I would almost certainly pick the Devils. As someone who had the pleasure of driving to Durham to see the Terps get pasted by 41 at Cameron Indoor; it isn’t the most comfortable of feelings. Need I remind everyone that Maryland has lost 4 straight to Coach K’s boys……ugh.

Pre-game: Okay, no internet issues at the Glenn Clark compund; and WNST.net has been pretty good today; with a lovely site upgrade on the back end (a gift to us, but not to you.) That being said; we shouldn’t have the issues today that we’ve had getting underway for the first two rounds (please knock on wood.) The 7th seeded Terps enter today’s ACC Tournament semi-final with a 20-12 record following a 7-9 regular season. They knocked off 10th seeded NC State and 2nd seeded Wake Forest to reach the quarters. The 3rd seeded Duke Blue Devils enter the game with a 26-6 record following an 11-5 ACC regular season. They held on to beat 6th seeded Boston College last night to reach today’s semifinal. Many prognosticators believe the Terps clinched an at-large berth with their win over the Demon Deacons last night; but many others think they’re still sitting on the bubble. With a win today, the Terps would advance to tomorrow’s ACC Championship; where they’d face Florida State for an automatic berth to the NCAA Tournament. Today’s game is again at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta; Maryland has won 4 straight games they’ve played at the venue. The last team to beat them at the home of the Atlanta Falcons? You guessed it, Duke. They fell in the semifinals of the 2001 ACC Tournament to the Blue Devils before reaching their first Final Four in school history that season.

Today’s game can be seen locally in ACC markets via Raycom Sports (WNUV 54 in Baltimore…..Channel 14 on Comcast Baltimore County.) Steve Martin and Mike Gminski will again handle the Play-by-Play of today’s game for Raycom, Scott Pryzwanski will patrol the sidelines. The rest of the country can see today’s game on ESPN; Mike Patrick and Dick Vitale have the call with Heather Cox on the sidelines.

The Terps will be playing their 3rd game in as many days for the first time all season (they played 3 games in 4 days at the Old Spice Classic in Orlando over Thanksgiving weekend). The Devils will be playing on back to back nights for the 3rd time this season (they did it twice at the beginning of the season during the 2kSports Classic).