Terps Hold Off Furious Comeback by Virginia for 84-78 Win

January 20, 2009 | Glenn Clark

Sometimes a team JUST needs a win.

That was certainly the case tonight; as the Terps had dropped 3 of their last 4 in stunning, heartbreaking fashion. This team BADLY needed to have some positive feelings coming out of a game; and they played a NEARLY complete 40 minutes tonight to beat Virginia 84-78.

There were good things: like Adrian Bowie’s tenacity in going to the hole in the first half; and Landon Milbourne’s will to finish in the 2nd half.
There were bad things; like Dino Gregory and Adrian Bowie’s foul trouble; Braxton Dupree’s inside misses, and Greivis Vasquez’s insistence on taking jumpers to try to answer shots on the Cavalier end.

But in the end; the Terps got a win; and a win they badly needed.

Moving forward; they MUST correct things on both ends. They CANNOT go away from taking the ball to the hoop. When teams put together runs; a 3 point play is just as damaging to an opposing team’s psyche as a 3 point shot.

They also cannot continue to allow teams to get open looks from outside in the 2nd half. Good teams hit shots late in games. Duke will certainly not gift the Terps any oustide misses at Cameron Indoor on Saturday afternoon.

But sometimes, getting a win is the most important thing. After the two weeks this team has suffered through; that was likely the case tonight. They got the win; now they can go back to working on becoming a better team.

It all starts with moving towards the basket!

Talk to you in the morning.


10:25-Virginia’s big scoring came off the bench; with Jamil Tucker scoring 21 and Calvin Baker adding 16. Mike Scott finished the game with 16 points and 10 rebounds; Sylven Landesberg had just 7 points, but added 11 boards. Mamadi Diane added 9 points. The Cavs shot 27-59 from the field (45.8%); 6-20 beyond the arc (30%); and 18-22 from the free throw line (81.8%).

Johnny Holliday reports Dave Neal needed 15 stitches to close his facial cut. Wow.

Landon Milbourne and Adrian Bowie each had 17 points to lead the Terps; Milbourne chipped in a team high 5 rebounds. Greivis Vasquez added 16; Eric Hayes had 10 points and 11 assists; Dave Neal and Dino Gregory each added 8 points. The Terps shot 29-54 from the floor (a MUCH better 53.7%); 5-10 from beyond the arc (50%); and 21-24 at the free throw line (87.5%).

10:18-Gary says he’s “proud” of the minutes he got from Dupree, Gregory, and Kim while Neal was back in the locker room. He says the Terps ‘have a lot of demons’ stemming from the Miami debacle; and still have to work them out. He says the Terps have to ‘keep up their toughness and keep getting better.’

-Gary ‘left it up to Dave’ as far as whether or not Neal would return; and the senior thought he could give it a go.

-Gary says the difference between tonight and the Miami game was that the Terps ‘stayed aggressive’

-Gary says Dino needs to continue to ‘push himself’ every day

-Gary thought the Terps were ‘okay’ at getting to the free throw line; and wouldn’t comment about the officiating

-According to Gary, Dave Neal’s return ‘picked everybody up’, including himself. Neal had no concussion; and the only thing that could have happened when he returned would have been the cut opening deeper.

-Gary doesn’t want rebounding pressure to fall on Landon Milbourne.

-Gary says he’s ‘very superstitious’ about his team’s free throw shooting; and never feels too confident that his players will knock the shots down.


You always take wins; even when they’re not pretty. They needed this one; and it wasn’t perfect; but it will give them an extra day to prepare for Duke. That will be a serious test for this Maryland team; as the Blue Devils are a VERY good shooting team; and the Terps have struggled with letting teams hit shots the last few times out.

10:09-Gary admits to the Terps making ‘mistakes’ at the end; but says they weren’t because the team ‘wasn’t trying.’ Also in his post-game radio interview with Johnny Holliday and Chris Knoche; he says the Terps will get a much needed day off tomorrow; their first in about a week. He reminds that the Terps can’t just ‘put it away’ when they have big leads at the half.

I’m not going to bother to go up and talk to Gary tonight; as that 5:00am alarm gets earlier and earlier every morning. Nothing pressing for me to ask about. I’ll watch the presser here on the jumbotron; and work to pass along final statistics as I get them.

10:06-Virginia gets another look at 3 but misses; and the rebound goes the entire length of the floor and out of bounds off the Cavs. Maryland has the ball with 14.9 to play, and Virginia backs off. Maryland dribbles out the clock; and finishes off an 84-78 win. Terps improve to 13-5 overall; 2-2 in ACC play. Cavs fall to 7-8 overall; 1-3 in ACC play.

10:05-Landesberg drives and misses; but Scott is there to put it back. Scott has 16; and Farrakhan fouls Vasquez with 28.7 to play. Vasquez makes both; he has 16. Maryland 84-78.

10:03-Solomon Tat into the game as the designated player with fouls to give; and Milbourne knocks down both free throws. He has 17 now to tie the team lead. Baker knocks down ANOTHER 3; he has 16; then Vasquez knocks down both free throws after being fouled by Tucker. Vasquez has 14; the Terps lead 82-76 as Gary calls his 4th timeout. They have to make Virginia’s 3 point efforts tougher; but the Cavs can actually still afford to look for 2.

10:01-Jamil Tucker refuses to give up; he drills a 3 to cut Maryland’s lead to 78-73 with 55.7 seconds to play. Tucker has 21; and Maryland will have to break the Cavs’ press coming out of a timeout.

10:00-Cavs go to the press with just over a minute to play; and Mike Scott ends up fouling Milbourne. That’s Scott’s 4th personal. Milbourne continues his stellar 2nd half; knocking down both to extend the lead to 78-70. He has 15 for the game after just 2 in the first half.

9:58-Baker works for the hoop; and he has 13. Next time down Milbourne gets the jumper from the top of the key to fall. he has 13 and Maryland’s lead is 9 again. Diane is called for the player controlled foul next time down; and Maryland gets the ball back. Hayes now has 10 points and 11 assists; his first career double-double as reported on the jumbotron.

Disaster off the foul though, as the Cavs get the steal; and Tucker gets the lay-up. He adds the PLUS ONE attempt; has 18 points; and Maryland lead is 76-70.

9:55-If Maryland wants to finish this; the solution is simple. Move the ball toward the hoop every time down. Do I sound like a broken record? They’re in the single bonus already; so they’ll be shooting free throws every time they’re fouled here on in. Jump shots are similar to turnovers……

…..unless Landon Milbourne can rebound a miss by Eric Hayes; and get a bucket amidst 3 defenders! 11 for Milbourne; Terps by 7. Cavs get 4 or 5 chances the other way; but can’t capitalize. Terps settle; and Hayes drives for the layup. He has 10, Terps by 9.

9:54-Duke ended up closing out NC State pretty well; getting a 70-56 victory at Cameron before welcoming the Terps on Saturday at noon.

9:53-Right on cue; Baker is called for a travel; and we’ll hit the final official timeout of regulation with Maryland clinging to a 5 point lead; 70-65 with 3:41 to play.

9:52-Milbourne knocks down both at the line; he has 9. Maryland’s lead is 70-65; they need a stop here.

9:51-When they need their senior; Dave Neal responds with a huge 3. He has 8; but Tucker gets a hoop for the Cavs to cut the lead back down to 3. Tucker has 15 for the Hoos. Terps hold on to the ball thanks to alternating possession; and Milbourne is fouled coming out of a scrum for the ball. That’s Mike Scott’s 3rd personal; and Virginia’s 7th team foul.

9:49-That will do it for Dino tonight; as he draws his 5th foul. He exits with 5:05 to play; it is Maryland’s 7th team foul in the 2nd half. He leaves with 8 points; Dave Neal re-enters; and Mike Scott goes to the line. Scott knocks down the first with a generous roll; and calmly nails the 2nd. He has 14, Maryland’s lead down to 65-63.

9:47-Bowie works to the lane; misses, but gets his rebound and puts it back. He has 17. Baker responds on the other end; lead is 4 again. Gregory misses a jumper the other way down; and Virginia can get within 1 or 2 here.

9:46-Pull up jumper from Diane falls; he has had a HUGE 2nd half with 7 points after scoring just two in the first half. Maryland calls their 3rd timeout with the lead down to 4; and Gary will be forced to put Gregory back on the floor with four fouls. The crowd has gotten eerily quiet in recent minutes.

9:44-Diane hits one of two at the line; and the lead is cut to 6. Vasquez is blocked trying to get a shot off on the other end, but Hayes draws a foul making a move to the lane. Terps get a new 35 second clock. Foul was on Sene; that’s his 4th personal. Bowie gets his first hoop in what seems like an eternity-he as 15; but Scott answers on the other end; he has 12.

9:42-Just got a Facebook message from the King of Baltimore Sports Talk-Bob Haynie-saying “they’re choking again.”

Does blowing 15+ point leads twice in the last 13 days make everyone think they’re not capable of holding one anymore? I just hope that number doesn’t turn into “thrice.”

9:40-Diane pulls up and knocks down a jumper; Vasquez answers with a floater in the lane. Vasquez has 12; Terps again by 7. Cavs get bailed out by a foul inside; and we hit the 3rd official timeout with 7:51 to play. 61-54 Maryland.

9:38-Jamil Tucker gets an open look from outside; drills it, and Maryland’s lead has dwindled to 3. Mosley hits a HUGE jumper with the bank open; and the lead is 57-52 again. Milbourne follows that by throwing down a THUNDEROUS jam; and Leitao needs his 3rd timeout. Huge swing there for Maryland to re-establish a 7 point advantage at 59-52. Jamil Tucker has 13; Milbourne has 7; Mosley has 4.

9:36-Dave Neal fouls Scott working to the hoop; Scott continues his solid night with two more at the line. Maryland’s lead is 55-49. Hayes finds Milbourne inside; but Landon dribbles out of bounds, and Maryland turns the ball over again. Gary is forced to send Bowie back on the floor with 3 fouls for Vasquez with just over 10 minutes to play.

9:35-Milbourne takes the nice feed to the basket for a hoop and a PLUS ONE. He has 5; Maryland’s lead is 8 at 55-47. Big 3 point play there for the Terps; who would like to re-establish a double digit advantage.

9:34-Boston College needed overtime to finish off an 80-76 win over Georgia Tech; while Duke is clinging to a 54-53 2nd half lead over NC State.

9:29-The Terps CANNOT afford selfish play from Vasquez right now. Even during his shooting struggles he was making nice feeds to open shooters. If Vasquez wants the offense in his hands; he has to be going to the basket and working for free throws; not shooting jumpers.

Bowie’s 2nd half struggles continue as he misses a tough layup inside; then fouls Mike Scott on the other end. That’s Bowie’s 3rd personal; and Scott makes both free throws. Scott has 8; Maryland’s lead is down to 52-47 at the 2nd official timeout of the half. 11:37 to play.

9:26-Nice cut by Mosley to get the layup off the feed from Neal; then Bowie takes the ball all the way to the hoop and misses the layup. The other way down; Landesberg gets his own layup. He has 7; Maryland leads 52-45, and Gary calls his 2nd timeout.

9:24-Tucker gets a 2nd chance hoop inside; he has 10-the lead is back to single digits. Vasquez misses another jumper; then Gregory draws his 4th personal foul as Scott worked inside. Dave Neal returns to a nice ovation as Gregory is forced back to the bench with 13:15 to play. Scott knocks down both free throws; Maryland’s lead down to 7 at 50-43.

9:22-Greivis throws the ball away trying to find Gregory inside; but Mosley comes up with the tie-up as Virginia worked in transition. Bowie gives the ball back to Vasquez as the Terps get their own transition look; Vasquez misses but draws the foul. COMPLETELY out of character; Vasquez misses the first free throw but hits the 2nd; he has 10. Maryland by 11.


Traffic wasn’t a problem AT ALL coming down. I actually got here in 45 minutes from Rosedale. It was REMARKABLE. Gary has probably tried to coach the guys to not dunk hard because of so many misses off the iron. But that miss is inexcusable. Looks like Neal is going to at least try to return.


If they don’t want to blow the lead; they need Bowie to start going back to the hoop.

9:17-Calvin Baker to the lane for a hoop; he has 9. Dupree misses a WIDE OPEN look inside; and the Cavs draw another foul in transition. 49-39 Terps as we hit the first official timeout with 15:36 to play.

9:15-With the shot clock winding down, Vasquez finds Hayes in the corner for an open look outside, but he airmails it. Sene gets an offensive rebound and hoop inside the other way down; and Maryland’s lead is back to ten at 47-37. Dupree draws a foul from Sene next time down; and the crowd explodes as Dave Neal returns to the bench with an ice bag on his forehead. Dupree hits both free throws, he has 4. 49-37 Terps.

9:14-Dupree with a strong move inside for his first two; then Scott answers with a jumper on the other end. Dupree loses the ball after getting it inside this time down; but Maryland holds on after a jump ball is called thanks to the alternating possssion. 47-35 Maryland.

9:11-Vasquez with the defensive rebound; then Hayes is fouled by Zeglinski going to the lane. Milbourne misses the turnaround jumper; then Gregory is called for the foul fighting for the rebound. That’s Gregory’s 3rd; he’ll have to go back to the bench for Dupree; and Virginia will have the chance to do something inside. Baker knows down a 3 to start 2nd half scoring. He has 7; Maryland by 12. Vasquez decides to take a long jumper to try to answer; but misses. A selfish Vasquez is NOT the answer Maryland needs. Dupree steps out of bounds after getting the offesnive rebound. Scott called for a travel on the other end.

9:08-This should again be Adrian Bowie’s offense in the 2nd half. Why go away from a good thing? Bowie changed the game when he started driving to the hoop in the first half; and can help deliver a knockout blow with a few more inside hoops in the 2nd half.

9:07-Orioles CF Adam Jones is in the house tonight; I asked an Orioles beat writer here covering tonight’s game why he would be in town without the Orioles having him make publicity appearances and received the response “I doubt they even know he’s here.” He’s probably right.

8:53-Scott knocks down both free throws. 45-30 Maryland. Kim throws the ball away as Virginia pressures; but it will come back to the Terps. Hayes misses a 3 from the corner before the half; and we’ll hit the break with Maryland maintaining their 15 point advantage. Lots to be pleased with in the first 20 minutes; and I’ll be back shortly with more.

8:51-Vasquez FINALLY snaps his outside shooting slump; he knocks down a 3 in transition after a rebound from Kim. Vasquez of course does some hot-dogging before returning to defend. Bowie gets another steal; but can’t finish on the other end. Scott is fouled by Kim; and Gary will take his first timeout before Scott goes to the line. 45-28 Terps. Vasquez has 9.

8:48-Greivis puts up a bad jumper next time down; his shooting struggles continue. Jin Soo Kim re-enters for Gregory; he and Milbourne will man the post; which should give Virginia the advantage inside. Greivis comes inside for help; and the Terps force a turnover. Greivis then hoes to the hoop next time down for a layup-he has 6. Off the next turnover; Bowie is alone in transition and puts the ball home without thunder. He has 13; Leitao calls his 2nd timeout; Maryland by 14.

8:46-We hit the final official timeout of the first half with Maryland leading by 10 and 3:17 to play. If Maryland did take extra time to work on shooting yesterday as I heard; it looks like it is paying some dividends; but more importantly they have gone back to working to the hoop; and Dino Gregory is giving them an offensive option inside. What a world of difference……

8:43-Maryland’s rebounding woes continue; as Landesberg gets TWO offensive boards before hitting an inside hoop. Bowie goes to the basket again for 2 more-he has 11. Hayes then knocks down another 3; he has 8. Maryland 38-28; and Dave Leitao calls his first timeout.

8:40-Kim draws cheers getting a defensive rebound; and the refs draw boos as Kim is called for a travel the next time down. Gregory blocks a transition bucket attempt by Virginia; then Hayes knocks down a 3 off a feed from Vasquez. Meyinsse draws a foul inside from Gregory; that’s Maryland’s 7th team foul with over 5 minutes to play. Milbourne re-enters for Kim; Meyinsse makes just the first free throw. Vasquez with ANOTHER good look to Hayes-this time across the floor-but Hayes can’t knock down another 3. 33-26 Maryland.


Can’t explain Raycom’s issues; but I can certainly enjoy the minutes Dino Gregory has given the Terps. They DESPERATELY need someone to step up in the middle; and Gregory has at least attempted to be that man tonight.

Dupree draws a foul and exits for Gregory. Jin Soo Kim again into the game in the first half. Landesberg hits a pair of free throws; but Gregory knocks down a desperation jumper from the lane as the shot clock was expiring. He has 8; Maryland 30-25.

8:35-Bowie looks to go to the hoop, but is called for stepping on the endline on his way there. We hit the 3rd official timeout of the half; and Maryland maintains a 28-23 lead.

Elsewhere in ACC play; Boston College has a 53-44 lead at Georgia Tech in the 2nd half; and Duke has an early 18-12 lead over North Carolina State. Maryland visits Cameron Indoor Stadium this Saturday; and one particular blogger might well be joining them there.

8:31-Jerome Meyinsse enters for Virginia; the Terps get a steal; but Cliff Tucker steps out of bounds. Terps have struggled offensively since Bowie went to the bench; but Gregory knocks down a baseline jumper to make things 24-19. Vasquez is fouled going to the hoop in tranisition by Baker; and the Terps will shoot two free throws now the rest of the half. Vasquez knocks down both; he has 4; and Maryland’s lead is 26-19. Bowie re-enters; and part of the student section chants “Di-no, Di-no” for the efforts of Dino Gregory. Baker works a shot in the paint for 2; but Gregory uses a nice move for his own short jumper on the other end. Gregory has 6. Meyinsse gets an offensive rebound an easy putback; Maryland 28-23.

8:30-Vasquez beats a double team to get his first field goal attempt of the game; a short floater from the baseline. Scott fouls Gregory going for a rebound. That’s Virginia’s 8th team foul; so the Terps are in the bonus. Gregory misses the front end though; and the Cavs get the ball back.

8:26-Clearly the offense is going through Adrian Bowie; which is a welcome change. Bowie knows he is better off driving then taking jump shots; unlike some of the other players on this team. This team seriously benefits from going to the free throw line.

Asane Sene is called for an offensive foul; the Cavs now have 7 team fouls. Milbourne is stuffed going to the hole; and Jamil Tucker knocks down a 3 in transition. Cliff Tucker enters for Maryland; he is called for a foul as Landesberg drives. Landesberg misses the first free throw; but makes the 2nd. 20-19 Maryland. Virginia goes to their own press as Gregory re-enters for Dupree.

8:24-Bowie to the hoop AGAIN; but the basket is waived off before the 2nd official timeout (player controlled foul). Maryland maintains their 5 point lead with 10:44 to play in the half.

There’s a Comcast SportsNet commerical that plays inside the Comcast Center; promoting their coverage of Maryland basketball. I have to admit that I still get goose bumps hearing Johnny Holliday say “The kids have done it!” That was a special call.

8:23-Baker uses a nice move to get past Mosley and to the hoop. Bowie brings the ball up the floor even with Hayes in the game. Mosley cuts and finds Milbourne for a jumper; then the Terps get a turnover and Hayes gets a layup in transition. 20-15 Maryland.

8:21-Bowie’s first thought while running the offense has been “go to the hoop”. He goes to the basket again after drawing a double team; and is AGAIN fouled; this one on Sene. That’s 6 team fouls on Virginia early on. Hayes re-enters; Bowie makes both free throws. He has 9; Terps by 3.

8:19-Terps go inside to Dupree for the first time; and he turns the ball over. Farrakhan hits the mid-range jumper on the other end; and we’re tied at 13. Diane fouls Vasquez as he gets the ball; that’s Virginia’s 4th team foul with over 13 minutes to play. Gregory appeared to pick up his feet in the lane; but wasn’t called for traveling. Bowie again drives the lane; drawing a foul from Mike Scott. That’s the 5th team foul. Bowie hits the first but misses the 2nd ; he has 7; Terps 14-13.

8:17-Mustapha Farrakhan enters for Virginia; who has done a nice job in transition and moving with the ball. Tucker knocks down a 3; he creates match-up problems by being able to shoot from outside. Vasquez’s struggles from the field continue with another missed jumper. The Terps have been doubling down when the Cavs come inside; which has given them looks at outside jumpers. Braxton Dupree into the game for Maryland, Calvin Baker for Virginia. Farrakhan called for the foul as Bowie brings the ball up the floor.

8:14-Jamil Tucker makes both of his free throws; and the lead is 9-6 for the Terps. Bowie again goes to the hoop; misses a floater; but Gregory cleans it up with a VERY nice dunk. The teams trade turnovers; but Zeglinski then lays a miss back in to make things 11-8. Bowie is fouled going to the lane; he’ll shoot two. Mosley enters for Hayes, who had another nice steal in the last minute. Bowie makes both freebies; he now has 6, Maryland 13-8.

8:11-Adrian Bowie goes right to the hoop off a Hayes rebound in transition; and gets two points after the Cavs are called for a goaltending. Dino Gregory is called for a blocking foul (that was a toss-up; might well have been a good call) and Maryland has a 9-4 lead at the first official timeout. 15:59 to play in the half.

One correction: the earlier jumper was missed by Milboune. Bowie hit a layup. I regret the error as I try to stay up and down the floor. Bowie has 4.

8:07-Terps lose their first inside battle; as a Zeglinski miss from outside is rebounded by Sene; who puts it back for 2. Good offensive progression gets Hayes an open look from outside, but he misses. Vasquez caleld for a foul away from the ball on the next possession; then the Cavs break the press for a hoop from Diane. Two straight steals on the next two possessions; mixed in with a missed layup from Neal and a terrible shot in the lane from Hayes. Milbourne hits a jumper to make things 7-4; and play is stopped after Neal appears to have been poked in the face. Dino Gregory enters for Neal; Jamil Tucker into the game for Virginia.

8:05-Terps win the tip and go inside for an early bucket from Neal. They set the press, but the Cavs are able to break it. Landesberg drives the lane; but picks pu a player controlled foul before hitting a layup attempt. Neal knocks down a 3 on the other end; 5-0 Terps with all 5 coming from Neal.

8:04-Tonight’s game can be seen on Raycom Sports; WNUV 54 in Baltimore-which is of course on Channel 14 on Comcast in Baltimore County. Tim Brant and Dan Bonner are on the call.

8:00-The Cavs go with a particularly young starting lineup; whose only senior is swingman Mamadi Diane. Joining him in the backcourt are freshmen Sammy Zeglinski and leading scorer Sylvan Landesberg. Up front, the Cavs start Sophomore forward Mike Scott and Freshman Center Assane Sene.

The Terps stick with the same lineup: Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne, Greivis Vasquez, Adrian Bowie, and Eric Hayes. That Terps are 1-3 in their last four games using the lineup. I doubt Gary is considering any particular changes to the lineup; but if struggles continue he may be forced to.

7:54-I’m Live at Comcast Center in College Park; where Gary Williams’ Terps bring their 12-5 record (1-2 ACC) into tonight’s game against Dave Leitao’s Virginia Cavaliers (7-7, 1-2). The Terps are coming off back to back losses to Florida State and Miami by a combined FIVE points; with the Florida State loss coming in overtime.

Looks like a few fans were scared off by the traffic problems believed to be presented by the 2 million people in DC today to see the inauguration of Barack Obama; but not many. The student section is again particularly thin as the school bounces back from Winter Break.