Number Crunching: Terps-post NCAA Championship

January 22, 2009 |

How does MD basketball stack up vs others in the years after a National Championship?


I’m number crunching once again and if I made a mistake I am sure someone will let me know, but judge for your self based on the numbers.


We all know Maryland has missed the NCAA tournament in 3 of the past 4 years. I find it hard to believe that after winning a national championship the fate of the Terps has not been a little better. I would think that you would have a much easier time to get top recruits after such a feat and that more success would follow.


This really hasn’t been the case for the Terps, so I wanted to take a look at how other national champions have fared in the following 5 seasons after their title. I know that using only 5 years eliminates last year for MD which was a disappointment, but I felt it was a length of time where the benefits of a national championship would be greatest. I had to end with the 2004 champion since they are the last team to have 5 full years since they won the championship.




Year     Team                5 yr record       Made               Notes

1994    Arkansas          117-54                4                   Runner up in 1995

1995    UCLA               114-46                5                   Elite 8, (2) Sweet 16’s

1996    Kentucky         145-38                5                   Won Championship in 98

1997    Arizona            131-37                5                   Elite 8, Sweet 16

1998    Kentucky         129-43                5                   16-0 in SEC in 02-03

1999    Connecticut     127-45                5                   Won Championship in 04

2000    Michigan St.    113-49                5                   (2) Final Fours, Elite 8

2001    Duke                 147-27                5                   (4) Sweet 16’s, Final Four

2002    Maryland         104-57                3                   Sweet 16            

2003    Syracuse          118-52                3                   Sweet 16                     


*when I list something in the notes it was the farthest the team had advanced.


Make your own assumptions from the numbers above but you can’t argue that the Terps have won the fewest games and are tied for the fewest appearances for the 5 years after their championship. Syracuse has been pretty bad as well, but they are showing signs of life this year by starting out 17-2 (5-1).


What will it take to turn this team back into an ACC force?