Another day…another Chinese Lunch…

May 24, 2007 | Drew Forrester

So you can now add Nestor to the esteemed list of WNST staff members and listeners who have lost “Chinese Lunch” wagers with me.

Last week, the day after the “road jersey” fiasco, Nestor went on the air with me and claimed I would not get a press credential from the O’s the next time I requested one.  He went as far as to bet me a lunch at PF Changs downtown that I’d get ousted by the O’s PR staff in the wake of the confusing road jersey story.

Well, here I am…sitting in the press box next to Casey on a beautiful spring night getting ready to take in the O’s-Blue Jays game.

For the record, the process was painless.  I just did what I always do – I e-mailed PR whiz kid Jay Moskowitz my request for a credential and he promptly e-mailed me an affirmative reply and when I arrived at 4:30 pm today, the credential was at the media desk as promised.  It’s kind of odd that every time I e-mail Jay, I get an e-mail in return…others in the O’s office must have some kind of different e-mail system…I never seem to get a timely reply from them.  But I digress…

So it looks like I’m in, for tonight at least.

By the way, David Steele of The Sun and John Gibbons (Blue Jays Manager) will join me tomorrow morning on WNST.

Here’s where I could insert the remark about not having the manager of the hometown team on my show ONCE yet this year.  But I CAN get the manager of the out-of-town visiting team to join me.  But I won’t mention that.