Even when I try to avoid O’s controversy…it still follows me

April 23, 2007 | Drew Forrester

So this morning I’m going along with the show – start off by talking about the O’s weekend sweep of the Blue Jays.  Spent the segment from 6:30-7:00 am – as I always do – reviewing the day before (in this case, the weekend) in major league baseball.

I mentioned sometime around 6:50 am or so that we were going to talk NFL Draft throughout the week and lamented how interesting it would be today to have someone from the O’s on with us to talk about the 11-7 start, the weekend sweep, etc.  I then offered this, “the people that are really suffering with this Orioles-mandated communications-embargo are, of course, the fans.  YOU suffer when the Birds don’t make people available for interviews.  After this weekend’s play, the Birds should have had SOMEONE on every single morning show in town today – WNST, WPOC, 98 Rock, WLIF, WCBM, WBAL, WHFS.” (Oh, that’s right, because they’re getting paid by WHFS someone probably WAS on that show this morning…but I digress).  My point, naturally, is that now is the perfect time for the Orioles to overload everyone with baseball…the team is off to a great start, they have four games at home this week and it’s springtime in Baltimore!  Let’s get excited about baseball again.  But, we can’t.  Because the team doesn’t want you to get excited unless you’re hearing it about it on THEIR terms.

Then, starting at 7:00 am, I commenced our week-long coverage of the NFL Draft, which takes place this weekend.

Matt then sends me this e-mail:


I agree with your little two minute rant.  The way the Orioles have treated the media has made me suffer, made me suffer through a week of hearing about the NFL draft.  Don