Part 2 of 5: How does WNST measure up to other Baltimore media?

January 28, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

conclusion. is the fastest growing and most vibrant media website in the Baltimore community on a daily basis for sports

And as you can see at the bottom of every single page on our website, we do indeed invite you and encourage you to visit our competitors. We need them to work hard so it’ll make us better. We need them to continue to produce bad-to-mediocre corporate dog food for local sports media content so you know the difference between good and bad.

But right now, we’re not just giving them a run for their money or taking a few points off of their Arbitron numbers.

As of Feb. 1, 2010, we’re winning.

By a lot…

On a completely level playing field and method of of distribution, you can see it for yourself.

So, I’m sure you’re asking, what does that mean in terms of the future and the business of local sports media in Baltimore?

Well, no one really knows for sure. I’m going to try to address that on Friday. Things are changing so rapidly and the paradigm has been altered so seamlessly and quietly that anyone who calls himself an “expert” in this space is a liar. The truth: the medium hasn’t been in existence long enough for anyone to have a track record of success to deem anyone a prescient source for what’s in the crystal ball for the future of media in America.

But the media sources like The Sun and billboards and virtually every print medium who were just taking money from sponsors, agencies and businesses based on “number of eyeballs” is rapidly changing as well because now their customers and funders can all measure a return on investment – for better or for worse. The old advertising adage remains true: half of all of your advertising is wasted in traditional, dinosaur media. Now, with the web model, you KNOW what half is being wasted and that scares the hell out of just about everyone in the media world – agencies and media entities alike.

Have you picked up The Sun lately and seen how many ads there are in the printed edition? Like, NONE (outside of a few massage parlors) most days. That’s not a sustainable business model, which is why they’re in bankruptcy. The reason isn’t just the lack of integrity, content and distribution (that’s our theme of tomorrow’s blog) but the lack of proof of distribution and return on investment for the advertiser.

With the power of the internet, every click is registered, every story read is registered, every minute spent on every web page is identified, every subscriber is accounted for, every sponsor’s lead is justified. And every call to action can either be seen, acted on or ignored.

What you need to know is that the money of the advertisers is going to go to the world of the web where measurement of their message’s reach is self evident – not “guess-timated” or “diaried” or “sourced.”

So, today I thought I’d throw some hay makers as well as some facts your way about the immense growth of over the past year on the internet using REAL stats, REAL hits, REAL verified data that indicates that you are not alone in using’s many, many tools to make your Baltimore sports fan experience better.

If you want a “guesstimate” turn to Arbitron or Ray Frager’s old column in The Sun or the mindless, dinosaur data that most of our competitors are giving to businesses and marketing people to continue to steal money.

But, if you want inarguable facts, consider the following:

Here’s the Alexa report for TODAY. It’s based on a 90-day aggregate. 3,283 28,415 45,932 46,287 65,743 (our highest number ever!)

Because this blog is already long enough, I won’t even bother to put anyone else — any TV or radio station or local entity here that are below us. You can research them on your own. Just go to and have fun! Just rest assured, all of the rest are so far behind