Terps Get “Must” Win in Complete Performance, 83-73 over Hokies

February 14, 2009 | Glenn Clark

For the 2nd time in as many home games; Gary Williams stared down the face of his detractors and reminded each and every one of them that he is a VERY good basketball coach. Much like in Maryland’s home win over Miami; Gary pressed all of the right buttons in leading the Terps to an 83-73 victory over Virginia Tech. Not only did he call good timeouts and make effective defensive switches, but he kept the right players on the floor at just the right time; and made the Hokies’ night miserable defensively.

But something else happened tonight that wasn’t quite as evident as in Maryland’s win over Miami. Tonight the entire Maryland team proved that they just might be a pretty decent basketball team after all.

Virginia Tech is one of the better teams in the ACC; coming in strong with a 6-3 league record and 2 straight victories. The Hokies could very well still end up dancing come March, and like Gary said-have 3 players that can match up with many of the top 3 players in the entire conference.

But Maryland never blinked tonight. They took it to Virginia Tech from the opening tip; never allowing the Hokies to take a lead. The Terps opened a 3 point lead, then a 7 point lead, then an 11 point lead. And instead of allowing Virginia Tech to make things interesting; they locked down every time the Hokies did something positive. When the Hokies shaved the lead to 3 points in the 2nd half; the Terps put together an emphatic 5-0 run to answer. When the Hokies started hitting 3 point shots late; the Terps didn’t flinch at the free throw line (hitting 24 of 26 on the night).

And when leading scorer Greivis Vasquez went to the bench with four personal fouls and 8:32 to play in the game; Maryland REALLY responded. Not only did they prevent Virginia Tech from erasing the deficit; they actually extended the lead to 10 before Vasquez returned four minutes later.

The rest of Maryland’s schedule has been called a “Murderer’s Row”, as 4 of their next 5 are @Clemson and home games against Top 5 teams North Carolina, Duke, and Wake Forest. The Terps will need to find at least one or two wins in there to have any chance of making the NCAA Tournament; and few prognosticators have given them much of a chance. But for the first time all season; the Terps showed us a reason to think that we might need to talk about basketball the rest of the way; instead of talking about the perceived failures of the man in charge of the program.

That’s all for me tonight. Talk to you tomorrow with a 15-7-0.


Gary opened his post-game press conference by saying he “thought (Maryland) did a good job on both ends of the floor of playing like a team.” He thought the 2nd half was “probably the best (Maryland has played) defensively.” Adding that the team “did a great job of seeing where to help, where to double.” He added to those comments by saying the team “both offensively and defensively was pretty consistent on both ends.”

Gary took time to credit Virginia Tech; saying they were “a good team” and they lead to the locker room having “a lot of emotion.” He added that the Hokies “have 3 players that can match any 3 players in” the ACC-obviously talking about Allen, Vassallo, and Delaney.

Gary mentioned the contributions of many players individually-

-Landon Milbourne “has done a tremendous job all season.”

-“The effort plays Sean Mosley gives you…….some of them go unnoticed because they don’t show up in stats.” “He’s always working.”

-“Dino Gregory……that’s 17 minutes of tough defense.”

-Dave Neal “gave (the team) great senior leadership.” “He kept (the young guys) focused.”

-Eric Hayes “finished the game.” “Anybody can start a game, not everybody can finish a game.”

-Greivis Vasquez “had a great game”

Gary had no interest in discussing anything besides the basketball game. When Sun beat writer Jeff Barker asked him about the atmosphere; Gary simply responded by saying “I love coaching this team.” And Gary didn’t appear to be in the mood to talk to Washington Post beat writer Steve Yanda (who co-authored the 3 part series about Gary’s recruiting struggles this week); responding to a question about finishing games by saying “You’re wrong.”

Gary mentioned that when Greivis sat on the bench with 4 fouls; he “thought Dave Neal really stepped up and said ‘we’re not going to lose this thing.'” Gary mentioned a few times that he felt the team really showed a “quiet confidence” as they are now in a stretch where they have won 3 of 4 games.

Adrian Bowie said that the Terps “wanna show everybody (they’re) a NCAA Tournament team.” He also discussed the mohawks he and Landon Milbourne sported today; saying he got his on Thursday, Landon got his yesterday, and they thought the rest of the team would show up today also having them done. Obviously they didn’t. After the win; he expected the rest of the team would choose to now go get them done.

When Sean Mosley was asked about matching up with fellow former Baltimore Catholic League star Malcolm Delaney, Mosley admitted it was “something (he’s) dreamed of.” He said the two players “met at half court” before the game, and Delaney said “he was going for 30 on” the Terps. Mosley deflected credit to Delaney despite a solid defensive performance, saying (Delaney) “played pretty well tonight.”

Landon Milbourne lead the way for the Terps in this one; tallying a game-high 23 points and a team high 6 rebounds. Greivis Vasquez scored 17 points before fouling out; Eric Hayes 12 (with a game high 5 assists), and Dave Neal 10. Sean Mosley had 9 points (and tied for a game high with 8 steals), and Adrian Bowie had 8. The Terps finished the game with a 15:11 assist-to-turnover ratio; and the teams each finished with 31 rebounds. The Terps shot 26-54 from the field (48.1%), 7-18 from 3 point range (38.9%), and a staggering 24-26 from the free throw line (92.3%). Jin Soo Kim, Braxton Dupree, Steve Goins, and Jerome Burney were all healthy DNP’s. (David Pearman was too for that matter).

A.D. Vassallo lead the Hokies with 20 points, Malcolm Delaney 16. Jeff Allen chipped in 8 points and a game high 9 boards before fouling out; Lewis Witcher also added 8 (all in the first half). Terrell Bell and J.T. Thompson had 7 points each. The Hokies finished with 9 assists and 12 turnovers (3:4 ratio); and Delaney tied for the game high with 3 steals. No Hokie had more assists than Hank Thorns’ 3. The boys from VPI show 26-55 from the field (47.3%), 8-21 from long range (38.1%), and 13-21 from the free throw line (61.9%).

5:59-Gary not quite as emotional as usual in his post-game interview with Johnny Holliday and Chris Knoche, but credits the players for the win. You certainly have to give a lot of the credit to Gary, who had 6 days to prepare for a big game. He’ll only have 2 to prepare for the trip to Clemson on Tuesday, which might be the toughest swing of the season. I’ll be back with more shortly after Gary’s press conference.

5:58-Delaney hits a halfcourt 3 as the clock expires; and Maryland wins what we knew coming in was their most important game of the season. Players clearly excited after the 83-73 victory. Terps improve to 16-8 (5-5), and Virginia Tech falls to 16-8 (6-4).

5:55-Hayes turns the ball over and Delaney hits a 3. He has 13. Hayes fouled by Delaney and knocks down both free throws. He has 12. Va Tech misses their next shot; and Neal is fouled after the rebound. He goes to the line with 45.2 seconds to play; makes 1 of 2. He has 10. Terps by 13. Airball for Delaney; and you have to imagine Greenberg will call off the dogs.

5:53-Terps get Thompson to turn the ball over, and Milbourne is fouled by Bell. Milbourne gets both, he has 23. Terps by 13 with 1:20 to play. Vassallo fouled by Hayes with 1:15 to play, he misses the front end of a 1 and 1.

5:52-Bell fouls Hayes going for the ball with 1:33 to play. Terps will have to hit their free throws down the stretch to put this one away. Hayes gets both, he has 10. Terps by 11.

5:50-Milbourne knocks down both; he has a game high 21. Delaney responds with a 3 on the other end; he has 10. Bowie fouled by Hudson (4th personal) with 1:54 to play, he gets both to roll in. 76-64 Maryland. Delaney’s shot was an eerie reminder of the double digit lead Syracuse blew earlier today before holding on for an overtime win. Another reminder as Bell knocks down a 3 of his own and Seth Greenberg calls his final timeout with 1:36 to play. 76-67 Maryland. Bell has 7, Bowie has 8.

5:48-Thompson knocks down both free throws; and sloppy play underneath the hoop ends when Hudson fouls Milbourne, who can’t finish the hoop. Thompson hurt on the play, Milbourne will shoot two. 2:24 to play.

5:46-Terps spread the floor out of the timeout; and get a dunk from Bowie. 72-59. Vasquez is called for the foul on the other end; his night ends with 2:33 to play. Thompson goes to the line.

5:45-Bowie makes both at the line; 70-57 Terps. Delaney gets a hoop on the other end; and the lead is 11. Delaney has 7. Terps call their 4th timeout as they are slow to bring the ball up court.

5:42-The story of the 2nd half right now is certainly how the Terps have played since Greivis Vasquez picked up his 4th personal foul. The Terps haven’t just held their own; they’ve been OUTSTANDING on both ends since then; adding to their lead and frustrating the Hokies.

Thompson gets the dunk inside; and the lead is 68-57. Allen called for his 5th personal going for the ball; and Bowie will go to the line to shoot two.

5:40-A tired Vassallo airballs a jumper, then fouls Mosley on the other end. 3rd personal on Va Tech’s leading scorer; 10th team foul, Terps in the double bonus. Mosley knocks down both free throws, he has 9. 68-55 Maryland with 3:36 to play after a tie-up; and we hit the final official timeout of regulation.

5:38-Vassallo makes one of two at the line; he has 20. Milbourne has 19. Allen called for the foul away from the ball defending Dave Neal. That’s Allen’s 4th personal, and the team’s 9th foul. Vasquez checks back out on defense; and Neal knocks down both. He has 9, lead is 11.

5:35-Milbourne loses the ball out of bounds; and Gary decides to call his 3rd timeout. 5:43 to play and Maryland has an 8 point lead. Virginia Tech didn’t need long to erase a big lead from NC State just last weekend; and they are very capable of doing it again.

Terps force a turnover; and Milbourne stuffs home an EXPLOSIVE dunk in transition. Crowd ERUPTS, and Maryland extends the lead to 64-54. Tucker fouls Vassallo away from the hoop; Vassallo will shoot one and one. Vasquez re-enters with 4 personal fouls and 4:58 to play.

5:33-Gregory with the head fake; and draws the foul going back up. He gets on the board with both free throws; and Maryland’s lead is in double digits at 62-52. Virginia Tech can close a double digit gap in a hurry however. Tough hoop from Vassallo; he has 19. 62-54 Terps.

5:32-Mosley to the free throw line; he hits both. 7 for the freshman from St. Frances on the night. Under 7 minutes to play, Terps 60-52.

5:30-3rd official timeout of the half comes with 7:10 to play, and Hudson picks up his 2nd personal foul. Va Tech now has 7 team fouls. With Maryland shooting free throws every time the Hokies are called for a foul herein; the Terps will HAVE to do a better job of getting to the rim. They have struggled with going to the basket since the Hokies have gone to their zone; but without their top scorer on the floor, it is particularly important to try to get points at the line.

5:27-Tucker misses the outside shot; and Neal does a nice job of getting the ball back by fighting for the offensive board. Neal then knocks down a jumper to extend the lead to 58-49. 7 points for Maryland’s only senior. Hank Thorns gets an open look for 3 and drills it with the shot clock expiring. Those are the first points of the game for Thorns; and Seth Greenberg calls his 4th timeout with 7:31 still to play. That’s interesting timing. Gregory re-enters with his 3 fouls. Maryland 58-52.

5:25-BIG moment here. Vasquez draws his 4th personal foul with 8:32 to play and will obviously have to return to the bench. Vassallo will shoot two; that’s Maryland’s 6th team foul. Don’t expect Vasquez to return until we go under the 5 minute mark. Vassallo knocks down both, he now ties for game high with 17. 56-49 Maryland; and the Terps will have to find offense without Vasquez on the floor. Hayes pushes the ball and Thorns get the foul call. That’s the 6th team foul for the Hokies.

5:22-Bell comes up with an offensive rebound and is fouled by Gregory; his 3rd personal. (Dave Neal missed another outside shot on the other end). Bell hits one of two, cutting the lead to 54-47. Vasquez is back in with his 3 fouls, and Milbourne also returns. Tucker knocks down a jumper for his first points; 56-47 Maryland. Hayes fouled by Vassallo going across the floor; that’s Vassallo’s 2nd. On the inbounds, Thompson draws his 2nd foul. Va Tech and Maryland each have 5 team fouls.

5:20-Milbourne knocks down the PLUS ONE attempt; he’s now tied with Vasquez for the game high with 17. He also joins Vasquez on the bench. 54-45 Terps. With the shot clock expiring, Delaney takes the ball to the rack; and Gregory attempts to slide underneath to draw the offensive foul. The call goes against Gregory, and Delaney goes to the line for 2. Questionable call, but probably the right one. Delaney makes one of two to cut Maryland’s lead to 8. He has just 5 on the night.


I would certainly call that an ‘inspired’ response from the Terps. They have to maintain the intensity on the defensive end; and MUST figure out a way to penetrate against the zone front the Hokies are showing them.

5:17-BIG transition for the Terps; as Mosley gets the strip; and Milbourne gets the bucket on the other end and is fouled in the process. He’ll get a PLUS ONE attempt after our 2nd official timeout of the half. Terps lead 53-45 with 10:57 to go in this one. Milbourne got the hoop off a missed 3 by Hayes.

5:15-Hayes with a missed 3 and a turnover on an inbounds play after a foul on Witcher. Vasquez called for his 3rd personal on a shot attempt by Bell. Bell makes one of two at the line; and Allen gets the offensive rebound and the basket. Vasquez’s diving attempt to save a ball out of bounds goes to the Hokies, and Vassallo knocks down a big 3. He has 15. Hayes with the MAJOR answer on the other end in the form of a 3 of his own. He has 8, Terps 51-45. They’re struggling with Va Tech’s zone for sure though.

5:11-Allen backs down Milbourne in going to the hoop for 2. Virginia Tech goes to a zone defensively; greeting the ball handler with two defenders. Mosley rebounds a Bowie miss; and gets a timeout called before going out of bounds. Another miss by Vasquez and Mosley gets the steal before Milbourne turns the ball over again. Mosley with the strip beneath the hoop; and he hits a baseline jumper. Vassallo knocks down a jumper of his own the next time down; and Maryland’s lead is 48-39 as Greenberg takes his 3rd :30 timeout. Vassallo has 10.

5:07-Couple of notes from halftime:

John Harbaugh did some politicking with the Maryland student section during a taped interview with Comcast Sports Net’s Chick Hernandez. I imagine you will be able to see that on “SportsNite” tonight.

Also, Maryland has decided to end their open locker room policy after games; a decision the media was informed of at halftime. Interesting timing for a program that has used open locker rooms for as long as I can remember; and you almost can’t help but notice that it comes after a week where the Washington Post ran a particularly negative story.

5:05-Allen steps outside and knocks down a 3; but Vasquez answers by sliding into the lane for a hoop of his own. Mosley with a big rebound; and Neal finds Vasquez, who shakes off a defender and knocks down a 3. Maryland extends their largest lead of the game to 46-35; and Vasquez has a game high 17. Not much hot-dogging from Vasquez tonight; but he did do his little shimmy after knocking that one down. Neal called for a foul as we hit the first official timeout with 15:53 to play.


I thought Maryland did an EXCELLENT job of guarding Delaney in the first half; and was smart to switch Bowie and Mosley. I do worry that Delaney has a personal run in him; possibly one where he attempts some long jumpers in the process.

Good timeout here from Greenberg; despite the fact that Maryland has lead throughout; they haven’t been able to pull away at any point. The Virginia Tech coach wanted to make sure that didn’t change here; as the Terps have their biggest lead of the game at 9.

5:01-Allen makes 1 of 2 at the line; his first point of the game. 38-32 Maryland. Dave Neal finds himself open outside and nails the 3; Maryland 41-32. Seth Greenberg calls the :30 timeout; he has 3 timeouts remaining.

4:59-Delaney picks up his 2nd personal to open the 2nd half; then Vassallo hits a jumper. Flat shots from Bowie and Mosley in between. Mosley gets a hoop in the lane to make things 38-31; Neal fouls Allen fighting inside after a bad shot attempt by the big Hokie.

4:54-Maryland was lead in scoring by Landon Milbourne with 14; Vasquez added 10. The Terps were out-rebounded by the Hokies 16-14; and had 8 assists to 5 turnovers. The Terps shot 14-30 from the field (46.7%); 4-8 from outside (50%); and 2-3 from the free throw line (66.7%).

Virginia Tech was lead by Vassallo and Witcher, who each had 8 points. They had 5 assists to 6 turnovers. They shot 12-25 from the field (48%); 1-6 from outside (16.7%); and 4-6 from the stripe (66.7%).


This is the first time Dave Odom has done a Maryland game this season; and I can’t tell you that I’ve heard him doing other games this season. It makes sense that Raycom would gobble up a successful former ACC Coach (Bobby Cremins used to be outstanding in a similar role); but Odom was never really much of a personality guy at any of his stops. I’m not particularly surprised he’s struggling. I think Bonner, Gminski, and even Jason Capel have done a nice job this season.

4:45-The Maryland men’s lacrosse team won their 2nd game in as many days to open the season today; defeating Air Force in Jacksonville. Notre Dame transfer Will Yeatman had 6 points in the win-two goals and four assists. They host Georgetown next Saturday in their first home game.

The Women’s basketball team got big wins at Boston College and at home over Virginia this week; they host C. Vivian Stringer’s Rutgers team tomorrow.

4:44-Standing ovation for Lefty Driesell and his ’84 Championship squad (Keith Gatlin amongst the players who are honored on the court). Loudest ovation is saved for the Ol’ Lefthander.

4:42-A sloppy final possession ends with a decent look from about 7-8 feet for Gregory; but he can’t get it to go. Terps will take a 34-29 lead to the intermission. I’ll be back shortly with more.

4:41-The Hokies decide not to hold it; and Vasquez is called for his 2nd foul instead. Vassallo knocks down both free throws; he has 8. Terps will hold.

4:39-Mosley rebounds a missed jumper by Vasquez, he can’t hit the putback but draws the foul. Mosley knocks down 1 of 2; Va Tech will get the last shot trailing 34-27.

4:38-Milbourne can’t hit another baseline jumper off the turnaround; and Sean Mosley picks up his first foul fighting for the rebound. Scoring drought for Maryland entering the final minute; but Mosley does a nice job of forcing a turnover on the other end.

4:36-Dino Gregory loses an offensive rebound out of bounds; and a long possession for Virginia Tech continues. Terps have actually done a nice job on the glass thus far; and are bailed out when Thorns missed an open jumper and Vassallo can’t come up with the rebound-glancing out of bounds instead.

4:35-A Valentine’s Day special during the official timeout; as a KISS CAM segment broke out on the big screen; culminating with a young man named Joe asking his girlfriend Sharon to marry him. She said yes for the record.

4:33-Tucker called for the foul away from the ball; and we hit the final official timeout of the first half with Maryland leading 33-27.

4:32-Delaney with the floater in the lane; and Milbourne responds with a jumper of his own. Milbourne has 14. Witcher slips underneath for another basket; he has 8. Maryland 33-27 as they turn the ball over.

4:30-Vasquez called for the foul defending Vassallo; and Witcher gets a hoop off an offensive rebound. A curl play gives Milbourne an open jumper; which he knocks down. 31-23 Maryland as Virginia Tech turns the ball over again.

4:29-Sloppy play out of the timeout with turnovers on both sides. Vasquez gets the hoop next time down; he has 10. Milbourne with an UGLY 3; and Maryland has their largest lead of the game at 29-21. Both Milbourne and Vasquez have 10.

4:26-Did anyone catch the St. Patrick (NJ)-Lincoln High (NY) game last night on ESPN2? North Carolina-bound Dexter Strickland certainly out-dueled Maryland hopeful Lance Stephenson (who will reportedly visit Kansas on Feb. 21 against Nebraska); but I thought Maryland commit James Padgett looked OUTSTANDING in the game. Both Strickland and “Born Ready” Stephenson were named McDonald’s All-Americans after the game.

4:25-Step back jumper from Delaney won’t fall; and Bowie sends another 3 point attempt flat. Vassallo with the basket the other way down; and we hit the 3rd official timeout of the first half with Maryland leading 24-21.

4:24-GREAT move by Delaney on Vasquez to get to the hoop for 2. Vasquez knocks down a jumper to answer; he has 8. 24-19 Maryland.

4:22-Bell knocks down a jumper from outside to get the Hokies within 2 at 17-15. Milbourne slips through a defense that fronted too much for a lay-up, he’s fouled by Witcher on the play. Milbourne is true on the PLUS ONE attemptto make things 20-15; he has 7. BAD defense by the Terps in transition leads to an easy dunk for Thompson. Hayes gets the ball on a curl and knocks down the jumper from the free throw line. 22-17 Terps.

4:21-Tucker with the big block of an attempted 3 by Vassallo in transition; but Witcher sends home a thunderous dunk off the inbounds pass. 17-13 Terps now as we go under the 10 minutes to play mark.

4:19-Vassallo makes one of two at the line; and Hayes responds with a 3 from the top; 17-11 Terps. Terrel Bell into the game for Va Tech; he’s called for traveling the first time he touches the ball.

4:17-A number of Virginia Tech fans have snuck their way into the now-capacity crowd. John Harbaugh receives a VERY nice ovation from the student section after donning the “We Love Our Coach” Gary Williams shirt that many of the top donors are wearing today. The mix of Redskins fans and Ravens fans give Harbaugh an interesting response when shown on the big screen.

4:15-Lewis Witcher into the game for VT, he knocks down a jumper. Gregory appeared to get a HUGE block in transition; but was instead called for a foul before the 2nd official timeout. 14-10 Terps with 11:18 to play.

4:13-Eric Hayes and Dino Gregory are first into the game from the bench; joined by Cliff Tucker about a minute later. Vasquez misses EVERYTHING on a terrible faller in the lane; then Thompson called for a foul going for a rebound. Hank Thorns into the game for the Hokies; Vasquez knocks down a 3. He has 6; Terps 14-8.

4:12-Vasquez knocks down a 3 out of the timeout; Tech gets one of two free throws from J.T. Thompson after Milbourne is called for a foul. Vassallo knocks down a 3; and Maryland’s lead is 11-8.

4:08-Today’s game can be seen on Raycom Sports (WNUV 54; Channel 14 on Comcast in Baltimore County). Tim Brant and former Wake Forest/South Carolina Coach Dave Odom have the call.

Calvert Hall star Jonathan Graham is in the house; he just walked in with his father-former Terp Ernie Graham. Ravens coach John Harbaugh is also in the house; sitting next to owner Steve Bisciotti in his usual courtside seats. Former Washington Post columnist (he did take the buyout, right?) is seated in the media area; he’s of course still a contributor to “Pardon the Interruption” on ESPN.

4:05-Mosley misses a jumper from the top of the key; then Bowie called for the foul as Delaney penetrated. Hokies with good screening to give Delaney a look; but he misses from outside. Bowie will end up in foul trouble early if they don’t switch Mosley on Delaney every now and then. Milbourne with his favorite shot-the jumper from the baseline; but Hudson responds with a jumper of his own. 8-4 Terps as we hit the first official timeout; Vassallo called for his first foul fighting for a rebound.

4:03-Terps using bumps and elbows inside to help defend the Hokies’ talented big men. Allen rebounds a Vasquez miss; but Vasquez holds his ground and draws an elbow from Allen. Hokies didn’t come back with help; and Vasquez took the fall after drawing the elbow. Dave Neal again gets an open look outside and misses.

3:59-Adrian Bowie wastes no time cutting to the hoop for the game’s first two; but Diakite responds with the game’s first offensive rebound and a basket of his own. Bowie fouled penetrating the 2nd time down; and Milbourne gets a hoop after the foul. Milbourne then stands up Allen inside on defense; and Neal hits a baseline jumper. Terps force a turnover and get the ball back leading 6-2.

3:51-Gary enters the floor to another ROUSING ovation; including chants of “Ga-ry!, Ga-ry!”

Seth Greenberg’s Hokies start Jeff Allen and Cheick Diakite up front; A.D. Vassallo, Dorenzo Hudson, and Towson Catholic’s Malcolm Delaney in the backcourt.

Adrian Bowie returns to Maryland’s starting lineup after battling flu-like symptoms in Atlanta. Sean Mosley remains in the lineup instead of Eric Hayes, they’re joined by regulars Greivis Vasquez, Landon Milbourne, and Dave Neal.

3:38-Terps wearing their all-gold alternate uniforms tonight; and will honor the 1984 ACC Championship team today (I see Lefty Driesell out of the corner of my eye). WNST’s Steve Hennessey just pointed out to me that Adrian Bowie is now sporting a mohawk; which is pretty funny. Crowd somewhat sparse 20 minutes before tip-off, which has to be concerning even given the nature of how this team has struggled.

3:27-Greetings from Comcast Center in College Park; where the Virginia Tech Hokies bring their 16-7 (6-3 ACC) record into today’s 4PM tip with the Terps, who are 15-8 (4-5). The game is considered a “Bubble Game” by many talking/writing heads throughout the country, and that’s probably an accurate statement. With Maryland having 4 games against Top 10-caliber opponents still on the schedule; they’re going to need a miracle if they lose today. (They might need a miracle even if they can figure out a way to win.) Maryland has had a week off after squeaking out a win over Georgia Tech last Sunday. The Hokies have won two straight over NC State and Georgia Tech.