Terps Suffer Another Unthinkable Collapse; Lose to Miami After Blowing 17 Point Lead

January 14, 2009 | Glenn Clark

Miami’s 62-60 comeback win over Maryland is NOT the type of loss that will make me react by calling for Gary Williams’ head. But I can’t help but remember how Maryland used to be the type of team that would WIN games like this; not blow 15+ point 2nd half leads twice in the span of 7 days.

Much like he said after the Morgan State loss; Gary will have to ask his Terps to push this one out of memory. Clemson hit some unbelievable shots to pull off this stunner; and Gary can’t fault his Terps for that. But he can fault his team for getting “happy”, like he said they did against Morgan. With big leads, Maryland MUST continue to attack the basket. Attempting only 6 free throws in a game is COMPLETELY unacceptable for one of the best free throw shooting teams in the country. Greivis is the best free throw shooter in the COUNTRY; but did not attempt a single free throw. Their screens were lazy; and that prevented Greivis from being able to get to the hoop.

This will be another one that the Terps will remember as we head towards Selection Sunday. They HAVE to win these games. They HAVE to know they can finish. This almost makes Saturday’s game at Florida State a “must win”, as they can’t afford to continue to lose confidence at the start of ACC play.

There’s nothing else to say. This happened. It’s not as bad as the Clemson game last year; as I didn’t think Maryland could win at Miami to begin with. It also happened earlier in the year. Maryland once blew a 10 point lead in the final minute at home against Duke; but had so much season to bounce back that they eventually made the Final Four. I don’t think this team can do something like that, but they CAN bounce back.

We just have to sit back and wonder if they will.

Maryland falls to 12-4 overall; 1-1 in ACC play. Miami improves to 13-3 overall; 2-1 in ACC play.

Talk to you in the morning.


10:53-Adrian Bowie lead the way with 23 for the Terps (10/15 from the field); chipping in 5 rebounds before fouling out. Greivis Vasquez had 15 points (just 6/14 from the field); along with 6 assists and 5 boards. Landon Milbourne had 8 points and 7 rebounds, Eric Hayes added 7 points. The Terps finished just 4/6 from the free throw line.

As a team, Miami finished 10-22 from beyond the arc. Jack McClinton had 18 points (4/7 from outside himself), Lance Hurdle added 10. Dwayne Collins had 6 points and 9 boards, James Dews had 8 points and 5 boards. Thomas chipped in 8 points, Asbury 6.

10:51-Vasquez got a long look; it hit back iron. Maryland had a 52-35 lead with 12:32 to play; and lose 62-60. For those scoring at home, the Canes finished on a 27-8 run. It’s probably best that I’m not there tonight to ask Gary a question; or else I imagine I’d get snapped at.

10:50-They’ll need a screen. They’ve made only 4 free throw attempts tonight. That’s not a winning number.

10:49-Vasquez misses a shot, 2.1 seconds left; they’ll inbound the ball. Miami calls timeout. This will absolutely now be a 3 point attempt. Someone will have the chance to save the Terps from another unthinkable collapse. Anyone have any confidence at this point?

10:49-Terps have called their final timeout; they won’t have one to take if they end up in trouble.

10:48-McClinton with a DAGGER 3 off a curl. Wow. This kid is UNREAL. That shot ranks with Oglesby’s for Clemson last year as one of the worst finishers I’ve ever seen against a Maryland team. This will be Greivis’ shot to take; but it should be something moving towards the basket. 20.5 seconds to play. 62-60 Miami.

10:47-Hayes calmly knocks the first free throw down; followed by the 2nd. 41 seconds left, Maryland by 1.

10:46-Terps go to full court press and get a quick steal. Hayes moves towards the hoop and is fouled by Hurdle. 5th team foul for Miami; but Hayes will shoot two.

10:44-Steal and a hoop for Hurdle; and Miami now leads 59-58. Terps need a miracle. That’s Miami’s first lead of the game. Bowie goes to the hoop and is called for an offensive foul; which will be his 5th of the game; he fouls out. 53 seconds to play, Bowie finishes his night with 23 points. Terps ABSOLUTELY have to have a stop here.

10:43-McClinton with ANOTHER huge 3 off a curl. You just knew that shot was going down. Maryland’s lead is just one at 58-57. How many times have we watched this team blow big 2nd half leads???

10:42-Bowie tries to find Milbourne inside; and the ball goes out of bounds off of him. Miami gets the ball again; and things are very sweaty…..

10:40-McClinton misses a 3; and Hayes gets a big rebound. This will be Vasquez’s game to control now; and he misses a long 3. Mosley gets the rebound, and Milbourne eventually gets a bucket. Under 3 minutes to play; Maryland 58-51. Hurdle answers with a 3 on the other end. 2:20 to play; Maryland’s lead is down to 58-54. They continue to try to slow things down, which is not working.

10:39-This is tough to watch. The Terps HAVE to get a steal. They HAVE to get a block. They HAVE to get something that will turn into transition points right now. Miami has a clear advantage both shooting outside and working for points inside. Under 4 minutes to play, and this thing can go either way.

10:36-FINALLY a bucket from Maryland. Bowie slides into the lane and hits a floater. He has 23; Maryland 56-49. A bad shot by McClinton is airballed and brought down by Collins; who dunks it home. 56-51 Maryland; and the Terps turn the ball over. Bowie fouls McClinton as he starts his way to the hoop; that’s Bowie’s 4th personal, Maryland’s 5th team foul. Miami ball at the last official timeout; and the Terps are in a BAD position.

10:34-And just like that; Miami is officially back in this game. McClinton drains a LONG 3 point attempt; and Miami is within 5 at 54-49. Gary calls ANOTHER timeout; McClinton has 12-that was his first field goal of the 2nd half.

10:33-Milbourne can’t get a shot to go; but Bowie does a nice job to save the ball of a Miami defender. With no inside game; running the halfcourt offense is PAINFUL to watch right now. Bowie finally makes a move to the hoop; and is completely bailed out by a foul from Collins with 1 second left on the shot clock. That long possession ends with Vasquez kicks to Neal; who misses a 3 point attempt.


“Our boys” looked really good until 3 minutes ago; when Miami started draining 3’s, and the Terps went sour on the offensive end after slowing things down. They are tiring a bit; and must pick up the energy and intensity to re-establish control of this one.

10:30-Vasquez draws a blocking foul on Thomas; and we hit the 3rd official timeout. Maryland trying to weather the storm right now…

10:29-Crowd in Coral Gables finally comes alive, and Dupree helps out with an AWFUL shot attempt inside. Maryland gets a big defensive stop; and needs a hoop to end this run.

10:27-Vasquez draws a 2nd defender and kicks to Mosley, who again misses a jumper. Hurdle DRILLS a 3 on the other end; and Gary will take ANOTHER timeout. Lead is back to single digits at 54-46 with 7:53 to play. Terps have to keep the energy up; and can’t keep letting Miami knock down 3’s.

10:26-Maryland, Miami trading missed field goals right now; they although Dews knocks down another 3 before Gary takes a timeout with 8:36 to play in the game. The lead is down to 11 at 54-43. Gary needs to remind his team that there is still time to go in this one; and they have to continue to work.

10:24-Miami goes to pressure, Maryland misses a shot. Dews knocks down a 3; but Bowie drives to the hoop after Maryland breaks the press on the other end. Canes seem content to jack 3 point shots. 54-40 Maryland.

10:22-Maybe Maryland’s 2nd half against Georgia Tech was more than just an “escape.” Maybe something really did click with the Terps to wake them up moving forward. They’ve been a totally different team since the opening tip tonight; but they can’t afford to just rest on their 15 point lead right now. They held the ball for almost 30 seconds on their last possession before Bowie moved to the hoop. This isn’t yet the time of the game when you start taking the air out of the ball. There’s still more than 10 minutes to play; and Jack McClinton is just looking to knock down a couple jump shots.

10:20-Bowie again goes to the lane and JUST can’t get a layup to fall. Hurdle goes to the floor on the other end; but Neal stands his ground and draws the offensive foul. We hit the 2nd official timeout of the half; with Maryland maintaining their 15 point lead.

10:19-12:30 to play as the Canes call a timeout with things BADLY not going their way. Terps have done a very nice job of limiting what McClinton can do; and the Canes have yet to find another main scoring option. Dews gets a teardrop for his first hoop; Terps 52-37.

10:15-Vasquez on the curl catches and drills a 3 point attempt. Vasquez has 15, Maryland gets their biggest lead of the game at 48-32. Thomas answers with a 3 of his own; then Bowie with the 30 foot drive for a layup. Bowie has 19; Maryland’s lead is 50-35. Gregory goes to the hoop and bangs home a basket inside; and Maryland’s lead is 52-35, again their biggest of the game.

10:14-Bowie picks up a blocking foul along the sideline. Terps have to be careful that their transition game doesn’t become sloppy play. Jones slides in for an easy floater; he then blocks Gregory inside on the other end.

10:13-Asbury hit just one of two at the line to help the Terps again; and Bowie with the VERY nice drop-step (thanks Steve Martin) to get into the lane for two more. He has 17; Maryland 45-30. Thomas fouls Milbourne next time down after Graham misses a 3. Loose ball foul on Gregory going for a rebound.

10:11-CORRECTION: It was a SIXTH chance; Asbury was fouled by Landon Milbourne. Possessions like that will allow Miami the chance to make a run in the 2nd half; as Maryland HAS to make the Canes pay for their inability to convert inside. In the first half; they did a nice job of throwing their arms and bodies around on the glass; even if they couldn’t softly haul down rebounds. They need to continue that “junkyard” style of rebounding.

10:09-Canes KILL Terps on offensive glass; getting a 5th chance and then Asbury drawing a foul. Absolutely inexcusable defensive possession for Maryland here; as we hit the 1st official timeout of the 2nd half with Maryland maintaining their 14 point lead but Miami heading to the free throw line.

10:07-McGowan dunks home an Asbury miss; but Bowie responds with a 3. Bowie has 15, Maryland leads 40-27. Miami doing a nice job of creating space thus far in the 2nd half; and Asbury knocks down a jumper from the top of the key. Milbourne misses a long jumper on the other end, and the Terps double Jack McClinton. In transition; Vasquez knocks down a 3; and Maryland leads 43-29. Vasquez has 12.

10:05-Collins with a dunk to open scoring in the 2nd half; Terps’ lead down to 10. Vasquez responds with a turnaround jumper in the lane; he has 9 and Maryland extends the lead to 12 again.

10:04-The Terps are 15-30 from the field (50%); 3-9 from beyond the arc (33.3%); and 2-4 from the free throw line (50%)-all free throw attempts coming from Bowie; and Maryland will need to improve that.

9:58-Taking a look at other scores around the ACC tonight; Duke rallied from an early deficit to win 70-56 at Georgia Tech; the Blue Devils are now 3-0 in ACC play. Virginia Tech got a 62-48 non-conference win over Richmond. Wake leads Boston College 47-27 on the road; the Deacs might be proving they’re the best team in the league right now. The Terps are looking to improve to 2-0 in league play, Miami is trying to avoid falling to 1-2.

9:48-TERRIBLE set to end the half. Hayes was the man to make the penetration; and all the Terps could muster was a long jumper from the top of the key by Gregory; who missed. Still a very good half for the Terps; who head to the locker room with a surprising 35-23 lead. We remember that tonight is Maryland’s first REAL road game of the season; and they look very comfortable despite the lack of electricity inside the BankUnited Center. I’ll be back shortly with numbers and analysis.

9:46-Jump ball gives Maryland possession with 35.2 seconds to play. They can basically hold for the final shot of the half; and Gary Williams calls timeout to try to set up a play. I expect Gary will look to have Bowie or Vasquez go to the hoop; with a kick option to Hayes or Milbourne. They won’t do anything until there are about 12 seconds on the game clock though. Miami responds with a timeout after seeing Maryland’s set.

9:44-Tucker misses a 3; but Milbourne is right there inside to clean it up for 2. He has 6; Maryland by 12. Gminski points out that Miami still has NO points in 2nd chance situations. Thomas misses a 3; and Asbury is called for a foul fighting for the rebound. Bowie misses a long 3 on the offensive end; less than a minute to play.

9:42-Vasquez called for a travel inside; then off a Miami turnover Vasquez finds Bowie for a dunk in transition. Bowie’s 12 are the difference in this game.

McClinton clearly desires to take things over; and Vasquez is trying to stay with him, but is called for a checking foul. The Terps will need to help Vasquez on McClinton; as McClinton can absolutely go off. He knocks down both free throws and has 9. 33-23 Maryland.

9:41-Bowie leaves his first free throw short again before connecting on shot number 2. 10 for Bowie; Maryland by 12. McClinton can’t get the handle on a 3; but does a nice job of creating space to knock down a falling jumper. He has 7; 31-21 Maryland.

9:38-Miami has been smart to work inside in the first half; knowing Maryland’s interior defense and defensive rebounding have been particularly porous this season. But the Terps have mostly responded; “junking up” the offensive boards with blocks, tips, and loose balls. They’re better off trying to use their athleticism on the glass than their size and strength; which are lacking. So far, they’ve batted the ball around and that has been to their benefit.

9:37-Bowie out of control but bailed out when he’s fouled by Miami. 3:52 to play in the half; and Adrian will head to the free throw line after the 4th official timeout.

9:35-Bowie with the move to the basket-can’t get the shot to go; but draws the foul. He misses his first free throw, but connects on the 2nd. He has 9; Maryland’s lead is 9. Bowie REALLY seemed to change the way he shot the basketball early in the season; but has reverted back to bad habits from the field and the free throw line. Miami turns the ball over again; then Milbourne hits the turnaround jumper to give the Terps their biggest lead of the game; 30-11.

9:34-McClinton tries to go to the hoop but can’t get off a good shot attempt; then Gregory blocks Hurdle the next time down. Milbourne with a flip from just inside the free throw line; and he’s FINALLY in the scoring books as Maryland extends the lead to 27-19.

9:32-Vasquez never really got the screen from Milbourne thanks to nice movement defensively by Miami; but he goes to the hole for 2 anyway. On the other end; Milbourne blocks TWO shots before an Asbury miss ends the possession. Miami gets an inside bucket from McGowan next time down; and Bowie is called for a player control foul. 25-19 Miami with 6:19 to play as Gregory checks in for Neal.

9:29-7:42 to play as we hit the 3rd official timeout. Dave Neal stepped in to draw an offensive foul from McGowan before the timeout. 23-17 Maryland.

No points and not even a SHOT ATTEMPT from Landon Milbourne thus far. The Terps are certainly better when he’s involved offensively; and will need a contribution from him.

Also, sounds like a good Maryland contingent in Miami tonight. I don’t think Steve Blake’s family is at the game; but it sounds like some Maryland alumni in the Sunshine State have traveled down to Coral Gables.

9:28-Miami continues to help Maryland at the free throw line; as Hurdle misses both and Milbourne corrals the rebound. Asbury blocks Vasquez from behind; then Mosley misses a transition jumper the next time down after blocking a transition hoop attempt by the Canes. It’s the Good Mosley/Bad Mosley show again so far.

9:26-Asbury with a tough basket; and draws the foul. He adds the PLUS one; and Miami is within 23-17. Dave Neal misses a 3 point attempt; Milbourne can’t do anything with the offensive rebound; and Hayes fouls Hurdle in transition.

9:24-McClinton with the pull up jumper; and Miami cuts the lead to 21-14. Gregory throws the ball away looking for Dupree; and Vasquez will check back in. McClinton is the type of dangerous scorer that can hit baskets in bunches if this becomes a slower halfcourt game. Collins works under the hoop and draws the foul from Dupree. Collins misses both; then misses a layup attempt after getting his own long rebound. Dave Neal gets a layup in transition to make this a 9 point game again.

9:23-Mosley gives good help D on Collins to get Miami to throw the ball away for a back court violation. Nice help there as Gminski calls Mosley the “hot” man defensively. Mosley cools off quickly; as he misses an EASY dunk on the offensive end.

9:21-I KNOW why Gary likes having Dave Neal on the floor. He’s a security blanket, he’s a hard worker, and he’s a gutty kid. But he is an absolute liability on both sides of the floor. Maryland MUST get production from Braxton Dupree, Dino Gregory, and/or Jerome Burney (when he’s healthy) to limit Neal’s minutes. Gregory chicks in at the timeout.

9:19-Vasquez hoists a 3 and misses; but James Dews airballs one on the other end. Tucker drills a 3 the next time down; and after Sean Mosley is called for a foul we hit the 2nd official timeout with Maryland leading 21-12.

9:17-Bowie with the steal and layup; he has 8; Maryland’s lead is 8. Hurdle cuts it to 6 with a pretty jumper. Sean Mosley checks into the game for the Terps; who have had very active hands-which is particularly helpful for a transition team. Cliff Tucker also into the game.

9:15-Hayes drives and dishes to Neal; who misses the jumper. He’s then called for an offensive foul to end Maryland’s possession. Martin and Gminski lost their mics for awhile; so I didn’t catch who the Miami player was that nailed the VERY long 3. Baskets for Vasquez and Bowie; and Maryland’s lead is 16-10.

9:13-They haven’t been good on the boards early; but hitting the early jumpers makes a world of difference for the Terps. They build confidence from early success.

9:10-Thomas drains a long jumper for 2; he has 5 and Maryland’s lead is 5 again. Neal does a nice job of getting a defender off his feet; but throws the ball away after than. Jimmy Graham and DeQuan Jones into the game for Miami. Vasquez along the baseline is fouled by Thomas; and we’ll hit the first official timeout with Maryland maintaining their 12-7 lead in what has been a frenetic first 4 and a half minutes.

9:08-Adrian Thomas enters and answers for the Canes with a 3 from the wing. Vasquez misses a jumper; it’s 10-5 about 3 minutes into the game. A turnover from Miami leads to a Bowie dunk on the other end. 12-5 Maryland.

9:07-Great start for the Terps. Bowie was blocked thunderously by Asbury on his first drive; but Vasquez gave him a nice feed for a hoop. Collins answered on the other end; then Hayes went on a personal 5-0 run with a tough layup then an open 3. Make it a 10-2 lead now as Vasquez drills a 3.

9:05-Frank Haith’s Hurricanes go with a lineup of Lance Hurdle-Jack McClinton-Brian Asbury-Cyrus McGowan-Dwayne Collins. Gary sticks with Dave Neal-Landon Milbourne-Greivis Vasquez-Adrian Bowie-Eric Hayes.

9:00-Tonight’s game is from BankUnited Center in Coral Gables; and isn’t expected to have a particularly large crowd; as the Hurricanes students are still on Winter Break.

The biggest storylines tonight will be the behavior of Greivis Vasquez; who earned a “talking to” from Gary Williams after snapping at fans during Maryland’s win over Georgia Tech Saturday, and Jack McClinton; who is from Baltimore and attended Calvert Hall before prepping in Connecticut, going to Siena, and transferring to Miami. Like many Baltimore kids, McCliton will likely want to give the Terps a special show.

8:55-Just back from the Towson Center; where it appears as though the Tigers will fall to VCU by a similar margin to the 14 I projected. I projected Miami would beat Maryland by 8; but hopefully I’m wrong about that particular projection.

Tonight’s game is being broadcast by Raycom Sports; you can see it locally on WNUV 54 (Channel 14 if you have Comcast in Baltimore County-like my girlfriend does). Steve Martin and Duke legend Mike Gminski have the call.