Live updates from MacPhail press conference

July 31, 2007 | Drew Forrester

A very interesting 25 minutes or so with Andy MacPhail via conference call today.  Listed below are the key points he made after taking about 12 questions from the media.  I managed to get a few in about the failed Teixeira deal and MacPhail made it quite clear that the price was just too high — I asked if he’s aware the fans are disappointed that the hometown boy went to Atlanta instead of Baltimore and he responded (see below) by saying the fans would have been disappointed with what the O’s had to give up to get him.

I said this from the first time I heard MacPhail speak and I’ll say it again.  I think he’s an honest guy.

It’s a shame the team has to organize these types of band-aid’ish conference calls instead of allowing MacPhail to go on all the different radio and TV stations in town and field questions from the hosts and the fans/callers/viewers, but you know that’s not the way the Orioles Communications Director, Greg Bader, thinks it should work.  If you’re paying the team, club officials will talk to you. If not, it’s “conference call time.”

Still, back to MacPhail, I find him to be a trusting type.  He answers your questions fully…and doesn’t seem to be in “spin” mode.

I like what I see and hear of him so far.  Listed below are the updates from the call.

UPDATE: MacPhail said the price was too steep for Teixeira…didn’t specify what was involved, player-wise.  Said fans would have been disappointed if they would have given up what they (Rangers) were asking for.

UPDATE:  Trembley will manage the team for the rest of the season.

UPDATE:  Said the team went out there to make deals as both a buyer and a seller…neither worked.

UPDATE:  Said they made as many “outgoing” calls as they took “incoming” calls.

UPDATE:  Expected some phone calls around 1 or 2 pm today…from teams who went out to try and find a “marquee” player and didn’t get their player…but it never happened.

UPDATE:  Sounds/seems VERY pleased with the job Trembley has done.

UPDATE:  Great question from Scott Hoffman of Orioles Hangout…asked if MacPhail felt like it was hard to make a deal because, in the past, stories around baseball have circulated that the club’s front office is difficult to work with…MacPhail said, “he didn’t feel that way dealing with other GM’s.”

UPDATE:  MacPhail felt like Texas would have traded Teixeira to any team as long as they got the deal they were looking for…I asked him if he thought the Rangers might not want to trade “Tex” within the American League and he felt like that wasn’t the case at all.

UPDATE:  Talked about the comeback that fell short against the Angels (I think…he thinks…lol) when the team was down 9-2 and rallied in the 9th inning.  Said he was impressed with the way the team battled late in that game with headfirst slides and such.  Sounds like he’s very pleased with what he’s seeing so far…at least from an energy/effort standpoint (opinion).