Fallout from the ‘Palmer fiasco’…the more people who talk about it…

May 17, 2007 | Drew Forrester

…the more the word gets out about this shameless act from the O’s yesterday.  If you are not aware of what happened on Tuesday with Jim Palmer’s scheduled interview on WNST, check my Tuesday 5/15 blog.  It’s all there.

Now, on to new business.  I’m at WNST doing some business this afternoon and super-fill-in-producer-guy Tom “Peace Out” comes by and says, “Orioles Hangout has a huge thread about your Jim Palmer blog.”

I have to admit I don’t really surf Orioles Hangout very much, but I know that Bob Haynie has some of their people on quite a bit and it seems like a web-site most devoted O’s fans (the 657 of you who are left) would like to bookmark and frequent every day during baseball season.  For the die-hard fan of the Mid-Atlantic O’s, I would think Orioles Hangout is a must-visit.

Anyway, there are now three pages of messages about my Jim Palmer blog.  A couple of people understand why the edict issued to Palmer is not very smart from a marketing and PR sense, one or two die-hards like SilentJames just rationalize that EVERYTHING the Orioles do MUST be right and EVERYTHING that WNST does MUST be wrong and a couple of people just despise me because, I assume, they feel I’m “too hard” on the ballclub.  And everyone, it seems, wants to take a shot at Nestor, even though he hasn’t been on the air here for the better part of 18 months now.

It’s good to see people reacting to this issue.  Even those who are anti-WNST or are critical of me are least READING the blog, going to Orioles Hangout and taking time to respond.  That means MORE people read the Orioles Hangout site, MORE people go to WNST.net and MORE people are aware of the fact that the Orioles have once again “struck-out looking” when it comes to PR and marketing.

As my wife’s grandmother would say:  “The more, the merrier.”

I like how the O’s faithful on Orioles Hangout bring up and support the ballclub’s “exclusive agreement” with CBS Radio as a means of deflecting the criticism of this Palmer fiasco THEY have created.

How come the Ravens don’t operate in this manner?  Brian Billick was on my show last week.  Rex Ryan is a guest EVERY Monday morning during football season.  Eric DeCosta was on twice with me before the draft.  Dan Wilcox, Bart Scott, Jason Brown, Gary Stills…want me to keep listing the names of players who have been on WNST over the last few months or do you get the picture?

You don’t see the Ravens isolate themselves with one broadcast partner, even though they have a broadcast-rights agreement with WBAL Radio (Hearst Broadcasting).  And I’m also the first one to acknowledge that WBAL Radio SHOULD get special treatment as the play-by-play rights holders.  But the Ravens would NEVER say to WNST, WJFK, WPOC, WCBM, etc. – “you’re not allowed to have any Ravens personnel on your airwaves”.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the Orioles have become professional “check collectors”.  If you’re “in-business” with them, they love you.  If you’re not in business with them, they couldn’t care less about you.  Think I’m kidding?  Ask Comcast and WBAL Radio.  Both of them generated revenue for the baseball team last year (and for many years before) and the Orioles welcomed them with open arms because they were pouring money into the coffers.  Now that they’ve jettisoned both of them, the O’s treat Comcast and WBAL as if they no longer exist.

Check-collectors.  That’s what they’ve become.

And you know who loses out the most?  The fans.  WNST doesn’t lose out.  Our shows go on and none of us who are on the air at WNST have broken out in hives because the O’s have black-balled us.  But the fans lose…again.  Those people who SHOULD be buying tickets to games once again have every reason to say, “no thanks” after the way the Birds treated them yesterday with the directive to cancel the Jim Palmer interview.