Post’s Eric Prisbell Does Right Thing

March 02, 2009 | Glenn Clark

Today in the “Terrapins Insider” blog over at; Eric Prisbell (one half of the duo that wrote yesterday’s Under Armour/Lance Stephenson story) admitted what I tried explaining to you yesterday. Nothing in the story they wrote showed that Gary Williams or the Maryland program had committed some sort of violation. There was nothing more than speculation and belief that “when there’s smoke, there might be fire.”

And there MIGHT be. But no one has found it. And I don’t think it’s coming.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s blog post….

This is a story that has much more to do with Under Armour than it has to do with Maryland. I never state or imply that anyone at Maryland has committed a violation of any kind.

Maybe Prisbell did not intend to imply anything with the story; but the Post’s editor/headline writer didn’t help that cause. The headline “Under Armour’s Ties With Maryland, Link to Top Recruit Raise Questions” has certainly done harm to perception; with callers to this morning’s edition of The Comcast Morning Show going as far as to claim that Gary Williams was “cheating.”

But as I said, read the story. And read Drew’s blog today. There just isn’t any evidence there.