I’m in, but probably not for long after tomorrow’s show…

April 10, 2007 | Drew Forrester

So I got my “one-day” media credential from the ballclub today and I’m sitting here in the press box blogging to all of you.

Already I’ve discovered one lie that’s been authored by the team today and told to Rick Maese of The Sun.

Maese was told that I received a season credential last year but never picked it up.

That is, absolutely, a BLATANT lie.  I assume they created that lie in order to deny me a season pass and handle my situation with major league baseball by telling MLB “this guy had a season pass last year and never picked it up.”

I absolutely DID have a season pass last year and it WAS picked up.  In fact, the ballclub used my picture from the 2005 pass on my 2006 issued credential.

So that’s how your LOCAL ballclub is treating me today.  By telling both major league baseball and The Sun that I never picked up my media credential last year…lies, lies, lies.

Other than that…it’s been a great day.

It’s 3-1  Baltimore right now and Chad Durbin is on his last legs on the hill for the Tigers.