Vasquez’s Heroics Send Game to OT; Terps Escape with Win over Vermont

November 21, 2008 | Glenn Clark

11:27-In the end; this was a win for Maryland, but it was also an escape. They played a coach that was clearly familiar with what they were going to try to do; and a Coach who had his good team very prepared for what to expect from a tough trip to Maryland. Coach Lonergan clearly has his Vermont program moving in the right direction; and no one will be surprised if they are playing in the postseason.

A lot was said tonight about “learning how to win close games”, and how this experience tops anything Maryland can go through in practice. In a way, I agree with those sentiments, and believe the Terps can build from this. BUT; it is more a question of what they have learned about their team than what they have learned about how to win. They learned how to win in a game against Northeastern at the beginning of last season; but then turned around and lost 2 to good teams in Kansas City a week later. Learning how to beat Vermont is good; but if the Terps lose their first two in Orlando; they didn’t really learn that much about themselves. No one thinks the Terps should beat Michigan State and win the stacked event at Disney World; but the Terps can’t afford to go 0-3 (almost impossible), or really even 1-2 either. A loss to Michigan State is acceptable; but only if the Terps can get 2 wins from the rest of the weekend.

I don’t know that Gary and his staff really have learned enough about this team in these first three games. They don’t have solid go-to rotations just yet. The one hope I have is that they will take what they learned from attacking the hoop in the 2nd half; and that will be the team we see play against Michigan State. This is not a good team down low; and this is not a good shooting team either. But they are a very athletic team; and Milbourne, Bowie, Tucker, and Vasquez can all help to make this the type of team who steals points at the free throw line and toughens up in the lane. THAT is what this team should have learned thus far.

That’s it for tonight. Hoops are off until the Spartan test Thursday night in Orlando; but there’s a pretty big pigskin game tomorrow night that I’ll be back for. I’ll check in with Thyrl around 6:30 as we get ready for a 7:45 kickoff against Florida State with the ACC Atlantic POSSIBLY on the line.

Talk to you tomorrow.


11:20-Checking the stat sheet; Marqus Blakely was the top Catamount; but he obviously ran out of steam in overtime. The Catamounts had 3 players play 34 minutes or more (Blakely 44, Trimboli 39, and Vier 34); whereas the Terps had only two (Vasquez 42, Hayes 35). Blakely finished with 23 points and 11 boards for Vermont; who also got 17 points from Trimboli; and 8 quiet boards from Evan Field. Blakely also finished with 4 big blocks. They shot 42.9% from the field; hit 7-22 from outside (31.8%) and were just 13-21 from the free throw line; which ultimately doomed them.

Maryland got 26 points and 9 boards from Vasquez; 17 points and  6 boards from Bowie; 10 points and 7 boards from Neal. Eric Hayes had 7 assists with just 1 turnover. The Terps had just 6 turnovers between the 2nd half and overtime after 10 in the first half. They shot 41.8% from the field, 9-21 from outside (42.9%); and a stellar 24-30 from the free throw line (80%). They hit 20 free throws in the 2nd half and overtime after hitting just four in the first half.

10:55-As I suspected, Gary said that the team made a conscious decision in the 2nd half to attack the hoop and try to draw more fouls. He said that passing around a zone defense no longer works; and teams have to attack them and try to get to the line. They certainly did a good job of that. Instead of taking 4 free throw shots like they did in the first half; the Terps got to the line 17 times in the 2nd half. It obviously made a difference.

Not much time to be emotional for Gary regarding his 400th win at the school. He said it means a lot to him because of where the program came from (“our first year was spent talking to lawyers”), but the national championship is clearly the greater measuring stick for the program. I heard a rumor that Greivis gave the game ball to Gary; but I cannot confirm that as of right now.

The shot Greivis hit to tie things up had a couple of options; including Hayes. Gary said he wasn’t surprised Lonergan didn’t choose to foul; as there was still 17 seconds on the clock. I still believe that decision has more to do about respect than it has to do with time; but I doubt Gary or Coach Lonergan would ever admit that.

Gary took the time to point out that Sports Illustrated’s preview magazine had Vermont in the Tournament; and even Greivis Vasquez mentioned that note as well. They may well both be correct in that assumption; as Vermont could end up being the type of team who helps Maryland’s RPI. Moreover; despite the fact that American was a good team last year; the loss hurt Maryland’s “eyeball” resume amongst prognosticators and those who make the decisions. They can’t afford to put themselves behind the 8 ball with losses to “mid-majors” early. It may ultimately be more significant that Maryland didn’t lose than that they won.

Gary didn’t offer much regarding the lack of minutes for Braxton Dupree. When asked if Braxton might lose his spot in the starting lineup; Gary said he would have to take a look, and that he “probably wouldn’t tell (the media)” if he were to make such a decision; as Tom Izzo “MIGHT” find out. It was particularly glaring that Dupree played just 8 minutes, especially considering those minutes were pretty good. Gary said he went with Jin Soo in overtime because Jin Soo has been one of the team’s best defensive players; and because “he’s not nervous.”

Gary again humorously quipped that Adrian Bowie could become the team’s starting center given his rebounding and interior play in the 2nd half and overtime. Bowie says he’d accept the role……anything for the team. More importantly; Bowie hit a 3 in the 2nd half to tie things up at 66 after a big emotional swing where Dave Neal and Colin McIntosh had traded 3’s. Bowie admitted that the shot was not the type of shot he would have taken last season; but his confidence has improved.

Greivis was clearly the most emotional player in the locker room; as he was on the floor. Greivis still believes the team can be a “really good team”, and said he wants the crowd to have as much fun as he is on the floor.

Dave Neal says he was confident in stepping up to take two big 3 point shots in the 2nd half; as he has confidence in his shot. He also believes his role as the team’s only senior is important; because he has a very good idea of what Gary wants done in every situation.

10:19-Gary is clearly emotional in his postgame radio interview. He joins Dean Smith and Coach K as the only coaches with 400 ACC wins. Dave Neal gets a hearty ovation after being mentioned by Johnny. Gary also jokes that Adrian Bowie earned the chance to play the 5. I’ll be back shortly to wrap this up after Gary and the locker room.

10:15-You can officially call this an ESCAPE for the Terps; as Mike Lonergan had answers for everything his former mentor gave him. It was a VALIANT effort for a Vermont team that no one would be surprised to see playing in March. Greivis adds two more at the line; he has a game high 26. Blakely gets 2 back for Vermont; they’ll call off the dogs and Maryland will win 89-74 in overtime. Congratulations to Gary WIlliams for his 400th win at the University of Maryland. Terps go to 3-0; Catamounts fall to 1-2. I’ll head upstairs here now; then I’ll be back. Greivis is certainly jubilant leaving the floor; the rest of the Terps seem a bit more relieved.

10:14-Hopefully writers across the country will see only the final score of this one and not read the game story. The Terps are going to win with a large margin thanks to the OT period; but this game was about OVER late. Neal adds 2 more at the line; 87-72 Terps.

10:13-Dave Neal misses a 3 inside; but Adrian Bowie is there again for the putback (plus one); and the Terps have a 84-72 lead; and the Catamounts have resorted to tossing up 3’s and fouling. Vasquez to the line.

10:09-Bowie goes 1 for 2 at the line-he has 14 and the Terps have a 78-72 advantage. Braxton Dupree appears to be sulking on the bench; Gary’s decision to sit him is glaring.

But not as glaring as the excitement in Comast as Eric Hayes drills a 3. He has 11; the Terps lead 81-72; and we have just 1:50 to play in the extra frame. Very dramatic turn of events over the last 10 minutes.

10:07-Bowie cleans up Vasquez’s missed 3; and the Terps take a 74-72 lead in overtime. Kim is playing tremendous interior defense thus far. Vasquez with another 3; he has 23 and the Terps lead by 5. Raucous atmosphere, and the Catamounts are clearly rattled by not finishing the job in regulaion. Vasquez misses but Bowie is there; and he’ll go to the line.

10:04-Maybe I should rip Greivis more often. You knew he would take the shot; and thankfully he was true. It doesn’t make him a star; but you do appreciate his confidence; which is greater than his honest all-around ability. He has 20 now as we head to extra time. Terps are fortunate to be here; and will have to play with even LESS size; as Milbourne and Gregory have fouled out. Jin Soo Kim is playing the 5 right now.

10:03-Vasquez tosses one up from the corner and hits it! Tie game!

Vermont can’t get an answer to their late prayer; and we’re going to overtime!!!!!

10:02-Blakely makes the 2nd, and Vermont calls timeout to set up their defense. Here’s the age old question…..should the Catamounts intentionally foul to avoid giving Maryland a look at the 3? Is 16.7 seconds enough time for the Terps to go to the lane and foul again? Remember, they have no timeouts. I expect Greivis to hoist an outside shot; and I think Lonergan has to much respect for Gary to foul.

10:02-Blakely gives the Terps life, missing the first.

10:01-Jin Soo Kim checks in as the Terps need a shooter.

9:59-Ball goes to Greivis, who is called for a hook as he tries to get to the basket. Fans aren’t happy; but it was a good call. Terps foul Blakely; who has a great chance to give the Catamounts a 2 possession advantage. Gregory fouls out here; finishing with 2 points.

9:58-Terps move the ball up; call timeout with 24.5 seconds left. Gary needs to remind his team that they’ve called their final timeout. They need to get something towards the hoop here. A basket and a plus one is the best scenario; a foul or a 2nd chance would also work.

9:57-Catamounts patiently work the clock, but Accaoui misses a jumper. Terps get the ball back with 26.4 seconds to play. Who takes the shot?

9:55-Blakely misses the front end; and after a long possession; Dave Neal hits ANOTHER big 3. 71-69 Vermont. Maryland gets the ball back; but Vasquez misses a mid-range jumper after a good shake to get free. Vermont calls timeout with 51 seconds left and a 2 point lead. Crucial defensive possession for Maryland here.

9:52-Vier makes just 1 of 2; but Vasquez bails him out by throwing up a wild runner. Catamounts have the ball, a 5 point lead, and can take the clock under 2 minutes on this possession. We are continuously reminded of the reasons why Vasquez is NOT a star in college basketball; just a player who scores a lot. Catamounts miss a 3; but get the offensive rebound; and Milbourne fouls out. He finishes with 13. Blakely at the line; and fans are getting frustrated.

9:48-Adrian Bowie misses 2 crucial free throws sandwiched by big hoops from Trimboli and McIntosh. Time is clearly a factor with under 3 minutes left. Hayes misses a floater in the lane; and Vier is fouled going for the rebound. Terps are settling for shots; and Vermont isn’t flinching. This is not good late.

9:46-Pretty pass inside from Bowie to Milbourne, but Milbourne is stuffed going to the hoop. Terps have done a solid job of working inside in the 2nd half; which they should be able to do against a less athletic team. 3:45 to play, Vermont has the ball with 23 seconds on the shot clock as we hit the last official timeout in regulation.

9:43-McIntosh gets a little separation and is able to knock down a short jumper to extend the lead to 63-60. Maryland calls timeout with 5:16 to play. Gary is hopefully telling his team to not start thinking about outside jumpers, but instead continue to go inside. Greivis re-enters and goes to the student section to try to rile up the crowd.

Dave Neal finds himself wide open for 3 and knocks it down to tie the game and electrify the crowd. But McIntosh hits an open 3 on the other end. Bowie follows with a 3 of his own; Vermont turns the ball over; we’re tied at 66 with 4:16 to play; and so much for me saying the Terps shouldn’t be looking for outside shots. Nice to see the confidence from Bowie.

9:41-Vasquez is true on both attempts, and the Terps are back within 3. With about 6 minutes to play, they can’t afford to play from behind much longer. Bowie and Tucker both attack the hoop without getting a basket; but Milbourne is fouled on a rebound attempt; and hits both to make the lead 61-60 for Vermont, a team that is not intimidated at all.

9:39-Milbourne does the right thing by working towards the hoop from the wing; but misses the front end of a 1 and 1; which is a KILLER at this stage in a game. McIntosh hits 2 on the other end, and the Terps face a 5 point deficit at 61-56. Vasquez shooting 1 and 1 on the other end….

9:38-Bowie ends Maryland’s perfect night at the charity stripe; but gets his 2nd to pull the Terps within 3 at 59-56.

What Vermont has done well against the press is using their passes to go immediately to the basket. They haven’t always scored this way; but they’ve left the Terps scrambling to defend; and chances for easy points inside.

9:35-We’ll go to the 3rd official timeout of the half with the Cats ahead by 4 but Bowie going to the free throw line following another good drive. The Terps are significantly better offensively when they take the Vermont defenders off their dribble; and work towards the basket. This Maryland team is more athletic even without great underneath size; and should not be playing an outside game offensively with the Catamounts. Vermont in fact has been executing what should be a perfect game plan for the Terps on the other side; and Maryland might want to change things on the press; because Lonergan clearly has the answers.

9:32-Terps with a dramatic turnaround thanks to defense and free throws. Vasquez and Milbourne hit 2 apiece; making things 55-53 Maryland. Terps must continue to get their athletes to the hoop.

Vasquez with a jumper and we’re tied at 55 with 9 to play. Vasquez has 15 now. Joseph responds by getting to the hoop himself to give Vermont a 2 point lead again. Vasquez settles for another jumper and misses; then Blakely gets another inside hoop; he has 20 and the Catamounts lead by 4.

9:30-McIntosh with 2 free throws to make things 55-47 with about 10 and a half to play in the game. Maryland MUST get to the rack and earn free throw attempts. Dave Neal is fouled going for the rebound; he makes both.

9:26-Next official timeout comes with 10:35 remaining in the game and Maryland trailing 53-47. Dave Neal is coming back in as Gary clearly needs better inside defense. This is a dangerous area for the Terps. Vermont has the ball with the lead; and can start to possibly pull away here.

The Terps struggle to take their smooth rhythm in shootaround to the floor during games. Outside shots come off flat for the Terps during games; whereas they shoot with much more natural flow beforehand. This isn’t just when they’re trailing, either. They often shoot like this throughout games; almost as if they forget how to shoot from outside.

9:25-Make Vermont’s lead 6 as McIntosh gets inside for an easy bucket. Vasquez gets two back in the lane; expect him to try to take over at some point shortly. A Blakely bucket inside makes the lead 53-47 for Vermont; and the Terps are struggling in the paint right now.

9:23-With the Catamounts doubling Jin Soo in the corner; the Terps did a nice job to work the ball around to Adrian Bowie. He couldn’t put the drive in; but he was able to get 2 free throws.

Accaoui manages to get the ball after two deflections and takes it to the hole to make Vermont’s lead 4 again at 49-45.

9:22-Gary takes a timeout needing to get the Terps going offensively.

Pretty impressive crowd tonight. I told WNST sales guru I thought there would be 5,000 empty seats tonight; but there are more like 2,000; and they’re pretty spread out. The crowd has wanted to make some noise throughout the night; but is clearly feeling a LITTLE anxious.

9:19-Dave Neal misses another shot. Gary loves seniors, and he loves effort guys; but Neal has not really given him particularly productive minutes tonight. He went to the floor for a loose ball on Vermont’s next possession; but Joey Accaoui found the ball in his hands and a route to the hoop for 2 for the Catamounts. Trimboli adds a 3 to make Vermont’s lead 4 at 47-43. Trimboli now has 15 tonight; Blakely has 16.

9:17-Virginia was able to avoid the upset tonight; rallying for a 68-66 win over a very pesky Radford team. Duke leads Michigan 65-48 with just 4:20 to play.

Dino Gregory corrals a Vasquez miss and gets 2 inside. 43-42 Terps.

9:15-Another hoop from Blakely gives him a game high 14 and the Catamounts a 42-41 advantage. Tucker has 10 to pace the Terps at the official timeout with 14:40 to play.

9:09-Milbourne gets his 2nd foul early in the 2nd half; but Blakely bails him out by going 0-2 at the line. The fact that Maryland attempted just 4 free throws in the first half REALLY concerns me (they made all 4 interestingly enough). This team has to use their athletes to make up for the lack of frontcourt ability; but this team too often picks up their drives much too early. Vasquez, Tucker, and Milbourne have to get to the hoop and get free throw attempts. This makes Dave Neal’s large number of minutes all the more puzzling.

Over 3 minutes into the 2nd half with no scoring on either end. Ugly basketball. A putback by Blakely changes that and ties things at 37. Tucker responds by hitting an 18 foot jumper to give the Terps the lead again, but Trimboli hits a 3 to give Vermont a 40-39 advantage. Following another bad miss by Neal, Cliff Tucker gets a lay-up to give the Terps the lead again at 41-40.

9:07-Terps NEED to limit turnovers; and NEED to shoot better than 33% from outside in the 2nd half. They can’t just be a threat to SHOOT the ball, they have to be a threat to HIT shots. They need to get inside and get MANY more free throw attempts (just 4 in the first half) as well. And they can’t let teams continue to out-rebound them (Vermont 14-12 in the first half).

9:01-Here’s a quick social experiment for you…..let’s take a look at the current status posted by members of the Maryland basketball team on their personal Facebook pages……

Dave Neal has no current status.
David Pearman “was destined to eat David’s Sunflower seeds” 22 hours ago
Steve Goins has no current status.
Dino Gregory “is gametime” 6 hours ago
Eric Hayes “is cleaner than some new detergent” Thursday
Cliff Tucker has no current status.
Adrian Bowie has no current status.
Jerome Burney has no current status.

Each of those players appears to update their pages fairly often; but only Gregory had anything about tonight’s game in his update. Doesn’t mean anything, just something I thought I’d research for you at the half.

8:50-Tough foul call on Bowie with 2.6 seconds left in the half gives Vermont a GREAT chance to make this a close game at the half. Joseph hits both free throws, then Vasquez misses a halfcourt heave and the Terps lead just 39-37 at the break. They had hoped to get the lead into double digits just a few minutes ago, but the 2nd half will now shake up to be pretty interesting.

8:49-Joseph squares and hits a big 3 for the Catamounts, then Trimboli adds a layup to make things 37-33. The duo have 10 and 9 points respectively for Vermont.

8:47-Eric Hayes gets another wide open look from outside, and he drills the shot. His shot is the biggest reason why Gary had to come back to him as a starter this season. It is truly a difference maker. Dave Neal used his size to get a steal off a lob pass; but Hayes MISSED a three on the other end. Bowie replaces him with the Terps leading 37-28.

8:46-11-0 for the Terps over the last 5 minutes to establish this advantage. They have done well at the end of the first half in each of their first 3 games. Blakely breaks the drought for Vermont by going 2-2 at the line.

8:42-Tucker goes to the layup on the fast break to make the lead 34-26; then Dino Gregory with a GREAT stuff to take things to the the final official timeout and the Terps ahead by 8.

8:40-Milbourne with another hoop inside, he has 9 and is tied with Greivis for game high. Vermont takes another timeout with 4:51 to play, trailing 32-26.

UMBC was a 76-71 winner over Quinnipiac earlier today, Morgan State beat Marshall 72-67. I went 1-2 in those picks; but my UMBC score was 70-64. I take that as a win.

8:38-It clearly helps Vermont that Lonergan knows first hand about Gary’s different traps and presses. It clearly helps Maryland that Landon Milbourne is more athletic than any of the Catamounts, and can get a banger from 4 feet to make things 30-26 Maryland.

8:35-Offense runs a very nice set, and Tucker gets a hoop inside to get the Terps within 1 at 26-25. Turnovers have certainly hurt the Terps in the 1st half; but Eric Hayes drilling a wide open 3 did not. 28-26 Maryland as Vermont calls timeout.

8:31-23-21 after another Joseph freebie. Terps having a hard time hanging on to the ball; and we go to the 3rd official timeout with Vermont ahead 26-23.

Elsewhere, Radford leads Virginia 48-46 in the 2nd half in Charlottesville; Duke leads Michigan 39-31 in New York at the half; Miami was a 70-60 winner over Southern Miss; and Xavier got THIS miracle to beat Va Tech 63-62 in OT down in Puerto Rico.

8:28-Milbourne checks back in for Neal. I’m surprised Gary went with Neal for so long considering a hustle play rebound was his only real positive contribution. Joseph sticks back an airball, and Vermont leads 25-23. Terps don’t want Vermont to maintain the positive vibes they’ve been building thus far.

8:27-Bowie with the nice move to drive the lane and get two (plus one). However, Vermont breaks the trap easily; and a Vier 3 ties things again at 23.

8:24-Another Trimboli hoop gets Vermont within 2 at 20-18; and almost halfway through the first half; Jin Soo Kim enters to the fans’ delight. A Blakely hoop to tie things up isn’t quite so delightful.

8:18-Trimboli with the jumper off a Maryland turnover to make it 18-14. Mosley then finds Neal with a nice pass inside; but Neal misses the gimme hoop. An attempted alley-oop to Mosley goes awry on the Terps’ next possession; but Neal recovers-only to miss ANOTHER gimme. Dino Gregory into the game; he gets a nice block, but the Cats get it back for a hoop from Garvey Young. Vasquez responds, and it’s 20-16 at the 2nd official timeout.

8:16-Terps get Bowie, Neal, and Mosley in on their first trip to the bench; joining Milbourne and Vasquez. Bowie gets a layup off a Maryland steal to make things 18-11, but Vermont responds with a 1-2 trip from Blakely at the line. 18-12.

8:15-Maryland grad (Edit from GMC: Chick is an alum; but not a grad) Chick Hernandez and Ronny Thompson have the call tonight on Comcast SportsNet; but hanging out with me and asking questions is something you can do WHILE you watch the game. PLUS, I’m closer to .500 in my NCAA coaching career than Ronny is (that’s a fun joke!).

8:13-Catamounts go up top for an alley-oop from Blakely; who then comes away with a steal and another stuff. It’s 16-11 Maryland with only about 5 minutes gone in the half and the Terps will go to the first official timeout after another turnover. Already more offense tonight than in the first 13 minutes of Tuesday night’s game vs. Youngstown State.

8:10-The Terps won’t be able to cheat on the outside shooters from Vermont, as they will pay for mistakes. Nick Vier adds 3, but Milbourne responds with a 3 of his own; then Hayes gets a lay-up to make it 14-6 with less than 17 remaining in the half. Dupree gets his first foul with 16:14 left; but he looked better inside thus far. A Colin McIntosh free throw makes it 14-7, but Vasquez adds another 2 to make the lead 9.

8:09-Cliff Tucker rattles home a pair of freebies, then Milbourne gets a short put-in off a steal to make things 9-3 with about 18 minutes to play.

8:07-It didn’t take as long to get a field goal tonight as it did 3 nights ago; as Greivis decided to take things into his own hands on just the 3rd possession of the game; giving the Terps a 2-0 advantage on a mid-range jumper. Trimboli responded with an outside shot; but Greivis added a tough one in the lane (plus one) to make the lead 5-3.

8:04-When chatting with Coach Lonergan; he asked me how Nestor was doing; saying “I used to listen to you guys a lot (when I could get you in down in Bowie); I really thought you did “real” sports talk. He’s probably know there was a new sports leader in town (lol); but the sign for the flagship station here at Comcast Center still reads “105.7 Free FM WHFS”. Nice to see the leader has made sure to keep things updated over the last THREE YEARS!

8:03-After hearing the student section chant back “Sucks!” after Matt Hahn’s introduction, I imagine Grinnon would win the vote from the current student class. There is the unfair advantage of being a more recent player; and the students will of course chant that back no matter who is introduced from another team.

8:02-After hearing another solid rendition of the national anthem from a Maryland student (I know I’ve heard him sing it at a previous game); I feel the need to remind all of you that during the anthem Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium; please chant “Joe” instead of “Oh!” to honor the great Joe Flacco. It’s really a no-brainer.

7:57-Good news already tonight for Terps fans stemming from Louisville. The Maryland field hockey team will play for a national championship Sunday (they’ll be looking for their 3rd in 4 years) following a 2-1 Double OT win this afternoon over Iowa. They’ll get the winner of tonight’s Wake-Syracuse semifinal at 1pm Sunday on CBS College Sports (most of us will be preoccupied at that time).

7:52-Speaking of “The Mayor of College Park”, not only is Matt Hahn in the house tonight, but Mike Grinnon is here as well. If these two were to run against each other; who do you think would have won in their prime? I’ll give the nod to Grinnon due to the fact that he owns an ACC Championship ring AND a NCAA Championship ring; but he went out with a NIT berth. Plus, Hahn would have had his dad (former Maryland recruiting star Gary Hahn) to help nail down votes. Grinnon would certainly be the “red” territories (although Hahn might have been as well-I never got to know his politics); and I believe you would have to paint certain areas on the College Park map different colors. We all know Bentley’s would be a “red” state in this equation. Who would have gotten your vote?

7:48-If you’re a Terps fan, you should be reading Patrick Stevens’ blog. Patrick is the only “real” Maryland beat writer left; as he covers football AND basketball for the Washington Times (AND lacrosse for that matter!). His blog is called “D1SCOURSE” (Get it?), and he joins Drew every Tuesday morning at 8:05 to talk Terps. During this week’s visit, Drew passed along a question to Patrick that he had heard Haynie pose a day earlier…….”Who’s the better QB in recent Maryland history: Sam Hollenbach or Chris Turner?” Patrick didn’t have the answer Tuesday; but three days later, he finally took the time to break it down numerically.

7:40-I cannot believe how many of you are going to stand out in the cold tomorrow night for the Maryland-Florida State game. I’d like to say that if I wasn’t working I’d be there; but I don’t know anymore. I used to LIVE for being out in the cold at football games (I can even remember a Maryland-BC game a few years back where I ignored common sense to stand shirtless with the letter “E” painted on my chest-as I was part of “D’Qwell’s Army” on D’Qwell Jackson’s senior day. I hope people are smarter than to honor Edwin Williams with a similar tribute tomorrow night. The weather reports aren’t friendly. It was so cold tonight that I decided to pull out the heaviest jacket I saved from the Arizona move; an Orioles jacket gifted to me by the ballclub. Upon walking into the arena, I was greated by Terps PBP Voice and Nationals TV host Johnny Holliday; who quickly quipped “You can’t wear that here!” and “It’s not even that cold out!.” If the Nationals sign Mark Teixeira, this might be the last time Johnny sees me don the jacket.

7:28-At Comcast Center tonight for Maryland-Vermont; should be a decent test for Gary’s Terps before their Thanksgiving showdown with Michigan State in the Old Spice Classic. Just spent a few minutes chatting with Vermont Coach Mike Lonergan; who joked a bit about his pal Jimmy Patsos’ tirade in Boston the other night when the Hounds fell to Cornell. Lonergan has had quite the receiving line here tonight; hard to imagine he was only an assistant here for one season with the reception he always gets. A nice receiving line as well for former “Mayor of College Park” Matt Hahn, who is also an assistant with the Catamounts.

The Terps are looking to improve to 3-0 on the season; and more importantly are trying to find consistency from their various rotations. Braxton Dupree has yet to solidify his position in the post; and it wouldn’t surprise me if Dino Gregory, Jerome Burney, and even Steve Goins continued to get minutes as the Terps play “big man by committee.”

This is not the same Catamounts team that Thom Brennan and Taylor Coppenrath wowed the country with a couple years ago; but they are certainly a team who is poised to make noise in the tough America East conference. Marqus Blakely leads the way for them; he’s a 6’5″ swing player who is averaging 16 a game in their first two contests (they have a 1-1 record). Michigan State transfer Maurice Joseph has settled into their 3 guard offense, and has been able to contibute more offensively since arriving in Burlington. And Mike Trimboli is the quarterback of the offense, he’s averaged 7 assists in their first two games of the season.