Thanks to Kevin Anderson, this new era of Terrapins sports looking better and better

September 05, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

But after the dust settled, would he have been the right guy to elevate the Terps to elite status? Would Mike Leach have been the guy to reach out to the community like Randy Edsall has in an attempt to bring back the excitement and supporters of Maryland football?

Now, if Mike Leach was making his coaching debut tonight instead of Randy Edsall, I’d be excited, as I’m sure most Terrapins fans would. But I have to say, Edsall has been much more impressive than I thought he would be thus far. And while no games have been played yet, the more I look at what he was able to accomplish at UCONN with the circumstances that he dealt with on the recruiting trail, the more comfortable I am with him leading the Terps into their new era.

Since the talk today is obviously about Maryland’s matchup with Miami, I won’t go too in depth about Mark Turgeon, but make no mistake about it. This guy is legit. The recruiting hype that he has brought back to the program in just a few months on the job is no smokescreen.

Turgeon is going to take advantage of all the perks that being the Terps head man entails, and while Gary Williams will always be one of my top three favorite coaches in sports (behind Phil Jackson and Brian Billick), that is something that Gary failed to do in recent years.

The final grade hasn’t been given yet. We’re not even close to that. In fact, neither Edsall nor Turgeon have coached one minute yet as Terrapins.

But looking back, I think I was wrong about Kevin Anderson. I think KA knocked both of his hires out of the park. I really do.

He brought in two coaches who have a proven track record of winning in less than ideal situations, and they have done so in an honorable and first-class manner. These two men aren’t too “blah,” for lack of a better term. Turgeon isn’t going to recruit only 2.5 star all hustle and heart guys. Edsall isn’t going to run the ball 50 times a game like some fans feared when he took over.

But they aren’t going to do anything to embarrass the university either. With Mike Leach, we weren’t sure about that. And with Sean Miller, the recent rumors surrounding his recruiting strategies aren’t so warm and fuzzy.

Monday night is when Kevin Anderson starts to prove me and most of Terps nation wrong. He’s going to begin to show why we really aren’t qualified to be athletic directors at a major university.

Monday night, the new Maryland sports era begins. They’re going to be well-coached, prepared, and ready for the challenge.

And most importantly, all of us who are diehard Maryland sports fans are going to be excited. I can’t wait for the game, and I really do not remember being this excited for a Terrapins game in a long, long time…probably going back to Friedgen’s first few years in College Park.

Isn’t this what we wanted with Leach? Excitement? Seems that we’re getting that from Edsall, but in a much more respectable and safe manner.

Oh, and they’re going to look pretty cool in their new uniforms. But those unis represent more than just pants and jerseys.

They represent a new beginning. A new era. An exciting era.

Thanks to Kevin Anderson.