Is the hype going to help?

May 29, 2009 | Keith Melchior

FINALLY, the Orioles made the right move. After 2 months of having 2 weak hitting catchers in the lineup and dicking around about “service time” with the team, Matt Wieters will finally make his major league debut tonight. The warehouse’s haggling of the Wieters situation is ludicrous.  He earned his way on the team during spring training.  We heard the excuse, “he needs to continue to learn how to call the games, which is why we want him at Norfolk”  How much can you learn in 7 weeks that you don’t already know? He alreadyknows 3/5 of the starting pitchers and I’m sure there will be a definite comfort level for Bergesen, Berken and Hernandez seeing a very familiar face behind the plate.  Bottom line is, if he turns out to be as good or better than they expect, PAY HIM.

The rookie pitchers, Bergesen, Berken and Hernandez all won their debut games, although good ole Dave “5 inning” Trembley didn’t let any of them go further than 5 2/3 innings. They were all close games and I’m glad the bullpen didn’t choke up the lead and ruin their performances. If he keeps yanking them after 5 innings, it may ruin their psyche. Let them get into trouble and pitch their way out of trouble. Good pitchers learn how to do that. Just another reason why Trembley has never had a legitimate “ace” on this team, he never allows them to get tough when they need to. Guthrie is close but still needs to learn.

Nolan Reimold was a topic of a lot of discussion this week and with the pending roster moves there was talk of him getting sent back to AAA, which would hand the LF spot to the platoon system of Luke Scott and Willie Mays Hayes Pie. Thank goodness that didn’t work out and how much did the O’s offense miss Luke Scott while he was on the DL?  Reimold should be the every day LF and Pie should go back to Norfolk so he can play every day and work on his game. No doubt he could be a valuable piece of the puzzle, but at times he looks clueless and totally over-matched at the plate. 

The talk all day today has been Wieters , Wieters, Wieters, like this guy is the instant savior of the team and 48,000 are going to flock to the stadium to see him. Savior? Not really. He is just another player on the 25 man roster, although he probably will be THE most watched player over the next few weeks as he gets his feet wet in the big leagues.  He has tremendous pressure on him now and most of that pressure is caused by the fans and the local media. Touted as a can’t miss prospect, this town is treating him like he will carry the Orioles to the World Series. I have a feeling he will say that he is just happy to be here with the club and will do his best to contribute while he continues to learn the game.

I hope he hits .320 with 30 HRs and 100 RBI for the rest of the season, but the fact is he can’t do it by himself.  He is batting 7th tonight according to the early reports from OPACY. Batting 7th could be potentially be disasterous for Wieters. If Nolan Reimold is starting and batting 8th (which he should be doing), then Wieters will see some decent pitches. If Pie starts in LF, they’ll pitch around Wieters to get to Pie and Izturis/Andino.  Hell, bat him 9th and have Roberts , Jones, Markakis, Huff and Scott  follow him in the lineup, then he is guaranteed to see good pitches.  Melvin Mora’s power numbers are way down this season with 5 extra base hits in 116 AB. He has 27 singles. Is he playing at 100%? Perhaps Wieters should bat 6th and Mora 7th. Can’t hurt, right?

For anyone who wants to wait until Sunday to see Wieters play, good luck. I doubt Trembley will want  him to play 3 games in a row in front of the home crowd and probably insert his Sunday scrub lineup of Pie, Andino and Zaun.  This is THE biggest weekend in recent Orioles history as far as the fans are concerned and if Trembley screws it up by sitting Wieters in favor of Zaun on Sunday, he needs to be fired on the spot.  Sorry, Dave, but Wieters needs to be in the lineup all weekend long at his position, NOT as a DH, NOT this weekend. If you are going to rest him, do it on the road in Seattle and Oakland.