Maryland Rallies for Crucial 68-61 Win over Georgia Tech

January 10, 2009 | Glenn Clark

2:34-Nothing earth shattering from Gary in his press conference; and no fighting with this particular reporter. I’m gonna wrap early from here and head home; as I don’t want to get stuck in traffic and miss kick-off. I really think this game was won when the Terps took the risk and had Adrian go to the hole with 58 seconds to play; running what’s Gregg Easterbrook (Tuesday Morning Quarterback) might call a “Big Boy Play.” I’ll have more when I get back to the Live Blog compound.

2:13-Gary appears to be a little spent emotionally in his post-game radio interview with Johnny Holliday and Chris Knoche. He says he liked the shots Maryland was getting in the first half; but they just couldn’t knock them down. He credits the minutes Jin Soo Kim and Sean Mosley gave in the 2nd half. He also says “when Eric’s aggressive, his shot falls down.” Gary also credits the win to his “friends on the internet who didn’t think (the Terps) could bounce back.”

2:11-Hayes makes the first; misses the 2nd. Bowie with the rebond; he’s fouled; and makes both. Hayes finishes with 17, Bowie finishes with 11; and the Terps will win 68-61. Classic tale of survival here; and Maryland improves to 12-3, 1-0 in ACC play. Georgia Tech falls to 9-6; 0-2 in ACC play.

2:09-Tech can’t get off a decent shot; and Hayes will be fouled with 6.2 seconds left. Maryland will survive; and I won’t miss kickoff!

2:08-Great job by Hayes and Vasquez of getting the ball; then Vasquez dribbling off ten seconds before being fouled. He hits both; Maryland’s lead is 4 with 17 seconds left. Tech has no timeouts.

2:04-Mosley with the big rebound and he’s fouled; NO-the foul is now called on Mosley!!!!!!! Clinch to the line for 1 and 1; he misses the front end! Neal with the rebound; Tech doesn’t foul; and Mosley throws away the outlet to Bowie! Unreal! The Terps just needed to hold on there and Tech would have had to foul! Terps will get the ball back fortunately as it went out off a Tech defender.

2:03-Shumpert fouls Bowie as he makes his move to the hoop; and he goes to the lane for 2 as the Terps are now in the double bonus. Bowie makes both; he has 9. Terps 63-61 with under a minute to play.

2:02-Bowie goes right to the hole and lays it in; then forces a turnover on the defensive end. Big transition for Maryland; and Gary will call his final :30 timeout with 1:07 to play. He has just his full timeout left. Bowie has 7.

Interesting to see if the Terps go to a struggling Vasquez here; or if this play is called for the hotter Hayes. You’d think they’d want to go to the hoop; but that’s dangerous with Bowie’s 4 fouls as he’s the best slasher.

2:00-Tech gets the ball back with 2:30 to play; and Neal goes in for a steal; misses, and Lawal finishes. He has 14, Tech leads by 2. The Tech defense collapses on Vasquez in the lane and forces a turnover; which is costly with 2 minutes to play.

1:59-Shumpert with a very nice job of getting to the basket; he finishes to tie the game at 59. Neal and Hayes work a good give and go; but Hayes is blocked; and Tech can’t hold on to the ball. Terps re-set with 20 seconds on the shot clock. Milbourne settles for a long jumper; probably not the shot Maryland wants. Tech travels; their 27th turnover.

1:57-Vasquez misses the layup; but Neal is there for the rebound. He’s fouled and hits one of two at the line; Maryland leads 59-57. Paul Hewitt calls his final :30 timeout; he has just the full timeout remaining with 3:22 to play.

1:54-Vasquez with another unnecessary 3 point attempt; and we’ll hit the final official timeout. Maryland leads 58-57; 3:44 to play in this one; which is headed to the wire.

1:53-With the shot clock expiring; Vasquez finds Neal for a good look at a 3; and he knocks it down. 58-57 Maryland.

1:52-Vasquez takes it upon himself to try to do something in the lane; and he misses the floater. Bowie gets into the lane but loses the ball out of bounds. Hayes re-enters for Mosley to a nice response from the crowd.

1:51-Shumpert draws the foul on Vasquez; Hayes exits for Bowie, who has 4 fouls. Shumpert knocks down both at the free throw line; and Tech goes ahead 57-55.

1:50-Hayes is playing out of his mind right now; as he slinks into the lane for another 2. He has 16 on the game. Clinch quiets the crowd by knocking down a 3 on the other end; and we’re tied at 55. Kim misses an open look from 3; he’ll exit for Milbourne.

1:49-Even better; Hayes gets a look for 3 from Vasquez and drills it. Maryland leads 53-52 with under 7 minutes to play; and Kim with the nice help defense.

1:48-The official timeout certainly came at the right time for the Yellow Jackets; as Maryland had clearly been working with momentum; and the crowd was rocking. “Zombie Nation” gets the crowd going again; tying the game would make the place explode.

1:45-Georgia Tech throws the ball away and we’ll hit the 3rd official timeout. 7:34 to play in the game; and Maryland trails 52-50.

1:44-Vasquez gets the freebie to go; he has 14 and Maryland trails by just 5. Mosley with the BIG steal; and Vasquez finds Hayes for 3!!!! Hayes has 11, Maryland within 2.

1:42-Bowie will exit after Mosley draws a foul from Aminu. Both teams are now in the single bonus; and Mosley knocks down both to cut Tech’s lead to 50-44. Mosley has 10.

Miller gets two on the other end after it appeared he had traveled. Vasquez works into the lane for two; he’ll have a PLUS ONE attempt, and he’s fired up.

1:41-Mosley with a rebound and finds Bowie in transition for 2. Bowie comes up with the steal on the inbounds and is called for a VERY questionable player controlled foul; his 4th personal.

1:40-Turnaround jumper from Clinch will extend Tech’s lead to 10 with under 10 minutes to play. Dupree is fouled by Lawal underneath the hoop; he misses both free throws and Tech will get the ball back.

1:39-Mosley with the nice move to the hoop; but can’t finish. Maryland gets the ball back after a tie-up. Milbourne turns the ball over; and the Terps are reeling.

1:37-This game continues to get sloppy; as Maryland came up with the steal; then ran away without the ball. Aminu had a hoop underneath; but Dupree came up with a HUGE block. Terps threw the ball away; Mosley took an offensive foul; and Hayes missed another jumper. Gary will have to bring Vasquez back in out of necessity at this point.

1:34-If the “Maryland will go as far as Greivis Vasquez can take them” adage is true; then today is a good example of Vasquez’s shoulders hurting. He has 11 points; but is just 4-14 from the field and 0-5 from outside.

Georgia Tech has 23 turnovers and an almost double digit lead. That’s about as damning a statistic as I can imagine. Terps throw the ball away again…..

1:33-With Vasquez off the floor; someone has to be willing to be the team’s offense. Hayes misses a pull up jumper; but the Jackets turn the ball over again. We’ll hit the 2nd official timeout with 11:39 to play and Maryland trailing 48-40.

1:31-Hayes with the nice cut to the hoop; and he gets the layup. He has 8. Vasquez leaves another 3 short; and hears it from the crowd. Aminu puts down two more; and Vasquez is booed as he leaves the floor.

1:29-Neal misses another 3; and Mosley is blocked going to the basket. Neal misses a turnaround; and Mosley picks up the 5th team foul going for the rebound. Tech throws a home run pass that Aminu stuffs down to extend the lead to 46-38. Gary is forced to call his 3rd timeout; seriously needing his Terps to put together a run.

1:26-Mosley draws the offensive foul on Lewis Clinch; that’s Georgia Tech’s 4th team foul of teh half. Mosley brings the ball up; and it goes out of bounds of a Jacket. Vasquez with the curl move finds an open Mosley outside; but he’s too strong on a 3 point attempt; and Kim can’t hold on to the rebound; but comes up with a big block on the other end. Vasquez misses a layup in transition; and Lawal scores under the hoop. He has 12. Tech leads 44-38.

1:21-Clemson has a 35-33 lead over NC State in the 2nd half in other ACC action. Duke plays Florida State later; Virginia Tech plays Virginia.

Vasquez feeds Mosley for a hoop inside; Mosley has 8 and the Terps pull within 4 at 42-38. Jin Soo Kim with good pressure, and the Jackets are forced to call timeout. They have just 2 left.

1:19-Sorry I’m late getting back; I had to do a Ravens-related radio interview for a station on the West Coast. Georgia Tech has extended their lead to 42-33 thanks to a hoop PLUS ONE from Clinch. Vasquez is CLEARLY frustrated and taking more ill-advised shots; but Hayes just knocked down his own 3. Jin Soo Kim has re-entered early; but Landon Milbourne and Adrian Bowie have each drawn their 3rd personal fouls. 42-36 with 15:38 to play as we hit our first official timeout of the 2nd half.

12:54-Hayes finds a cutting Vasquez; but he can’t knock down a lay-up attempt. 31-26 Yellow Jackets at the half; and Maryland will HAVE to find some offense during the intermission break. I’ll be back in a bit with some halftime observations.

12:53-Nice move by Shumpert to get a hoop underneath the basket; but Kim misses a 3 on the other end. Hayes FINALLY knocks down a 3; his first hoop of the half. But Aminu responds on the other end with a bucket and draws the foul from Kim. He’ll have a PLUS ONE attempt; which he misses. Maryland will hold for the last shot trailing by 5.

12:51-Hayes passes on ANOTHER outside jumper; and Neal leaves ANOTHER outside jumper short. Neal finds Milbourne inside for 2; he has 6 and Maryland cuts Georgia Tech’s lead to 4. Jin Soo Kim enters particularly early; after Milbourne fouls Aminu inside.

12:49-Aminu throws the ball away trying to feed Storrs inside. Tech has 15 turnovers…..and a 9 point lead! Neal leaves an outside jumper short again; but the Terps force a turnover inside. In transition; Mosley is hit hard going to the hoop but manages to get the shot to go down. He’ll go to the free throw line for a PLUS ONE attempt; which he knocks down. He has 6; Georgia Tech’s lead is 27-21 as Maryland’s press forces another turnover.

12:46-Mosley passes on a jumper; and eventually throws the ball away. 3:41 to play as we reach the final official timeout of the half. Georgia Tech’s lead is 27-18.

12:44-A miss from Vasquez is followed by another TERRIBLE inside miss from Dupree; who is working his way back to single digit minutes as we speak. That’s followed by a 3 from Clinch; and Gary calls timeout with Georgia Tech extending their lead to 27-18. The close misses from Dupree have to be approaching double digits over the last two games.

12:42-Mosley with the nice steal on the inbounds pass; and Mosley fouled going to the hoop. He misses the first, but gets the roll on the 2nd. Moe Miller was called for the foul. Milbourne gets a steal and he’s fouled. 24-18; Georgia Tech now has 6 team fouls with 4:29 to play in the half.

12:41-Another outside miss from Hayes, and Clinch gets a hoop on the other end. Milbourne misses a mid-range jumper; and Lawal gets his 7th and 8th points inside. Bowie misses another 3; Maryland is 0-10 from beyond the arc at this point. Tech on a 6-0 run; their lead is 24-17.

12:38-Good hands by Clinch to knock away a pass from Gregory; and Maryland re-sets. Vasquez gets the ball underneath; but is tied-up. Hayes passes on a 3 despite having a screen; and ends up airballing a jumper from the free throw line as the shot clock expired. Lawal gets a hoop over Maryland’s interior defense; and they extend their lead to 20-17. Lawal has 6.

12:35-We hit the 3rd official timeout of the first half; with Maryland trailing 18-17. Vasquez needs to knock down an outside jumper to keep the Yellow Jackets honest-heck, ANYONE on this Maryland team needs to knock down an outside jumper. Their solid outside shooting has REALLY gone south in the last two games.

12:33-Lawal is called for a travel in a one on one situation with Neal; and Vasquez returns the favor going to the hoop on the other end. Vasquez has 9 early on.

12:31-Vasquez can’t find the handle on a 3 ball; but Georgia Tech throws the ball away. Neal misses a long jumper; and Mosley is there to clean it up for 2. After another Georgia Tech turnover; Eric Hayes eludes trouble with a home run pass to Gregory; who feeds Vasquez for a lay-up. Comcast Center is rocking as the Yellow Jackets take a timeout; their lead is just 18-17 with 8:22 to play.

12:29-A pull up jumper from Bowie won’t down, but Georgia Tech fails on an alley-oop attempt the other way. Bowie misses another lay-up; and Georgia Tech retains possession on a tie-up.

Dave Neal with a jumper from the wing for his first two points; then the Maryland press draws a foul from Shumpert on Hayes. 18-13 GTU with 9:34 to play in the half. Dino Gregory enters.

12:27-Maurice Miller drives the lane-and despite 3 Maryland defenders greeting him; he somehow draws a foul from Adrian Bowie. He hits one of two at the line; and Mosley draws a non-shooting foul from Miller on the other end.

12;25-Rich; I get the feeling that Mosley needed a non-conference game where HE was the go-to scorer. Mike Jones would steal a few games like that from Nik Caner-Medley every now and then; and Mosley might need the same from Vasquez.

Vasquez hits both of his free throws (What’s new?) and Maryland trails 17-11.

12:22-Hayes finds Milbourne for a jumper from the free throw line which he knocks down; but Nick Foreman slips out for an open 3 on the other end. A curl move gets Hayes another good look at a jumper, but he misses again. Hayes comes up with a solid steal defensively; but the Terps turn the ball over and Lawal throws down a dunk. Vasquez is fouled on the offensive end; and we hit the 2nd official timeout with Tech leading 17-9.

12:21-Vasquez feeds Tucker for a VERY nice reverse layup; but Tucker can’t get it to go. Lawal takes the ball the other way for a breakaway jam; and Maryland finally gets something going after a Mosley steal turns into a Vasquez hoop PLUS ONE. Georgia Tech calls timeout leading 12-7 with 13 minutes to play in the first half.

12:20-Mosley throws the ball away after another nice move to get down the floor. So much for the Charlotte game being the game that builds his confidence.

12:18-Mosley with a nice move; but misses a pull up jumper in the lane. Shumpert responds by knocking down a 3; and Georgia Tech takes a 10-4 lead. Gary takes his first timeout.

12:17-Aminu hits both, then exits for Bassirou Dieng. Braxton Dupree enters and misses ANOTHER two foot jumper; then Clinch gets another hoop and Vasquez is called for a travel. 7-4 Georgia Tech.

12:16-Another bad long jumper-this one from Neal-after Mosley passed on popping a jump shot. Aminu works his way into the lane and draws Milbourne’s first foul. Two shots.

12:13-Sean Mosley into the game and picks up his first foul away from the ball. We hit the first official timeout with Maryland leading 4-3.

12:11-Neal found himself open outside but couldn’t knock down his first 3 point attempt. Georgia Tech followed with two chances on their end; and then Vasquez is called for a player control foul. Next time down Vasquez uses a hop step to get into the lane for 2; and Maryland leads 4-3.

12:09-Lewis Clinch gets called for a walk underneath the hoop; then Hayes is stuffed trying to drive to the hole on Maryland’s next possession. After a bad game Wednesday night; Hayes is showing some aggressiveness early; but it is yet to pay off. Good interior defense from Dave Neal is followed by an UGLY airball miss of a 3 point shot by Vasquez. NO need to force something like that.

12:07-Dave Neal already to the floor to control the opening tip; but a Hayes floater goes awry. Storrs drills a 3 over Vasquez; but Milbourne responds with a baseline jumper and Georgia Tech leads 3-2.

12:06-Today’s game is being televised by Raycom (WNUV 54; Comcast Channel 14 in Baltimore County); Tim Brant and Dan Bonner are on the call.

12:03-Paul Hewitt’s lineup has Lewis Clinch and Iman Shumpert in the backcourt; Lance Storrs and Alade Aminu at the forwards; and Gani Lawal in the middle.

Gary Williams’ Terps stick with the Dave Neal-Landon Milbourne-Adrian Bowie-Eric Hayes-Greivis Vasquez lineup they’ve used for weeks now.

11:49-Ten minutes or so away from tip; and I’m at Comcast Center in College Park; where Exree Hipp is currently receiving a very nice ovation from the Maryland faithful after being introduced as the Honorary Captain.

I know there’s another pretty important game today; but let’s get through this first. Maryland opens ACC play today vs. Georgia Tech; desperately needing to wash away their terrible loss to Morgan State Wednesday night. Maryland brings an 11-3 record into today’s game; Paul Hewitt’s Yellow Jackets are 9-5 and coming off a win over Georgia earlier in the week.