Terps Close Door on Themselves

March 23, 2010 | Tom Federline

The door was open, Northern Iowa takes down Kansas. All the Terps mens basketball team had to do, was show up ready to play in the first half. Didn’t happen. Terps got whooped in the first half vs. Michigan State. Grant it, the refs had the whistles a blowin’ and the ball wasn’t exactly fallin’. Jordan Williams – 3 fouls, Cliff Tucker shot a three that was 3/4 of the way down, reversed spin and came back out. Bottom line – Terps were not ready. They were lackadaisical in the Houston game. They weren’t ready for Georgia Tech in theACC Tourney. The Terps were done.

Maybe it was because they were in Spokane, Where?  Maybe it was due to difficulties for Terp fan support to stop the presses and head 2,500 miles west. Although, props to the Terp fans who had the resources and opportunity to travel out there………I heard them. It was nice to hear Terp cheers from across the country. The Terps over-achieved this year. They ended up better than unexpected. A decent win/loss record and share of the ACC crown. Albeit, many of those wins were come from behind and/or nail biters. They simply just used up their “One more for the Gipper.”

It’s a shame. Evidently, it’s a crying shame. Apparently, the whole team was a “Crying” – (Roy Orbison), in the locker room. I am a fan of passion. I am a fan of Gary Williams (the coach). But what was the deal with slow starts? With the Kansas loss, I like many Terp fans, saw the light get brighter to the Final Four. Just get passed the Spartans and maybe, just maybe, Baltimore and the state of Maryland could invade Indy. Northern Iowa – Terps could run ’em, Ohio State – only play 6, Tennessee – may have been a tough match up, but it wasn’t going to be Kansas. Didn’t matter, no first half, no trip back home across country, then back out to Mark McGuire Steroid Land. 

And that Terp fans may be it for post tourney play for awhile. Unless they pull off a Steve Francis and Chris Wilcox junior college transfer cop. Jordan Williams is going to need help and it isn’t going to come from Dino Gregory and Adrian Bowie.

Goodbye Greivas. Thanks for the memories, thanks for the swagger (when warranted), thanks for your passion, thanks for the numbers. Terps needed it. What we didn’t need, was your selfish attitude and middle finger salutes to your own fan base. Greivas will do well in the NBA, if he makes it. If not, look out Europe, here comes a show. Speaking of Greivas, where did all this talk of him being a top 5 All-Time Terp come from? Oh, must be the numbers. Yes, they were impressive. Numbers don’t make a player and one player does not make a team. Ask professional baseball players about numbers and steroids. Ask any great player what the one ultimate goal is or what was missing from their career……………a championship. It took me less than a minute to write down my top ten Terp basketball players and Greivas was not one of them.

They will “honor” Greivas’ jersey and hang it from the rafters. But of course, that lost all credibility when some numbnut and the U of M athletic department decided to “honor” Stevie “Franchise this” Francis for 1 year of service in a Terp uniform. Any Terp fan over the age of 40 has their own Fab 5 and more than likely has 5 more names slated before Greivas. My top 5 – John Lucas, Len Elmore, Buck, Albert and some dude named Leonard. Yours?

The Terps pleasantly surprised me this year. At least with Greivas, you knew they had a shot. Favorite Terp moments from this year: Watching Jordan Williams get better weekly, double OT win at Hokie Land, Cliff Tucker buzzer beater vs. GTech and oh yeah……………… beating Duke. Thanks Terps, but the darn door shut to soon.