Maryland-Middle Tennessee Running Blog

September 06, 2008 | Glenn Clark

9:55-And its over. 24-14 Raiders. There is a lot of blame to go around. Where do you want to start? I’ll save my blame for tomorrow…..Thanks guys. Cya next Saturday for Cal.

9:47-That will wrap things off. Turner doesn’t see that DHB wasn’t there; and is intercepted in the end zone AGAIN.

9:40-Sorry for the lack in updates. Kevin Barnes breaks up a 4th down pass play to give the Terps the ball back. They’ll need to hurry with 4:30 left and trailing by two scores.

9:30-Putting in Josh Portis on 3rd and mid is a good idea if you want a run option on a pass play. Designed runs on 3rd and 4th down will not fool anyone. MTSU takes the ball with 8 minutes left and a 10 point lead. This could get ugly.

9:20-Chris Turner STARTS to drive the Terps, but throws an INT in the end zone. I am officially panicking.

9:14-Malcolm Beyah slips a few tackles and turns a short pass into a long touchdown. Raiders now lead 24-14 with just :22 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. The missed tackles are absolutely inexcusable. This is a disaster.

9:10-Well, just when I say something; DHB responds. An short pass stretches 80 yards, and Maryland is back in the game at 17-14. They need to keep getting the ball in his hands somehow.

9:03-Anthony, I think this is a situation tonight, not an overall sign. The secondary actually played REALLY well last week, but I think they’ve had mix-ups and have been caught not looking because Murfeesboro is just a weird place to play. Middle Tennessee is also doing a nice job of utilizing passing plays over the middle, and the LB’s haven’t stepped back to help the way you’d want them to.

9:01-A sack and two overthrows force the Terps to punt. Kelly Holcomb and I are on the same page. Josh Portis should play.

8:57-A long pass to Ronnie Tyler gets the Terps across midfield. That’s a good sign. MTSU has done a nice job of making DHB a non-factor.

8:55-Tanner plunges ahead for a 1 yard TD run, and the Raiders have opened up a 17-7 advantage. I know there isn’t much noise in Murfeesboro tonight, but the Terps need to wake up.

8:55-Pass interference call on Terrell Skinner gives the Raiders 1st and goal from the 2. This isn’t good.

8:50-On the first play after getting the ball back on a punt, Turner throws the ball into the welcoming arms of MTSU LB Danny Carmichael. Why do Maryland fans think Chris Turner is a great QB? The Raiders start with the ball on Maryland’s doorstep.

8:43-It took two quarters and three minutes; but FINALLY a good looking pass play gets the Terps a first down. On 3rd and 6; a designed Portis run comes up short and the Terps have to settle for a mid-range FG attempt-which Egekeze MISSES off the upright.

Attention Comcast: TURN OFF THE MICS WHEN CHICK SENDS YOU TO BREAK. Chick made a comment that Egekeze was “going to kill himself” for missing the kicks, and it should have NEVER reached the air.

8:36-From where I’m sitting, Josh Portis gives the Terps the best chance to win under center. Turner has gotten the time, but hasn’t found his receivers. If that’s because the receivers aren’t getting open; then they need the running option that Josh Portis brings to the table. If that’s because Chris Turner just isn’t finding him; then he shouldn’t be in the game. Terps start the 2nd half with the ball.

8:17-Could the Terps NOT see the clock? Chris Turner is sacked following the timeout; and the Terps allow the clock to run out. The Terps trail 10-7 at the break; and Ralph REALLY needs to explain his play calling.

8:15-Clock management is absolutely AWFUL. There are 17 seconds left in the half but absolutely no rush. Just awful.

8:13-Josh Portis has FINALLY completed a pass at the University of Maryland. After completing a short pass, Portis followed it up with a first down run before exiting the field. This is a MUCH better example of how the Terps should be using him.

8:10-Jeremy Navarre knocks a pass down, and the Terps get the 3 and out they needed. They’ll take the ball at about the 1i6, and Chris Turner needs to start finding his receivers.

8:09-Another 3 and out; but Chris Turner does complete a pass on 3rd down, albeit short to DHB. The Terps could REALLY use a 3 and out on defense.

8:05-A 17 play drive ends in a chip shot field goal, and the Raiders take a 10-7 advantage. The Terps were fortunate though, as Craddock missed an open receiver in the endzone the play before.

8:00-Pass coverage remains poor, as the Raiders convert a 4th down to extend the drive. This is the exact opposite of the Delaware game, as the Terps controlled that game despite the close score.

These games always concern me. You’re playing on the road against a team that is hard to get excited about; and smaller crowds don’t really get you particularly amped either.

7:52-The Raiders are back on Maryland’s side of the field. They’re moving quickly and have the Terps caught off guard. They need to do more to get pressure on Craddock.

7:47-The Terps get a break as Alex Wujciak recovers a a Joe Craddick fumble to get the ball back at about the 40.

Chris Turner STILL hasn’t completed a pass, as he overthrew an open Ronnie Tyler despite getting plenty of time. The Blue Raiders get the ball back.

7:42-Joe Craddock is not struggling to move the Raiders again, as they have mixed the pass with a nicely timed draw play to get back to midfield. First quarter ends at 7-7.

Did Comcast not sell any advertising in this game? There were no TV timeouts after the last two scores.

7:39-Chris Turner’s first ventures into passing aren’t good; as he overthrows a covered receiver and then isn’t able to bring down a high snap. Middle Tennessee gets the ball back.

7:37-Nolan Carroll makes a play JUST when the Terps needed it. After being beaten on a pass; he stuck his hands in to break up what would have been a long first down pass to McDonald. MTSU misses a long FG try, and things are still 7-7.

7:35-The Terps continue to struggle defensively as the Raiders have moved inside the 30.

This is inevitable when you pair announcers who have not worked with each other and really don’t know each other; but the Chick Hernandez/Kelly Holcomb duo has been a bit awkward thus far.

7:30-I noticed this when he was on with Drew yesterday. Kelly Holcomb might be the greatest player in Middle Tennessee State history, but someone has to tell him that he can’t say “we” while he’s in the box. His analysis has been pretty good though.

7:25-The fake punt is forgivable, but Middle Tennessee’s touchdown drive was otherwise AWFUL for the Terps. The Raiders were even called for two holding penalties, but Maryland allowed too many long pass plays in letting the Raiders jump out to a 7-0 lead.

Fortunately, Chris Turner didn’t have to do much to respond, as Da’Rel Scott went 63 yards on the second play of the drive to tie things up at 7. Kelly Holcomb just mentioned that he didn’t think the Terps missed Keon Lattimore and Lance Ball that much. He’s right. The running game is FINE.