Carolina Can’t Miss in 108-91 Win Over Terps

February 03, 2009 | Glenn Clark

I’m not going to waste time trying to put a spin on this one. The Terps were blown out; but it wasn’t as bad as it looked at times. They never gave up; and they kept trying to run their offense throughout the game. Not having an inside presence and not having an outside shooting option is the reason why this team is going to lose games; and that didn’t change tonight. In a way, it is what makes it remarkable that they have won ANY games this season against decent teams.

The Terps will be better served facing Carolina, Duke, and Wake at home in the 2nd half of the ACC season; but I’m not sure they can beat any of them. Having to play Clemson on the road makes things all the more difficult. The Terps are not done this season; but are certainly regretting their 3 tough ACC losses (@Miami, @Florida State, Boston College). They could be 6-2 in ACC play right now and sitting pretty for an NCAA Tournament berth. Instead, they will need to take the positives they got from Sean Mosley and Cliff Tucker tonight; and match that with the regular solid play they get from Greivis Vasquez, Landon Milbourne, and Adrian Bowie. This team has to maintain INCREDIBLE discipline to win basketball games, going to the hoop on every possession. Even then, it might not be good enough. It obviously wasn’t tonight.

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9:59-Two misses for Carolina, then Tucker with the layup. He finishes with a career high 18; and the final score will be 108-91. Maryland falls to 14-8 (3-5); and will absolutely face a must win Sunday against Georgia Tech. Carolina improves to 20-2 (6-2).

9:56-Davis knocks down 1 of 2 at the line; then Gregory fouled inside. He misses both of his freebies. Only one of Carolina’s wins all season has been by single digits; so the Heels are used to big time victories. Carolina continues to empty their bench, checking in Marc Campbell and J.B. Tanner. David Pearman into the game for Maryland. Bowie hits a cutting layup and is fouled, but misses the PLUS ONE attempt. 108-89.

9:53-Frasor with a jumper inside; then Mosley knocks down two from the line. Heels still by 20. Gary doesn’t appear to be particularly disappointed; and is still encouraging his team. There’s positives to take from tonight; but the final score won’t be one of them.

9:52-Two free throws from Dave Neal; and Tucker gets a jumper off a Carolina turnover. 16 for Tucker; and the lead is down to 20 with 3 minutes to play. Carolina will win their 6th straight game. Justin Watts enters for the Heels.

9:47-Lawson fouled in transition off a turnover; he hits both free throws and has 21. Heels by 26. Another hoop inside by Mosley; he has 17 and continues to get points near the basket. Final official timeout, 105-81 Carolina.

9:46-Mosley knocks down both free throws; he has 13. Heels by 24. 5 minutes to play, they turn the ball over. This one is obviously over; but there are still battles the Terps can win tonight. Mosley with a hoop; then a dunk for Green the other way down. 15 for Mosley, 16 for Green.

9:44-You almost knew that was coming. Ellington with his 7th 3; he has 30. He then stuffs one home in transition; and Carolina matches their biggest lead of the game at 99-75. Ellington with  hoop off a turnover by Maryland; and he has 34. 101-75 Carolina after that personal 7-0 run by Ellington; and Mosley is fouled driving the lane.

9:43-Dupree with a tough hoop inside; he’s given the Terps decent minutes inside. 94-75 Heels; 6:27 to play.

9:38-Mosley attacks the hoop and draws the foul. He’ll hit both; he has 9. Heels by 20, they break Maryland’s press and the entering Mike Copeland gets 2. Mosley answers with 2; he now has 11. Hansbrough drills a 3; and as Steve Martin says, “Why not?” Hayes with 2 on a tough drive. Carolina has a season high 15 3 point makes tonight. Hasbrough has 24. Heels 94-73.

9:37-How dangerous would Carolina be with Marcus Ginyard healthy? That’s a scary thought!

9:35-Hansbrough is now the all-time ACC leader in 20 point games. Ellington hits the Heels’ 14th 3 pointer; then Vasquez gets a tough hoop in the lane. Vasquez misses a 3, and Steve Martin says “Gary Williams did not like that shot selection.” Terps and Heels trade turnovers; then Green stuffs home an alley-oop and Gary calls another timeout. 89-67 Carolina.

9:32-Mosley with a tough hoop inside; he has 7 and has played well. Tucker blocked by Green in transition; which leads to an alley-oop for the Heels in transition the other way. After a sloppy possession; Dupree gets a hoop inside and is fouled. Credit the Terps for not getting embarrassed by bad decisions. Dupree misses PLUS ONE attempt; then Vasquez overthrows Milbourne for Maryland’s 13th turnover. Hansbrough fouled underneath again-this one on Dupree. He’ll shoot 2 with the Terps in the double bonus. Both are good; and Carolina leads by 19 again. 21 for Hansbrough.

9:27-Good offensive boards from Maryland; and Ed Davis picks up his 4th personal foul. Hansbrough checks back in; and Milbourne goes to the line. 1 of 2; he has 9. Lawson hits another 3; he has 19. Dupree with a putback on the other end; lead cut to 19. Terps get the ball back after the 2nd official timeout; 11:17 to play.

9:26-Frasor misses from outside; but the Heels get the offensive rebound. Lawson steps in for 2. He’s good. 14 for Lawson; Heels by 17. Terps turn the ball over again and Milbourne called for a foul. Heels will be shooting free throws the rest of the way with 12:21 to play. Lawson knocks down both, he has 16. Terps trail 77-58.

9:25-Thompson knocks down a pair of free throws; then Tucker drills a 3. Tucker has 14. Terps within 15. Where has Cliff Tucker came from?

9:22-Neal steps in to draw the offensive foul from Ellington. Tucker with the pull-up jumper on the other end; he has 8. This only makes me question more why Tucker hasn’t been playing much. He obviously has something to contribute. Davis fouled inside by Jin Soo Kim; misses both at the line. Braxton Dupree enters. Tucker drives the lane for 2 and is fouled. He makes the PLUS ONE attempt; cutting the deficit to 16. 11 for Tucker.

9:19-Vasquez wiggles into the lane and is fouled. He hits both free throws and now has 11 points. Heels by 20. Make it 23 as Ellington nails his 5th 3 pointer. He has 24. Neal fouled by Davis inside; he hits both. 71-50 Carolina.

9:19-Hansbrough with 2 free throws; then Carolina with two inside stops. A traveling call will give the ball back to Maryland trailing by 22.

9:17-Rich-I obviously don’t fault the team for not being able to defend Carolina’s shooting tonight; as no one could. But the best way to defend outside shooting is often to be able to answer an outside shot with an outside shot of your own. No one on this team is capable of making those types of shots. THAT is killer.

9:14-Two offensive rebounds for Carolina on this possession; and Kim is called for an offensive foul to keep it alive. Ellington airballs a jump shot; but Hansbrough is fouled after pulling the ball down. First official timeout of the second half; Heels by 20.

9:10-We’ve seen the Terps rally from a 66-44 deficit at Carolina before; but I doubt it will happen tonight. Mosley with a putback for Maryland’s first points in the 2nd half some 3:30 into the stanza. Tucker back into the game after Gregory gets his 3rd personal.

9:06-Catch and shoot won’t go down for Vasquez; then Bowie called for an offensive foul away from the ball after the Terps get a rebound. Hansbrough fouled by Vasquez inside; he hits both to extend the lead back to 20. That’s a 9-0 run for UNC (Thanks Raycom!) Mosley tries a casual drunk attempt and is blocked. Hansbrough with a dunk in transition after a turnover. 66-44 Heels with Carolina scoring the first 6 of the 2nd half. 17 for Psycho T; Gary calls another timeout.

9:04-2nd Half opens with Hansbrough fouled inside after a Maryland miss. Terps have to get this to single digits early to have ANY hope; and it could still end up a 30 point loss. Hansbrough with the easy hook to make the lead 18; he has 13.

8:47-Terps can’t get a shot off; and Heels will go to the break with a 16 point lead. As I’ve mentioned; Terps don’t look anything like the team that lost at Duke; they’re just getting beat by one of the best teams in the country. But they’re giving SERIOUS effort. They had a chance to make this a game at the half; but couldn’t maintain momentum. They’ll need to hope that Carolina slows down in their outside shooting. Back shortly.

8:46-Ellington misses the curl 3; but is fouled by Mosley. He was out of control; not a good decision. 4.7 seconds left in the half; Ellington hits all 3. 60-44 Heels. Ellington has 21. Wow.

8:45-Ellington with the hoop inside off a Hansbrough miss. Hayes tries a LONG 3 that won’t go. Heels will get to hold for the final shot of the half.

8:44-Mosley drives the lane for a hoop and is fouled! Terps putting together a decent run before the half that will at least force the Heels to keep playing. PLUS ONE attempt good; Heels 55-44.

8:43-Tough hoop from Hayes cuts the lead to 14. Hansbrough with the miss inside; then Mosley called for an offensive foul instead of Hayes hitting a shot that would have cut the lead to 12. That could be a costly swing.

8:41-Steal by Lawson; he’s fouled by Bowie in transition. Good foul; as Lawson misses 1 of 2. Vasquez with a 3; Carolina 55-39.

8:40-Free throw from Hayes, hoop from Hansbrough, hoop from Milbourne. Carolina could hit 70 in the first half if they keep shooting from outside.

8:37-Hansbrough fouls Vasquez outside. Not like it matters. Don’t take anything from Maryland thus far; they’ve pretty much played their game. But Carolina is LIGHTS OUT.

Hayes with the tough layup and he’s fouled. He’ll shoot a free throw after this official timeout.

8:36-Mosley stripped inside; Ellington hits another 3. 52-31 Carolina. What can you do????

8:34-Tucker with the floater off the glass; then Ellington hits Carolina’s TENTH 3 pointer. Hoop from Ellington in transition; and Gary needs ANOTHER timeout as the Terps fall behind by 18. As Gminski and Martin say “Maryland’s not playing that bad.” But Carolina’s outside shooting is absolutely KILLER. This is why a number of people thought the Heels might go undefeated this season. Their shooting accuracy is DEADLY.

8:33-Heels connect on their NINTH 3 point shot of the game; Green’s 4th (he has 12). Terps trail 44-29. Carolina might score 100 tonight the way they’re shooting.

8:32-Hoop from Neal out of a timeout by Gary. Milbourne with another hoop inside. 41-29 Carolina.

8:29-ANOTHER 3 from Lawson. He’s killing them. Terps have to come up with an outside answer; but i’m not convinced they have one. Kim throws up a WILD shot; and Green drills ANOTHER 3. He has 9. Gary with a timeout as Carolina’s advantage reaches 16. They’re shot 8-11 from outside. Ugh.

8:27-3rd official timeout with 7:55 to play. Credit the Terps for not going away like they did at Duke. But if Carolina keeps getting looks from outside; this one will get ugly. Terps have been KILLED from outside; and have no outside answer of their own.

8:25-Kim called for a travel after looking at an outside shot. He’s struggled with that when he’s been on the floor. Ed Davis with a THIRD chance basket inside; Heels by 12. Neal answers with a short hook to cut the lead to 10 again.

8:24-Hansbrough with the baseline jumper; then Maryland responds with another hoop in transition. Roy Williams calls a timeout after Bowie’s hoop; frustrated by Maryland’s ability to get fast break points. Jin Soo Kim enters.

8:22-Cliff Tucker in the game. Hansbrough hits both free throws; then Tucker gets two as Green is called for a goaltending. Lawson hits a 3; Neal gets a hoop inside; then Lawson hits ANOTHER 3. Outside shooting is KILLING the Terps. Tucker with a pull-up jumper; and Maryland won’t roll over early. 31-21 UNC.

8:20-Rich; we can say a lot of things about Hansbrough (including “no future”); but “matchup problem” is probably the highest on the list. There’s really little the Terps can do to try to slow down “Psycho T”.

Tonight’s game is on Raycom Sports (WNUV 54; Channel 14 on Comcast Cable in Baltimore. Steve Martin and Mike Gminski on the call.

8:18-Hansbrough with a hoop inside; then Bowie with a hoop in transition. Hansbrough fouled inside next time down; we hit the 2nd official timeout with Carolina leading by 8 and Hansbrough headed to the free throw line again.

8:15-Green with another 3 after Hayes misses a 3. Terps trail by 12; Heels have 4 makes from outside. Hayes with a make from 3 after a 2 from Vasquez. 20-13 Heels. Hansbrough misses brom outside; Hayes misses from outside and inside. Hansbrough is fouled-FLAGRANT-on Dino Gregory; as he cuts t the hoop. Gregory was ugly on that play; tackling Hansbrough after he was beat. Hansbrough makes one of two at the line, Heels maintain possession.

8:14-Ellington continues to get open looks; and drills another one. 17-8 Heels and Gary calls a timeout to try to keep from allowing the Heels to pull away. This is dangerous for the Terps; as Carolina can shoot all day. They have to be careful with how they double down. Hayes into the game.

8:12-Bowie misses an outside jumper and we hit the first official timeout. Terps can’t afford the bad turnovers; which have hurt them badly early on.

8:08-Vasquez with another hoop, cutting things to 10-6. Terps with good defense twice inside; and Milbourne slips underneath for 2. Deon Thompson gets a second chance hoop; 12-8 Carolina. Hansbrough comes up with a steal and dunks it home. 14-8 Heels.

8:07-Wayne Ellington adds another 3; Vasquez answers by slipping through for a layup. Ellington adds a long 2; then Lawson gets a layup off a steal. 10-4 Carolina, not the start the Terps were hoping for.

8:05-Somewhat surprisingly; Maryland is in their black alternates tonight. Maybe a sales ploy by Under Armour? Hansbrough with a miss first time down; Milbourne answers with a putback of a Vasquez miss. A Danny Green  makes things 3-2.

8:02-Obviously there are a few story lines with tonight’s game. Debbie Yow gave Gary Williams a “vote of confidence” yesterday; ending any discussion regarding Gary’s job status. Also, Cliff Tucker used the media this weekend to voice his frustration regarding playing time. For those of us around the team; we are equally puzzled by the lack of playing time Tucker has received.

7:57-Tough test for Gary’s Terps tonight. The Terps travel to the Dean Smith Center (“Dean Dome” if you will) in Chapel Hill for a battle with one of the nation’s best teams. The Terps have won their last two over the Tar Heels, but those teams had James Gist and Bambale Osby inside. The Terps will have to be willing to get into a shootout to win this one; as their ACC foe will have no troubles scoring. The Terps bring a 14-7 (3-4) record into tonight’s game; The Heels are 19-2 (5-2).