Looking for an example of how the Ravens ‘get it’ and the O’s don’t? Here’s one…

April 24, 2007 | Drew Forrester

So yesterday morning at 8:22:16, I e-mailed Ravens Director of College Scouting Eric DeCosta with a question about this weekend’s NFL draft.

At 8:28:34, I received a response from DeCosta.  That’s 6 minutes and 18 seconds later, in case you can’t do the quick math.

I then went on the air, armed with the information provided by DeCosta, and was able to talk more intelligently about the Ravens draft issues because of DeCosta’s availability and willingness to communicate with me via e-mail.

Today, I sent Eric another e-mail at 7:35:23.  I asked him a few more questions – this time about Offensive Linemen – and also mentioned to him that I’d be more than happy to throw him on the air with me for a few minutes this morning if he had some time to talk draft with me on The Comcast Morning Show.  I gave him the studio number (via e-mail) and alerted Adam (producer extraordinaire) that Eric DeCosta MIGHT be calling in to talk with me about the draft.

8:11 am rolls around, I look up on the glass that separates the studio from the producer’s room, and there’s a yellow post-it note on the window:  ERIC DECOSTA, LINE 6

And I then spent about 12 minutes talking about this weekend’s draft with the guy who’s livelihood DEPENDS on the work he’s put in over the last year.  I didn’t get the 3rd in command guy who would LOVE to be on the radio for 12 minutes.  I got Eric DeCosta, the guy in charge.  And it all happened in a matter of minutes because of this reason:

> Eric DeCosta and the Ravens “get it”.  They want the fans of Baltimore Ravens football to feel informed about the team’s draft this weekend.  They’ll talk to ANYONE in the media about the draft.  They don’t pick and choose who they speak with in the media.  They want EVERYONE to be interested in the draft.

Four days before the draft and Eric DeCosta takes time out of his morning to call me and talk about the draft.

I e-mail the baseball team execs and get no response.  I text message them and get no response.  The only guy over there who seems happy to see me is P.R. Assistant Jay Moskowitz.  If I ran a baseball team, I’d hire him away from the O’s.  He never seems to care that I’m from WNST and I’m the “perceived” bad guy over there.  He treats me right.

And so do the Ravens.  Then again, they treat EVERYONE right.

Have a great Tuesday.