February 22, 2009 |

In the face of ever-widening criticism, it’s easy to overlook the coaching job that Gary Williams is doing with the 2008-09 Terps.  While I am not giving him a pass on his recruiting efforts, this might be his best bench coaching job ever.  Yesterday’s win over North Carolina was further evidence.  Carolina possesses an NBA front line, and Ty Lawson might be the best point guard in the country.

The Terps on the other hand have such a glaring lack of size that most of their players couldn’t go on a majority of the rides at Six Flags.  Yet with David Neal and Dino Gregory playing major minutes in the post, the Terps are .500 in the ACC and 17-9 overall.  With only one senior, the Terps are couple of blown leads away from being in a solid position for an NCAA bid.   Despite the circus atmosphere that is around College Park this winter, the Terps are not only playing hard for their head coach, but it seems like they may be on a mission.  Whether their lack of talent can help them overcome Duke and Wake Forest down the stretch is another thing.  Don’t bet against the Terps, and never bet against Gary Williams.   

Either way you have to admire the job Williams has done with this bunch; he is proving that he is still one of the best bench coaches in the county.   Now if he could only get this AAU recruiting figured out.

Vasquez can play for me:  Everyone who follows the Terps knows that Greivis Vasquez can be a most tantalizing figure.  When he is on, he is one of the best and most versatile guards in the country.  Yet his emotion can cause a roller coaster, and his play at times can be so inconsistent that it drives even the most ardent Terps fan mad.  Given all that, the kid can play for me anytime and anywhere.  I acknowledge the bad with Vasquez, but did you see him yesterday?  When the game is on the line, the kid wants the ball.  He wants to be a leader, not shy away from it.  With a little added maturity, Vasquez’s desire could make a solid 10-year pro.  Very few players play with the passion that he brings.