He’s not even from Baltimore – and Rick Maese gets it…

June 01, 2007 | Drew Forrester

He covers every base in his column posted on Thursday night in The Sun.

Rick Maese hits the nail on the head.  Read it for yourself.  He calls out the O’s for their viperish behavior and even further asserts that it’s purely the Angelos way of doing things – when the “great unwashed” want it, they’ll just have to do without.

Maese clearly admits he’s not from these parts and doesn’t understand why the “BALTIMORE on the road jerseys issue” is so near and dear to BALTIMORE baseball fans.

But he’s smart enough to know it’s the right thing to do.

And he’s also smart enough to see the smoke-screen, the refusal to answer questions of “why not?” and, in general, just a holier-than-thou approach that reeks of, “You people know nothing, we know it all and we’ll determine what’s best for you.  Thank you.”

At least someone else in town has the stones to call these charlatans out for their lack of appreciation for what’s right and what the fans want.

I just hope he doesn’t get his season credential revoked next year.