Maryland’s Kenny Tate hopes to make most of senior season

August 17, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

Anyone that knows me know’s that I’m a big uniform guy. I am really excited about the Terp’s partnership with Under Armour and their increased efforts to be modern and cool regarding their new color scheme, logo, and uniforms.

When I caught up with Kevin Anderson a few months back, he told me that the football team would be breaking out a different combination every week, and it would be up to the captains to make the final decision.

With Tate being a captain, what does he feel about the changes and wearing a different combination every week, similar to what Oregon is now famous for?

“That is cool,” Tate said. “We never got to do it before so we’ll see firsthand what happens. You always want to look your best while you’re performing. The new uniforms are definitely a good thing. When we found out about it we were pretty excited. It’s something every team would be excited about. We’re just looking forward to looking good and playing hard.”

Sticking on the uniform note, another curious change was orchestrated by Edsall. There no longer will be names on the back of the Terps’ jerseys. Some players would be irritated by the perceived lack of recognition. Heck, some fans are upset. Does Tate care?

“Not really,” Tate said. “We’re still going to be able to play football with a name on the jersey or without a name on the jersey. It really doesn’t matter.”

There is still a lot of unknown surrounding the new era of Terps football that will be beginning on September 5. Byrd will be rocking, and the area will be buzzing with hype.

This season has the potential to be very special for Kenny Tate and the rest of the Terps’ seniors. Very special.

I hope that potential comes to fruition. Kenny deserves it. They all do.