Terps Embarrassed in Blowout Loss to Georgetown

November 30, 2008 | Glenn Clark

7:35-Not much can be said at the end of this one; as the Terps failed in all areas of their game tonight. They didn’t run their offense; they were lazy on defense; they forced bad shots; and they missed open looks. They weren’t able to set their press; they lost their man in backdoor sets, they looked uninspired and uninterested for long stretches, and they showed little effort on the glass. It was a brutal effort in all aspects of the game.

The Terps probably felt a bit of a swagger after their win over Michigan State Thursday night; and that might have made them a bit less coachable over the last couple of days. This team should be humbled after being embarrassed tonight; and Gary might need a bit of a “Come to Jesus” session with his bunch in the next day or so. They’re not a great team by any stretch of the imagination; but they are not nearly as bad as they looked tonight.

It is as simple as playing to your strength. They’re not a good shooting team; so they shouldn’t try to force shots. They’re not a big team with inside strength; so they shouldn’t try to force things inside. They ARE a capable athletic team however; and they should be trying to drive and move without the ball. They’ll have two chances to prove that this week; both against somewhat better competition.

That’s all I’ve got. I’ll have a weekend 15-7-0 up later tonight. Talk to you then.


7:32-Terps get 1 of 2 from the line; and I imagine this one will finish at 75-48. Let me confirm that; as the Hoyas will run out the clock. Terps fall to 4-2, Hoyas improve to 4-1.

7:30-Hoyas pull Bryon Jensen off their bench; Kim hits a circus shot in the lane while being fouled. Lead is cut below 30 to 75-47; and the Terps will get the ball back with a chance to hit 50.

7:27-Andy Katz says the Terps view Jin Soo Kim as their best shooter. Interestingly enough; he’s 5-15 from the field on the season. Adrian Bowie is their best shooter early on; and even he regularly struggles from the field.

Terps trail 75-44 with less than a minute to play; they won’t hit 50 tonight.

7:24-Continuing to fill space; Jon and Fran discuss Johnny Holliday’s weekend; which saw him go from Orlando to Boston for the Maryland-BC football game yesterday; and now back to Orlando for this blood bath. Johnny was 1-3 on his weekend; I at least got to watch the Ravens get a blowout win today; so I feel somewhat better.

7:22-Maryland beat writer Don Markus from The Sun didn’t make the trip to Orlando either (The Sun is sticking with the cost-cutting decision to run stories from their sister paper-the Orlando Sentinel). He watched the first half from FedEx Field; and says he thinks that the Terps have regressed more in the last two games than they achieved in their wins over Vermont and Michigan State. He may well be right.

7:19-Clark Kellogg is in attendance tonight; apparently scouting as he prepares to move into the lead analyst role at CBS. He does color for the Pacers, who were defeated by the Magic in Orlando last night. Freshman Henry Sims into the game for the Hoyas and on the scoreboard thanks to a putback; Jin Soo Kim also gets to the stat sheet with a putback of his own. 75-44 after a hoop by Dupree.

7:15-Would like to take this time to thank the New England Patriots for absolutely nothing. I’ve never rooted for you before; but tried to root for you today; only to see you lay a total egg at home against the Steelers. Steelers lead 33-10; and the Ravens will remain a game out of first place. Thanks.

Terps again go to the press after a pair of free throws; and again force the Hoyas to call timeout. If only this could have come earlier. 73-40 with just over 7 minutes to play; and Gary is almost staring off into space; searching for answers.

7:12-Hoyas bring in Nikita Mescheriakov; and extend their lead to 35. Gary calls a timeout, looks at his team, and basically shrugs his shoulders as if to ask “What are you trying to do out there?” 7:18 to play in this one; the question is whether or not the Terps will even reach 50.

7:08-After Eric Hayes makes a pair of free throws, the Terps are actually able to set up their press; and force Georgetown to call a timeout. Gary pulled Greivis for Jin Soo; and Greivis appeared to be sulking a bit on the sideline. Gary went to chat with him; with Greivis didn’t have much to say. The conversation wasn’t angry or contentious in nature; so I imagine it was simply a case of Gary trying to get Greivis’ opinion of what went wrong. Tonight’s game certainly can’t be faulted to Greivis by any stretch of the imagination; but he is one of the players capable of moving better towards the basket; and he needs to encourage his teammates to do the same thing.

7:06-Dino Gregory gets on the board with a free throw; the Terps trail 69-36. Looks like Gary will finally turn to Jin Soo Kim; who has gotten very few minutes in Lake Buena Vista.

7:02-Greivis misses a lay-in, he’s still scoreless. Gary wants the Terps to be a pressing team; but you have to make baskets (or free throws) in order to do that. They haven’t been able to press much over the last two games. Greivis finally gets a layup to get on the board with 9:37 to play; but even after that the Hoyas came up with an answer; and now lead 68-35; their biggest lead of the game.

6:59-John Beilein’s Michigan Wolverines are next for Maryland; Wednesday night in College Park as part of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Michigan is a team that holds a win over UCLA this season; but has not been able to regularly score; and had to rally from down 20 at halftime to force overtime and beat Savannah State this weekend.

6:58-Trailing by 30; Terps are just launching 3’s at this point. This will become a painful exhibition of just how bad they are from outside. Greivis is still scoreless. Gary might want to consider emptying his own bench if his team isn’t going to practice running the correct offense.

6:55-JT3 continues to go to his bench; probably more out of respect for Gary than out of a need for rest. The Hoyas have the week off; then play a semi-tough American team; followed by Savannah State.

6:53-Needing to try to keep the broadcast interesting in the 2nd half; Andy Katz pulls Len Elmore aside to reminisce about the days when Lefty Driesell’s Terps used to blow out John Thompson’s Hoyas. Elmore says a Georgetown-Maryland game would be passionate amongst fans in DC. Hopefully the next few games will be closer than this one. Hayes gets a runner and a 3; but Freeman and Monroe have answers; it’s 61-33.

6:52-Summers hits a pair of free throws; and Georgetown’s lead is now 29 at 57-28. Summers exits; and might not return.

6:49-Dupree gets the layup inside; and Mosley takes it towards the hoop but can’t finish on the next possession. Monroe goes to the hoop, getting 2 plus 1. Landon Milbourne settles for a 3 point attempt on the other end; which he promptly airballs. I believe JT3 may have called off the dogs here in the 2nd half; as the Hoyas are using more and more of the clock each time down.

6:45-Georgetown is shooting lights out over Maryland’s zone. Monroe draws three defenders inside; and Austin Freeman drails the 3 to make the lead 52-26. Unbelievably; Georgetown had been shooting just 26% from beyond the arc coming into tonight’s game. They’ve hit 7. Wow.

6:43-Bowie with the nice move to the hoop for 2; but the Hoyas respond with great passing to get another 3 from Summers. 49-24. Bowie again goes to the hoop for a layup; he has 11. Can he show his teammates how to do this? Gary gets called for a technical foul; not sure exactly what he did.

6:40-Freeman gets another 2 off the rebound. Terps fail on the other end; then Landon Milbourne is called for an intentional foul as Summers was going towards the hoop. Terps seem just plain uninspired after a demoralizing first half. Summers gets 1 of 2 free throws; then hits a 3. The deficit is now 24. Gary told Andy Katz at the half that the Terps were too passive and settled for too many jumpers. That couldn’t be more true. Gary blames the team’s youth.

6:38-Freeman with the easy move to the hoop for the opening two of the 2nd half. Mosley responds with a jumper in the lane. 40-22 Georgetown.

6:33-The 2nd half is no longer about trying to win the game; but instead is about trying to find rhythm and remembering the right way to run the offense going into a week in which they play two “must win” type of games against non-conference foes who will be looking to improve their own resumes. This one needs to look respectable; and the Terps need to gain some confidence before Michigan and George Washington. They need to do the things I talked about before the game. But they didn’t do it in the first half, so…….

6:22-Jessie Sapp leads the Hoyas with 10 points thus far; he’s also held Greivis Vasquez scoreless on the defensive side. Adrian Bowie has 7 to lead the Terps; Gary is going to have to continue to figure out ways to get him minutes.

6:20-The Terps have REALLY struggled with the concept of holding the ball for the last shot of the half. Bowie took a semi-off-balanced 3 with about 10 seconds left in the half; and Georgetown was able to get off a final heave before the end of the half. Georgetown takes the 38-20 advantage to the half; and the Terps will desperately try to regroup.

6:18-Sean Mosley drives, misses. Jerome Burney rebounds, misses a dunk, pulls the rim, and is called for offensive interference. The hits keep on coming.

6:16-After a positive defensive series; Bowie is victimized by a wet spot on the floor and called for a travel. Monroe travels on the other end; and the Terps manage to hold the Hoyas scoreless on consecutive possessions.

6:14-Bowie with a novel concept; go to the basket and draw a foul! He hits two free throws; but Julian Vaughn responds with a putback. Adrian Bowie hits a 3; and Maryland cuts the lead to 38-20.

6:12-3 other ACC teams in action today; NC State was a 79-52 winner over UNC Greensboro earlier; North Carolina battles UNC-Ashville later tonight; Wake Forest and Baylor battle in the final of the 76 Classic late tonight.

6:10-Terps with another terrible offensive possession; but Sean Mosley comes up with a block on the other end to prevent further damage…..for now. Under 4 minutes to play in the half; and this has been the absolutely awful performance the Terps could not afford.

6:07-Hoyas overpersue; and Jerome Burney slips through for an easy dunk. Looks like Burney was trying to take out some frustration on that dunk; but it still only counts for 2. Sapp hits a long 3 on the other end; then Burney and Vasquez each try to penetrate against multiple Georgetown defenders; making more bad decisions. Monroe goes 1-2 from the line; it’s 36-15 Georgetown.

6:04-Just as I say that; the Hoyas go backdoor to Monroe for an easy dunk. 30-13. Milbourne misses the front end of a 1 and 1; then Freeman hits two on the other end. 32-13.

6:02-Terps are clearly struggling to figure out an answer defensively for a Hoyas team that just isn’t making mistakes or settling. The problem is that they’re losing their head after they struggle on the offensive end. They won’t correct the defensive issues until they regain their rhythm and confidence offensively. That might not happen tonight.

6:00-Greivis drives, then finds Dupree for an easy bucket at the rim. On the other end; a back cut leads to an easy hoop from Austin Freeman. Greivis Vasquez called for an offensive foul; and we hit the 3rd official timeout with the Terps trailing 28-13.

5:57-This one continues to spiral away from Maryland. Tucker airballs an outside jumper; and the ball ends up being saved to Vasquez. Following a foul; the Terps work it in to Dupree, but he totally misses a hook. Hoyas get the ball inside to Monroe on the other end, he lays it in for a 26-11 advantage. Terps do manage to get Omar Wattad to pick up his 2nd personal foul; that’s the first good news they’ve had in a while.

5:56-Mosley tried to drive and kick; but sloppy passing leads to a sloppy shot from Bowie. On the other end; Jason Clark nails a 3 to make the lead 24-11.

5:53-Hoyas move into a zone; and the Terps can’t find an answer. When Vermont went into a similar zone; Gary instructed his team that they needed to drive against it; not just shoot over it. They need a similar reminder tonight. Sapp gets two free throws to make the lead 21-8. On the other side, Vasquez drives, but then kicks out to an open Dave Neal, who hits a 3. Neal’s 3 makes him the leading scorer tonight for the Terps. That’s not good. 21-11.

5:51-More conversation from Andy Katz regarding where a Maryland/Georgetown game would be played; as Katz defends that the Hoyas wouldn’t be able to sell out the Verizon Center to their own fans; whereas the Terps would do just that at Comcast Center. The Hoyas might not have a true contingency of just their fans; but the honus falls on them to sell the tickets to their home games. They have season tickets sold in the lower bowl; so any Maryland fans buying tickets would likely be forced to sit upstairs.

5:48-Landon Milbourne FINALLY does what the Terps need, getting inside for his first hoop. But on the other side; Austin Freeman cuts inside for 2 with a plus one. Bowie cuts inside for his first bucket, but Monroe responds with a basket inside. We hit the 2nd official timeout with the Hoyas leading 19-8; but the Terps showing some signs of effective offense. They need to get some defensive answers however, as they can’t afford to let this one become a shootout.

5:44-Chris Wright is doing EXACTLY what the Terps SHOULD be doing; working towards the hoop for layups OR to draw fouls. He gets two from the line; and Georgetown extends their lead to 14-4. Sean Mosley misses an outside jumper on the other end. Adrian Bowie into the game.

5:40-Hayes gets a layup, but Summers responds with a 3, then Chris Wright adds a jumper; and Gary needs a timeout with his Terps trailing 12-4. Nothing better happens on the next possession; and we hit the first official timeout with the Terps down by 8. The Terps have not drawn a single foul from the Hoyas yet; which is a poor omen if they want to stay in this game.

5:38-Andy Katz is on the sidelines tonight, and he discusses the disagreement between Maryland and Georgetown regarding where a Maryland-Georgetown game would be played. Georgetown officials cannot really be foolish enough to think Maryland should agree to play a neutral site game at the Verizon Center-the Hoyas’ home floor-can they? Just agree to home and home, and have the Verizon Center games be your home games! Seems easy enough to me.

5:36-Possessions that result in shots by Braxton Dupree from anywhere outside 4 feet are NOT good possessions for the Terps. Chris Wright gets another jumper to make things 7-2. Milbourne takes a jumper on the other end; again bailing the Hoyas out.

5:34-Hoyas use a good screen by Monroe to get Jessie Sapp a nice look at a 3 from the top. Mosley responds with a turnaround jumper on the other end to make things 3-2 Georgetown early. So far the Hoyas have not really looked inside, instead settling for long jumpers. Sapp gets a hoop off a long rebound; making it 5-2 Hoyas.

5:32-Jon Sciambi and Fran Frischilla again on the call for the ESPN2 broadcast; and Sean Mosley in the starting rotation for the Terps with Vasquez, Eric Hayes, Milbourne, and Braxton Dupree.

5:25-Gary Williams really has a great opportunity to pump up his team for a chance to steal another victory over a ranked opponent early; but he will have to build their confidence even more than he did before Thursday night’s win over Michigan State. The Terps cannot settle for bad shots; they must go right at the Georgetown defenders in attacking the hoop and trying to draw fouls. Greivis Vasquez, Cliff Tucker, Adrian Bowie, and Landon Milbourne need to attack the hoop; trying to draw fouls from Summers and Monroe; which will help them on the defensive end as well. The good news is that neither Summers nor Monroe is as finese as Gonzaga’s Josh Heytvelt and Austin Daye; who used their size advantage to both shoot over and outmuscle Maryland’s interior players for offensive rebounds. I’ll say Maryland CAN pull a stunner here tonight; in a lower scoring battle. 69-64 Terps.

5:17-With the Ravens winning big and the Redskins losing again; the only way this day could get any better would be for it to be capped with a Maryland win over Georgetown in the 3rd place contest at the Old Spice Classic in Orlando. The Hoyas are certainly a bit more talented than the Terps, but John Thompson III’s bunch hasn’t exactly played to their talent level just yet this season. They couldn’t get up and down with Tennessee in their semifinal loss in this event; and hold just single digit victories over teams like Jacksonville and Wichita State earlier in the ’08-’09 campaign. Greg Monroe and DeJuan Summers SHOULD provide matchup problems for the Terps; but something tells me they don’t have the poise just yet in their college careers to know that. I haven’t made an official score prediction for this one yet; so I’ll do that……..in my next update.