Terps Hang on for UGLY 57-56 win over Georgia Tech

February 08, 2009 | Glenn Clark

It is easy to say that “a win is a win” after you win a brutal game; and that is just about ALL you can say after Maryland’s 57-56 win over Georgia Tech Sunday night.

The Terps were FAR from perfect in the victory; and in fact played one of their worst games of the season. But sometimes teams need to win games like this. For the Terps, the game WAS a must win; and they walked out of Atlanta with a win.

Never before has a week off come at such a good time. Looking at the schedule ahead; their game Saturday against Virginia Tech in College Park will be a must win game as well. The Terps need a healthy Adrian Bowie; and DESPERATELY need a return to form from Landon Milbourne.

But tonight WAS a win. And while it is sometimes hard to believe; 4-5 in conference is MUCH better than 1-8. The Terps still have something to play for if they choose to work hard this week leading up to Saturday’s game.


Greivis Vasquez lead the way for the Terps with 19 points and tied for the team high with just 3 assists. Eric Hayes added 15 points and 5 rebounds. Cliff Tucker had 8 points; Dino Gregory 7 with 5 boards. Mosley and Milbourne tied for the team high with 6 boards each. They also combined to score just 3 points.

The Terps were 19-53 from the field (35.8%), 7-22 from 3 point land (31.8%), and 12-19 from the free throw line (63.2%). They were out-rebounded 34-29; and had 11 assists on their 19 field goal makes.

Iman Shumpert lead the Jackets with 13 points; he chipped in 6 rebounds. Zachery Peacock added 11 points off the bench. Gani Lawal had 8 points and a team high 14 rebounds. Lewis Clinch lead the Jackets with 5 assists.

Georgia Tech shot 19-47 from the field (40.4%); 7-20 from beyond the arc (35%); and 11-16 at the free throw line (68.8%). The Jackets had 14 assists on their 19 field goal makes; but were haunted by their 24 turnovers. (Maryland committed 16 turnovers of their own).

9:44-Almost a NIGHTMARE for the Terps. Hayes misses the front end of the 1 and 1; and the Jackets get two looks to win. Clinch misses the first, Shumpert misses a wild one at the buzzer. Hewitt wanted a foul; but there clearly wasn’t one. Terps hang on for a BRUTAL 57-56 win. They improve to 15-8 (4-5) with a very ugly win. Vasquez thanks God in his interview after the game. Tech falls to 10-12 (1-8). Gary seems particularly relieved in his postgame interview with high praise for Vasquez.

9:42-Peacock makes both, he has 11. Terps lead 57-56 with 18.6 to play. They want the ball in Vasquez or Hayes’ hands. They get it to Hayes, he’s fouled by Storrs. 16.7 seconds to play; Hayes must hit both to make this a 3 point game again.

9:40-Peacock tries the 3 from the corner and misses. Mosley gets the rebound and is fouled with 38.3 seconds to play. That clearly wasn’t what Paul Hewitt wanted there. That’s why Georgia Tech has one ACC win.

Maryland’s not much better, and Mosley shows why by missing the front end of a 1 and 1. Clinch misses a 3, but the Jackets get the rebound. Mosley fouls Peacock, he’ll shoot 1 and 1.

9:39-Vasquez knocks down both; he has 19. Terps 57-54 with 57 seconds to play. They’ll call a timeout to set their defense; I imagine the Wreck will try to find a shot from outside this time down.

9:38-Hayes gets a good look but can’t knock down the 3. Shumpert misses on the other end; 1 minute to play. Vasquez fouled by Shumpert away from the hoop. Terps in the single bonus.

9:36-Shumpert goes for the steal and can’t get it; and Hayes does a nice job of finding the open part of the floor with the Terps having a 5-4 advantage. Hayes has 15, Terps by 4. Vasquez fouls Shumpert on a 3 point attempt bailing the Jackets out. Shumpert knocks down all 3; he has 13. Terps 55-54 with under 2 minutes to play.


The biggest issue with Bowie’s absence is that he is the only player who consistently drives the lane and draws fouls. EVERYONE on this team should be following his lead. It’s maddening. They’ve missed the trips to the free throw line he gives them.

9:34-Steal and a hoop for Shumpert. Timeout Terps. Tech within two. That’s alliteration, kids.

9:31-Tim Brando makes the argument that Maryland needs this game more than Georgia Tech. Easy to make when Tech is the worst team in the league.

Gregory makes one of two at the line. 53-49 Terps.

9:27-Vasquez hits a bit of a wild floater to extend the lead to 52-49. FSN points out that Tech has now committed 43 (make that 44) turnovers in two games against the Terps this season. Terps call timeout here before the final official timeout. They’ve scored 21 points off Tech’s 24 turnovers. Vasquez has 17. Fans of the “Ramblin’ Wreck” have stuck with the Jackets through a tough season; and would love a reason to explode tonight.

Vasquez turns the ball over out og the timeout. Clinch misses a 3; Milbourne pulls down the rebound. Gregory gets the ball inside and he’s fouled. He’ll shoot two after the final offical timeout of regulation. Terps by 3.

9:25-Tech with their 22nd turnover; but a reminder that we’re still tied. That’s brutal. Milbourne gets the ball inside vs. two Tech defenders; and draws the foul from Lawal. He gets one of two at the line and Maryland takes a 50-49 lead.

9:23-Peacock with a basket; then Vasquez with a floater. Lawal fouled on the floor by Gregory. Vasquez has 15. Tied at 49. Tech can’t get the ball inbounds and they take another timeout. Jenn Hildreth tells us that Vasquez has been forced to grow up a bit due to the fact that his father is battling serious health scares.

9:21-Hayes drives the lane and is fouled. He’ll connect on one of two free throws; but will get a 2nd chance at the 2nd free throw after a lane violation and gets it to go. Tied at 47; Hayes has 13.

9:19-This is really a pivotal game for the Terps if they want to have anything to play for the rest of the way. They need to wake up over the next 7 minutes and 15 seconds. Tech just committed their 20th turnover-this one out of a timeout. How can Maryland be trailing a team that has committed more turnovers than they have made field goals?

9:16-Jenn Hildreth lets us know that Tech senior D’Andre Bell is “hopeful” to return to basketball next season. Good to hear.

Peacock misses the free throw; Vasquez misses a 3. Jackets could break this one open by knocking down a few outside shots or getting a few more chip shots inside. 47-45 Jackets and Paul Hewitt calls timeout.

9:12-Kim fouls Peacock inside; and Peacock knocks down both free throws to tie things up at 45.

Matt-watching Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus sounds about as entertaining as this abomination.

Neal misses another “good look” from outisde. Peacock gets a hoop underneath and is fouled by Neal. 47-45 Jackets with 7:59 to play as we hit the 3rd official timeout. This is bad.

9:10-Vasquez fouled hard by Peacock; and it will be an intentional foul. That’s the right call as Brando points out; there was no attempt at the ball there. Vasquez is turning this on at the right time; but can’t keep missing free throws. He makes one of two to extend the lead to 45-43. He has 13, Terps will get the ball back.

9:09-Terps obviously HAVE to find some interior defense in the final ten minutes to get their first road win of the season.

FSN again with a terrible camera angle; going to the long shot from the other end of the floor. Kim misses the 3 from the wing.

9:05-Vasquez with the answer on a drive; then knocks down a 3 after getting the kick. He now has 12; and the Terps re-take the lead at 44-43. 2nd official timeout.

9:04-Lawal with the HUGE putback jam off a missed 3. WOW. He has 8 now. Jackets by 2. Mosley misses an unnecessary 3 point attempt; then loses the ball trying to drive to the hoop in transition. Aminu with another inside hoop; and Tech leads 43-39. Terps need an answer; but where does it come from?

9:02-Just not a good game for Landon Milbourne tonight; as he walks after the Terps get a rebound. Gregory is whistled for a foul away from the ball. 2nd team foul. Correction: foul was on Hayes. That’s his 3rd. He leaves for Mosley.

9:00-Was it really 72 degrees in Atlanta today? Wow.

Gregory gets the ball on a nice look from Vasquez, who has done a nice job of running the offense tonight. Gregory got the hoop by the way; and Vasquez missed a 3 on the next possession. Peacock drains a 3; and we’re tied at 39 as the Terps turn it over again.

8:58-Nice drop to Milbourne; but he can’t finish. Interesting to see that Gary is sticking with him despite his struggles AND 3 personal fouls.

8:56-Mosley feeds Hayes for the 6th lead change of the half; 37-36 Terps with 15:57 to play as we hit the first official timeout of the 2nd half. Hayes is the first player to hit double figures with a game high 11. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus are singing together; and the internet might shut down.

8:54-Vasquez makes both, he has 7. Lawal with the dunk as the Jackets break back in transition; he has 6. 36-35 Jackets. FSN goes to the TERRIBLE camera angle from the top of the arena; meaning I can’t really see what happened the next time down as Maryland lost the ball. Thanks FSN for your commitment to mediocricy. Peacock fouled by Milbourne, that’s Milbourne’s 3rd personal; and Tech is obviously committed to going inside.

8:52-Lawal with the hoop inside; and Tech re-takes the lead. Vasquez misses from the lane in transition; but he’s fouled by Moe Miller and will shoot two.

8:51-Mosley again does a nice job of getting to the basket; but he has no idea what to do when he meets larger defenders underneath. He’s tied up; and Neal gets a nearly impossible leaner off the inbounds to give Maryland the lead back.

8:50-Not a good start for the Terps; as Moe Miller knocks down the 3 off a curl; and the Jackets take a 32-31 lead. Maryland will have to play up on Tech’s shooters more.

8:49-I am rewarded for coming back from the Grammys by hearing more “Dance Like Michael Jackson.” Does life get any better than that?

8:44-Hayes lead the way for the Terps in the first half with 9; Tucker added 8. The Terps shot 11-30 from the field (36.7%); 6-14 from beyond the arc (42.9%). They were out-rebounded 17-16. The Jackets were lead by Iman Shumpert with 8; they shot 10-24 from the field (41.7%) and 5-10 from outside (50%).

8:31-Dave Neal walks; and Shumpert misses a jumper that would have tied things going to the half. It’s 31-29 at the intermission. I’ll be back in a few.

8:30-Least surprising thing you’ll hear all night: Carrie Underwood is attractive. Apparently she’s some sort of singer as well. Who knew?

8:28-Mosley had the ball underneath; and gave it to Dave Neal. Nothing good happened. No one is surprised. Tucker is short off the front iron on a 3 point attempt; and just when I thought we might have an entertaining game; the ugly snoozer I originally expected has broke back out. Clinch with the ball fake, then he nails a 3. Timeout Tech; they trail 31-29. Terps should be up by 15. I shouldn’t be this angry.

8:24-Tucker with a BAD miss from outside; an airball to be exact. 2:35 to play in the half as we hit the final official timeout of the half and the Terps maintain a 5 point lead.

Chris Martin and Coldplay are performing “Viva La Vida.” Someone should have told Chris Martin not to dress like Christina Aguilera.

8:23-Another dunk by Aminu; 26-20 Terps. Neal finally hits his first outside jumper; 29-20. Storrs responds with a 3 of his own on the other end. 29-23. This game picked up quickly. Tucker with the stop jumper from the baseline; he has 8. Terps 31-23. Storrs drills ANOTHER 3. Jackets within 5.

8:21-Aminu misses the front end of the 1 and 1. You mean there are other teams that do this? Tech turns the ball over again; and Hayes misses in transition; but Gregory gets the hoop on the 2nd putback attempt. Tech finally breaks their field goal drought with a dunk by Aminu. 26-18 as the Terps turn it over again.

8:18-Terps have four players collapse on Lawal after he gets the ball inside. The Terps get the ball on the alternating possession. Nice defense off the zone there. Vasquez again found Gregory; but this time Gregory didn’t look for the ball. Jackets get it back, Brando mentions they haven’t had a field goal in some 7 minutes. Hayes with an outside miss from the wing; and Kim fouls Aminu, Tech’s in the bonus.

8:17-Aminu is 1-2 at the line; and Jin Soo Kim into the game. Nice job by Vasquez of driving the lane, picking up the double team, and finding Gregory beneath the hoop. Gregory was fouled; he makes both at the line. 24-16 Terps.

8:16-It was Rev. Al Green, Justin Timberlake, Keith Urban, and Boyz II Men doing “Let’s Stay Together”. It still makes more sense than Maryland shooting jump shots.

8:13-IS THIS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND THE REVERAND AL GREEN PERFORMING TOGETHER???? Curse the man who scheduled a Maryland game the same night as the Grammys! Ugh!

8:12-Rich, it feels like every time Dino does some positive things, he responds by doing about 5 bad things. We know he has some ability, he just hasn’t been able to play with any consistency.

Vasquez into the action; he makes a 3 to extend the lead to 22-15. Terps called for a foul as we hit the 3rd official timeout.

8:09-How was this guy ever not getting minutes? Tucker with another long 3; extending the lead to 19-15. Peacock drew a holding foul during that possession. Hayes was left alone next time down; but missed the open 3. Neal then BADLY missed a 3 of his own. Which is a worse idea: Maryland taking jump shots, or The Rock hosting an awards show?

8:07-Neal with the block of Lawal on the defensive end; then makes the extra pass to Tucker for the open 3 offensively. 16-13 Terps. Clinch fouled by Hayes next time down; he makes both at the line. 16-15.

8:05-Brando and Gminski take a minute to defend Gary Williams; and when we come back Hayes gets a layup off a run out. 8 points for Hayes, game tied at 13. Brando says Gary wouldn’t talk about his infighting with the Athletic Department before the game. Ray Lewis told Andrea Kramer he wouldn’t talk about free agency at the Pro Bowl. What does everyone want to talk about????

8:03-Le’Ron McClain scored a touchdown in the Pro Bowl; but the AFC lost. U2 is playing their newest smash hit “Get On Your Boots” to open the Grammys. They’re pretty good.

8:02-Alade Aminu into the game; he’s called for an offensive foul before the 2nd official timeout. If Gary says anything in the break besides “STOP TAKING JUMP SHOTS!” he’s wasting his breath.

8:01-Shumpert makes 1 of 2 at the line; he has 8 early. 13-11 Jackets. Mosley pulls up for a long 2; he can’t that to go.

8:00-Tucker into the game; he misses his first three point attempt. Gregory tries wrapping the ball to him under the hoop; but the ball goes out of bounds. WAAAAY too many jump shots early on; this team HAS to be reminded of what they’re supposed to be doing on the offensive end. Shumpert fouled by Vasquez driving the lane.

7:57-I guess I forgot to mention that Vasquez missed his PLUS ONE attempt, sorry about that. Hayes hit just 1-2 at the line before checking out in favor of Bowie. Terps go to a zone; and Shumpert responds with an alley-oop. 11-9. Milbourne had rebounded Hayes’ missed free throw; but traveled after getting it. And what happened to the world’s greatest free throw shooting team we saw at the beginning of the season? Dino Gregory checks in; Iman Shumpert drills a 3 to give Tech their first lead at 12-11. Gary calls his first timeout.

7:55-Thank you Jenn Hildreth for the update that would have been much more important at the top of the game. Bowie had a fever today; which is why he didn’t start. These are the things I don’t like about not being at the game to blog live. He is available tonight. Maurice “Moe” Miller with the 3 to cut the lead to 10-7; Hayes fouled driving to the basket.

7:52-Shumpert knocks down the jumper from the free throw line; but Vasquez responds with a PRETTY reverse layup from underneath the basket. He’s fouled by Lawal and will get a PLUS ONE attempt after the first official timeout. 15:22 to play, 10-4 Terps.

7:50-I don’t like the fluency of the offense without Bowie on the floor. This isn’t a jump-shooting team; it’s a team that should be attacking the basket. Without Bowie; no one appears interested in doing that right now. The Jackets are struggling; which is allowing Maryland to capitalize despite not running their most effective offense.

7:48-Hayes with the step back 3; Terps take a 5-2 advantage. Gary likes having Hayes on the floor offensively; and it pays off with a 2nd shot from outside. 8-2 Terps. Hayes clearly responding to being benched earlier in the week.

7:46-Two bad possessions early for the Terps; including a Lawal block of a Milbourne shot. Milbourne gets the game’s first points as he hits an open jumper after rebounding a missed 3 by Milbourne. Terps fall asleep on defense; and Lawal converts a transition layup but misses the PLUS ONE attempt. 2-2. Mosley misses his first jumper.

7:45-Tech’s lineup: Moe Miller, Lewis Clinch, Iman Shumpert, Zach Peacock, Gani Lawal. Terps make a change in the lineup again; bringing Eric Hayes back into the starting 5 in favor of Adrian Bowie. He’s joined by Sean Mosley, Greivis Vasquez, Landon Milbourne, and Dave Neal.

7:42-Obviously a sign that things are a bit different in College Park due to the economy and the struggles of the team; a spot runs advertising single game tickets on sale. While the Duke and North Carolina games are absolutely sold out; there are a handful of tickets available for the Virginia Tech and Wake Forest games. May I recommend the Virginia Tech game as a chance for an outstanding Valentine’s Day gift?

7:40-What in the hell is this “Dance Like Michael Jackson” song they’ve been playing; and why in God’s name do they think it fits on this broadcast? I get the fact that it is tough to dress up a national game of the week featuring two teams that likely won’t be playing in the NCAA Tournament; but this is just awful…..

7:39-Apparently no one cares that I was actually interested in watching some of the Grammys tonight; as this game isn’t going to tip off until more like 7:45. Does it make me less of a man that I admitted I wanted to watch some of the Grammys?

7:35-The Terps have won 7 straight over the Yellow Jackets; including an ugly 68-61 victory over GTU earlier this season at Comcast Center.

The broadcast opens with a strange “Halftime show” type package with Hildreth learning to rebound from Tech’s Gani Lawal. The show open comes after the first commercial break. I’m not sure who is producing this broadcast; but that was a particularly poor way to open the broadcast. I know the ACC imagined their FSN Sunday Night games to be more of a “show” than a simple game broadcast, but that was just plain bad.

7:00-Tip-off for tonight’s game is at 7:30; I’ll be back shortly to enjoy the game with you. I’m obviously not in Atlanta tonight; but look forward to discussing the game from the comfort of my own sofa.

6:57-Tonight’s game can be seen on Fox Sports Net nationally; Comcast SportsNet here in Baltimore. The great Tim Brando is on the call with Mike Gminski; Jenn Hildreth is working the sidelines.

6:53-The Terps take their 14-8 (3-5 ACC) record down to Alexander Memorial Coliseum in Atlanta tonight for a contest with Paul Hewitt’s 10-11 (1-7) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The Terps are coming off a 17 point loss to North Carolina Tuesday night; Georgia Tech is coming off a loss to Florida State Thursday night after a stunning upset of Wake Forest last weekend.