Come on guys, get your story straight…

May 18, 2007 | Drew Forrester

It’s been an interesting afternoon.

The “uniform saga” rolls on with yet another conflict of facts from the Orioles today.

They’ve denied my account this morning that they’ve submitted paperwork to MLB to change their road jerseys for the 2008 season.

Greg Bader, the occasional Orioles Communications Director, offered this statement of refute earlier today to a number of Baltimore media members.

Bader: “Despite unfounded rumors to the contrary, there has been no decision made to change the Orioles’ uniforms.  We sincerely appreciate all the enthusiasm our fans have in the operations of the ballclub and the interest surrounding this particular issue.”

OK, if you read that carefully, Bader is saying “NO DECISION HAS BEEN MADE”.  That’s the way I read it, right?  He’s not saying it’s NOT going to happen…potentially…he’s saying NO DECISION has been made.

Fair enough.  Even though I continue to hear throughout the day today that the O’s are merely awaiting MLB’s approval, they can continue to deny it and that’s fine.  Side note: Evidently, there’s a process by which the changes to any uniform, logo, hat, etc. must be reviewed by MLB Properties for trademark issues and then the team has 90 days to sign-off on any changes or modifications to their submission(s).  It’s a rather lengthy process, I’m told.

Anyway, sometime around 1:00 pm today, Greg Bader tells the media (well, that is, everyone in the media but me) NO DECISION has been made.

Uh, that’s not what Roch Kubatko is reporting at The Sun.  Here’s what he wrote at 2:22 pm today in The Sun.

So a higher-up – sounds/reads a lot to me like John Angelos – tells Roch it’s NOT going to happen in 2008.  And he’s ADAMANT about it.  Adamant is a strong word.

Gee, a conflict of information being distributed to the fans.

Am I surprised?  Are you?  The answers there are “no” and “no”, I assume.

So I continue to have people closely linked to the team telling me they’re going to change the uniforms in 2008.  One person in their organization tells everyone NO DECISION has been made.  A higher-up tells everyone IT’S NOT HAPPENING.

The good news, besides the fact that Ravens training camp is now about 75 days away, is we only have to wait until next April to see what the real story is.