An opening day I won’t forget…for sure

April 10, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Someone e-mailed me tonight and wrote, “you guys are getting what you deserve from the Orioles today.”

Really?  We deserve to be lied to?  And we deserve being lied about to Rick Maese of The Sun?

If you think it’s fair for the baseball team to lie to the media, then I guess there’s nowhere I can go with that one.

I will be on the air tomorrow morning and no matter if you like what you hear from me – or don’t like it – you can tune in every morning from 6a-10a and at least you always know I’m going to speak the truth.

I’m not sure what else you want from me, but you’ll always get the truth.

I’ll talk about the game in the AM.  Nice work by Cabrera.  Leave Huff at first base.  Find out what Brian Roberts is eating for breakfast and change it.  And if I’m running the Tigers, I hope Chad Durbin has a minor league option left.