Terps on Track for NIT

February 28, 2011 | Tom Federline

Mens Terp basketball just doesn’t have “it”. Gave it the ole College Try last night and attempted to watch a whole game. Didn’t happen. Not that I do not enjoy the Terrell Stoglin/Jordan Williams show, because I do. I just want to know where the rest of the team is. Tim Brando didn’t help with his bleeding  Baby Carolina blueTV commentary. It was so bad, I was hoping just  to hear Mike Gminski’s voice. The radio was10-15 seconds behind the tube so that wasn’t working either. Terps are a tough watch. It’s been that way the whole year. For the past 3-4 games, it has been two freshman guards and a young monster sophomore running the show for the Terps. Nice upper class leadership. They don’t have “it”. 

They do not have consistency. They do not have fire. They do not have help for their only legit star, Jordan Williams (JW), who should be gone after this year. No reason to stay. Get the money and run young lad. Stoglin is a player and PeShon can run the point. Those 3 are fun to watch. The rest of the team just seem to be putting in time. Last night the Terps never had a lead. They had it tied at the 12 minute mark at 13-13. Then it got embarrassing. UNC never looked back. JW was reported to have symptoms of the flu and he looked like it. He didn’t play like it, but he looked flushed, tired, sunken eyes, the whole sick bit. While “under the weather”, he goes out and snags a career high 19 rebounds against two talented big boys with no help. Oh yeah, one of those big boys had a first name of “Tyler”. Another Tyler at UNC – AUGH! The TV remote was getting closer. At one time, Carolina had 6 or 7 offensive rebounds on one trip down the floor, finally getting the bucket. JW was not in there. It looked like Varsity playing JV – It was ugly.

That’s when I started surfing back and forth from the James Bond flick – “Never Say Never Again” with Sean Connery and Kim Basinger. It was hard enough watching ACC basketball on a Sunday night. I have “Never” – (Heart), gotten used to ACC basketball on at any other time, other than Wednesday night or Saturday afternoon. Here comes some “Old School” back at ya. “Back in the day”…………….my schedule revolved around watching or attending ACC basketball at those Wed/Sat specified times. It became a ritual and I’ll bet some of you had the same schedule. When did Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights come into play? I know, I know, league expansion, money, team exposure, money, 20 sports cable channels, money. ACC Basketball was on Channel 2 and Big East Basketball was on Channel 5. Done deal.

The Terps do have a chance to make it to the Big Dance, all slim that it may be. They could win the ACC Tourney and get an automatic bid. I’d throw my money on the Orioles finishing over .500 before I’d bet on that one. Or maybe if they win the last 2 regular season games and win at least 2 in the tourney and maybe on Gary’s rep…… they would be invited. Invited for what? To lose? Oh, I forgot, mo’ money in the Big Dance. Wait a minute, I’m sure some Terp alums have some cash they could shuffle the “Selection Committees” way. Terps are sitting at 7 – 7  in the ACC tied for 6th, 18 – 11 overall, withno real quality wins. Saw a stat last night, the are 0 – 5 against teams in the top 25. It’s not looking good. One big kid headed to the NBA next year and another young explosive small guard who has game. That’s it. It appears, it’s Not In Tournament time.

It has been a tough year to watch the Terpies. They have run the whole gambit of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Catch them while you can, ’cause it may be real ugly next year, if young monster lad pulls a “2 and done” deal.

Orioles news – O’s 6 – Pirates 4, first Spring Training game of the year today. “Buck”le your seat belts.