Be part of the show – if that’s what you want

May 31, 2007 | Drew Forrester

So late yesterday afternoon, I submitted a blog here at that chronicled yet another twist in the on-going saga involving the Orioles and a potential change to the away jerseys in the 2008 season.

I received 20 e-mails on the subject over the last 28 hours or so.  A bunch of them sort of border on the lunatic-fringe – people who just aren’t willing to look at the team’s history under its current ownership tenure and still maintain that WNST has some sort of well-designed “agenda” against the team.  The only “agenda” I have is to make the current Orioles organization accountable to the fans.  The Ravens are certainly accountable to THEIR fans.  I’d just like our baseball team to be more forthcoming with information that helps all of us get a better grasp on what they’re doing on a day-to-day basis.  That’s how 95% of the sports franchises in America work, by the way.

Anyway, I’ve answered all 20 of those e-mails today and in each instance, I offer just about every dissenting voice the same opportunity.  If you feel that strongly that I’m on a personal crusade against the team and should be “called out” for that kind of behavior, you have the clear and distinct option of calling the show tomorrow or any day down the road when you want your voice to be heard.

I’m absolutely not opposed to letting you have your say on the air, even if you want to lash out at me.

I realize a lot of you out there in cyberspace have this weird, mysterious fascination with anonymity.  Of the 20 or so e-mails I received today, 14, maybe even 15, were supportive of my Tuesday blog about the road jerseys.  All of those e-mails contained at least a first name and I think nearly all of them contained a last name as well.  Of the 5 or so who “beat me up” over our continued efforts to uncover the truth about the road jerseys fiasco, guess how many of them included a FULL name?  If you guessed one, you win a prize.

I’m not sure why people are afraid to let others know who they are.  Maybe that’s what makes the internet so magnetic.  You can write whatever you want and no one really knows the source.  You’re not accountable.  You’re a somebody, but a nobody.  So this whole anonymity thing might be what drives messages boards and blogs all over the country because you might be “SilentJames” on this board and “RavenHead08” on another board and that’s your safety valve.  You can say/write whatever you want without retribution of any kind, even if that “retribution” would only be public flogging or flaming.

I talk about this anonymity issue because it strikes me that perhaps a lot of you just don’t have the courage to call the show and be heard by the masses.  It’s much more safe on the web – you have the disguise of your screen name and you can sit at home and peck away with little or no concern about ever being held accountable for what you write.  Rest assured, you can call my show at WNST any morning you like and use ANY name you want.  Hell, Wayne from Parkville calls me once or twice a week and I don’t know if his name is really Wayne and I don’t know if he’s really from Parkville.  But he’s a good call and I regard him with the same respect I would regard you tomorrow morning if you call the show and tell me you’re “Falcon Man from Lutherville.”

If you don’t want to reveal yourself, pull a mask over your face, call 410-481-1570 and say what’s on your mind.  I do it every day for four hours and I don’t even wear a mask (go ahead, insert joke here…lol).  Call yourself “SilentDick” if you want…I don’t care.  Just understand you do have a forum if you think I’m out of line.  I can’t do more than that.  The floor is yours.

Final note: At this point, three weeks into the continuing confusion that is Orioles Jersey-Gate, 2008, I don’t even care one way or the other if they have “BALTIMORE” on the jerseys next year or “EAST COAST” across the front.  Really, I don’t care anymore.  If they’re silly enough to not make the change because our little piss-ant radio station (as they call it) is endorsing the change, then there’s no helping them.

What I do want, though, is simply the truth.  We, as fans, deserve to know the truth.

If you’re not going to change the uniforms in 2008, just tell us that.  It would be nice if you’d even give an explanation of sorts, but beggers can’t be choosers.  Just tell us the truth, please and we – at least I will – will just go away for a while.

The deadline is May 31.

Are you changing the away uniforms next year or not?

Greg Bader, John Angelos and the gang at the Warehouse…it’s time you tell the fans what your plans are.

You remember the fans, right?  They’re the people who contribute $2.00 a month to MASN.  They’re the people who fork over $10, $25 or even $45 for tickets to the baseball games in Baltimore.

Here’s a question for Greg Bader and John Angelos.

What did you two guys eat for dinner tonight?

Whatever it was, you have the fans of the Baltimore Orioles to thank for that meal.

The deadline is here.

Time to tell the truth.