Quick Notes Before Tonight’s Maryland Game: Jerome Burney & U2

March 03, 2009 | Glenn Clark

-Since it hadn’t been reported previously; check out the WNST Audio Vault to hear Drew’s interview with Maryland assistant Robert Ehsan; who said Jerome Burney has missed the last two games with a brusied foot. Burney had given the Terps some quality minutes in the win over North Carolina, and I know many fans were particularly surprised to see that Braxton Dupree got minutes Sunday night in the win over NC State; but Burney had another DNP. No word on whether or not Jerome will be available for tonight’s game against Wake Forest.

-I just finished U2’s new CD “New Line On The Horizon”, which hit stores/ITunes today. It is outstanding. Listen for tracks “No Line on the Horizon”, “Stand Up Comedy”, “Breathe”, and others. As you would expect from U2, it is a nice mix of driving rock tunes and melodic pop ballads. I won’t try to tell you where the disc ranks amongst U2’s greatest albums of all time, but it is very good. Not that I expected anything less. We were blessed to have the greatest bank on the face of the planet currently visit Baltimore during their “Elevation” tour in 2001, despite the awful building they were forced to play in downtown. It was an absolutely unforgettable night only a month removed from the tragedy of 9/11. Something tells me we won’t be so lucky to host Bono and Company on their “New Line” tour; but I will make sure to check them in out in DC, Philly, or New York.

Maryland-Wake live blog tonight. Talk to you then.