Terps Overwhelm George Washington to End BB&T Funk

December 07, 2008 | Glenn Clark

9:26-Not a whole lot can be said about this one tonight; as Maryland just outplayed George Washington from start to finish. You would have liked to have seen the Terps remain more disciplined late in the game; but you certainly can’t fault a team too much for losing focus in a blowout win.

Particularly impressive was the fact that a number of Terps reached double digits; instead of Greivis having to do all of the scoring. The offense they were running to get Hayes open looks early is the type of offense they should be able to run throughout the season to get Hayes, Bowie, Mosley, etc. open looks.

The Terps are off this week before facing Delaware State Friday night. Hopefully Braxton Dupree will be out of Gary’s doghouse by then. Dino Gregory and Dave Neal have played well, but the Terps could really use Dupree’s body if nothing else.

Talk to you later tonight with a 15-7-0.


9:22-Braxton Dupree finally enters the game late; Gary won’t be able to use the “skipped a class” excuse this time around. In fairness, when asked about missing Wednesday night’s game; Dupree didn’t really seem like he understood what was wrong.

It’s a final, 76-53 for the Terps; who improve to 6-2 overall. Quick final thoughts coming.

9:21-Jin Soo Kim finally into the game; he misses a 3. Vasquez’s night is over; he finished with 17 points and 11 boards; his 2nd straight double double.

9:18-Colonials get one of two at the line from Opoku then a hoop plus one from Taylor to cut the lead to 25 again at 71-46. Cliff Tucker finally gets on the board with a hoop inside. Maryland continues to maintain a sizeable lead; while I continue to maintain a football distraction. We’re under 2 minutes to play.

9:11-We know Gary is pleased with what Sean Mosley has done rebounding the ball; and we can tell that he sees the court pretty well. But Mosley REALLY needs to work on finishing at the hoop; and also at hitting jumpers. He HAS to be more of a threat offensively; just to make him more of a complete player. He stays on the snide with a miss on the front end of a 1 and 1.

9:10-Sean Mosley misses a lay-up; he remains scoreless on the night; but Milbourne gets a 2nd chance hoop to make the lead 29 at 71-42.

9:09-Vasquez finds the ball underneath the hoop and puts it in to make the lead 27 again. He is tied for the game high with 17; and is one of 4 Terps in double digits tonight.

9:08-Vasquez hits 2 at the free throw line; he has 15 and the Terps lead is 27 again at 67-40 with under 6 minutes to play. Wilmore responds with a jumper on the other to cut the lead back down to 25.

9:06-Diggs hits a jumper off a curl move; he leads the Colonials with 10 and the Terps’ lead is cut to 65-40.

9:02-The defense inside has been impressive for the Terps as we have about 8 minutes left; but rebounding has remained an issue; especially considering the fact that the Colonials aren’t a particularly big team. The stats say the Terps have a 31-27 lead in rebounding; but they should have about 8-10 more.

9:00-Maryland’s lead is cut to 25 thanks to a free throw from Alexander; then Dave Neal finally gets on the board with a hoop, but is called for an offensive foul almost immediately afterwards. He keeps the hoop. 65-38.

8:55-As Bob and John said before the game; this George Washington team is not expected to be particularly good. In fact, they were picked 11th preseason in the A-10. But with Maryland having lost two straight to the Colonials, and with GW having the typical “you didn’t want us” reasons to want to play tougher; you still didn’t know what to expect. I don’t imagine a game like tonight will stick out for Maryland RPI-wise at the end of the season; but it will hopefully help them improve moving forward.

8:53-Noel Wilmore adds a hoop to cut the lead to 63-37 for the Terps. Maryland could really use a feel good game like this; and hopefully a game like tonight shows progress Maryland is making shooting the ball. Unfortunately, this is probably just the type of night where early good shooting became infectious. I think they’d be happy with that about every night.

8:50-A loose ball just happens to bounce into the hands of Vasquez, who drills a 3, now has 13; and Maryland’s lead is 28 at 63-35.

8:49-Hayes goes inside to Milbourne for 2; who is tied with Bowie for a game high now with 15 points. King and Bowie trade hoops; so Bowie now has 17 and Maryland leads 60-35.

8:45-Bowie shows good hustle defensively; stripping the ball like Ed Reed. However unlike Ed Reed; he couldn’t return it for a TD. Instead, GW gets the ball back. It is harder to watch two games at once than I thought it would be.

8:43-Gary would love to bottle this shooting night up; as Milbourne adds another 3. It’s now 56-31 Terps; their biggest lead of the game. Opoku gets a hoop off an offensive rebound; 56-33 now. Greivis was just called for palming for the 2nd time tonight; Maryland needs to hope that more refs don’t start making similar calls.

8:40-Hayes adds two free throws, he leads the Terps with 13; who lead 50-29. That won’t last long, as Bowie finds a rebound under the hoop, lays the ball back in, and adds the plus one to give him 15 and the Terps a 53-29 advantage. Tony Taylor with the TOUGH hoop on the other end; he’ll get the chance to add a plus one as well; but misses.

8:38-Travis King strips Bowie on the Terps’ first possession; but Milboune gets a hoop and is fouled on the Terps’ 2nd possession. He adds the plus one; but Wynton Witherspoon responds with a 3 on the other end 48-29 Maryland.

8:33-Let’s all agree to root for GW to accept their fate and not try to foul and extend this game. Let’s root to see Jin Soo Kim, Steve Goins, and David Pearman early.

8:31-16/31 from the field, 7/12 from beyond the arc for the Terps. Here’s a poll question for you tonight….who jumped out to a quicker start: Maryland is running to a 20 point first half lead over GW or the Ravens in forcing a turnover and scoring a TD in about 3 and a half minutes against the Redskins?

8:12-Right on cue, a sloppy possession is bailed out when Adrian Bowie ends up with the ball and drills a 3 at the buzzer. 45-26 Maryland. No halftime analysis from me. Maryland is clearly a better team than GW, and I’m going to watch the Ravens for a few minutes.

8:20-Gregory hits 1 of 2 at the free throw line; Diggs responds with a hoop inside. 42-26, Maryland can basically hold for the last shot.

8:17-Bowie hits 2 at the free throw line; Maryland’s lead is 41-24. GW shows a bit of a press on the other end; then Jerome Burney takes an outside jumper and misses badly. That wasn’t the shot they wanted there.

8:15-Wilmore misses a free throw, then nails an off-balance 3 to cut Maryland’s lead to 39-22. Vasquez rushes a 3 and airballs it; then Aaron Ware gets a hoop on the other end. Gary calls timeout clearly frustrated with Maryland’s lazy play due to their big lead. 39-24 now with less than 3 minutes to play in the half.

8:11-Bowie with a soft touch on another coast to coast lay-up. He has 7, the Terps lead by 20. We hit the final official timeout of the half; and I’m about to pull up NFL.com to see kickoff of the Ravens game. I’ll keep blogging for both of you who will still be reading.

8:09-Xavier Alexander goes inside and draws a foul on Cliff Tucker; who has entered the game. Tucker has seen his minutes cut in recent games, you have to wonder if Gary will use this stretch before the start of ACC play to get him some more minutes. Alexander missed both from the charity stripe.

8:08-Milbourne forces a steal, but then settles for a long jumper. Maryland is forcing so many turnovers and missed shots early that they are getting a bit lazy on the offensive side and forcing things instead of running their offense like they were doing early on.

8:06-Diggs with the hoop and PLUS one that extended through the 3rd official timeout. Maryland is then guilty of a shot clock violation; which Carpenter points out is Maryland’s first turnover; almost 14 minutes into the game. Vasquez hits another 3 from the corner, he now has 10 and the Terps lead 37-19.

8:01-Opoku stuffs one home in the lane; but then Gregory goes high off the backboard for a hoop inside. 32-16 Maryland as the pace remains frenetic. Mosley misses a long jumper, but Milbourne collects the rebound and puts the ball home to make things 34-16.

8:00-Bowie goes coast to coast off a missed 3 by Wilmore; draws a goaltending call and gets to the free throw line where he sinks a plus one. He has 5 points, Maryland leads 30-14.

7:57-Gregory uses a nice ball fake to draw a foul; makes both freebies and extends Maryland’s lead to 27-14. Gregory played particularly well Wednesday night when Dupree was benched for skipping a class; and has been solid inside thus far while Dupree again sits on the bench.

7:55-Hollis makes two free throws; then Greivis follows with a LONG 3 to make Maryland’s lead 23-14. Bowie falls wih an underneath lay-up to make the lead 11 and force Karl Hobbs to call timeout. So far GW has done a nice job of attacking Maryland’s press; not trying to pass through it. Jerome Burney into the game; you REALLY have to wonder what is going on with Braxton Dupree.

7:49-Hayes hits another jumper; this time from the free throw line. He has 11; 4/4 from the field, and Maryland leads 20-12. They like the pace; but might not want to get into a shooting contest with GW. On the next possession Hayes finally misses from outside. GW is attacking Maryland’s pressure and draws a foul as we hit the 2nd official timeout.

7:47-Diggs hits 1-2 at the line, Vasquez follows with a coast to coast lay-up; but then GW gets consecutive hoops from Diggs and Noel Wilmore to make things 18-12.

7:45-Gary said after the Michigan game that he was happy to see Eric Hayes keep shooting even though he was struggling because “shooters have to shoot.” Hayes just hit his 3rd longball early on; giving him 9. Hollis responded with a 3 on the other end; making Maryland’s lead 13-6. And on their next possession; Milbourne drills a 3 to give the Terps a 16-6 lead. Baltimore’s Dino Gregory and Sean Mosley were the first Terps off the bench in this game.

7:43-If you haven’t heard; the Maryland football team DID accept a bid to play in the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl December 30 in Boise against Nevada. Enjoy the trip, wish I could make it.

7:42-At the official timeout, Feinstein informs us that they do not know why GW Forward Rob Diggs didn’t start tonight’s game; but he believes Diggs is the Colonials’ best player.

7:40-Damian Hollis gets a THIRD chance hoop for the Colonials, but Landon Milbourne responds with a jumper to make things 4-4 again. Opoku picks up his 2nd foul with little more than 3 minutes into the game as Adrian Bowie goes to the hoop; and Eric Hayes hits a long 3 when the Terps get the ball after the foul. Hayes hits a 2nd three pointer in 19 seconds; he has 6 now and the Terps lead 10-4 as Hobbs calls timeout.

7:38-Hermann Opoku opens the game’s scoring with a tip-in; then Greivis Vasquez responds with a lay-up to make things 2-2. Gary Williams went with Dave Neal again in the starting lineup instead of Braxton Dupree. GW Coach Karl Hobbs has to be pleased with his team’s rebounding intensity thus far.

7:31-I ended up not making the trip to DC tonight; I’ll save that story for another time. Instead, I’ll be blogging this game from my couch; and I’ll put Ravens-Redskins on the computer next to me at 8:15. The Terps and Colonials meet tonight in the BB&T Classic at the Verizon Center. The game is on MASN; with Bob Carpenter and John Feinstein calling the action. Maryland has struggled in the BB&T Classic in recent years, they have won just 2 of their last 9 games in the event. They bring a 5-2 record into the game, GW is 3-1; but not quite as good as they have been in past years.