Maryland Beats Northwood in Exhibition Hoops

November 08, 2008 | Glenn Clark

4:30-Gary spoke after the game about the need for this team to play as a unit; no matter which players are on the floor. He stressed that the starting lineup is almost irrelevant; and did not tip his hat to who would be in the lineup against Bucknell, but said he is still considering a spot for Dino Gregory in the first five.

(As I type this, a very excited Jin Soo Kim ran by me with his arms in the air to celebrate with his family. He was greeted by a yound autograph seeker before reaching the row his family was in.)

Gary reiterrated that Monday will be the first time he will be able to practice with the entire team (he had been dealing with KIM’s status in Clearinghouse and Mosley’s injury); but said that Mosley could have gone if necessary today, he just didn’t want to risk another turned ankle. Checking the stat book; 8 players played at least 18 minutes tonight, and only 2 played more than 23 (Tucker and Bowie); and the team was playing without Mosley and Vasquez. Gary says the line isn’t where the first five are; the line of production will be with who can crack the top 8 or 9; as they will share minutes.

Gary said he was pleased with the play of the big men; as they aren’t asking much from their big men this season. They are going to rely on the bigs to play defense and rebound, but he does want to make sure they put the ball in the basket when they have it in close (which they didn’t always do tonight.)

Gary said he appreciated the ‘nervousness’ Jin Soo Kim brought into tonight’s game, but did say he will have to keep in under control going forward.

It was a very good performance from the Terps overall; but it is hard to judge anything given the level of competition. Certainly you have to like the energy the team played with, but it is important to learn how they play when they face adversity; which they obviously didn’t face this afternoon. Adrian Bowie have been the most important performer on the day; as Gary mentioned that Bowie is good enough to be a starter; just lost in the mix but will get the minutes. Bowie might be showing that he has the best all-around game of any player on this team, and will be deserving of every opportunity he has to touch the ball.

We’ll talk again Friday night with Bucknell in town; and I’ll check in with Thyrl shortly; click “Listen Live” on the homepage to hear my thoughts on this game and moving forward for the Terps.


3:57-Gary tells Johnny and Chris in his postgame radio interview that he liked a lot of what he saw; but saw areas where the bench can improve.

3:53-Kim continues to electrify the crowd; adding another jumper to give himself 20 for the game. Northwood gets a pair of freebies from Frazier to make the final 104-60. I GUESS I’ll head up to talk to Gary and to the locker room; but there just isn’t much I need to know from this one. I’ll be back shortly with more thoughts.

3:52-Kim is making a LOT of fans in College Park, as he again goes hard to the hoop; for 2 and another Plus One. Make it 18 on the game for Kim; and the Terps have a 102-56 advantage.

3:49-Kim is certainly still attacking the hoop and taking advantage of the chance to play; he gets a hard leaner inside and a Plus One to give him 15 for the game and a 97-56 lead for the Terps with under 2 minutes to play.

3:47-Maryland has extended the lead to 38, but Braxton Dupree hit the ground going for a rebound. He’s not hurt, but it will certainly punch the ticket to the end of his day. Not much to ask Gary afterwards; anybody out there have a question they’d like me to ask him?

3:43-Carolina did finish off Georgia Tech today; 28-7. Clemson has an early 7-0 lead at Florida State. A Clemson win would help make the road more difficult for Florida State; and a bit easier for Maryland to claim a division title. They already hold a win over Clemson; who has 3 conference losses.

3:40-Steve Goins into the game, and showing solid athleticism early to get a field goal and a couple free throws. David Pearman also enters; meaning every Terp available has now played. The Terps enjoy a 34 point advantage with 5 minutes to play in the game.

3:33-The Seahawks get another basket; but Jin Soo Kim is back to work, crashing the boards inside and getting fouled in the process. 2 free throws later; Kim now has 12 points; and the Terps again lead by 31.

3:29-Kim continues to be cheered loudly, no matter what he does. He goes up wildly toward the basket, but is fouled; and makes 1-2 from the line. Kim again establishes presence inside, and has another short basket to make the lead 29. Cliff Tucker adds a dunk off a blocked shot breakaway, and the Terps now lead 80-49 as Coach M calls timeout to try to regroup his Hawks again.

3:27-Jin Soo Kim is just going to keep shooting, as he is now 1-8 from the field, 1-5 from outside. But he looks STRONG getting a rebound off a Tucker miss; and put it back to give himself 5 points for the game and a 28 point advantage for the Terps.

3:25-Whether its “Crab Shuffle” at Camden Yards, or “Turtle Shuffle” in College Park, you’re not beating this guy. I knew darn well the ticket stub was under shell number 2. Now if only I had a ticket stub to take to Greene Turtle tomorrow night for some free Turtle Bites.

3:21-Eric Hayes adds another 3 in space to move the lead back to 25. Dave Neal is given a gift steal; but turns a breakaway into a pull-up jumper; which he misses. Northwood adds a FG, but Hayes responds with another 3. Hayes is believed to be 100% healthy this season, and that could make this a different team offensively. Bowie finally misses his first field goal, and Kim follows with another miss from outside; showing displeasure as he went back on defense. Official timeout; and the Terps have a 73-47 lead with 11:47 to play.

3:19-DeSean White adds another hoop inside, and the Seahawks cut the lead under 20 again; 64-45. Jin Soo Kim follows that up with his first 3; electrifying the crowd in the process. 67-45 Maryland with 14 minutes to play.

3:15-I am asked “I wonder why Rollie Massimino took this job” by TerpTalk host Bruce Posner as DeSean White hits a 3 for Northwood. It seems simple enough to imagine that Massimino was bored in West Palm Beach; was offered a job with absolutely no pressure on the NAIA level, and a chance to have fun with the game of basketball again. Northwood benefits from Massimino’s presence for coaching and more important fundraising reasons.

3:13-Dupree continues the game with “Good Center” this time around, a nice finish from Tucker’s lob inside; and a plus one. The Terps get another steal off the inbounds pass; but give the ball away, which leaves Gary clearly frustrated. Timeout Hawks; they trail 64-40.

3:12-Dupree plays “Good Center; Bad Center” on offense, as he follows his nice finish inside with a nice move but a wildly missed shot from in close. Tucker and BJ McDowell trade jumpers, and the lead is 61-40 with just under 17 minutes to play.

3:10-Landon Milbourne extends his total to a team-high 16 as the Seahawks are called for goaltending. BJ McDowell responds with another 3; and Maryland’s lead is 57-38. Braxton Dupree adds his 2nd FG on a nice turnaround soft hook to take the lead back to 21.

3:08-Adrian Bowie was the talk of the media room at halftime, and rightly so; he was 5-5 from the field, including 2 shots from outside; and had 14 total points. He belongs in the starting lineup; and might eventually be the player that keeps Mosley from breaking the starting 5. Tucker starts the 2nd half with a pair of free throws, then the Terps apply nice pressure to get a steal.

2:58-He’s not playing, but Greivis Vasquez still looks good. Vasquez is dressed in a very nice 3 piece suit; and took some time while the Terps were coming back to the floor to say hello to come season ticket holders/donors along the baseline, including an older man in a wheelchair. I don’t know what rule Vasquez violated; but he is NOT good enough to get away with ANYTHING at this point in his career.

2:49-Duncan makes the free throw, and the Terps can do nothing but throw up a wild shot from Hayes as time expires before the half. Not the type of execution you want with a set play. Its 53-35 Maryland at the half; and I will be back shortly.

2:48-Jay Duncan misses the first of 2 at the line; and Maryland calls timeout to set up what they hope will be the final possession of the half; with 32.4 seconds left on the clock. Interestingly enough, the Terps have Neal, Burney, Milbourne, Hayes, and Kim on the floor.

2:45-Jin Soo Kim is on the board; making 2 free throws to the delight of the crowd. With a school that features a large Asian population on campus; you would imagine that Kim has the chance to become a major crowd favorite over the next few years. Kim fouls Ben Constable on the Hawks’ next possession; and Constable nails 2 free throws to get Maryland’s lead back down to 19 at 53-34 in the final minute of the half. Kim walks while trying to establish a presence inside on the next possession.

2:44-Carolina is making a huge statement today against Georgia Tech, as they have extended their lead to 21-0 in the 4th quarter. A reminder that North Carolina visits Maryland next weekend, and the division winners in the ACC football race will likely be decided by who can win an important game on the road down the stretch.

2:42-A 3 from Andrew Wood; then a jumper from Eric Hayes, a putback from Steve Ritzema, and Braxton Dupree’s first FG highlight a flurry of offense. Andrew Wood adds another from long distance, and the Hawks have the lead down to 51-32 with 1:22 to play in the half at the final official timeout.

2:40-Adrian Bowie gets the lead back to 20 with a nice jumper from the top of the key; then extends the lead to 23 with a 3 from the right wing. His shooting ability makes him more valuable than Greivis Vasquez in all honesty.

2:38-The Terps have struggled mightily to get points inside, as Dupree, Gregory, and Burney have yet to hit a field goal; although they do have 8 rebounds inside. The teams have traded baskets and Adrian Bowie missed a Plus One; so the Terps lead is now 42-22. Make it 42-24 after a nifty lay-in from the Hawks’ Andrew Wood.

2:36-If the Terps can continue to go this deep to their bench, they will really benefit when it comes to foul trouble. Dino Gregory just committed the Terps’ seventh team foul; but is the first Terp to reach two personal fouls.

2:35-Tucker hits both free throws, and the Terps extend their lead to 40-17 with 6:25 to play. I get the feeling we might not learn about how the Terps handle adversity at all today.

2:34-Kim goes back to the bench; Gary probably likes the hustle and enthusiasm he gave; but needs to see him finish more. Tucker adds a pretty jumper from the top of the key; he now has 9 and the Terps have a 38-17 lead with 6:39 left in the half. Tucker follows with a steal off an inbounds pass, and is fouled.

2:32-How good is Penn State? Well, they allowed Ohio State to score just 6 points in Columbus two weeks ago………and Ohio State now leads #24 Northwestern 38-10 in the 3rd quarter of today’s game in Chicago.

2:31-Maybe its nerves; but Kim misses another short; this one from in close. He did however add a nice no look pass for a breakaway that would eventually be finished by Tucker; and then took a charge inside on Northwood’s next possession. Maryland leads 36-17 as the Hawks call timeout.

2:30-Not much going inside for Braxton Dupree; who should be able to manhandle the bigs from Northwood. He has just 1 point thus far, is 0-3 from the field; but does have 5 boards.

2:27-Duncan gets a 3 for the Hawks; but Bowie responds with two free throws; then Milbourne takes a steal in for an easy layup. Milbourne is easily dominating this game athletically; but it will be interesting to see if that is because he is stronger; or if it is because of the level of competition. Ezumba adds two free throws for the Hawks; cutting Maryland’s lead to 32-15.

2:24-VERY strong play inside from Milbourne, who switches hands going inside for a layup, plus one. Good pressure from the Terps on the ensuing inbounds play forces the Hawks to call a timeout. 28-10 Terps.

2:23-More struggles for Kim; as he tries to drive in but his shot misses everything. The media notes today say Kim is the first Korean to play NCAA men’s hoops. Is that true? How could I have not known that? Cliff Tucker hits from outside to extend Maryland’s lead to 25-10 with 10:20 remaining in the half.

2:22-Big football game in the Coastal Division today; and Carolina maintains a 7-0 lead over the ACC’s “most consistent” team; the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, in Chapel Hill. That game is in the 3rd quarter.

2:19-Make it 0-2 from beyond the arc for Jin Soo Kim; but he did show some nice hustle in trying to track down an offensive rebound for the Terps. 22-10 as we reach the 2nd officials’ timeout of the half. The Terps appear to be functioning better with Hayes in the game at point than with Bowie; but that could be because Hayes was woring with the “first team” offense.

2:16-Jin Soo Kim APPEARS to be playing the 3 right now; but has taken his place offensively near the hoop in a set. The crowd was ready to explode as he attempted his first outside shot; but it was hurried and clanged the front iron.

2:14-Eric Hayes’ shooting will be a critical part of the Terps’ ability to create offense. He doesn’t have do be a deadly scorer; but he DOES have to keep defenders honest. He adds an outside jumper to extend the lead to 21-8; but Northwood answers with a jumper from Baree Ward over Hayes. Dupree is fouled after multiple missed FG’s; he’s 1-2 from the line and gives the Terps a 22-10 lead. Jin Soo Kim and Dave Neal into the game; Tucker back in for Hayes.

2:13-The Terps nearly turn the ball over on consecutive possessions; but manage to hold on for a 3 from Adrian Bowie; which answered a BJ McDowell 3 on the Hawks’ previous possession. 19-8 Terps.

2:11-Adrian Bowie and Jerome Burney are the first reserves to enter the game; and Bowie gives the Terps a ten point lead with a short jumper. Landon Milbourne continues his athletic dominance of the Seahawks; adding a spinning hook with an “and 1” to boot.

2:06-Timeout Northwood; who finds themselves trailing 9-0 just 4:04 into the game. Tired legs for the Seahawks, as they just played at Villanova two nights ago. Coach Massimino is making early substitutions, and was bailed out when Seven Ezumba was fouled by Dino Gregory behind the arc and hit all three free throws to get the Hawks on the board. Landon Milbourne continues his athletic play with a floating layup; he has 6 and the Terps have an 11-5 advantage at the first “TV” timeout.

2:02-Apparently Sean Mosley is not playing; and Gary has gone with a very interesting starting lineup; rewarding Dino Gregory for what he has said has been strong rebounding in practice. Gary went with a lineup of Hayes, Tucker, Milbourne, Gregory, and Dupree. Milbourne has shown strong athleticism early; hitting two field goals to get the Terps out to an early 7-0 advantage (Eric Hayes added a 3). However, Northwood already has one offensive rebound, and totally dropped another.

1:55-Will periodically check in on college football scores while I am here today; and I can’t help but touch on something I heard Spiro Morekas and Tom Judd discussing in their intro to the Towson game today. Towson is facing Delaware today; and the Hens brought a matching 3-6 overall record into today’s game with the Tigers. Although they currently have a 21-6 lead in the game; Tom said that this Hens team could become the first team in school HISTORY to suffer 8 defeats. School HISTORY. He said there were only three other teams in the country who could boast that they had never suffered an 8 loss season in program history; with those programs being Ohio State, Michigan, and Tennessee. Even if the Hens pull out a win today; they have tough games left with Richmond and Villanova.

But they aren’t the only team in danger of suffering their first ever 8 loss season. Tennessee is currently 3-6, tails Wyoming today, and has a tough test at Vanderbilt left; as well as a home game against Kentucky. Michigan appears to really want to avoid suffering their first loss season; as they currently lead Minnesota 19-0. But with 7 losses already behind them; it is hard to imagine they won’t suffer another defeat with both Northwestern and Ohio State still to come. This makes it entirely possible that at the end of the season, Ohio State will be the only program to have never suffered an 8 loss season. Remarkable.

1:45-Let me correct something I said in my first post. Greivis Vasquez will not be part of the starting five tonight; as he will miss this game due to a violation of a team policy. Nothing more is known. Sean Mosley has been dealing with a sprained ankle; so we do not know if he will play.

1:40-The atmosphere in the building reminds of the first round home game Maryland hosted against Manhattan in 2006. The Terps weren’t interested in playing the game; and the crowd did nothing to help. It was downright embarrassing; and the Terps mercifully were eliminated by the Jaspers that day. There are a couple of sections worth of students here today; but VERY few season ticket holders have bothered to come down here today. Maybe they’re all at City-Poly?

1:30-Plenty of time before tip-off in Maryland’s first (exhibition) hoops game of the ’08-’09 campaign; so let’s get into a few things here.

I’m not expecting to learn MUCH from Maryland’s tilt with Rollie Massimino’s Northwood squad-an NAIA team from Florida. (By the way; if you missed Coach M’s chat with Drew; check it out now in our audio vault on the front page of Amongst the things I do think we can take from today’s game are:

1-The lineup Gary starts the game with. I am fully expecting it to be Hayes, Vasquez, Mosley, Milbourne, Dupree; which is the lineup I expect them to play with 6 days from now against Bucknell. But Adrian Bowie and Cliff Tucker have both shows signs of promise in practice; and are each too athletic to be ignored.

2-The team’s rotations. Gary has to decide if he wants to be a 10-deep team. If Dupree gets into foul trouble during the season; Gary will have to get more effort from Dino Gregory and Jerome Burney. However; this team is clearly deeper in the backcourt than they are in the front court; as the tallest player on the team (Steve Goins) is unlikely to see many minutes. It will be interesting to see how many times Gary puts 4 guards on the floor; which he has admitted he will be forced to do. Also, I believe Gary will try to get minutes from Jin Soo Kim today; if only because he has not been able to see him as much in practice; and he probably needs to see what Kim can offer on the floor.

3-Who is in control when the Terps have the ball? Last season, the entire offense ran through Greivis Vasquez; whether he was playing the point or not. For this Maryland team to penetrate the stronger defenses in the ACC, Eric Hayes (or Adrian Bowie) must control the ball, the Terps, and the floor at all times when Maryland has possession. The 2 point guard sustem will not work; and Greivis needs to create offensively.

4-How does this team react to adversity? Northwood might be a NAIA team; but they are a very good NAIA team. They will make runs; and the Terps need to learn how to handle those spurts. This team cannot get into a habit of panicking when teams are successful against them.

5-Is this team as bad as everyone thinks? We will NOT learn if Maryland is a good team today. But if they are ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE (Remember, Sporting News picked them 12th in the ACC), we could learn that today.