Spokane, Where?

March 16, 2010 | Tom Federline

Well, the “Carolina” and “Big East” NCAA Mens Basketball Corrupted Selection Committee members have done it again. The U of M Terps have not padded our pockets enough, so let’s send the ACC Player of the Year and ACC Coach of the Year, 2,500 miles one-way to Spokane, Washington/Idaho. Yeah, that’s right, Spokane is right next to Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. Sound Canadian enough for ya, hay? Here’s another hint for location, Spokane is just above Moscow, Idaho. Sound Russian enough for you, comrade? It is all wrong! It is an insult to the University of Maryland, the mens basketball team and us the Maryland fans. Hey, selection committee let me tell you where you can put that #4 Seed. This year, this team, deserved better. Not a better pole position (seeding) to start the race. Try a better venue and geographical location.

I liked what Eric Hayes had to say, ” No, I’ve never been. This is probably the only situation where I’d ever go.”  The Terps go on a roll the last month of the season, they finish at 13-3 in the ACC, tie for the conference regular season championship, player and coach receive the top awards from the conference (mentioned above), but you have a bad first half in the quarterfinal game of your conference tourney, you don’t grease any palms and……………..have a nice flight, hope you don’t get jet lag.  And your fans who have supported you all year, screw ’em. It is all wrong. “It Is Fixed.”

Come on Terp fans, Roadtrip …… nope we’re not gonna make it. Even if we were nuts enough to drive, there isn’t enough time. Do you have $1,000 bucks for a plane ticket and another $1,000 to stay in Spokane, Canada/Russia for 5 days? But I hear you can get tickets for $65! Ok, screw you NCAA Corrupt Committee, we’ll wait after the Terps take care of Houston, then probably Michigan State. ‘Cause Gary and the boys are gonna shove it in your face. Then Terp fans, we get to go to……..St. Louis, MO. That’s only 1,000 miles away. We can drive (1-1/2 days) or fly for $500. But the Terps may get lucky and have to play Kansas. Then if the sky falls in or if there’s a “Rock Chalk – Jayhawk” injury, they may get to play Georgetown or maybe OSU or even Georgia Tech again. It is all wrong. It is Fixed.

Wait, it gets even better. You know where the ultimate destination is …………Indianapolis. No corrupt committee influence there, that has been set in stone for awhile. But come on Terp fans, if the stars align and you pack up and go to Indy, you can go have dinner at Don Shula’s restaurant where they have Indy Dolt paraphernalia and Baltimore Colt memorabilia hanging all over the walls! Then you can tour the dome where they play indoor football and some football team parades around in Baltimore Colt uniforms.

The Terps mens basketball team has a “Long and Winding Road” – (Paul McCartney and Wings). And it ain’t gonna be easy. Let alone the travel and inconvenience. How about a first round game with a team that won 4 straight at their conference tourney to get there, have a tenacious defense and the leading scorer in the NCAA? Then the wall that awaits them at the Gateway Arch to the West/East. It ain’t gonna be easy on us Terp fans either.  For one, we really can’t go. Two, who wants to? Three, the 10:00 game on Friday? Ouch. An Four, if by chance they make it to Indy, I’m sure my dosage for blood pressure medicine will have to be increased.

Fantasy Picks: Go Morgan State Bears! Go Baylor, Vermont, Siena and  X-men. Oh yeah, GO TERPS!  Cinderella – come on, have to go with  – Washington. Winner: Kansas – liked the boys from the Land of Dorothy since Week 1. What’s yours?