Terps Take Out Season’s Worth of Frustration With Stunning; Come-From-Behind 88-85 Win over Tar Heels

February 21, 2009 | Glenn Clark

This was Greivis Vasquez’s Mona Lisa.

This was the one that he’ll be remembered for some 30 years from now when Maryland fans talk about their memories at Comcast Center.

Greivis has not exactly been perfect this season; and has been at times absolutely humiliated. But when this team needed him today, he absolutely put them on his back.

Scoring 35 points is one thing. Scoring 35 points in a triple double is something you just don’t see in college basketball.

Coupled with an electric atmosphere (and fans that REALLY DID play a role in helping this team to a win); a performance from Cliff Tucker that might make his coaches think about inserting him into the starting lineup; and another Hall of Fame coaching performance by Gary Williams; and the Terps found the recipe for their greatest win in well over 12 months; 88-85 over North Carolina.

It wasn’t perfect; but this team isn’t built to have perfect games. At times it was bleak; but someone always came back with an answer. The Terps were ABSOLUTELY out-manned; but answered the Heels’ physical advantages with tons of heart. Maybe it was fitting that before the game the Terps showed a new video package ending with the question “Who wants it more?”

The sad thing about the emotions of a day like today is that ultimately; this game might come in a season where the Terps AGAIN fail to make the NCAA Tournament. That task is still not easy; as their 6-6 record in the ACC (17-9 overall); will be tested by two tough home games (Duke and Wake Forest) and two road contests that are in no ways gimmes (NC State and Virginia). John Gilchrist’s Comcast Center masterpiece (a 2005 win over Duke in Overtime) is overshadowed by the fact that his ’05 team was the first in the “NIT era” at Maryland.

But in 30 years, everyone in this building today; and everyone watching at home, will remember what Greivis Vasquez did. And they will smile when they think about it. Today was his most elegant symphony. Today was his chance to stake a claim amongst the best to ever play in this town. Juan Dixon never had a triple double, after all.

For those of us who watched the game; it was a reminder of why we love college basketball.



Gary decided to open his post-game press conference with a little humor. “Before the game I told Greivis we could win if you get the first 16.” In all seriousness, Gary had high praise for his star junior; but didn’t seem to be particularly surprised by his triple double. “He was shooting the ball well” Gary said, “the rebounds have been their on a consistent basis.” Gary went on to add that Greivis is a “catalyst” for the team; the type of player who both puts up stats AND makes the players around him better. Gary singled out a few other players too; saying “Sean Mosley had to guard their 6’8″ guy a couple of times” due to the Terps’ foul trouble. Gary also thought Cliff Tucker was “tremendous”, adding “I’m proud of Cliff because he wasn’t playing, and now he’s really a key to our team.”

Gary thought the Terps learned a little bit from their previous loss to Carolina. He reminded that the loss “could have been a 30 pointer” in Chapel Hill; but thought the Terps gained confidence by not letting the Tar Heels open up the lead much more in the 2nd half. He also came up with a new defensive strategy for Tyler Hansbrough; saying “we didn’t double as much. We tried to get a lot of people around him….faking double teams. If you can make a player feel uncomfortable, you try anything.” Gary still praised the Tar Heels’ big man, saying “there were times we had 5 guys around him tonight.”

Gary said much of tonight’s win could be creditted to practice and defense. “After not being able to play defense against them 18 days ago, we had to dig really deep to be able to do that” said the Terps’ head man. He added that the Terps had a great week of practice, even though “it’s hard to play hard in practice in the middle of February.” Moving forward, Gary said the Terps “have to be a great practice team again.” He will allow the team to celebrate this win tonight; and told them “you’ll remember it for the rest of your lives” after the game. With Duke ahead, Gary told the team “we have to prepare (for the Blue Devils) just like we prepared for this game.”

Gary was particularly pleased with the crowd today; saying “that’s the way it’s supposed to be at Comcast Center. That was a Cole Field House crowd.”


Ty Lawson lead the way for Carolina with 24 points. The Heels had 5 players finish in double figures; with Danny Green adding 18 (with 9 boards), Wayne Ellington 14, Deon Thompson 13 (with 7 boards), and Hansbrough 11 (with a team-high and tied for game-high 11 boards). No Tar Heel had more than 2 assists (Lawson). Bobby Frasor did not score; but did pull down 7 rebounds. The Heels finished with a 1:3 assist to turnover ratio (5 assists, 15 turnovers). The Heels out-rebounded the Terps 51-40. They shot 29-77 from the field (37.7%), 5-19 from outside (26.3%), and 22-28 from the free throw line (78.6%).

Greivis Vasquez lead the Terps in EVERYTHING with the first triple double of the Gary Williams era. 35 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. Cliff Tucker added 22 points and 6 rebounds, Eric Hayes 17 points. Landon Milboune was the next highest scorer with 6. The Terps finished with a 9:8 assist-to-turnover ratio (18 assists, 16 turnovers). They blocked TEN North Carolina shots. The Terps shot 31-68 from the field (45.6%), 13-30 from beyond the arc (43.3%), and 13-17 from the free throw line (76.5%).

Carolina had 42 points in the paint to 32 for Maryland; 22 2nd chance points to Maryland’s 10; and 12 fast break points to ZERO for Maryland. The Terps’ bench outscored Carolina’s 41-5.


That is the 3rd straight home game in which Gary has flat out out-coached his opponent around the block.


Couldn’t agree more; and not promising anything. It is hard to be impartial when you’re having to walk away from everyone and wipe away tears. That was everything you could ask for in a basketball game.

5:51-Heels will have to get a 3 if the Terps give them the shot. Not enough time for 2 possessions. TURNOVER! BALLGAME! RUSH THE FLOOR! 88-85 TERPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:50-Vasquez makes both; Terps lead 88-85. Roy will take one of his timeouts with 4.2 seconds left. Again I ask; do you foul? I say yes.

5:49-Terps get the ball to Vasquez off the double inbounds pass; he’s fouled with 5.4 seconds to play. Foul is on Thompson; his 4th. Vasquez to the line for 2. Roy Williams still has two timeouts.

5:47-Ellington makes the first, makes the 2nd. He has 14. Terps lead 86-85 with 5.9 seconds left and will be looking for Hayes or Vasquez on the inbounds pass. They have to get it in; and the Heels will have to foul immediately.

5:46-Hayes makes the 2nd. He has 17. Terps by 3. They WILL foul with 5.9 seconds left. Foul is on Dave Neal; that’s his 5th. Does not look like that was an intentional foul; just part of the game play. If this goes to a 2nd overtime; that could be a costly foul. Ellington to the line for 2.

5:45-Hayes makes first. Heels will have chance to tie no matter what happens on the second; and Roy Williams will take a timeout. 85-83 Terps with one timeout remaining. If you’re Gary Williams and Hayes makes this free throw, do you foul?

5:43-Lawson makes both; he has 24. with 35.3 left, the Heels are almost forced to foul. Terps playing keepaway; and Heels FINALLY foul Hayes with 11.3 left. 84-83 Maryland; the foul is on Frasor. BIG free throws here!

5:42-Vasquez puts the Terps up by 3 with a jumper from outside. Ellington bails out the Heels by drawing the shooting foul from Vasquez with 35.3 seconds to play. He’ll shoot 2, not 3 though.

5:40-Terps can’t afford to settle for outside jumpers, and Vasquez misses here. Danny Green with the player-controlled foul; he fouls out. 1:36 to play in a tie game. Hansbrough has 4, the Terps have to try to take this at him.

5:38-Drew Forrester FOR THE WIN! Lol at the host of the Comcast Morning Show. Gary takes his final timeout with 2:03 to play in OT and the Terps having 13 seconds on the shot clock. 81-81 game; Roy still has 4 timeouts on the other side by the way.

5:36-Burney misses both. Lawson with the HUGE answer from 3-he has 22. Game tied at 81. Vasquez with the triple double after being so close so many times. Maryland’s first triple double since Derrick Lewis in over 20 years. Tucker misses from outside.

5:35-Foul called away from the ball on Thompson underneath-that’s his 3rd. Burney will shoot 2.

5:33-Green opens overtime with a hoop; Tucker with the answer. Tucker with a huge 22 points off the bench; he LOVES playing Carolina. Vasquez with the 3; he has 30. Terps with their first lead since 18-17; 81-78.

5:32-That was a HISTORICALLY good end to regulation for the Terps. The foul trouble is going to be an issue again; as the Heels will get a breather here; and Roy will remind them to take the ball inside. Both teams are in the double bonus; and Gary still has his full timeout.

5:30-Mosley with the rebound; Vasquez the hoop. Heels ball. OVERTIME!!!!!!!!!

5:29-Roy Williams calls timeout with 37.4 seconds to play and his team leading by 2. Terps CANNOT foul here; and the Heels will certainly look to get it inside to Hansbrough.

5:28-Terps within 2 after a hoop from Hayes. WHAT A GAME!

5:27-Terps get good pressure, force a turnover; and Vasquez gets the hoop. On the other end; Hansbrough called for the charge; his 4th. This got interesting quick! 76-72 Heels.

5:24-Neal gets a look from outside but misses; the Terps get the ball back after a Carolina miss; but Vasquez WHIPS a pass out of bounds. Ellington with the layup that MIGHT doom the Terps; but Tucker hits a 3 to answer. Gary calls timeout with his team trailing 76-70 and 1:37 to play. Too many missed opportunities. 20 for Tucker, 12 for Ellington. Terps HAVE to get a stop here to have a chance.

5:23-Another pretty good defensive possession doesn’t have a happy ending for Maryland; as Dino Gregory is hit with his 5th personal foul. The Terps will go with a small lineup here, with Danny Green on the line. Gary Williams IMPLORES the crowd to make noise as Green misses his first. He hits the 2nd; Carolina by 7.

5:21-Hansbrough hits 1 of 2 at the line; extending the lead to 73-65. Terps can’t use 35 seconds each time down anymore.Vasquez finds Neal for his first bucket of the game; and Carolina’s lead is down to 6. Hansbrough misses inside; but Frasor gets a HUGE offensive board.

5:18-Tucker with the block; but the Heels get the ball back AGAIN. Hansbrough with the hoop; he has 10. Vasquez knocks down a 3 for the Terps; he has 23. Hansbrough is fouled by Gregory inside the next time down (4th personal on Gregory); and he’ll shoot two after the final official timeout. With 3:40 to play, the Terps will have to shave the lead back down in a hurry.

5:16-Neal saves the ball inbounds; but it happened as the shot clock was expiring after an airball by Hayes. After the officials huddle; they give the ball back to the Heels; and Carolina has the chance to extend this to a double digit lead again.

5:14-Ellington makes 1 of 2; he has 10; Heels by 5. Lawson then hits a HUGE 3; giving the Heels an 8 point lead. Lawson has been the man in the 2nd half for Carolina; with 11 of his team high 19 coming since the intermission. The Terps have to stem this run by Carolina again; and Gary takes another timeout to try to settle things.

5:12-Lawson and Tucker trade jabs; two free throws and a bucket from Lawson; with a 3 from Tucker in between. Lawson has 16; Tucker has 17. Milbourne is called for his 5th foul fighting for a loose ball off a bad pass; and Ellington will go to the line with the Heels leading 66-62.

5:09-You can say that Karl Hess’s crew has been whistle-happy today; but neither team has much of an advantage because of it. Neal and Milbourne might both foul out; so the Terps will have to come up with other size options underneath. Terps earned the possession arrow back; but still need stops. Vasquez whistled for the 9th team foul as Lawson drives.

5:07-Tucker with the drive and the hoop in the lane; Terps within 3 at 62-59 with 7:04 to play as we hit the 3rd official timeout of the 2nd half. NOW this is a game.

5:05-Hayes makes both free throws, he has 13. Terps trail 62-57. Foul trouble will be a MAJOR issue the rest of the way. Two big offensive rebounds for the Heels here, but the Terps get the 3rd miss.

5:04-Hayes with the 3; he has 11. Terps trail 62-55. Lawson called for the player-controlled foul; that’s Carolina’s 9th team foul. Next foul will put them in the double bonus. There’s the next foul; on Hansbrough-his 3rd. Hayes will shoot two. Vasquez goes back to play cheerleader with the student section again.

5:02-Gregory stuffs Thompson; but Thompson gets it back for a basket. He has 13. On the other end; Vasquez and Tucker each miss 3’s before Neal is called for his 4th personal fighting for a rebound. Milbourne re-enters with his 4 personals and 9:22 to play. Surprised Gary hasn’t gone deeper on the bench for an inside option. Zeller makes both free throws; Heels by 10 again.

5:00-The Tar Heels are SUCH a different team with Hansbrough on the floor, by the way. They just feed off of him on both ends. Tucker is playing with great confidence; he sticks a 3 here to cut the deficit back to 6 again. He has 12.

4:58-With momentum shifting; Carolina puts the Heels on his back. He comes up with consecutive big drives and buckets; getting Carolina’s lead back to 9 at 58-49. Lawson now has 12; and Gary Williams takes the timeout with 10:36 to play. Both teams should go to the basket every time with each team being in serious foul trouble. Gary has to stem the positive plays Carolina has put together and try to swing momentum back to the Terps.

4:56-Tucker hits the free throw-he has 9. The Terps now trail 54-47; the closest it has been in the 2nd half. Vasquez with the block, and Lawson fouls him. Both teams shooting free throws the rest of the way. Vasquez hits both, and the Terps trail 54-49. 20 for Greivis. Comcast Center is rocking.

4:55-With that foul; the Terps and Heels are both now in the single bonus; with each team having 7 team fouls in the 2nd half. The Terps have put together a nice run here after Carolina took their biggest lead of the game (16); but they aren’t exactly in an even game just yet. The Terps will have a 3 possession advantage regardless of what happens on this free throw attempt; and the Terps will need to continue to make stops. Thompson and Tucker share some smack talk before the attempt.

4:53-Green boards his own miss and puts it back to re-extend Carolina’s lead to 10. But Tucker gets the hoop on the other end and will get the PLUS ONE attempt after the 2nd official timeout of the half. Terps aren’t quitting; and they trail 54-46 with 11:58 to play in this one.

4:52-Drew fouls Vasquez for Carolina’s 6th team foul; and the Terps won’t go away. Gregory back in for Burney, and Hayes drills the 3. He has 8; 52-44 Carolina. Psycho T will check back in; but Maryland did a GREAT job of taking advantage of his time on the bench.

4:50-Burney hooks in his first hoop of the game; 52-38 Carolina. Cliff Tucker re-enters for Bowie. Tucker knocks down a 3; and Maryland trails 52-41.

4:48-This could be getting ugly quick. The Heels add 5 points; with Milbourne picking up his 4th personal; and the Heels getting into the single bonus thanks to the Terps’ 7th team foul. Bowie cuts to the hoop and draws Danny Green’s 3rd personal; but Bowie misses both free throws. Vasquez rebounds the 2nd and puts it back for his first basket since that TORRID stretch to start the game-he has 18. Green with the floater on the other end; Heels lead 52-36.


There are MUCH bigger factors than the officiating. The Terps are just NOT GOOD inside; and have been scrappy; but are sometimes just throwing their bodies around without REALLY knowing where the ball is. Secondly, Hansbrough is actually making his shots almost every time he gets the ball inside; whereas the Terps have not been able to make the shots they should inside; as they are doing little more than throwing the ball to the AREA of the basket. The foul descrepancy is large, but there are obvious reasons.

4:42-Davis pulls down the offensive rebound; Milbourne called for his 3rd personal foul fighting for the ball. Hansbrough called for traveling; but Dino fouls Frasor over the back fighting for a rebound. That’s his 3rd personal; and the team’s 5th foul already not 4 minutes into the 2nd half. Carolina will get the ball back as Vasquez can’t hold a board going out of bounds. We hit the first official timeout of the 2nd half with Carolina leading 45-34.

4:40-Milbourne makes both at the line; and the deficit is down to single digits again. Hansbrough pulls down an offense rebound and puts it back; and it’s 45-34 Carolina. Vasquez called for the hook trying to find position.

4:38-Hayes back in for Mosley as Green makes a pair at the free throw line. Heels up 13 now; and the Terps have to get a run for confidence reasons. Vasquez finds Bowie for a hoop to make things 43-32 Carolina. Neal called for his 3rd personal inside; he has not been able to get ANYTHING going. Vasquez with the no look feed to Milbourne, who is HAMMERED by Green going to the hoop.

4:37-Misses on both ends (and 3 North Carolina fouls-including 2 on Hansbrough) highlight the first few minutes of the 2nd half-but the only scoring comes on a Lawson hoop. 41-30 Heels with 18 to play.

4:29-If the Terps can get the lead back down under 5 fairly early; they’ll stay in this. If the Heels extend it past 15 early; it could get to silly time before you can blink. The Terps will have to use their fouls again in the 2nd half; and hope that Carolina doesn’t catch fire from outside.

Deon Thompson lead UNC with 11 points, Ty Lawson added 8. Danny Green chipped in 6 points and Tyler Hansbrough 5; they also tied for the team (and game) high in rebounds with 5 each. The Heels had a 1:3 assist to turnover ratio (2 assists, 6 turnovers); and out-rebounded the Terps 27-23. They shot 15-38 from the field (39.5%); 2-9 from beyond the arc (22.2%), and 7-10 from the charity stripe (70%).

The Terps were lead by (guess who?) Greivis Vasquez with 16 points and 5 rebounds. Eric Hayes added 5 points. They had a 4:9 assist to turnover ratio, and came up with 5 blocks. They shot 12-37 from the field (32.4%); 4-14 from outside (28.6%); and 2-2 from the free throw line (100% for the math majors.)

4:17-Bowie does the right thing in cutting to the hoop; but gives it up too early when he sees Carolina’s giants in the middle. Tucker hits a 3; but Bowie misses two chances from outside before the break; sandwiched by about 10 misses inside from Carolina. The Terps’ deficit will be single digits at the half; but could have used a bit more momentum. 39-30 Heels. I’ll be back shortly with more.

4:13-Hayes works into the lane for a floater, but Thompson backs down Milbourne for the hoop on the other end. Terps turn the ball over and Hayes loses a rebound out of bounds. 39-27 Heels as we hit the final official timeout of the first half. 1:30 to play. It would do WONDERS for the Terps to get this back to single digits before the intermission.

4:11-Thompson makes one of two; then Milbourne gets a hoop off his own miss. Lawson drills a 3 to make the lead 12 for Carolina. Milbourne knocks down a jumper to cut the deficit to 10 again. The worst thing for Maryland is that Carolina leads by 10 without even being hot from outside. Thompson with the hoop inside; Carolina now by 12 again.

4:09-Vasquez penetrates, Hayes knocks down a 3. Green adds 2 on the end; he has 7. Lawson hits a pull-up jumper, and the Heels have their biggest lead of the game at 31-21. Terps CAN’T let this continue to balloon before the half. Neal misses the 3; Milbourne called for the over the top fighting with Thompson. 9th team foul.

4:07-Mosley misses the turnaround jumper; and Lawson gets the bucket on the other end. Carolina’s lead has ballooned to 9 at 27-18 with the Terps having not scored for at least 5 minutes. Gary calls his 2nd timeout to try to calm things down. The Terps HAVE to find offense in a hurry now.

4:05-Mosley with nice penetration and a kick to Vasquez, who misses another open shot from outside. Terps one and done on consecutive possessions here; they have to be thankful that Carolina hasn’t turned this into a double digit advantage during their cold streak. Ellington curls for a hoop; and Carolina leads 25-18.

4:03-This is a very dangerous place for Maryland. All things considered; they have done a nice job defensively. But they absolutely HAVE to find some offense; as the Heels have made the right switches to slow down Vasquez and force turnovers. It is easy to say that the team will have to hit their outside shots; but that is NOT their offense. If Vasquez’s penetration is slowed; Hayes might have to continue to go wide to the hoop; or Bowie might be forced to go to his (somewhat) reckless moved to the basket. But they HAVE to get to the hoop.

4:01-Terps turn the ball over, but Gregory with the big block on Lawson in transition. Hayes gets an open look from outside but misses; and the Terps turn the ball over again. Hansbrough CHUCKS the ball off Neal to save it inbounds; and we’ll hit the 3rd official timeout with Carolina leading 23-18 and 7:36 to play.

4:00-Hansbrough does a nice job of taking a fall well away from the basket; and Hayes is hit with the player-controlled foul. That’s the 8th team foul on the Terps, who have really hit a lull offensively. Hansbrough called for traveling.

3:58-Dave Neal misses his first outside shot; and Hansbrough outmuscles Milbourne for the rebound. Danny Green sticks back an airball; and he has 5. Gary takes his first timeout with the Terps trailing 23-18.

3:57-Tyler Zeller makes his first appearance of the game; and Danny Green is called for his first foul. Terps turn the ball over, and Ellington hits a jumper to extend UNC’s lead to 21-18. Terps turn the ball over again. Can’t let the Heels get breathing room here.

3:55-Tucker with the nice feed inside to Burney; but Burney can’t finish. The Terps CANNOT afford to miss inside shots (and especially the layups they missed the other night at Clemson). Thompson is fouled by Burney going to the hoop; Burney and Tucker exit for the re-entering Vasquez and Neal. Thopson makes both and Carolina leads 19-18.

3:54-And we finally have another Terp on the board. Bowie makes both at the line; and Maryland has their first lead of the day. The Maryland press forces a turnover; and Thompson gets his 2nd foul as he hits Bowie on the floor.

3:52-I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing Jin Soo Kim and Braxton Dupree getting minutes inside today; as the Terps will likely be in foul trouble throughout this one. Hopefully Vasquez’s stellar play has weathered the storm of the rest of the team’s early struggles, and things will settle down. The longer they stay in it; the better chance they have.

3:51-Larry Drew into the game; and Milbourne with the BIG block on Hansbrough. In transition; Bowie is fouled by Thompson. He’ll shoot two after the official timeout. Terps trail 17-16 with 11:58 to play in the half.

3:49-This is as emotional as we’ve seen Greivis in recent weeks. He feeds Milbourne, but Milbourne misses the jumper. The rest of this team badly needs some confidence boosters. Vasquez misses the jumper that would have put the Terps ahead; but Davis is called for an over the top foul fighting for a rebounds. Greivis goes to the bench for a breather to a loud ovation; and the Terps turn the ball over.

3:48-Vasquez and Thompson trade jumpers; then Vasquez hits a 3 from the top of the key. Carolina 17, Vasquez 16.

3:47-More Vasquez offensively; as he rebounds his own miss and puts it back. It’s Carolina 15, Vasquez 11 right now.

3:45-Lawson makes one of two at the line; 14-9 Heels. Eric Hayes and Cliff Tucker into the game. Tucker makes a nice dish to Gregory, who misses a jumper. Gregory called for his 2nd personal as Ed Davis turns to the hoop; and Jerome Burney will enter. The Terps might need to use a number of fouls inside. Davis makes 1 of 2; 15-9 Heels.

3:44-So far, it looks like the Terps are dealing with some major nerves (aside from Vasquez). But Vasquez can’t revert to his old “I’ll just do everything” self either. He has to continue to work the ball to his teammates; and his teammates have to get their confidence up.

3:41-Milbourne looked for the jam; but was rejected. On the other end, Davis took a loose ball and put in a hook to make things 13-9. Mosley tried to slide in and draw an offensive foul on Lawson; but instead was hit with the block-his 2nd personal and the team’s 5th foul at the first official timeout. Lawson will go to the free throw line with the Terps trailing 13-9 and 15:36 to play in the half.

3:40-Think Vasquez wants this one? He hits a 3 to tie things at 9; he has all of Maryland’s points. Gregory called for hitting Hansbrough’s arm as he shoots a jumper; Psycho T makes both. He has 6; 11-9 Heels. Ed Davis enters for Thompson; and Frasor fouls Mosley away from the ball.

3:38-Dino Gregory into the game, and the Heels are happy to go right at the Terps’ “big” men. Thompson with a hoop; but Vasquez answers with one of his own in the lane. Ellington draws his first foul before Vasquez gets another inside hoop; but Green knocks down a 3. The Terps cannot shoot with the Heels. Vasquez with a basket; then Hansbrough called for an offensive foul. 9-6 Heels. Bobby Frasor in for Ellington.

3:36-Mosley fouls Green as he’s moving; then Hansbrough barrels into Milbourne before getting his 2nd hoop. The Terps will have to have a better answer for Hansbrough than Milbourne alone. Another questionable foul call; this time in the backcourt on Neal after a missed floater by Greivis. Not a good start.

3:34-Before the jump; Greivis gave “Psycho T” Hansbrough a friendly pat on the ass. Hansbrough didn’t even as much as look back. Hansbrough gets his first hoop off an offensive rebound (that will KILL Maryland); and it’s 2-0 Heels. Neal called for a charge on the other end.


Went to the lax game. They played VERY sloppy. Can see where the attack will be stout; but they cannot afford to not be able to win one man face-offs; and they CERTAINLY can’t afford the number of clearing turnovers they made.

3:29-Gary Williams’ Terps stick with the Dave Neal/Landon Milbourne/Greivis Vasquez/Adrian Bowie/Sean Mosley starting combo; Roy Williams’ Heels go with Deon Thompson/Danny Green/Tyler Hansbrough/Wayne Ellington/Ty Lawson. The Maryland fans (who chanted “Ga-ry!, Ga-ry!” again before the head coach hit the floor) had their harshest booing for Hansbrough. The Heels fans are a bit more noticeable with everyone sitting down; but I’m not sure they make up the even 10% of the crowd I guessed they would.

3:27-Two early games in ACC action today; as Miami was a 69-58 winner over Boston College; and NC State held serve in Raleigh for a 72-67 victory over Virginia.

3:23-Terps again in their alternate gold uniforms today; they’ve brought them out a few times recently for home games. I guess if it works they figure they should stick with it. Under Armour probably doesn’t mind trying to sell some extra threads with the exposure, either.

3:21-A new video introduction before the Terps took the floor; ending with the quote “Who Wants It More?” Apparently Gatorade was recently brought on as a sponsor; as they have handed out a number of red signs with their new “G” logo on the back.

3:18-Certainly a more electric atmosphere here at Comcast Center today with such a major opponent in the house. There are a smattering of Carolina fans spread out around the arena; but actually not quite as many as I thought there might be. I did notice the powder/baby blue fans across the campus; but the blue is not really sticking out anywhere in the arena.

3:12-Not a good day for the Terrapins on the lacrosse field. I took in the Maryland-Georgetown game at Ludwig Field before heading over here; and the Terps fell to the Hoyas 13-10. The Terps held a 6-5 advantage at halftime; but the Hoyas took advantage of failed face-offs by the Terps and sloppy clears to establish a 10-7 lead through three quarters. The Terps are back in action next Saturday at M&T Bank Stadium; where they’ll take on Duke in the Face-Off Classic.

3:05-Today’s game will be broadcast via “ESPN on ABC”-WMAR Channel 2 in Baltimore (Channel 12 on Comcast in Baltimore County). Brent Musberger and former UCLA Coach Steve Lavin have the call.

3:00-Greetings from Comcast Center in College Park; where the Maryland Terrapins are clinging to life on the bubble and desperately seeking a resume win over the mighty third ranked North Carolina Tar Heels. The Terps bring their 16-9 (5-6) record into today’s contest; while the Heels are 24-2 (10-2). The Terps lost their previous meeting with Carolina this season; 108-91 at the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill. The Terps have wins over UNC in each of the last two seasons however. The Heels are coming off an 89-80 win over NC State Thursday night (after which Roy Williams decided to drop the “F-Bomb” is his press conference”; while the Terps are coming off a miserable 2nd half in a 93-64 loss at Clemson Tuesday night.