November 09, 2010 | Tom Federline

The University of Maryland basketball has guard alright, they are stacked with guard(s). Evidence laid before us during last nights game. First game of the year – Terps 105 Seattle University Red Hawks 76. Do not let the name Seattle University or the final score of the game fool you. It was game for the first half. Terps were up by 10 at half, but it did not seem like it. Sloppy? Yes. Run and gun? Yes. Terps only have one physical inside presence? Yes. Will Terp fans be surprised by the talent of  the Freshman crop and new faces? You betcha. The Terps have 5 guards (if you count Cliff Tucker as a G/F). And they are going to run. They are going to have to. Get used to hearing the names Terrll Stoglin and Pe’Shon Howard.

I had the pleasure of watching the Terps first game of the year last night. It was actually fun and refreshing to see a bunch of  young unknowns (at least in this part of the country) run up and down the court with passion and currently unbridled talent. I was glad I had an alternative to the MNF game. Instead of raising my blood pressure, cursing, throwing things at the television and wishing bad things on that team from Pittsburgh. I was able to sit back watch a Terp basketball game early in the season, prior to the media bombardment. I was able to recount (from 30 years ago) those early season games at Cole with the place 1/2 full, but the crowd just as vocal. In fact as some of my friends can attest, it was better with half the crowd there….the players, coaches and refs could here you! Not that I would ever raise my voice to such a level as to disrupt play or capture a refs attention. Good ole down home Terp B-Ball.

Terp B-Ball 2010-2011, strap yourself in gang. That ball is gonna be movin’. It may not always be going through the hoop, but it sure is going to get a ride. Gaurd play – It would be nice if Adrian Bowie finally shows up. Cliff Tucker is smooth. Mosely is solid. And then there are these two freshman, Terrell Stoglin and Pe’Shon Howard………..I like ’em. I’ve seen one game and by no means are the Red Hawks ACC caliber, but I saw potential. The most encouraging display last night was that the two kids did not look like freshman. They want to go. They want to play. They want the ball.

Forwards/Center – Jordan Williams is no longer Lonnie Baxter Jr. He lost 20 pounds and if he wants to, has the potential to go big. Problem is – he will have no help and teams will exploit that. Dino Gregory and James Padgett are not going to be that front line help, unless they are holding back and are going to surprise us. The Terps picked up a Junior College transfer, 6′-10″ Berend Weijs, a shot blocking stick from the Netherlands. He needs to start Munching out on a 30-bag of hamburgers from Little Tavern. It also appears there is a crowd favorite surfacing – 6′-6″ Hauckur Palsson – or “Hawk” as heard echoing from the student section last night. Terps recruited him from Reykjavick, Iceland. The front line in Terpland may not be intimidating physically, but they potentially could have one of the more eclectic groups out there. Yeah, Gary’s recruiting team went on some nice road/air trips this past year.

As far as coverage from the media side – Comcast had Michael Reghi and Ron Thompson calling the game. Yes, Michael Reghi from Orioles coverage a few years ago and Ron, the youngest son of Coach John Thompson (Georgetown fame). They actually did a nice job. Reghi obviously much better at B-Ball than Base-B. Even though Reghi was sporting the spray-on hair and his suit coat was bursting at the seams, throw appearance aside, he and Thompson held my interest. But of course, I had to turn the sound down and listen to the “Voice of the Terps” and Chris Knoche at least part of the time. Once again, an enjoyable evening in front of the tube watching and listening to Terp B-Ball.

Print yourself out a roster. Have a beverage and snack close at hand. Plan to catch a game soon. Gary has ’em flying in and out, looking to get the best out of what he has (from all around the globe). And get ready to be entertained. They might not be ready to challenge the heavy hitters, but it won’t be due to lack of hustle. “The Kids Are Alright” – The WHO. Go Terps!