Could it be? A double standard from the O’s? Nah…couldn’t be

June 09, 2007 | Drew Forrester

So I’m hearing – from a reliable source – that O’s broadcaster Rick Dempsey appeared on WCBM Radio today during the 11am hour with Tom Marr.  I’m not a WCBM listener, but one of my “eyes in the sky” is…and he tells me Dempsey was on the air this morning at non-CBS-owned WCBM.

How is that possible?

After all, the O’s told Jim Palmer a few weeks back he wasn’t allowed on WNST because – as they told him – “our broadcasters have to show favoritism to the rights holders.”

Hmmm…Palmer NOT allowed on WNST, but Dempsey IS allowed on WCBM.

As Gene Hackman said over and over at the end of “Birdcage” when he discovered Nathan Lane’s character was actually a guy dressed as a woman —–  “I don’t understand”.

How can that be?  Won’t CBS Radio be upset if they find out Dempsey was on with WCBM today?  Or do the O’s just selectively ban certain members of their broadcast team from certain radio stations in town?